persistence and determination

Persistence and Determination to Get Through Tough Times

Persistence and Determination. They are often crucial & critical to success. I believe that it’s actually the secret to success and can be applied to nearly anything, any goal, and most any situation.

In today’s topic I’m going to apply those two words to high level preparedness, and I believe that it will likewise be critical to surviving during a very difficult time of post collapse, should it occur.

When it becomes increasingly and seemingly very difficult (regardless of what “it” is) there reaches a point or threshold where “it” may trigger you to become discouraged, frustrated, to give up or stop.

“It” might be a big project that you’re working on or it might be physical endeavor, an emotional time, a very difficult task, etc.. “It” could be anything.

We’ve all been there when times get tough. The thing is, can you even possibly imagine how tough it might get during a time of true post collapse survival? Really, think about it.

Most people today live unbelievably cushy lives given today’s modern conveniences, technologies, and infrastructure. It’s enough that we sometimes get frustrated with things during these “good times” however can you visualize the potential hardships which will pale in comparison when the difficulties accumulate in a post collapse world? Even the simplest things may become exceedingly difficult…

This is where my topic comes in.

Persistence and Determination

Some of you may be familiar with the phrase “Embrace The Suck”.
Translation: The situation is bad, but deal with it.

I must tell you from personal experience that when you’re into something to the extent that it either really sucks or you’re on a project where it has gotten very difficult, or deadline looming, etc.., it really works (it helps) to “Embrace the suck”, to apply persistence and determination.

There is a mind barrier that you cross when you PUSH FORWARD. I’m not kidding. You reach a point where you just want to stop, delay, quit, take a break, whatever. But when you reach down deep and cross that threshold, you can keep on going. You can keep on dealing with “it” (whatever “it” is).

One thing that helps is to compartmentalize when you reach that point. Stop looking at or thinking about the big picture. You might say to yourself that the big picture looks bleak, hopeless, or impossible. However by focusing only on the immediate situation or task at hand will help you to keep pushing forward.

It’s easy to simply say that persistence and determination will help you succeed. But to actually be persistent and determined to the extent of success will be up to you and your mindset. I’m just putting it out there that these will be important attributes during tough times, should they ever come.

Next time you’re in a difficult situation, practice persistence and determination.

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  1. How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time. It takes persistence.
    Original author quote unknown…

    1. Start at the asshole first, so that everything else is better from there!

  2. And dont kid yourself,
    Its going to suck!
    We already see some of the beginnings of suckiness

  3. I learned to embrace the suck being raised by alcoholic parents. Cause what do you do if you are a kid? No where to run to. Don’t get me wrong I was never hungry and had a roof over my head but emotions ran high many many many days and that affects the child’s emotions and has lingering adult effects. I learned to get over the anger and hurt day after day. Negative feelings will bring you down quicker than the actions bring down those who are not acting right. There are many sucks. And many much worse than mine.
    I try to imagine life without the comforts and stability, going to suck.

  4. ” Accept, Adapt, Overcome. ”

    Military survival phase.
    Necessary for Survival !

  5. Decades ago, I began running distance in order to strengthen myself after several uncles had heart attacks. Several passed away. Others lived and watching their cardiac rehab got me off my butt in order to do a very active lifestyle. I was in my teens then. When I left high school and went to college, I was a cross country and track athlete. (when the starting gun for the 10,000 meter goes off, the stands clear of people going to the bathrooms and the concession stand).
    When I began working as a firefighter and ranger, I learned to embrace the suck. Training gets you in shape. Working in the real world teaches you: disappointment, expectation for things to go wrong. people and equipment failing, resupply or pick-ups falling through. Working and living off-grid made me appreciate: hot showers, clean sheets and towels, working washing machines and dryers and food cooked by some-one else.
    Persistence and the stubborn character traits of never quitting ended up being more valuable than just about any piece of equipment that a person can buy. In the park I worked at, we saw a lot of through-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. When people start hiking at the southern end of the trail, equipment wears out, breaks and you find what works and what does not work. Same can be said of the equipment I had when I went to the Sierras and what I ended up buying and using in my 2nd and 3rd seasons.
    George Patton said:(in the movie) that America loves a winner and they hate the loser. The persistence does not come from the footrace itself. It comes from the training for the race for months and years. In retrospect, I never or rarely won any races in my youth. I had more success in shooting matches as an adult. Even then, score 2nd or 3rd place enough times in enough matches, it gets you noticed. The only trick I know is to get up off the ground and keep going.

  6. Sometime it comes down to just putting one foot in front of the other and taking the next step.

  7. Even in the small things. Set goals, not impossible goals, but tough goals. Finish digging that row of taters, then rest. Do just 10 more of xyz and then I’ll rest. Pass that test, get it behind you, then you can rest. Procrastination is an evil thing. Don’t let it have it’s way. Yes, embrace the suck. If it didn’t suck while doing it, you wouldn’t be happy when you’re finished doing it.

    We all see it in others around us. The laziness, the apathy, lack of ambition to accomplish anything difficult. Embrace the suck or become THAT guy. A motivating thought.

  8. in the past when faced adversity, i would get mad, and i mean mad dog mean. it has served me well in life and has
    always seen me through. if you think you are not going to make it through a situation, get mad.
    never back down, never give up, always fight back, whether it be people or the elements.
    that’s what is wrong today, most people just give up at the first sign of a problem and expect for others to help them.

  9. I was taught from childhood there’s nothing you cant do if your willing to do it !

    1. I can’t remember the exact quote (or where I heard it): There’s always a solution. Whether the solution will work is a matter of how much damage you’re willing to take.

  10. Thanks for the repost Ken and hello everyone. My daughter is going through Basic Training and I’m sending this well written message to her. Wise words. Always taught her to be tough but sometimes a little more encouragement isn’t a bad push.

  11. Adversity in my youth, as a young man I traveled to India over land from Europe through Turkey Iran, and Afghanistan. It was the later half of 1969. I had little money. I finally visited Nepal after a year in India. I was threatened many times by the locals, by the desert, by the shear numbers of poor people everywhere I went. I got very sick from the food and water and lost a lot of body weight. My experience has proved invaluable to me. Tough as it was, it has prepared me to cope with the worst of situations. I am not afraid of the suck. I willingly accept life on life’s terms. I have lived through enough ugliness and seen man at his worst. I have almost starved, I know how to survive on little. I was alone in my struggle back then. I hope to have companions in the coming time of difficulty. May God be with us.

    1. Man on foot,
      the sad thing is that people on sites like this have never experienced adversities like you and i have and are quick to judge.
      ” i would do this or that ” yea well, try it and then report back, i double dog dare you!
      being alone, on the street in a less than friendly environment, it’s a learning experience, if a person survives.
      most who post on chat rooms like this don’t know what the outside of their front doors look like. they live in a make believe world.
      i’m out

  12. I had cancer. Twice.I lost several good jobs, my wife and I tried to open a business, it failed. I lost a good friend in a car accident, how I made it through all that, I don’t know.

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