POLL: What State Do You Live In, And Why…


Ever wondered where your fellow preppers live? Participate in our anonymous poll and let us know what state you live in (and find out where others live too).

I thought that it might be interesting to discover the general demographic of where we all live (obviously those who visit this site).

Even if you’re a lurker who doesn’t comment, you too will help provide an anonymous geographical cross-section by participating…

For those who live outside the United States, I have a selection for ‘Other Country or Territory’ (feel free to list your country in the comment section)

Additionally, if you do choose to comment about it, let us know why you live there and try to answer the following questions:

First, participate in the poll. Then…tell us your state (if you want to)


1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
2. What do you like about your state?
3. What do you dislike about your state?
4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?

Note: When viewing poll results, hover your mouse over the red bar under a state name to discover how many have voted.


How Many Preppers Per State

POLL results are in. With more than 1,000 participants, here are the raw voting results:

Note: The numbers below are raw voting results and are not ‘normalized’ for the population of each state (which I will do in a subsequent article).

UPDATE: State Rank List – Percentage Of Prepper’s Per Population


Texas (79)
North Carolina (52)
California (52)
Washington (47)
Florida (46)
Tennessee (45)
Ohio (36)
Georgia (35)
Colorado (34)
Michigan (33)
Virginia (31)
Illinois (30)
Pennsylvania (29)
Alabama (28)
Missouri (28)
New York (27)
Indiana (24)
Arkansas (21)
Oregon (21)
South Carolina (21)
Wisconsin (21)
Arizona (21)
Oklahoma (20)
New Jersey (20)
New Hampshire (18)
Iowa (18)
Minnesota (18)
Idaho (15)
Utah (14)
Kentucky (14)
Maryland (14)
Louisiana (13)
Massachusetts (13)
Kansas (12)
Nevada (11)
West Virginia (10)
New Mexico (9)
Wyoming (8)
Maine (8)
Connecticut (8)
Vermont (7)
North Dakota (7)
Montana (7)
Nebraska (7)
Mississippi (7)
Alaska (6)
South Dakota (5)
Hawaii (3)
Delaware (2)
Rhode Island (2)


  1. 1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    I was born here, lived other areas of the US, but came home to be with older, health-challenged parents. Last parent died and I decided to stay because of familiarity with my area for gardening, foraging, hunting and health issues of my own that would make it impossible to explore and get to know a different state/area.

    2. What do you like about your state?
    In a matter of a few hours, I can be at the ocean or on top of a mountain.

    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    Hot, humid, redneck infestation

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    Not too happy and not too concerned. If you don’t belong to the “good ol’ boy club” you are not worthy. If you are a woman who speaks her mind, you are a mouthy #$%$!

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    Not really wishing I lived in a different state, but if I had to move, it would be Texas, within 150 miles of Louisiana. Different mindset, good people, and the downside — wouldn’t lose the hurricanes, heat, and humidity.

    1. What state are you from? In order for people to make sense of a review of a state, we need to know what state you are referring to.

  2. Oregon here. I like it here; it’s where all my stuff is. And family too, I guess.

    Pros: No sales tax, Mountains, deserts, forests…lots of nature.
    Cons: Property taxes, too many hippies, Portlanders.

  3. What an interesting topic :)
    Wow surprised to see PA up there near the top.
    Go PA! LOL

    We like PA:
    First b/c we lived here our whole lives. Decent climate (not extreme cold or heat), natural resources especially spring water, wood for variety of uses
    good climate for growing variety of produce, fruit trees do very well
    good for our animals (lots of grass and plants they eat naturally).

    We have friends who also live as sustain-ably as possible and we help each other. DH has a good job. Great cyber school for our DDs.

    We are semi-rural, would love to be another 10-15 miles “out there” in the country.

    Blessings to all~

    1. Wife & I just returned from 2 weeks in Berks County, PA. visiting relatives and looking over my old stomping grounds after a 40 year absence to see if we wanted to move back “home'(Hamburg). The 93 degree temp almost killed us and we were glade to get back to Alaska. NO relatives. I must admit north Berks County is a good preppers paradise and there are many good areas to hide up against the Blue Mountains and it is tempting. We will be looking at Idaho next.

  4. Army brought me here….And I love to leave the State to a place with mountains, far away from most people….Now, Texas is okay going east past DFW….El Paso, NOPE, NOPE and NOPE….Most racist place I ever lived at, and I spent time in the deep south….Okay, I am done ranting :)

    1. @ Texas
      Sorry Kiddo, only a 4.8 on the Rant-O-Meter, although I really get the idea you really don’t like El-Pas-Out. hehehe
      Thought you were moving back to Europe or something like that?

      1. Only a four something?? I lost my touch my friend…..sigh. Yes, we are heading back to Europe, but red tape and a ungodly amount of gov. servants sitting on paperwork to justify their paycheck is holding us up….

        I will miss a few things from here and a few people I care about, but otherwise, nope….I was born in a commie country, and rest assured that what I have seen here in the last twenty plus years going in the wrong direction makes my heart go in pieces.

        And I am fully aware going back to Europe is not going to be easy because of all these invaders bringing their crap over there. But, the reason is that I have the needed support to have a chance of making it with my kids (survivability) and like-minded people. Most everyone I have over there is conservative and yes they do have their w e a p o n s s t a s h e d a w a y waiting it out and be ready to d e f e n d…..:)

        1. Glad you posted that on the ppl across the pond. Very concerned about them, and us…

        2. JS, if an uprising happens over there, and it will because it is in the making right now, everyone will be fighting. I worry more about here.

  5. Hawaii…
    Born and raised here, tried moving to mainland about 20 something years ago but quickly realized everything is relative, and that the grass is not always greener.

    Now however, our state and county is getting more out of whack, but from what I’m hearing it is out of whack everywhere. So my plan is to just homestead, try to stay out of the way as much as possible, and just get by, it’s good enough, at least I can grow food year round, and won’t freeze to death if the lights go out.

    I am hopeful that something extreme happens that resets the government and destroys tourism and development and just puts a stop to the so called progress. Lots of good old school folks here, while they may not say it they all think and wish for the island home of our childhood to return. Greed of the few has ruined our paradise by selling out to development and tourism.

  6. 1. We chose to live here because no one else does. The taxes are under $500 on 16 acres with houses and out buildings. There are mountains, trees, great views, animals and friendly people.

    2. Mostly the county we live in is the only conservative one in the state, They leave us alone as if we weren’t part of the state! The good is we live 160 miles one way from the major city and it is also the bad.

    3. The proximity to Mexico, and the poverty is on the high side.

    4. The state is not headed in a good direction as it is a sanctuary state. Maybe we will secede to AZ! We are on their eastern boarder.

    5. If I lived in a different state I might go back to Alaska or to a state that didn’t have such a water problem.

  7. Western Montana. Low population. Lots and lots of camping/fishing/hunting.

  8. I live in northern Nevada.

    1. It is a “dry” heat! LOL
    2. Great for outdoor activities.
    3. Firearm friendly.
    4. No state income taxes

    1. Too damn close to California
    2. Too many damn Californians moving here.
    3. High violent crime….rate…1-2 shootings per week. Could be worse I guess….think Chicago
    4. Too much traffic….Californians again…..they still have not figured out how to drive in the snow or how to merge onto the freeway.
    5. Did I mention too many Californians…..

    I see a move to the Bitterroot Valley very soon.

    1. I agree… I miss Reno. I lived there for some time… I would have rather lived further North – or further East of Reno… But, that’s where the job(s) were…. Northern Nevada ROCKS!

  9. Why I chose New Hampshire, and the things I like about it…

    -very low population density, esp. northern NH where we live
    -I enjoy the mountains environment, beautiful scenery, lots of wilderness
    -still within several+ hours drive to ‘family’ who live in southern New England
    -favorable 2nd Amendment rights (a ‘shall issue’ state), open-carry w/out license
    -there’s still some ‘Live Free or Die’ attitude up here
    -small town atmosphere
    -decent number of farmer types & self-reliant people
    -almost non-existent crime up here (except for ‘cities’ down south e.g. Manchester, etc.)
    -summer temps are tolerable, not too hot or humid all the time…
    -enough rainfall so as not necessary to irrigate garden
    -no state income tax or state sales tax
    -seemingly somewhat controlled .gov spending here

    A few things I don’t like about New Hampshire…

    -fairly high property taxes, however there’s no income or sales tax
    -long winters up here (I’m getting used to it…)
    -did I say the winters were long? Plus, it can get wicked c-c-cold…)
    -short growing season for the garden

    Am I concerned about the direction of the State?

    Yes, to an extent… as in all states, unfortunately the ‘cities’ rule (population density) with regards to political direction, and the cities here are located in the south, near Massachusetts – and are becoming more ‘left’ because of those who leave MA to live in southern NH – they are bringing in their left-leaning political ideals. Unfortunately, we have a left-leaning governor (wanting to spend more-more-more money), but fortunately we have a right-leaning state house of representatives and state senators who are keeping her in check…

    Would I rather live somewhere else?
    Not at the moment… ;)

    1. @ Ken You summed NH up perfectly. It has been nice that the parties are forced to work out solutions but I have noticed it’s been getting much more polarized recently.

      I live on the edge of southern NH but thankfully away from the NH Triangle (Manchester, Nashua, Salem). I’ve been eyeballing heading north but for now the job (mainly the commute) seems to be making that difficult. Guess I’ll tuck myself into one of the smaller towns and pray the MA immigration creep doesn’t swallow us up. There still are pockets down here fighting the good fight.

      Lived in NH for most of my life and can’t think of moving.

      @Willy My father grew up in Wyoming and I had a chance to go out there years ago (sadly to spread his ashes). I was stunned by how beautiful it was out there and if I ever decided to leave NH, it was high on my list as well.

  10. Well, my screen name says it all! I guess now all will know why! :)

    My wife and I live in Northern California. Mostly because of her family being close, also partly for my job.

    The only things I like about this state are the weather and the proximity to both the coast and mountains.

    What I dislike about this state would require much more typing than I’m prepared to do this early in the morning, but the 3 main “bullets” are, 1) Politics 2) Anti-gun laws and 3) Welfare recipients. I’m very concerned that CA will force out like minded people like those who read this blog.

    I’d like to move to Idaho, we’d be closer to our grand-kids, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get my better half away from here!

    Last thing, I really enjoy this blog, especially because of the comments! Even tho I can be a bit of a “lurker”, I have picked up a lot of useful information from some of the regular posters.
    Thanks All!

  11. Born and raised in Kentucky. All my family live here. If you don’t like the weather today just look forward to tomorrow because it will change.

  12. I wonder what happened to my vote. There was one vote for Wyoming when I first voted and it is still bold on the list, but it shows zero votes for Wyoming. I can’t vote again because there is no blank box, just a bold Wyoming showing I already voted, but with zero votes for my choice.

    1. @DaisyK, if you hold your mouse over the red bar, you will notice that currently there is ‘1’ vote for Wyoming. Unfortunately the graph bars are not extending further out to make it easier to see… (I’m going to look into fixing this).

      1. Sorry, when I posted this, the Wyoming bar looked the same as the Rhode Island, Kansas, etc. bars. I am glad to learn about holding my mouse over the bar to see the exact number. Probably everyone else already knew that. I am electronically challenged.

  13. T2S, I agree with you on everything you said…remember I mentioned El Paso….its all the illegal border crossers and the issues they bring with them coupled with their ‘you owe me all of it’ attitudes. Been to the other side of TX and I like it….wish I could find a job that side and move….

  14. 1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    Born here, family, employment

    2. What do you like about your state?
    Low cost of living and good wages

    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    Can be a bit crowded population wise

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    Not really

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    One more year and I will retire. I’m thinking summer in the North Carolina/Tennessee mountains and winter in Arizona. Reason, weather and recreation opportunities.

  15. Some of you seem to be forgetting to tell us which state you live in before you answer the questions… (if that’s intentional, that’s okay of course) ;)

  16. Why I chose Florida:
    Growing up in New England, then spending time in Vietnam (courtesy of Uncle Sam), returning home, spending one winter, saying goodbye to fighting winters and all that goes with it. I headed South, ending up about as far south as I could possibly get without leaving the country. This was long before the Prepping Movement started. Now, after living here for 50 years, I believe I made the right choice when I did. Due to my location, it is possible for me to actually live off the land (and sea) without leaving home. People dream about leaving it all and living on a tropical island. I’ve come as close to that as possible.

  17. 1. Alaska is about as far away from the madness of the consumer based US and still be an American.
    2. It is still wild.
    3. Politics. Long DARK winters can get long and dark….
    4. I don’t like that there are too many who would plunder the resources for quick profit.
    5. We’ll stay till we die here. We invested our lives here and other places look kinda crazy to us.

  18. I’m in Oregon, a native. Grew up on the coast in the 50’s and 60’s.

    The state has changed a lot and now there are too many people, lots of illegals and a lot of smog. The Portland/Willamette Valley run the state.

    It’s still a pretty place with close proximity to beaches, mountains and desert.
    No sales tax but high property tax, especially in the valley.

    I would consider moving across the state or to Montana, Idaho but moving is expensive and if your not really familiar with an area you can easily make a bad move. I would definitely like less people around me.

  19. Florida. Here because of family.

    I love the never-ending growing season here. I can grow “yankee” crops through the winter and tropical stuff through hurricane season, formerly known as summer. I greatly dislike the bugs we have to deal with, parasite issues with the goats, and all kinds of bugs attacking the garden. I don’t give two hoots about our state politics. I do wish I lived a little farther north in Florida….Ocala is nice and all points north of that appeal to me more than the southeast coast!

  20. New-Mexico here, the Four Corners Area actually, just next to CO.

    1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    Moved to the area 35 years ago, got wayyyyy tired of Calif even back in the 80’s, found a little land and good people, a peaceful way of life here, wages are crapo but Life is not always about money…. Right?

    2. What do you like about your state?
    A LOT of things here, GREAT outdoor activities (Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, you name it), low property and income taxes, the weather is good 90% of the time, the politics is reasonable and crime rate is moderately low compared to most states, OHHHH and NO earthquakes/hurricanes/tornadoes/blizzards/volcanoes/ice-storms/120Deg-heat, and believe it or not, we actually have Water here…. Calif HAHAHA

    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    The influx of illegals, open boarders, Thank you very much O-bummer. The fact that only 6% of the “land” in the state is privately owned.

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    No, most of the people/government have their heads on straight.

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    Retiring in 2 years and have been looking in Wyoming and Montana, some in Idaho, but each time I find a hunk of land I compare it to what I have now… Have no desire to move to Fungus Corner or East of the Mississippi, probably just going to sit tight and see what happens.

    Good poll Ken, is interesting to read the other responses.

  21. Tennessee is home.
    Great country for hunting and fishing. No state tax.
    Getting too populated… people trying to leave the cities..
    If money was not a concern, I’d love to move where the “lights aren’t”..(the wife and I saw a map of the US at night, lots of areas were dark no lights, we thought that would be a great place to live…:)

  22. Missed the most important notice……Northern CA. Wish we were the true State of Jefferson, & liberated from sac brown nose.

  23. I live in Oregon.
    I came here from California for the cash.
    I was a state worker when the movie-star governator was going to pay me in IOU’s.(He is, once again, making movies- thank God.)

    Governor Pete Wilson did this in 1992 for 8 months.(So, YES, it can happen.)
    I got tired of the droughts and shortages of both water and money so we moved out of California in the midst of the great recession.

    My spouse got tired of the hot weather in the summer. (my dog got tired of burning her feet on hot sidewalks- Walk your dog in the early morning in the summer.)

    I got tired of the changing and tightening laws on firearms and ammunition legislation.

    We live on the west side of the Cascades but at the base of the foothills. We were rural but have become suburbs within the last 5 years.

    We like the rain after years of drought. We know many local farmers and barter for goods (produce and meat) for services (depredation hunting of pest species)
    My wife and I are both licensed medical workers. We decided to become part of the brain-drain from the People’s Republic of California almost 7 years ago and use our licenses and skills in another hospital in another state.

    We are in good company as I remember the following companies leave California to succeed elsewhere: Buck Knives left El Cajon for Idaho, Barrett Rifles left California for the southeast/midwest.(wrote a full page ad telling LAPD that they would no longer service their rifles in their armory after passage of the 50 caliber ban in Los Angeles.) Sierra Bullets left East LA for the mid-west back in the 1950’s.

    We stay away from Portland. Too many people trying too hard to be weird.(I work within an insane asylum – I am not impressed) After: seeing over 200 naked bicycle riders in Critical Mass in San Francisco, accidentally marching in the Annual Gay Pride Parade (I was trying to get to the BART station – honestly!) and having been a responding officer in the Rodney King Riots, I’ve seen weird. (not to mention the 5+ years of driving ambulance.)

    The funny thing about the New Portland Hipsters is they have a common uniform: They slap a “Keep Portland Weird sticker on the back of their Volvo or Land Rover discovery, wear clothes made by North Face or Columbia, wear shoes made by Keen Tie their gray hair back in a pony tail, they drink Pinot Noir (the only grape that does well up here) and gather in groups to snicker about how unique they are (and how cheap property is up here).

    Most are also California refugees like me, but they have more money and are generally Caucasian. I see and hear anger coming from the people who lived and grew up in Portland for decades and are being displaced.(Mostly older and many are African-American.)

    Sorry neighbors, We are from California – the good news is: we are not breeding.

    End of rant. Hope you found it entertaining.

    1. You forgot to add that Portland also has it’s own naked bike ride. : )

    2. So Cal GAL, I lived in your God forsaken state once and here’s what I learned. First, there are a lot of red necks and ranchers who are really good people, farmers that are ultra conservative, and a lot of folks living in cities because of their job who just can’t wait to get out.

      Here in lies the problem, the city folk have been used to their lifestyle so long it becomes a part of them so when they move out eventually they revert back to their city ways and try to change the lifestyle of the communities they couldn’t wait to get to, this is exactly what happened to Eugene Ore, when I was a young person it was just as conservative place as you could find. END OF LECTURE.

        1. JD,

          That’s great! There’s hope for a few of us conservative Californians yet!

        2. So cal gal, what I think would be interesting if the universe doesn’t implode and we live long enough would be to have a huge get together at some central location like Alturice (probably spelled wrong). A person gets a image of people by communicating on a blog like this, I’ll just bet there would be some totally surprised people. We wouldn’t be anything like we imagined to each other.

        3. I agree… we all get a mental picture of who we think we are “talking” to – and most of the pictures are probably wrong by a mile. Would be fun to actually get to meet everyone.

        4. Even my image of myself is different from the reality, and I see myself in the mirror every day! :)

      1. JD-
        I think what you said is true. Whether they mean to or not a big migration changes the area and the majority that move will vote for the same things that caused them to move in the first place.

        It isn’t just “Oregon” I bet if you look around you will find similar sentiments in lots of places. It boils down to too many people. Look what happened to states that had ‘fracking’ or places with major senior migration.

        It still comes down to my native state has been trampled and it’s pretty sad.

        1. e. slope colo. too! I’m a native, father here in 1938. State of Denverstan.

        2. Excuse me, planet of Boulder, as it is called by natives, but not the CA owned tv and papers

        3. They should name it the global socialist state of Denver. (wow, my first rant)

    1. 1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
      Because I am unemployed and stuck here….
      2. What do you like about your state? It is an hour from the shore, NYC and the mountains.
      3. What do you dislike about your state? It is run by a group of corrupt over taxing Marxist and the screwed up Unconstitutional gun laws….
      4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed? Concerned- It well on the way to becoming the next Detroit….
      5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?1. Why do you choose to live where you are? I want to move to “America” a red state with no anti-gun laws and where there are decent paying jobs….

  24. The Great State of New Hampshire here.

    Independent Spirit.
    Shall issue state.
    Rural nature of the state.
    Natural beauty.


    Proximity to the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.
    Southern tier moving politically left due to influx of residents from aforementioned Socialist State.
    Free State whack jobs promoting anarchy is the SW corner of State.

  25. Hi So Cal Gal! It’s great to know I’m not alone in this stupid state, at least as far as the way we think! We are really outnumbered… not only by the populous but probably by the elected criminals as well!

    1. I know, Rob. It seems like every day we are being hit with bad news from the politicians that I never voted for. Sigh!

      I’ve ranted a few times here about my frustrations with the politics, high costs of living and doing business, etc… but we can’t just pick up and go so we are working on next-best plans for now. Meantime, I enjoy the weather and keep on prepping. ;)

  26. San Diego here.

    Was brought here at 6 months when dad retired after 30 years in Navy. All Moms relatives were from here.

    Love the climate although it would be nice to see weather sometime in my life. Love the ocean, mountains and deserts and low humidity compared to other parts of the country. Would find it very hard to leave.

    Politics? It is what it is. Easy to get along with people and not so easy to get long with people. Just like every place else. Like attracts like. Pogo aid it best “We are the enemy”. Running away to escape “something” has a high rate of failure.

    Biggest downside is very high cost of living. Have managed so far but if forced to move it would be to another western state. Northern or eastern Arizona. Maybe to establish residence and then travel around country in an R.V. To finally see the “weather” of course. Maybe even to Four Corners to annoy NPR. Just kidding!

    1. @ Ladywest
      The Four Corners is a very large area (only place in the US having 4 states coming together), and a LOT of great people here, and some not so nice, but that’s way we own Backhoes here… HAHAHA

      As I have said, I moved from SD in 81, best move I have EVER done, and do NOT look back a single bit, matter of fact, I vow I will NEVER set foot in Calif again, period. Would take too long to disarm the vehicle and GHB, Hell even Blue carries a spare for me in a Bug-Out situation… LOL

      Ohhhh and BTW, the changing of seasons is FANTASTIC.

      1. I am in Catron County, can’t get more conservative than that. Are you in Farmington?

  27. Well I’m in Tennessee.

    I live here because I’m too far north to be a Georgian, Alabamian or Mississippian and too far east to be an Arkansan or Missourian and too far south to be a Kentuckian or Virginian and too far west to be a North Carolinian.

    Why am I here? I guess I’ll have to blame great-great-great-great-great-granddaddy for accepting a Revolutionary War land grant at the confluence of the Clinch and Powell Rivers. What do I like about it? Well we’ve got lots of well-broke-in mountains and most of them are public land.

    We’ve large numbers of people who follow the 11th Commandment. You know, the one that goes, “Thou shalt mind thine own damned business.” If a fellow holds out his hand it’s generally to offer a greeting or assistance and seldom to require you to put something in it. No real income tax and a constitutional prohibition on enacting one.

    What don’t I like? Well, it will an imposition on my survivors to fulfill my childhood desire to be buried at sea.

    1. You could always do a Viking Funeral in a wood row boat on a lake. Would that work?LOL!

    2. Hey OldGuy!
      East TN is great! Just wish I didn’t live right in the middle between 2 nuclear plants!

  28. I live in Indiana. Born and raised. It’s a good rural state, at least where I live. Most people are friendly. I would feel happier with a new governor. He’s to into the girly parts and trying to rule our bodies and feelings. It’s our decision what we want to do. The state should not be involved. It’s between the Drs. and the women. I wish the state would jump into letting the state do its thing and the Feds concentrate on more important things.

  29. Antique collected, we take a lot of trips over there, thinking seriously about buying 20 acres in Christmas Valley, have several friends there.

    1. JD
      Now that is one place we have driven by but never stopped as we were always on our way to see my uncle. My step children hunt the rabbits up there with their step dad every year. Good training experience for them since we are not in a position for dh to teach them.

  30. Missouri here.

    Live here because of family and work. In the country areas its still freedom loving and low gov. influence. My county does not have any type of local codes, building a house (probably) no money spent on permits. Don’t have to big of dislikes. The weather can have a wide range and some don’t deal with that so well. The direction of the state seems alright. Ken, this is a way better poll than I envisioned. I will now stop asking for it.

  31. What’s wrong with Raw Foods and tofu? Other than the fact that it just sounds stupid and gross… Properly prepared it can be amazing.

    OK >>>> I’m leaving now.. ;>)

      1. Alright, you caught me! But actually my late grandfather, (rest his soul), a blue-blood New Englander if there ever was one, introduced me to it as a child in the 70’s. Way before it was hipster-feed.

    1. McGyver,

      Hahaha! I figure celebrities are the ones who get this stuff started. I remember years ago some celeb came out and said they only drink room temperature water because some quack doctor said cold water contributes to weight gain… so no one wanted to drink cold water for a long time after that… I mean, you just can’t fix stupid.

      What’s sad is that people think everyone from CA is like that. I just have to have a sense of humor about it and try to win people over with my charm ;)

      1. RE: drinking cold water. I never knew that was a fad or ‘thing’. But the Chinese believe strongly that cold water is just generally bad for your health. Any time I’m at a Chinese restaurant and ask for ice water, they look hesitant, as if I’m asking for poison. They bring the cup, with about three little ice cubes floating at the top.

  32. I heard that speeding tickets in Virginia are $1,500. Is that true?

    1. Wow….I don’t know.
      I don’t speed and no one I know has ever said anything to me about such a high ticket price. That said, there are traffic cameras on about 1/3 of the intersections now and some of the larger towns have cameras all over (many are on the poles). I avoid those places!
      Most cops stay on the divided highways and interstates. We don’t see any speed-traps on the back roads, even though MANY drivers are speeding.

  33. I live in Charlotte North Carolina—I was born here.
    I want to move to Adirondacks–hear Rachael Ray talking how beautiful it is.
    Tired of city life & always wanted to live in the country so I could have a
    I live 2 miles from downtown, neighborhood is changing, too many people for me & too noisy.
    Prices on everything here is just too high–

  34. I was born here and never really wanted to live anywhere specific, so anywhere else is included by default. I’d like to move somewhere that has more water and lower land prices, although each place seems to have its own drawbacks so I’ll probably stay where I am.

  35. Central Illinois. We were both born here and have family nearby. I know it’s a messed up state, but we operate a grain farm, and there’s no moving dirt to another location. We’re 4 hours from Shitcago and 1 1/2 from St. Louis, and 30 minutes to some reasonable shopping. It’s kinda nice out here in the stix!

    1. We also live in central IL. You must be located pretty close to us. We live in Bond co. Small world I guess.
      1. We were born in this area.
      2. We enjoy having all 4 seasons.
      3. Dislike all the corruption,lies,overspending and bankrupting the state.yadda yadda yadda. We have a pedigree of criminal activity from our state leaders. I think 3 out of the last 5 governors received a membership to our well pampered state country club.
      4. See answer # 3.
      5. If we had to relocate, we would probably move back to Cajun Country. We spent about 10 years down there and very much enjoyed the Coon Ass culture. Lots of good people and memories.

      1. North Macoupin here. Good to know there are others nearby trying to be self reliant.

  36. Connecticut here.

    1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    2. What do you like about your state?
    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?

    1. We live here because most of the family lives here.
    2. I can honestly say there is nothing I like about my state.
    3. What I dislike, oh my, where do I begin. First off, taxes are killing us. Our governor loves to spend our money and keeps increasing various taxes, so much so that not only people, but businesses are leaving the state in droves. People who retire here can’t afford to stay here, so they leave. I expect that at this rate this state will start to look like Detroit in a few years. As it is, vacant bank owned houses are plentiful. On our street alone, there are 5 vacant houses out of about 17 houses.
    4. No I am not happy with the direction of my state.(See answers in #3)
    5. I would love to move to either Vermont or Maine.

    I can see that I am the only one left in my state (one vote) that doesn’t surprise me. Our governor has chased most of people out of the state. I guess that could be a good thing as we will be less congested for when the SHTF.

    1. Okay, realized the only thing I do like is that we do have 4 distinct seasons. Although I guess anywhere in New England would provide the same, so never mind.

  37. Yukon Territory
    1 – 186,000 sq miles, 34,000 people, 23,000 of which live in our only city. I live a hundred miles from the city, 10 miles from a small village, I have a neighbor, he’s 4 miles away. This is a long winded way of saying “elbow room”
    2- very few roads, there’s a lot of WILD country.
    3- Most of what I dislike is federally mandated, not territorial. The growing season is very short and the winters are long but you just work around that.
    4-Our population dropped slightly the last couple years, I live in fear that trend may reverse itself!?
    I would not be willing leave, ever.

  38. Ken – forgive me but I can’t help but interject a comment here:

    Much has been said about ‘Hurricanes’ here, as if they are the end of civilization. Having been through several over the years, I can say:
    1. You get plenty of warning to get ready for them.
    2. After they pass through, you just clean up and go on.
    Just a ‘bump in the road’.

  39. In addition to my ‘Hurricanes’ comment – the last one to come through was 12 years ago (2004), so they are certainly not an annual event!

  40. Ken, great question! I often wondered where most of us that follow you were from. Some of us freely give that info, while others you can sort of guess their location. What I really enjoy about this site is how you post a topic and add your thoughts which are almost immediately followed by some of your most loyal bunch. Every post has interesting perspectives and most of the time knowledgeable responses/comments. I especially enjoy the commentary from some of the “seasoned” folk(NRP-love your wisdom brother). Keep on prepping and God bless!!

    1. @ haha

      OUCH!!!! “Seasoned”??? HAHAHA, to be honest that’s the best thing I have been called today :-)

      I thank you for the compliment, but I’m just me, and if Ken and the rest can help anyone even in the slightest, than this is ALL worth the time and effort, JMHO.

      NRP-da-well-seasoned, like a mean old crusty batch of dried up jerky HAHAHAHA

      1. No-no, more like a well seasoned Dutch Oven that makes the next thing taste better and better!! LMAO hahahaha You Guys and Gals ROCK!!!

        1. Naaah, NRP has the chilles too, hot and spicy for the jerky , now thats some good seasonig there lol….

        2. @ Texas
          You got that right, planted 6 Thai-Dragon, 6 Habanero, 12 Hot-Jalapeno, 3 Scorpion and 6 Ghost peppers…. HAHAHA That’s not including all the “Baby Peppers” :-) I do love my peppers…….

        3. LOL, NRP, who needs brass when you have the peppers…the ghost ones are just right to make everyone run in the opposite direction :)

      2. NRP,

        You’re so funny!

        If it helps… when I read “seasoned” I thought of a cast iron skillet myself- I would never have thought of you as an old piece of jerky… so “seasoned” in a good way! ;)

  41. I live in Nova Scotia, a beautiful place to live! Climate is decent, people are nice, crime is low. My heaven on earth, except for the tax rate! LOL

  42. Sorry, just had to add, do you know what our Canadian flag represents ? The two seasons, winter and fall [autumn leaf on snow] and no matter if you choose the left or the right you are hemmed in by red tape !

  43. I live in one of the Canadian prairie prov.

    Some of the things I like about our area is there are no poisonous snakes or spiders. We are also not in an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or flood zone. We have a warm summer so we can grow a good garden…no avocados, oranges or pineapples though. Winters are cold but one learns to adapt & prepare. We have an abundance of poplar for firewood on our property which keeps us toasty warm in the winter.

  44. Florida
    I was raised here. Joined the Navy after high school and spent time on both coasts, and all over the world.
    Came back to help Mom take care of my aging Grandparents(who mostly raised me) and stayed.
    What I like– no income tax, reasonable property taxes, and housing prices.
    What I do not like– to many obstinate Yankees who come here and want to make Florida like–‘back home”.
    Do not come here, we have bugs, snakes and gators, did I mention the bugs?

    1. Two interstate roads out and 19 million monkeys trying to exist in an emergency. That’s not going to be fun. MPG – two miles on a tank of gas and no potty breaks. Hope everyone has super cold A/C and plenty of Disney videos.

  45. East Texas.
    1. Moved here for business reasons 20 years ago and we wanted to move back south.
    2. We enjoy the mild winters and Texas culture.
    3. Sometimes the heat is a bit much. But my biggest concern is the crime. There is a lot more of it here than the rural area of Indiana and Ohio from where we were born and raised.
    4. There are too many illegals coming into the state. Also, too many people from other states that will change its direction.
    5. We are considering a move to the Alabama coast. Mainly for family reasons. I would appreciate input from anyone on the blog familiar with the coastal area of Alabama.

    1. I’ve lived in the Birmingham area for the last 18 years and have frequently visited the AL gulf coast. I would move to the coast in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself. Waterfront property is high. Definitely lower bayside instead of oceanfront. Unlimited supply of seafood. However it does get a bit crowded. Not sure what kind of input you’re looking for. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  46. Born & raised in NYC and I couldn’t agree with you more Red. Hoping that secession movement comes to fruition.

  47. Thirsty in Cali. and floating in Tex. DARPA weather warfare full throttle playing with your lives. Getting the slaves to move to high rent closets in mega cities under Agenda 2030. All part of the plan.

  48. Been around the world courtesy of Uncle Sam. Came back to Carolina because it’s still the best place to be. I’m only about 30 minutes from ya Ken. So you know our plusses and minuses. Thanks for your hard work on this blog.

  49. There’s a lot of toilet paper in Can.. Didn’t Can. sell all the state gold bullion recently?

  50. We live in central Ontario. BAM BAM pretty much summed up what’s wrong so I won’t repeat it. Although I disagree with it being the frozen north. The territories would, in my opinion, be considered the frozen north.

    DH grew up in rural Indiana and says that he finds this area similar to where he used to live. When we met he was living in Los Angeles. Glad he decided to come up here. Can’t move because he has a really good job. Have considered moving to Nova Scotia for retirement. Was there for my uncle’s wedding in Mahone Bay. Probably beautiful but it rained non-stop and heavy fog as well.


    1. @kwartha keen
      Nah, it’s only frozen for 9 months of the year. During our 2 or 3 days of summer it can get downright hot.?

  51. Michigan, no other reason that this is where my most of my family have lived forever. Born and raised in the snow belt, and I was stupid enough to come back after 8 years in the Navy. Grin

  52. I live in the great state of Mississippi . Why, you ask?

    Simply because I can always count on my redneck family to be there when needed and when not needed. I love them to death and would go to the ends of the earth for them. I was raised with family being a major part of our lives. In my family there are no moochers, raised with good work ethic and values. The down sides hurricanes and humidity. Upsides good churches and decent folks around me, I have several friends who would help without being asked and I would do the same for them. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!! Have a blessed day Y’all .

    1. Completely agree with you on the redneck family. Good folks all around.

      I’m heading to Mississippi next week do work. Hope the weather will be good.

      Adapt and Overcome.

  53. I live in Michigan.

    My parents moved here from Montreal, Canada when I was a toddler. I do like it here because there are no natural disasters but would not mind moving somewhere warmer. I have been following your site for a little while and find it interesting. For a newbie it can be a bit over whelming to see everything people are doing. I love reading all the comments.

    1. Dont worry about it Frenchie, everybody is at their own stage of prep, and its simply one step at a time… Reading what others are doing provides great insight…

  54. I was born here in west NY state and to be very honest I HATE IT we have some of the harshest anti gun laws in the country, and its one of the biggest libaturd states there is. We,’we’ being my girl friend and I don’t have the money to move other wise we would be LONG GONE for Texas and the high desert if we had the money we would be gone TOMORROW.

    1. @ Kevin

      Money is not a reason to stay someplace if you hate it that much. When I (we, late wife) arrived in the Four Corners we had $10 left in our pocket, and worked our azzes off to make it, it CAN be done. Please remember “Life does NOT revolve around the worthless Dollar”. You cannot put a $$$$ on your happiness and sense of being, period.

      Sorry, lecture over.


  55. 1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    Parents raised me here, jobs and family kept me here.

    2. What do you like about your state?
    Low property taxes. Decent jobs and fairly multicultural in the federal-government-based economy of NorthAl. Three-month winters. Mimosa trees, magnolias, wheat fields, and honeysuckle. And enough hills, woods, rivers/lakes, and wildlife around to keep the things interesting.

    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    AL has a bad reputation for being racist and ignorant (which is sometimes, but certainly not always, true). And we have some embarrassing/worrying problems in governmental leadership, as I’m sure people may have noticed in the media recently. And our state constitution…apparently 892 amendments and counting?! Also, college football culture permeates everything. And there are the tornadoes, but usually not too often.

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    North Al is also getting a bit too developed for my tastes, but it’s also given us a lot of amenities (high speed internet, hurray!). Violent crime seems to be on the upswing, as is meth. There are places that I used to feel safe wandering around decades ago that I would never go now.

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    I’m satisfied here, most of the time. Visited family in western NY state in the past….very nice country, but seemed to have high property taxes and too much governmental regulation.

    1. Ha! I was going to make sure I started right out in the first sentence with my state, and then I plunged right in and forgot. Lurker first-posting nerves I guess. Alabama.

      1. @ NorAl
        HAHAHA, and some wish I would STOP posting…. HAHAHA
        Welcome aboard and please post at will, Heck, Ken has not kicked my azz off…. yet… LOLOL Although he has talked to Guido a few times :-) :-( :-)

  56. Wow, we are all becoming city states. State of denver here. Socialist NWO.

  57. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I went to college out in southern California and pretty much hated it. I might have liked northern California if it were a separate state. I very seriously considered northern New Mexico for graduate school, but then I was introduced to a program here at Slippery Rock that I liked better (which no longer exists). I did give some serious consideration to some technologically-oriented intentional communities, but they never actually came together. Then I met the woman I married, and we pretty much stuck around for family.

    We love Vermont in the summer and North Carolina beaches in the spring and fall, but we’re not so sure about the winters in Vermont nor the crowds at the beach in summer. So, we’re not planning on relocating, but if we had to, we would probably stick with the Appalachians.

    One thing I love about Pennsylvania: the sheriff a couple counties over was looking to form a posse (no, really!). Guns would not be provided, but potential members were encouraged to use their own, because “well, everyone should have a gun for self-defense” (quoting the sheriff as best I can recall). And, another fun fact about Pennsylvania: there are more hunters in the woods with guns on the first day of deer season than are employed by the entire US Department of Homeland Security.

    I’m not thrilled being in the heart of fracking country. I am encouraged that the enthusiasm for it has cratered, along with the checks.

    1. The reason for the Posse is because of the two state correctional facilities… and one of said jails had inmates escape. They needed to find them… and did. Yes, the Sheriff’s department encourages all citizens that can bear arms to indeed carry and have your conceal permit. If person(s) are to be in the posse – not only do they have to supply their own guns n ammo, they are also responsible for their own well being and health insurance. The Sheriff’s department isn’t going to claim responsibility of harm done to said posse… I have a friend that looked into it – He lives in that county.


  58. My Roots are here as far back as the Revolutionary War… My Grandpa built my home. I’m 3rd Generation to live/own it. My job perfectly suits me, pays pretty decent for the recessed area… crime is rather low, population isn’t overly populated

    1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    I moved “Home” in 2003 after living out west. My Dad asked me to “come home”. How can you say no to your parents?

    2. What do you like about your state?

    3. What do you dislike about your state?

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    This states government is a mess – its headed downhill fast. If they gave a certain city to New Jersey our state would be great.

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    I have always said “If I could move my house and keep the same job, I would take it everywhere with me.”
    I like the arid climates. I also like tropical climates – Central America or the Southwest desert would suit me fine.
    The weather is the main reason why I would move.

  59. Washington state.
    I was born here and have stayed. Our weather is usually good. Too much rain for some, but a good place to raise a nice garden. It’s getting too crowded of course like everyone else says.

    There are good employment opportunities which brings lots of people from everywhere you can imagine. Being close to Portland was fun when I was a kid, now, not so much! Traffic! Pollution! Inflation!

    Our home prices are ridiculous thanks to the Californians when they migrated up here. If I didn’t own my home, I sure couldn’t buy one today. We used to be pretty rural, but with urban sprawl not anymore. I wish we could get farther out, but I’m afraid we are here for the long haul! We have a multi generational homestead and we like it that way.

    We are close to the mountains and the coast which we love! I’ve traveled throughout most of the country and I think we live in a beautiful place. So the good and bad balance each other out I think. We will probably never have a water shortage!

  60. 1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    -Been in Southern California most of my life, immigrated here from Taiwan at the age of 2, only state that I have ever lived in. Pretty much all of my intimidate family leaves around this area. My work is currently here as well.

    2. What do you like about your state?
    -Like SoCalGal, I like the great weather we have and that within a couple hours, you can be at the beach or in the mountains. A lot of beautiful and scenic areas to visit. A different variety of foods to try, exotic and some just straight up weird.

    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    – Honestly, there is just too many to list, so I will just mention the ones that bother me the most. Like others from California have mentioned. The rude and arrogant people that believe they are better than everyone else (But like SoCalGal says, not all of us are like that!) The ridiculous gun laws that our state imposes (Its even worse in the city of Los Angeles) and the traffic…the freaking traffic!

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    -I am worried about the direction my state is heading. Especially when it comes to our right to bear arms. Google California Gunpocalypse and you will see the stupid new laws they are trying to pass.

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    -I have visited Washington State and I will admit that I love the cool air and the wide open land feeling. But I probably wouldn’t pick that as a place to live because they are also passing gun laws similar to California
    -The state that I would want to live in would most likely be Idaho or Montana, the landing and housing is cheap and they are very welcoming to gun owners. Although I think I will stand out because I am Asian Haha.

    1. Sunny CAL
      It is not just WA along CA that is trying to clamp down on the guns….ah, yes Montana from what I have read. If you purchase land without a well you are only allowed to dig one well site, if it is a dry well that is your problem. If I understand correctly you are not allowed to put another hole into the ground. Heads up

    2. @ Sunny California

      “Although I think I will stand out because I am Asian Haha”

      Naw, just get yourself a Cowboy Hat and a Horse, and you’ll fit right in hehehe

  61. I recently moved to PA for one main reason….water. One of the largest underground lakes in North America is below the state. There is plenty of rural country and isolated country where you can take the necessary precautions for most potential events, but all events require water. I am what I guess is referred to as a lurker.

  62. North Central NV, Nye County has 22,000 square miles with a population of 42,000 property taxes on the average of 250 bucks a year, no state income tax, open carry and you can find more then a few old towns of 500 hundred or less which are 2 hours from a major metro area and five hours away from the armpit of NV ‘Vegas’, and hundreds of miles from any nuclear problems. Have lived in 17 states in my life this State could be one of the better “redoubt states” as it is most often overlooked by preppers to be considered a great place to retreat to……..gotta love it.

    1. I have family that recently moved to Mesquite. Maybe I’ll have to go visit and take a look see. I thought that water would be a problem there?

      1. AKA There are parts of Nv that are water barren, like Vegas here in the northern part of Nv water is not a problem, and it is sweet tasting. Our town has a underground river for its supply and the number of springs in the mountains have amazed me, I live at 5400′ and we are allowed 60,0000 gal a month for home consumption. Gotta love it

  63. Connecticut is my present state

    I like: that It is close to my work (and my wife’s work), the rolling hills, the beautiful New England towns and scenery.

    I do not like: the high taxes, the high concentration of people, the lefties running the state over the cliff with things like social engineering, etc.

    We’re looking forward to building a new home on our property in northern New Hampshire where attitudes seem to be more in line with the spirit of independence and community.

  64. @ Pioneer Woman
    6 miles north of NM ????, heck you’re in my backyard…. HAHAHA
    BTW, how did you get only $300 Tax on 71 acers? Taxes are why I left CO. 20 years ago

  65. I’ve been asked many times what brought us to the Missouri Ozarks, and my standard answer is “a series of good decisions”.

    Lived in Dallas for 29 years, love Texas, but Dallas is the last place I’d want to retire in.

    Our County has a cost of living right at 82% of the national average, low taxes, NO building codes other than septic. Lots of inexpensive land in very rural, out of the way type areas. Very pro-gun legislature & laws.

    We get all 4 seasons here, but not enough of any one to wear you out. Some years I’ll plow our 1 1/2 mile of gravel road 3 times, last year never.

    We’ve put a lot of work and money into our current place to get it where we want it, they’ll carry me out of here feet first.

  66. To: Sunny California,

    I too am asian and I live in Oregon. The other drivers get out of my way on the roads. My wife is Scotch-Irish. and I have a steady job up here to keep me busy.

    Where ever you move in the Pacific Northwest, do your research prior to the move. Case in point: There is/was a well established White Supremacist movement in the North Idaho Panhandle. (last time I was there was to suppress wild fire.) Not a bad idea really. Like minded individuals living in close proximity to each other. I just don’t go there myself. I’m not into the whole cross-burning thing.

    I used to joke about being at the forefront of the Asian Invasion but many asians come into this country through the Port of Seattle for over 100 years. I like the ethnic food and I now hear that Sushi is now being served in Idaho Falls and other locations in the Pacific Northwest. I live in an area where I can eat Vietnamese Spring rolls and Pho, Chinese food fixed by people from the old country, and a lot of Japanese food and a few, good sized asian markets.

    Thanks to the internet, it is easier to research an area prior to moving. Avoid going from the frying pan into the fire. (or toilet into the cesspool, choose your own analogy) I researched and dreamed for over a years prior to my last big move. I’m glad I did the intel footwork before I moved.

    Maybe I will see you at a shooting match up here. Most states outside California and New Jersey are gun-friendly by comparison.

  67. Texas
    1 – Family moved here, so here I am.
    2 – Like the amount of land, just wish I had some to use
    3 – Dislike the Heat, and the way that public education is going (although it is a lot of fun when you have a very conservative history teacher)
    4 – Quite a few of the recent pieces of legislation (state and city) passed, I have agreed with. I cannot speak for those in cities further south, though. One such state piece is for the Bullion Depository.
    5 – In the future I would like to move elsewhere (whether in-state or not), so I can have some land beyond the suburbs that I am in. That will be a ways in the future, however.

  68. I live in NY because that’s where the airplane landed. I am also admitted to practice law here and it is where my law firm is located.

    I like it here. It has a good mix of seasons. We have decent winters and relatively mild summers. We have a lot of public land (about 30% of the state), which makes outdoor activities pretty good. There is good hunting and fishing, and the trapping is not too bad either, although very few people practice it. If you are not living in one of the large cities, you can get a decent amount of land without too many crazy restrictions.

    Ont the downside the state is expensive. I have to commute long distance in order to make things work-afford a house, etc. Our gun laws are also too restrictive, which is a nuisance.

    Overall, the state is doing fine. Revenue is good, property values are stable, jobs are good. It is certainly better than it was in past decades.

    I would like to live some place that was cheaper and I didn’t have to commute as much as I do to be able to own a decent piece of land, but it’s not realistic.

  69. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    I was born here in Tennessee for starters. I’ve been many places but TN is home and I can never wait to get back when I’m gone.

    What do you like about your state?
    Currently I like the freedom, the lay of the land, the natural resources, high quality farm land with decent growing seasons, very large game population, and, for the most part, the people are pretty great. It isn’t hard to find “like minded” people. Also, don’t forget the cooking. Nothing better than living where the state bird is a fried chicken and every Friday here in the dirty south means catfish, turnip greens, and sweet tea… And pie…

    What do you dislike about your state?
    I live in the middle on the southern border and the politics in this area are pretty good. However, just up the road in Franklin and Nashville, the politics are starting to lean way too far left for my liking. The legal system here is also becoming stacked against your average, tax-paying Joe, and I believe that is a direct result of dislike number 1.

    Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    I am concerned about the direction our state is heading due to the left leaning politics of some higher up political figures, but I also believe when the time comes we will get it straightened right out.

    Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    I do not wish to live in another state, however, I have thought once or twice about the American Redoubt and would also consider any area with vast wilderness and a low incident rate of nosey people were I to decide to move. That said, there are many states I really like and enjoy visiting. Just don’t want to live there…

    Thanks, Ken, for posting this survey. It is good to sometimes reflect on why you live where you do and most of us probably never give it a second thought. It just is what it is. I can’t wait to read the comments.

  70. Kentucky….Because I can walk out my front door and shoot 25 miles…shoot full auto….Shoot Artillery if I want or deer hunt….No anti gun aholes to mess with you

  71. Illinois. Why? Bad decisions, and stay because I’m stuck in the job, family obligations and care etc. On the plus side we have good dirt and adequate rainfall, on the downside is everything else.

  72. Nevada is one of the places that I look at when thinking of moving but I don’t understand how taxes work. Can anyone fill me in?

  73. 1. Moved to Maine 6 years ago because we needed to be closer to my mother, and could no longer afford to live in NH due to the insane property taxes.
    2. I like being less than a half hour drive from the ocean.
    3. What I dislike most about this state is our crazy ass governor. He has been an embarrassment to the state. I don’t mind the cold weather too much. Could never live in a warm climate.
    4. Concerned – see above. Fortunately we have term limits here.
    5. I miss NH, where we lived for 25 years, but we will probably stay here. Once my husband retires, we will move further north to get back to the country.

  74. @ No. 4 LOCAL influx of retires is what I meant, and Our LOCAL Nativity.

  75. Currently, PHX AZ. However, moving the Fam. to LA for two years to pursue school for a career change. After school the goal is to move to a really small town. Small towns actually pay much better than big cities for my career path. I have a countdown til finished calendar already made. I see a move to LA as a challenge. “Adapt and over come”. It’s going to push me to learn new surroundings and new cultures. I have spent alot of time in SoCal and have a decent idea what I’m getting in to, and ready for the challenge.

  76. I’m late to the party… N.Carolina born and stayed. I have lots of smart, loving, hard working family close by. I’m a little too close to the coast, but I need my job, so can’t move. Love the four seasons. HATE the mosquitoes and “no-see’ems”. Dislike all the retirees who tell us how “they did it up north”. This was fun! Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  77. It is an overwhelmingly conservative area, once you get away from (of course) the “big” city. As far as the legislators, as always people tend to believe what they’re told by politicians whose main goal is to get re-elected. Just because he has an R by his name, he’s a great guy and will do what the people want him to do. *gag*

  78. 1. Why do you choose to live where you are?
    Born and raised in Utah for starters. The core of my family is here, our jobs are here, and our social network is here. The core of my religion is also located here.

    2. What do you like about your state?
    The state is overwhelmingly conservative outside of SLC, though that has been shifting slightly. Gun rights are a big deal here and lots of people are into the shooting sports. Lots of outdoor activity opportunities only a short drive away. Every third or fourth home has a year worth of wheat and beans in the basement. Every 10th home has a family that is actually prepared.

    3. What do you dislike about your state?
    Californians and the earthquake risk.

    4. Are you happy or concerned about the direction your state is headed?
    More or less happy where the state is headed. In my personal opinion it doesn’t really matter in the long term as I don’t think the nation has a long term. In the short term, I think the state is doing fine.

    5. Do you wish you lived in a different state? Which one? Why?
    I would only consider moving to Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. I’m too attached to the rocky mountains, don’t like extreme heat, and prefer largely conservative states. At this point in our lives it would take an act of God to get us to move.

    1. @ Anon
      Seems like WO, MT, ID may be getting crowded after we all move there… HAHAHA
      FYI, UT will be a very nice area once the Ogdon through Provo corridor becomes its own state… HAHAHA
      2.4 million People, holly cow. I agree the number of people that prep there is very impressive. Just don’t try to escape the “corridor” on 15 or 215, what a mess— still.

  79. Kansas:

    2a Friendly, wide open spaces, all four seasons, great farming land. And, it ain’t all flat! The flint hills of the NE are great.

    Cons: Wolf Creek Nuclear nuclear plant, finding others of like mind seems to be difficult. Where are the rest of you all at anyway!? I know there are at least 9 others!

  80. I live in North Dakota. I choose to live in North Dakota because my primary concern is proximity to people.

    The people are very friendly.
    The state is conservative.
    The state has good farming land.
    The population is very low and spread out.
    The state is a good place to watch the world go by.

    Possible problems…
    Not preparing for the extremely cold winters is deadly.
    If Canada invades…LOL…that would be bad.


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