prepping and preparedness versus that which we cannot control

Prepping & Preparedness versus That Which We Cannot Control

A recent discussion on the Open Forum which in my view crossed a threshold of potentially placing a target on this site – provides an opportunity for me to briefly summarize my current position regarding my blog and its content.

There are a bazillion topics and sub-topics of prepping & preparedness. There are the nuts-and-bolts of each topic, the finer aspects thereof, and then there are the causes / causations of the many reasons why we might prepare in the first place.

The causes. The reasons why. Mostly, there is not much, or not anything we as individuals can do about the causes. A few simple examples…

We cannot change the weather. We cannot stop hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes. But we can prepare for them.

We cannot prevent power outages, be they relatively short events, or longer one’s. But we can prepare for them.

We cannot prevent pandemics, be they natural occurring or manufactured. But we can prepare for it.

We cannot prevent shortages of supplies in our marketplaces, regardless of the causes. But we can prepare for them.

We cannot stop the War Machine from pushing its destruction upon others. But we can prepare for potential consequences.

We cannot stop the ongoing collapse of the dollar monetary system. But we can prepare for it.

We cannot stop the political corruption of money/power/control that is embedded within our governments. But we can prepare for potential consequences thereof.

Here’s the thing… While one may argue that we may collectively potentially do something about some of the causes, my site’s focus is not Activism as such. Rather, prepping & preparedness solutions to get through the bumpy road following the causations.

With that said, I do not have a problem with discussions surrounding the various topics of causation, so long as those discussions do not place a target on my back, so to speak. Because that would be not only disrespectful and inconsiderate, but risking my supplemental income that this blog brings to my table.

One would be an idiot in today’s political climate to openly discuss on the internet – insurrection and/or crossing ‘trigger’ thresholds of anti-gov’t activism or revolution. That’s just crazy. Even our forefathers knew that! Their discussions were whispered in taverns and farm houses across the land among trusted co-patriots. All the while concerned about being ratted out to the British (for example).

Most of you should know, or likely already know that the eff bee eye actively attempts to ‘set up’ people, organizations, sites, etc… to flush out what they may consider to be ‘extremists’. For all I know, some who have been here (or come and gone) on this site over the years have been purposed towards this type of thing. I’ve had my occasional suspicions. And given that some people are so knee-jerk reactionary and gullible (and occasionally say some crazy things online), I will nip it in the bud every time.

Unfortunately, prepping & preparedness implies a negative connotation in today’s mainstream, even though it’s a common sensible approach to the wide variety of risks out there. Too bad that some prepping & preparedness sites feed that negative label. I don’t want mine to be among those which feed the negative.

Although it’s tempting, and really easy to bitch and moan about the apparent direction we’re going as a nation and/or as a world, it does no good – other than to vent. And I get that. It feels good to unload. And I do not mind, to an extent. But unfortunately, the climate today is so bad, that there is a threshold thereof which could potentially put it all at risk for me. So just be cognizant of that.


  1. Ken J

    I disagree that “We cannot”. We prep so that some will be able to carry on.

    You walk a fine line and I applaud your effort as divisions in society become set in stone. Maybe the animosity will become so great that “Open Forum” is no longer possible and your site may be defined as Modern Survival Supplies.

  2. Ken J.,

    I hesitate to post a response after yesterday’s exchange. I’ve shared in the past how I dislike going to bed knowing I’ve wrongfully offended someone. Last night I struggled with sleep because I was unable to understand why my quoting a sports celebrity’s comment/thoughts on a political topic would result in me being accused of “stirring the pot”. In my mind, his comment, made and uncensored on a widely watched cable news show, was comparable to Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” or even your own state’s official motto “Live free or die”.

    I admit that I have no clue as to the censorship you may face in order to keep your blog running on the internet. Truthfully, I never thought that my post would have offended any MSB followers…I certainly was not trying to advocate insurrection.

    Yu won’t have to worry about pulling the lever on me. It won’t happen again.

    1. Dennis, I found nothing you have ever said to be out of line or offensive, yes I understand we are getting to or have arrived at the point where like the rock and roll crowd had to hide their meanings between the lines 50 years ago. My frustration and outright rage is that our now totally corrupt government should be given free titanic sub rides starting with the loser in chief…..whoops maybe I have to hide that comment beneath the waves. Ken, I have always admired how you have to walk the line with your wonderful site, but I will never apologize for my moral beliefs even If I can not any long voice them. Even here in Remote northern Nevada, I have encountered the decadent decent into the terminal destruction we are at. A 100 year old drug store here now has a bearded 20 something “it”employee wearing pink nail polish, pearl necklace, and rainbow earrings, my disgust meter went to overload, No longer will I support that store. Truly our country is failing.

  3. It is unbelievable that defending the Constitution, law and order, freedom, … have been considered “insurrection” by the socialists and media. I know that Ken has to tread a careful line to avoid becoming a target.

    What disturbs me is the lack of uproar from the rank and file of the LEO’s, the military, the three letter agencies, … they can not all have been totally infiltrated. Stay safe on the mountain Dennis.

    1. Several years back I watched an eff bee eye training video recorded from a guy in the back of a room.
      They were actively teaching their agents that our founding fathers were terrorists.

      I don’t remember the rest of it, that’s what stood out to me.
      That was under the great divider, bomma

      1. Horse
        The victors write the history. To the British they were traitors. I don’t know who will be writing the history of today but it’s not looking favorable.

        1. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed it ourselves.”

          Abraham Lincoln

  4. I wonder if it’s because of self preservation. So many have had their lives ruined such as job loss, pensions lost, etc. due to speaking out, exposing truths, and going against the machine so to speak. I would be willing to hazard a guess that a lot of the remaining LEO’s, Military, Patriots etc. are seeing that and hunkering down to protect their interests, families. etc. Different times now from when the country was under a monarchy, but seems like it’s been heading back that way. At this point in time I suspect there will have to be a very large, life altering set of circumstances to act as a catalyst to turn things around.

    1. It seems a little fear goes a long way. How many can the DC Gitmo hold without trial or bail?

      1. hermit……this question I ponder a lot!!
        With 400 million guns in America, uh…govt…..your move.

  5. Get your life in order get a COMMS plan
    Get your defense in order
    food and medical…. .

    and if prepping has not lead you into homesteading then you’re just larping.

  6. This is very much the argument raging at the highest level regarding “climate change.” Three factions. First are the SJW devils that took over the 1992 Rio Summit and attempted to turn environmental issues into a methodology for a massive North-to-South funds transfer. That has so far failed and they’ve now morphed into the scare mongers who are stealing every last penny for the pockets of their green energy friends and themselves. They’ve got the crowds of over-schooled yet ignorant screechers turning up everywhere. There are those that accept the IPCC models but point out that we can’t change the weather; it’s not going to make any significant impact anyway (something the IPCC tends to bury in the footnotes); and that humans excel at adaptation to changing circumstances. They are gaining traction. Then there are those who recognize not only patterns but trouble headed their way. Temps will rise for next 600 years (Hallstatt/Bray cycle), but in the meantime there’s a pothole in the road that may shake the car apart (Modern GSM). And so we prepare.

  7. I am retiring this year although I am younger than age 65. With the current ideology in the employment sphere it is time for boomers to move on. If the US removes free speech including from concerned parents in schools then the entire free world is at risk of totalitarianism.

  8. Wow. I’ve been out for quite a while. I don’t know what happened, but I only come here to learn some survival tips for all sorts of situations. This group of commenters and Ken have some very useful information that you all willingly share. That is the main reason for this site, in my opinion.

    I sincerely hope you continue with your efforts Ken. It’s a great site. I came back to look at comms discussions and sure enough there is a recent related blog. You guys and gals on this site have encouraged me and my good friends to share information and develop communications.

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