Self Reliant

There are those who rely on others first, before they rely on themselves. There may be a number of reasons for that.

– Physically unable
– Lacking in ‘know how’
– Don’t have the resources or tools
– Lazy
– “I’m owed”

I can tell you from personal experience that FIRST relying upon yourself will make you a better YOU.

What do I mean by that?


Self Reliance

There is a strong sense of satisfaction, especially when a goal is accomplished by your own efforts. Even if you needed the help of others, there’s a difference between doing your part versus letting someone else do it (from laziness or taking advantage).

Each accomplishment whereby you’ve relied on yourself to the extent that you can, makes you better, stronger, smarter. More self reliant.

When you “do it yourself” there are lots of things that you learn in the process. These learned ‘things’, ‘tricks of the trade’, trial-and-error, skills, THEY ALL ADD UP to make a better you.

After awhile, you become more “rounded”. No, not fat rounded. Rather you build up a varied knowledge base, skill sets, adaptability, confidence, self reliance, independence.

Some people like a challenge. Others don’t. Actually, most will instinctively shy away from new challenges (it’s human nature). However you will discover the more challenges you take on in life, the less ‘scary’ they become. You will build confidence over time.


Self Reliant & Preppers ‘Go Together’

While not exclusive to the prepper, I would confidently say that most preppers or preparedness minded people have more of a self reliant attitude than the majority cross section of the population.

Preppers are more aware that external systems may fail. That there are risks associated with dependence. After all, that’s why most prep, right?

A prepper will take it upon them-self to do what they need to do for mitigation.

Maybe it’s acquiring specific resources. Or building something. Perhaps learning “how to” do this or that… It all starts with the characteristic of self reliance.


Can Money Buy Self Reliance?

Throughout my life I have known many different people. Many varying attitudes. And lots of income diversity. Some ridiculously wealthy, others in-between, and still others who most would consider on the “poor” side of the wealth scale.

But I can tell you this: I have met (and know) more so called “poor” people who are amazingly self reliant (out of necessity) who I would rather have ‘my six’ compared with the “rich” people I’ve known. But I digress.

I didn’t intend to bring money into the picture, but it looks like I just did. Of course money helps! It can buy lots of resources especially useful to a self reliant prepper! However money CANNOT buy real true self reliance. That trait comes from inside YOU.

One cannot rely on money alone.  Well, more clearly stated, yes one can in today’s modern world – however if that were stripped away, “money” would take on a whole new meaning.

In my estimation, striving to be more self reliant makes for a better “you”. The characteristic is inherent throughout much of our history. Today’s modern world however makes it way too easy to rely on anyone but yourself. In fact some entities nefariously actually encourage it (dependence) (it spells “votes”).

If you really want to be better prepared for whatever may come your way, embrace the challenges of self reliance. It will make for a better you.

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