The 4th of July Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday

I’m not sure exactly why, but I suppose it’s a combination of reasons.

One, I am a patriot at heart. I have always been (((GASP!))) proud of my country. Our American culture. Our traditional values. American heritage. Our independent spirit. Toughness.

The fact that patriots during a time long ago fought to the death to free ourselves from the tyrannical government of England. Declaring our own independence. Creating our own government (which was quite limited at the time) while ensuring inalienable rights for we the people – protecting us from the very government that was just created…

What a great thing to celebrate, right?

The good things that we as a nation have accomplished throughout history. The beacon of freedom and liberty.

My earlier years when young men are influenced, shaped and formed partly into who we eventually become – were before the time of today’s indoctrination lessons of “political correctness”, “critical race theory”, white guilt, and the cancerous vitriolic hatred by many towards American traditional ideals. So, I suppose that has something to do with my love of country too… Pre-brainwashing.

I still have hope for this nation. At least I do during this weekend of celebration. Even though we have been progressing through some very dark and dangerous influences by very powerful global entities who wish to tear down our version of America.

I have many great memories of this holiday period. They build upon each other over time. Most of my previous career(s), I would take off the 4th-of-July week (or two) as vacation. I really enjoyed this time of year. Who wouldn’t? It’s early summer!

The picture up above. My homemade flagpole. That’s a memory from a 4th-of-July vacation week at Trinity Lake – California, a wilderness area place we vacationed a number of times – during the period of time we lived on the west coast. We would bring our boat and spend the days on the lake. Fishing. Finding a nook among the many inlets around the lake and just hanging out. Exploring. One year, many years ago on the lake, I came across a perfect driftwood ‘pole’ of a long since fallen tree. I took it home and converted it to a flagpole. I still have it to this day. Varnish it once a year. Another nostalgic 4th-of-July memory.

And yes, of course, there are the barbeques! Friends. Many good time memories of the parties we would host (grin).

It was all just a combination of goodness. Good feelings. Pride for our country, good times with friends, rest-and-relaxation. It was all good. And still is.

Anyway, that’s a roundabout way of saying Happy 4th-of-July to the MSB crew. Focus on the goodness.

I will end with the following photo sent to me from ‘NRP’ somewhere over by the four-corners in this great nation. What an amazing Flag setup he has! Wow, NRP, that’s really awesome…

I can almost see it from way over here in northern New Hampshire!


by Toby Keith


  1. Happy Independence Day Ken! (albeit a day early). Despite all the issues and concerns many have this year, we all need to celebrate the birth of the most free country in the world, ever! Put your flags out, have a barbecue, thank God for this country and for those that have fought to make and keep it free.

  2. Happy Fourth of July to all out there. This year I have the holiday off. Since I work frequently through holidays, I developed a deep sense of cynicism about holidays within this nation over the years. ( a result of patching people up for a living I guess.) There is one thing that is cutting through this thick skin of cynicism about working the holiday weekends including the Fourth of July:
    Talk to an immigrant from another country.
    Sometimes it takes an outsider’s view to remind us of how special this nation is and to remind us of our freedoms we enjoy that many others do not. When I go into work this afternoon, at least 1/3 of the staff I work with will be first generation from Africa, SE Asia and Central America. They work hard and I have no complaints. We work together and learn from each other.
    To those folks enjoying fireworks in your AO’s please remember the welfare of your pets and minimize the use of Piccollo Petes and fireworks that go BANG. Dogs hate these noises and shelters are flooded with run-aways the morning after the 4th of July.

    1. Calirefugee,
      well said.
      people in this country are spoiled, they have had it so good for so long that they have forgot of what it has taken us as a country to get here. i almost find myself hoping that there is a major wake up call on the horizon.
      something to wake people up as to whats going on in our country and that is going down the drain at an alarming rate. so many things going wrong now in our government that it would be hard to list it all.
      on a side note, i have 3 dogs, and when they here a loud pop, they come running. they think it’s supper or treat time. : )
      have a good 4th

      1. there have been a few awakenings (pandemic and 9/11) and apparently neither has caught the attention of very few people except you and me and others on this blog.

  3. Toby Keith,s song pretty much sums it all up for me.
    have a great 4th everyone!!

    1. Saw the Toby Keith song and vid. yesterday morn. I should have posted.
      Look up the lyrics of ‘Made in America’
      Another one, of
      many, of Keith’s songs that hit home.
      American Soldier, Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.

      Good call on the critters, Cali.
      Our dogs do not like gunfire or fireworks…we wanna not let Maxx feed off those fears of the other two.
      Horses are the same. Many in trail camp will break picket lines when the boomers start going off.
      Run aways of dogs and horses ain’t cool.
      Have a good Fourth, bud.
      And everyone.
      Stay safe. Stay alert.
      Celebrate what we have left.

  4. Every July 4th I am reminded by our “safe and sane” lame fireworks what would happen if the government allowed us to have access to weapons rather than acknowledging our natural right to protect ourselves by limiting the role of government.

    “Shall not be infringed” is contrary to the existence of the ATF . Those that serve in our military are required to keep their weapons at the armory while on base. Even non-lethal stun guns, body armor, num-chuks, mace, combat knives or throwing stars are prohibited from use in less than free states.

    I hope, by next July 4th, our Chinese over-lords have not yet bribed and bought every politician (elected or not), news dis-information outlet, teaching mind-programing institution, judicial judge and Pentagon brass parachute and that we continue to wait for the next false flag.

  5. NRP
    Wow! That’s a beautiful and most wonderful Flag Pole!
    Happy July 4th my old MSB friend. Hug Blue and if you’re brave kiss him on the lips for me!
    And, thanks to Ken for making our friendship possible.
    Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

    1. Beach’n:
      Thanks, my baby is at 50′ and fly her everyday, even 1/2 mast when needed.
      HAHAHA even once a few months ago upside-down (Country in Distress).

      As far as Blue, a hug is as far as I go….
      NO kisses LOLOL. YUCHO!!!

      Have a Wonderful and Peaceful 4th of July weekend.

      God bless this GREAT Country we live in.

  6. Happy 4th of July all! We enjoyed a fantastic day with our grands yesterday and finished the day with a fireworks display. The spouse had our dog in the back ready to take her with us and all three of us looked at him like he was nuts. He couldn’t figure it out. She stayed home and we left the basement door open so she could hide in her spot if there were any local sounds that would bother her. The kids and I discussed what today means to this country. They talked about the Rush Limbaugh books I bought for them in prior years and we read together. Getting ready to buckle up for another Independence Day.

  7. Do not forget— this holiday brought to you by citizen’s with guns!

  8. Big doin’s on the mountain this weekend…celebrating the 4th. A tradition that started as folks in our sparsely populated area gathering for the parents and kids to shoot off fireworks at what was once the community school grounds…now has grown into one of…if not the biggest firework extravaganzas in the state. Attendance is only limited by parking availability.

    Last night, cars, pickups, atv’s, side x sides, were double parked in the ditches on both sides of the single paved two lane highway traversing the area for at least a mile in each direction…families bringing lawn chairs to watch the show….I estimated the crowd at over 2000 people…and that may be way low.

    Everyone courteous…smiles and laughter….kids running free, having a blast….saw no anger…heard no cross words….and the fireworks show was spectacular…rivaling the big city displays you see on TV.

    This, folks, is how people should live….work hard, enjoy your leisure time…be able to gather up with other folks without any fighting, cursing, doping, thieving….just relaxing and enjoying life.

    Yep, life is good on the mountain…gonna shoot off some of our own fireworks today…plan on a fire in the outdoor fireplace…roasted wieners and smores….I am blessed

  9. On this day we celebrate our Independence from what once was a controlling suppressive government. After watching the ‘youtube’ provided by epo 3, please remind those why we celebrate this day.

    In the past words of ACDH: “Freedom-is not Free”.

    May all of you enjoy your day with family and friends.

  10. It was the late great George Carlin who stated that the National Anthem in the US is the only national anthem that mentions rockets and bombs in the lyrics. I used to enjoy lighting off hundreds of dollars of fireworks as a kid. this all changed when I got my first cats and dogs in the house and steady job years ago. Living a quiet life off duty 364 days of the year is pretty cool. Enjoy the fireworks out there.
    Another immigrant story: From the 1980’s while driving ambulance in Stockton, CA: A coworker took me to a dumpy little deli in a strip mall in a bad part of town. The owners were a family recently arrived from Lebanon. They had a family business along the West Bank with their home above the store/deli. They used to make Italian food for the tourists that arrived by boat from Italy during peaceful times. One day, they came back from shopping and their building was hit by a bomb or rocket fire. They packed up what they could find intact and came to the USA. They made was the best ravioli I remember eating in my life. Like most immigrants, their school age kids were in the back tables studying math, english or business management textbooks while the parents were in the kitchen working at least 6 days a week.

  11. An excellent read this morning. Wolf Howling, over on BookWormRoom blog, explains nearly paragraph by paragraph what motivated the various parts of the Declaration of Independence. .. .. .. .. Happy Independence Day everyone.

  12. Ah yes, the sweet sound of freedom echoing off the mountains and through the valleys up here in the White Mountains of NH. Lots of ammo being expended on this great day of celebration. Me thinks I will join them later this afternoon from the back porch.

  13. Sad to post this, but this might be our last Independence Day. Communists will NEVER give up power without a bloody fight.
    Stolen Election
    Open Borders to drugs and criminals
    Economy about to crash
    Military being re-designed to control us, the general population
    Bite’em/Garland declaring “Domestic Extremists” are their greatest threat.

    Don’t Tread on Me

  14. No telling OH, News dropped shortly ago PBS Live Capitol 4th Celebration Broadcast will Feature Vanessa Williams Singing , The Black National Anthem…..So now….We have TWO National Anthems…. Gee wonder what’ll start at ballgames & such now.

  15. There is one thing I often think about when I watch what is happening in our country. Russia and China are countries much larger than ours and with abundant resources including great intellectual capacity of their people. I have lived in both countries and speak Russian fluently. So, why are these countries so desperate/backwards. The answer is their communism/socialism. Freedom and success is what our democracy has given to us over the years. If the people of these countries ever get their freedom they will bury us all in the political and religious sickness that is spreading in our country. This sickness is even in my own family – I HATE it.
    I have not forgotten my military oath to defend my country and if I die defending my country so be it.
    This is why I celebrate July 4 Th.

  16. Makes one wonder of all the individual money spent on fireworks, these past two nights….
    Are they living for the now, or have they invested their spent money more wisely?
    Still got my bottle rockets, m-80’s. Fire crackers. Mis- mash of this and that.
    Haven’t fired a single round, raised hell, wasted gas to explore sites of observance.
    Don’t get me wrong, we do celebrate our nation’s birth. Used to spend money on fireworks and such.
    We also celebrate our individual freedoms.

    Freedom to preserve. / Conserve.

    Yotes are howling all around the farm, now, as boomers go off.

    Yotes are at our throats…where are your defenses well spent?
    Priorities taken?

    1. Who, here, has had thoughts of the past couple nights, that these thunderous booms of fireworks and firecrackers maybe the sounds of a coming everyday life?

      Not in celebration, but that of war?

      It’s been in the back of my mind for a few years, now.

      Don’t wanna be a downer, Joe.

    2. you only live once, enjoy it while you are here.
      be prepped but don’t forget to have fun.
      i refuse to bow down them and to live in fear of their quarantines, mask mandates and such nonsense. i’m going to live my life, do what i wan’t and try to have fun with it. screw them.
      to live in fear is to already have been beaten and under their control.

      1. Amen nyscout! Right on. Preparedness balanced with Life. Don’t let the good things in life slip through your fingers or pass you by.

      2. Ohh, hell yes!!
        I know there are countless patriots in the Saginaw/Flint areas.
        And all those stimulus and extra unemploymentpays, in my area …
        went to fireworks, not food.

        Truly, overwhelming, patriots, galore.
        Wasn’t a damned one of them that gave thanks, today or even remember what today actually IS.

        PARTY TIME


  17. As I settle in for the night, and the fireworks crackle and boom in the distance, I smile knowing that uncountable patriots love this nation. And celebrate. If this day were quiet, I would worry. Instead, I am reassured of our resolve.

  18. AC, Didn’t think that sounded like you. Bored gremlins at work, I suspect.

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