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Of the survival minded community, there is no doubt a percentage of those who fantasize about living at their own survival retreat full time. Maybe a log cabin in a location protected from the anarchy that would result from a major disaster such as a large scale power grid failure (e.g. from a severe X-class solar flare event or EMP), or a complete meltdown of society from a tremendous economic collapse of the current Keynesian fiat (paper) system. Moving to the retreat will provide a best chance  to survive without worry of the first wave of overrunning desperate hordes spiraling out from the densely populated regions.

Having a vision of your survival retreat (bug out location) in your mind is key to your success. The more that you think and picture yourself there, the more that your conscious and subconscious mind will help you get there.

Except for the hard core extreme survivalist, the vision of a survival retreat for most people probably is not the fortified bunker or underground shelter, but more likely simply a ranch type property with a decent homestead situated out of sight on several (or more) acres of land in a region away from major population centers. There are all types of people and I’m sure all types of different visions when it comes to a preferred survival retreat location and home.

Getting there is no easy task. Actually purchasing and moving to that log cabin ranch (if that’s your style) is quite a lofty goal that is tangled with many issues to overcome. Besides the obvious personal commitment to leave your current social network and life, probably of foremost concern is the cost of purchasing a survival retreat. For some this isn’t such a problem, but I suspect that the percentage of people that could outright afford and purchase such a property is low. Even for the successful middle class, purchasing a second property will most often require a bank loan, something that is mostly discouraged among those trying to free themselves of being chained to ‘the system’.

The assumption here is that you are wishing to actually leave your present location and move to a new location, meaning that if you already own a home (well the bank most likely still owns it), you will have to sell it. If you were unlucky enough to have purchased your home during the height of the real estate boom, then you are most likely underwater in that you owe the bank more than the home is worth on the market today. If you are lucky enough to have a home with some good equity in it, and haven’t already used your equity during the booming good times just a few years ago, then you have something to work with to help you get to your retreat.

Like I said, finances will probably be the biggest issue when it comes to successfully making a move. Again, this is why being out of debt as much as possible is so very important. Debt holds you back in so many ways.

Some initial questions while considering a move to a survival retreat might include these…

  • How much money do I need to purchase that property?
  • Does the property already have a home on it? If not, how much will it cost to build something there?
  • How much monthly income will I need to survive comfortably at the survival retreat?
  • How will I get that monthly income?
  • Are their any jobs available to me in that new location to help me with my monthly expenses?
  • What will my monthly expenses be?

Everyone will have their own unique financial issues to overcome, but a common denominator will definitely be the monthly expenses. That is, how much money do you really need to survive and still live a life style that suits you in your new location. There is no doubt that most of us can live on far less money than we think. The biggest issue is your debt obligations. If your only obligation is your current mortgage or rent, then you are in excellent shape to pulling this off.

Make a list of what you believe your regular monthly expenses will be at the survival retreat. Really give this some thought because there are categories that may not come to immediate mind. After you total it, add 25%. Once you have a number, then the challenge will be to find a way or ways to obtain that number in your new location.

You many find that if you are leaving the lifestyle of the city or suburbs, your new expenses may be much lower and you may be able to work less time for the system (maybe part time? wouldn’t that be nice…) and more for yourself. It will be a challenge however, because a typical survival retreat location is not often one that is abundant with job opportunities.

Once you start thinking about it, you will discover the obstacles to getting there. The thing is, if you really want it, don’t stop thinking about it and researching ways to overcome the obstacles.

Use the secret. Imagine you are already there…

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  1. 1) Have u researched areas in us that would be safe from nuclear attacks and can u list them? 2) And please, explain why living next to govt owned forest is a good idea. Sounds interesting. 3) Do you have a list of states and areas that seem best to live in should a major war happen (ww3)¿ Thank u.

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