SHTF scenarios

Most Likely SHTF and Disaster Scenarios

SHTF scenarios. Disaster scenarios. There are lots of them. Some are potentially quite horrible. Others, bad enough… But what are the most likely SHTF scenarios? I suppose the answer to that is a mixture of opinion and other factors.

Additionally, we may have differing opinions of just what exactly is it about a scenario that reaches the threshold of calling it SHTF or disaster. To further complicate the question, there are SHTF scenarios that are solely personal. While other events may affect several, many, or lots. Local. Regional. National. Global.

Many may be the result of natural occurrences. Others, human causation.

There’s also some ebb and flow of the most likely SHTF scenarios, especially the human type. Current events are always in flux. Same is true with society. Politics. And all the risks thereof. For example, as I write this, a SHTF scenario of nuclear war is becoming dangerously higher up on the list. (Current Events).

Most Likely SHTF Scenarios?

Truly devastating and wide-impacting SHTF scenarios are typically and generally (hopefully) significantly less likely to occur than other scenarios. However, that’s no guarantee. Sometimes, some things, just happen. Though other such events may be more predictable, or easier to see coming (if your eyes are open).

Here are a few of those scenarios that would be pretty bad… They would affect an awful lot of people.

Economic Collapse

This is higher up on my most likely SHTF scenario list. We’re living on borrowed time. Current events (global alliances and shifts outside of the dollar). Massive gargantuan debt. It’s all very bad for the dollar currency. Reserve status is in check. When will it be checkmate? Inflation out of control. Potential market collapse beyond just a ‘correction’. Ripple effects resulting in 401K and IRA’s being hit hard. Retirements shattered. Supply chains breaking down left and right (from a variety of causation’s). Nearly all our ‘stuff’ from China under lock-down yet again (this time apparently up to 400 million detained over there – ‘zero covid’ policy). Production shut down. Their major ports not moving containers. There are so many bad economic-related events going on, the dominoes are already falling. This can’t be stopped, in my view. And if you’ve been paying attention, the global elites have a plan for you. It’s called the great reset. It has been a slow motion fall from the heights. But for many, the ground is coming up fast…


Famine is “extreme and general scarcity of food, as in a country or a large geographical area”. It’s happening in much of the 3rd world, right now. It’s going to get lots worse, soon. Current events and sanctions will heavily impact production of many staple foods (and fertilizer to grow them). Hundreds of millions more are going to starve. Here at home, agricultural regions of the US are under a major and extreme drought, further affecting crops and yields. Fertilizers are not reaching producers as in the past. The effects will be yet higher prices, and, more supply shortages. As the cost of food approaches a threshold of one’s family budget, there will eventually be unrest. Revolt. Crime. Obviously the poor are affected first. The middle class too. Global food shortages are very real. And they’re going to get much worse as I write this, especially later this year.

Pandemic With High Mortality

Pandemic spreading worldwide with a high mortality rate. Fortunately, our recent go-around pandemic had mostly a very low mortality rate. But what if? I am pretty concerned about bio-warfare (Covid-19 was a bio-weapon precursor). Weaponized biotechnology is evil. And it’s research and development is in the hands of some very bad people. I put this risk high up on the SHTF scenarios list. Especially knowing the elitists agenda, which demands global human compliance. The recent lock-downs and all the rest of it, have been a beta test. I believe this could be just the beginning of something way, way worse. You know that there are some very deadly manufactured strains in those level-4 bio-labs…

Cyber-Attack On Infrastructure

Totally within the realm of SHTF scenario possibilities. A cyber-attack on the electric power grid, or regions thereof. The follow-on effects would be unbelievably wide spread, even if just a part of the grid and for say just a few weeks. There would be chaos, and yes, many deaths. Cyber War. Even if through proxy ‘actors’. It’s real. Electricity. Finance. Transportation. Any number of systems are certainly vulnerable. No bombs. No flashes of light. Just, Lights Out…

Nuclear Holocaust

A nuclear war. Just look at where we’re at today with the surrounded nuclear-armed Russian Bear. Clearly, exceedingly clearly, NATO, the UN, (actually, the globalist faction of the US power structure) – they want WAR with Russia. And Russia has on numerous occasions stated their position on thresholds and ‘red lines’ that could trigger nuclear war. I am very concerned to see constant escalation here. The West would likely crush Russian conventional forces. However, they carry the biggest stick of all. A massive nuclear arsenal. Nuclear escalation and nuclear war could happen very quickly. I mean literally, once the decision is made, you won’t have time to finish your lunch…

Weaponized Nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) Attack

Resulting in electronic infrastructure destruction and grid-down. I do believe that if we (or they) ever go full nuclear, an EMP event would go along with it. It would likely precede it. I list this SHTF scenario separately, because a high altitude EMP would be much farther reaching than a localized nuclear detonation (though a full-on nuclear war would obviously be catastrophic in many ways). Normally I wouldn’t say that nuclear war or EMP would be among the most likely SHTF scenarios. But given today’s current events and well-known agendas (including depopulation)…

Solar CME (coronal mass ejection) comparable to the Carrington Event

Yes, it will happen again. A solar CME of significant magnitude to take down the electric power grid for a probable significant length of time (and other electrical damage, lots of fires too). Carrington event anyone? Is it likely during our personal timeline here on earth? Maybe.

Civil War II

I have never seen so much incredible division as there is today, right now in this country. I mean, it’s really bad. Much, or dare I say all of it, is of course, by design. It’s way too late for a quick fix, or even a longer term fix (depending on how long we’re talking or how we go about it). Without getting into the politics of how and why we’re at this point, the fact is we’re here. Many of our ideological differences are now so visceral, that we can’t even talk about them between friends, family, co-workers. Exacerbated by big tech and corporate censorship policies. Deep corruption and fascist/corporate alliances within governments and agencies. A broken justice system. A failed social contract. I could write a long rant here, but won’t. Instead, I’m glad we haven’t crossed a threshold into kinetic civil war, yet. I hope we don’t. But we certainly will, if the agendas in play come to their full fruition. I place this SHTF scenario among those within the realm of eventual possibility.

Natural Disasters

While this is often regional and geographical dependent, it sure seems like a more realistic or likely thing to prepare for. The impacts could last for days, weeks, or longer. And if it happens to you, it could easily become your SHTF scenario.

  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding
  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Forest Fires
  • Major Snow Storms
  • Severe Weather

Your Health

I’ll tell you what… you better put this SHTF scenario at Number One. I hope that it’s not the most likely one, but it needs to be mentioned. One’s health is very often taken for granted. However when something strikes, it becomes crystal clear how our priorities change. Ranging from just being sick for several days, to a week-long flu, to a broken bone, accident, hospital stay, disease or worse… failing health can be personally disastrous. Please take care of yourself, first.

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  1. Natural disasters: megadrought causing lack of hydroelectric power, lack of irrigation water where crops are irrigated and lack of water to produce crops under natural rainfall.

  2. Most who comment and/or read here, already have prepared or are in the process. Does it ever really stop? I don’t think so. Always more to store, more knowledge to gain, more to plant/can/dehydrate/………

    What brings it about? Sadly, it could be a combination of many things. Once it begins the dominoes will fall. If you have significant comms capability, you can at least gather info about what has happened. It will be beneficial to know who all is affected. How big an area? Armies on the march? Headed this way? Refugees headed this way? Are they armed? The questions will be endless. With no grid and no cell phone, your only source of “news” will be word of mouth. Neighbor to neighbor is all you’ll have. Almost all of the questions will go unanswered.

    Then the biggest question of all: Did my family survive? That will go unanswered as well. Are we all prepared for that situation? There is an answer available to us all. It would require some effort on both ends of a communication. Not a huge effort, but you’ll have to actually DO IT. Preparedness requires effort. We all know that. Ham radio is just one small part of preparedness. I’d encourage everyone to NOT neglect comms.

  3. A big chain grocery store (HyVee) is cutting back. They are asking 500 upper management to work in retail. They are also suspending projects (a warehouse for one) due to inflation on building material and supply chain disruptions. This is a SHTF scenario.

    Good article Ken.

  4. this is most likely nothing but again here at our local wal mart, seems like more and more of the employee’s/owner’s of mexican and chinese restaurants r coming in and buying carts of vegetables, large bags of sugar, refried beans, soy sauce, etc. i guess their supplier is not bringing shipments of these items to them. just annoying at times when want some of the items like refried beans or need soy sauce and its all gone off the shelves.

    1. Take the hint, and get what you need, now…from wherever you can get it. Now is the only time you have.

      1. @Ision – any suggestion on how imminently, if you can say? I have an elderly father we are caring for long distance and back and forth. We, of course, have been reading all regarding food and taking reasonable steps and doing as much as we can, but if the group / someone believes there is a short time frame to “top off” or the situation is emergent, it would be useful to know / have a sense of that as we decide on / choose where to deploy resources. Thanks much!

    2. I saw an Asian man in Walmart (about a month ago?) and he had his shopping cart entirely full and overflowing with family packs of chicken breast. I don’t know how many he had in there, but it was a lot. Restaurant owner? Maybe…Probably…

      Our supply chains are breaking. I know I’m speaking to the choir. But I am filling my freezers to the max. I’m almost there… It’s all about food, food, food. Any which way. Store canned. Home canned. Dry goods. Whatever…

      And it’s all about garden, garden, garden. Chickens. Whatever… Increase that food-self-sufficiency as much as you can. I don’t know how much time we’ve got, but I have a renewed sinking feeling. I also had an extraordinary vivid dream the other day. But I won’t get into it here. Hopefully it’s nothing.

      1. Ken, buying chicken, at least in our stores here in PA are usually sparse to sometimes none, like at A L D I’s a couple weeks ago. The price at another store parts for some has more than doubled as in 2.49 per lb to 5.49 to even 6.99 per pound. Thankfully I know a place we can get organic drums for 1.99 which I think it really good. My MIL lives in an area that destroyed 1.4 million birds. They also shut down some hatcheries and also stopped sale of chicks to some of the local farm and garden stores in her area.
        This is insane and planned.
        If you don’t or can’t raise chickens in your locale, find and make good connections with those who do.
        Craigslist in the farm and garden section often has local ads for beef or chickens, eggs, etc…
        Most chickens who are known as “egg layers” will produce an egg everyday or at least every other day.
        If you have a household of 4, having 4-6 birds would meet your needs for eggs.
        Prayers for everyone’s peace of mind, health, wisdom, and prosperous gardens and livestock.
        Good Shepherd bless you…

        1. Birdee, Unless one is depending on utilizing eggs to get each person their needed 60 grams protein. one medium chicken egg=6grams protein.. I got chickens because we eat 8-9 eggs most days for breakfast. Home eggs are not necessarily cheap eggs, but they are delicious and nutritious if you feed the ladies well.

        2. Birdee,
          I’d love to pay $6.99 a pound for chicken, my nearest super is at $11.99 a pound! (Yesterday 4/26)

        3. After ten years raising chickens…..I have been hit with fed costs that have almost doubled and in addition the local feed store closed and I would have had to drive a hundred miles round trip to get feed. the last straw was the hawks who decided I was a drive thru eatery. What really hit me was the fact the local game wardens advised me that I could not shoot the hawks because they are protected….so I filled the freezer and closed my chapter on raising chickens.

        4. Realist,
          i have had the same problems with predators here in the past. everything eats chicken. i have to keep mine in a large pen that looks like a maximum security prison now. if i don’t they will not last two days here. several years ago i had to cover it all with window screen wire because of the snakes.
          don’t give up on them. chickens do not have to have commercial feed, they will eat anything that doesn’t eat them first.
          good luck

        5. SS, I agree about the ducks…and their meat is excellent also. Slow roast in a crock pot how you would also do a chicken – fabulous!

      2. One of our local businesses, sells mostly cooked chicken, were told do not know how much longer they will be able to give full orders of chicken… beginning in 1-3 weeks every order will be reduced by 30-50%.beyond a few weeks they have no idea what kind of supply will exist..
        Those who warned us 3-4 years ago did the whole nation a service. For every one family who is already prepared that leaves a little more for those totally unprepared.

        1. TOJS, yes your last sentence is both wise and kind. The next few weeks will be interesting with regard to chicken supply….
          Also I agree with you Scout, our chickens eat all kinds of things
          including gluten free spaghetti! The other day I was going thru the fridge and of course little containers get shoved to the back and well I found a little bit of gluten free spaghetti with sauce and parm….
          Well….I tossed the goodies to the chickens and one of the Black Star chickens got a whole beak-full of the pasta “I hit the jackpot” look in her eyes, and ran away from the other hens, like this is mine and I’m not sharing! My chickens will literally run to get cooked pasta and so will the ducks. :)

        2. New and old chicken ppl….Just be sure to give the chickens things that are not spoiled… rice , be sure to swell it. sprouting grains, soaking traditional feed in water to begin fermentation… ie buttermilk starter.. will work and set up next days feed in unrinsed container… .this will multiply the nutrition from a limited amount of feed.. result is 80% more nutrition from 40% feed inputs… layer pellets, scratch grains all can be done this way and is recommended by veternarians.. some ferment their feeds for 2-5 days.. also effective to reduce inputs for pigs…

        3. I did fermented feed for my chickens as long as I had them. Taking into account that they were also free ranging, I was feeding the three of them 1/3 c (total, not per bird) of fermented feed per day. Sometimes there was some left over, sometimes they ate it all.

        1. Lauren, Put in you tube… used tires to make chicken coop. what will be important is that it close tightly… for night racoons, possum. fox. everything loves chicken.. some type of heritage breed would work better than the cornish franken birds.. living tradtions homestead did a comparison with a red ranger a few years back.. they act more like real chickens…. make sure there is no bull in that pasture if you are going to enter it.

        2. My Australorps were great. I’ve also been looking at other dual-purpose breeds, Bresse and Swedish Flower. I’m thinking I’ll get hens from whatever dual purpose breed is in the area, and get a Swedish Flower rooster for the foraging genes.

          I have no intention of “supporting” a breed that routinely dies of heart attacks at 6 weeks of age and its legs break if it tries to stand. i.e., Cornishx.

        3. Just Sayin’
          Fermented feed to stretch it???? Do ya do it in full sun?, A shady spot? More info please for a dummy like me. I could look it up, but I value your experience and hands-on knowledge.

          How much water and how much feed? (8 hens)
          Any dirt/mud in the container? How big of a container, coffee can?
          I’d like to try this. Experiment a little bit. Thanks

        4. I fermented the feed for my chickens. Granted that they were also free ranging, but I fed them about 1/3 of the recommended amount and they sometimes left some.

          Fermenting feed isn’t tricky. Some people do it in a bucket and just scoop out and replace the feed. I did it in four quart jars and rotated. A little bit of milk or starter in the first batch will speed up the process. I left the jars for four days.

          Whatever kind of container you use, make sure the feed is fully covered by the liquid. I used water. Shake or stir once a day. Do not put the lid on fully as the gas created during the fermenting process needs to be able to escape. Sun or shade, inside or out. Whatever is convenient for you.

  5. Naturally, the wonderful events of the near future will include a nice sampler selection of all your listed calamities, in no particular order of sequence, but with some already obviously foreshadowed everywhere one looks.

    Together, the U.S. and Canada control the bulk of the world’s food resources, and can..if desired..double their food production, without putting one more acre under cultivation. The spin-up would take a year, or so, but this time would also be spent by Canada to gin up its fertilizer production capabilities…something I would think would already be in the works…if any sane people are actually in charge there. Grain would no longer be dedicated to the inefficient production of bad fuel additives, exports would be curtailed if home supplies are deficient, and crops would be managed for maximum survival and yield, rather than “foodie” and luxury corps…etc.

    But, the problem is the famine is by design…and not the result of circumstance. If our government is out to kill most of us…chances are…they probably shall succeed. After all, they could simply shut down the power to troublesome portions of the country…halt fuel transports…food transports…information flow…while keeping the news from these areas suppressed and confused.

    The greatest problem we have…is the danger we all face from a criminal Government, dedicated to our demise and loyal only to goals, which were never voted for by the persecuted Citizenry.

    I am quite sure, things shall be much worse than we are hoping they will be. And, our continued existence will be more left to luck…than our preps….for most of us.

    But, then I have always been a profound Pessimist.

    1. “I am quite sure, things shall be much worse than we are hoping they will be. And, our continued existence will be more left to luck…than our preps….for most of us.”

      Years ago I scoffed at the term “luck”. But not anymore. A couple of months ago I decided to replenish my defensive ammo stock. Noticing that Federal 9mm HST was selling for about a dollar a round I purchased 250 rounds. When I happened by chance to check back the following week the price had doubled to over $2 a round. Luck or circumstance? Darned if I know.

      Considering the way things have been for the past 2.5 years only a fool would conclude that preps alone will get you through the hard times or worse. I am grateful to live a rural area. The pandemic and the far reach of this totalitarian government has thrown me off my guard but I have been “lucky” enough to have had the time to react. But with Herr Biden’s determination to open up the borders and create divisiveness among the American people our time and our luck is running out fast. God help us.

  6. i make my plans around a long term power outage of some kind, CME, EMP or what ever, anything other than a tornado and we will get by just fine, i think.
    DW and I are not spring chickens anymore, health issues may become a problem in the future. we are both in good health now, but in your 60’s, ya never know what tomorrow may bring.
    i’m not sure how to prep for long term care for someone.
    any advice would be helpful

    1. Scout, paper towels, tp. sheets, rubber sheets, diapers, gentle soap that can be used over whole body. skin care items,,,tea tree oil, peppermint, oil of oregano. food grinder, sterile dressings, kotex in multiples that are individually wrapped.serve for padded and absorbency. lots of pillows many sizes,for positioning…. and care and compassion for one requiring care..
      …4x as much stain removers and laundry detergent as you think you will need, clothes line good washing machine… meds for diarrhea, constipation, pain, , a pill crusher or 3, a pill splitter. keep them clean, dry , moving into different positions, do range of motion exercises. wrist splints are useful post stroke… for few hours a day…

    2. scout, Suggest a goodly stock of whatever pain relievers you two tolerate best. Chronic pain is often found to be the source of depression in us elderly folks. Puppy pee pads are very similar to disposable bed pads and cost far less. Walker, scooter chair, various aids for movement. Plastic chair for sitting in the shower. Now might be the time to install grips or rails in the bathroom, bedroom, and other areas to help steady standing and walking.

    3. Scout,
      And really anyone here.
      Depending on your age and plans, Medicare has durable medical supplies for free. I think it is every 3 months, my mama gets 45.00 of free medical supplies. They have everything you can think of, from OTC meds to chucks to shower chairs etc.
      This is every 3 months. You can also order from them, for a fee, if ya need things and shipped to you for free.
      Many private insurance companies also will sell durable medical items just check the prices.
      I am very lucky that my mama doesn’t have any ongoing medical problems, ( thank you G-d,) so we use this benefit to stock up on many things. My MIL has moved in with us and she had NO idea this was a benefit. So now we have 90.00 every 3 months.
      Call and ask your Medicare ot Pvt ins. Co to see what they have for ya.
      90.00 every 3 months , now,adds up quickly.

  7. Spin the SHTF wheel and see where it lands! We can’t predict exactly when, where and what is going to happen but basic prepping principles (food, water, shelter, self- defense capabilities, medical etc.) will cover 95% of these scenarios. Every season brings different challenges but also opportunities so I see preparedness as a year round life style not a hobby with a specific time frame.

    1. Romeo Charlie:
      Thank You for using that word that’s sooooo very important but rarely used.

      1. Thats really what it is NRP, you have always been there on that.

  8. Six weeks ago, my cousin was in the first year of retirement…enjoying a lot of fishing and hunting. Three weeks ago, he noticed a lump on his leg. Today he is going home from the hospital after undergoing massive radiation that doctors hope will shrink the tumors in his brain before they attempt to deal with those on his liver and in both lungs.

    One son’s wife…early 50’s, is undergoing treatment for tumors quote, “all over her body”. Thought she was healthy and happy until a month ago.

    Both my grandfathers died at 73…both grandmothers were younger when they were called home. My Dad died from a heart attack age 59. I turn 73 next February.

    I just came in from mowing pasture…feel good. I’ve had open heart surgery, total hip replacement, a carotid artery gutted like a worm and cleaned out. Been in more fights than I care to remember…been shot at…had many chances to have my chips cashed in. Been through war…been through inflation and shortages…bought a house when 16% interest was considered low.

    I don’t worry about me…I do worry for my family. I have always been their backstop…I pray that…whatever comes…I can be there to help guide them through.

    That said, all the possibilities listed are real threats…inflation is already here and speeding up…if food is available, but you can’t afford it…….let your mind finish that statement…..

    1. Dennis, search youtube for videos by Dr William Li. And get his book for your cousin, “Eat to Beat Disease.” He’s curing cancers and diseases by using food, yes food (actually the compounds within the foods). Also, STARVING cancers and tumors of their blood supply that makes them shrink. He uses different healing pathways of the body. It is amazing stuff! Hope this helps….

    2. This is happening all over. friend in north Tx. has multiple fam members w/ same things happening. they don’t want to seek anything but standard care. which takes all money and transfers to big pharma and medical ppl. sooosad.

    3. Dennis I am a healthy 73 also, I was a change of life baby, for those who have never heard the term, my mom was 51 and dad was 55 when I was born, I had a brother and sister 20 years older then myself…so now all my relatives are passed and I am on my own which makes me very acutely aware of my mortality and I strive to maintain my health. And like you have been through the great and not so great times in my life….and with those experiences my realizations now are that we are truly at a end times possibility, my plan like my favorite adage is ……love god and live life, how great are thee.

  9. You know, now I know why I’ve always been ‘urged’ to prep like it will be the 1800’s again. And simplify, simplify, simplify. We have spent this last winter sort of redoing things around here and I’m trying to “close the loop” on my systems. Like, for instance, the garden. Grow seed, harvest and preserve, save seeds, use compost and aged chicken manure for my fertilizer, etc. Food scraps go to the chickens, or if it’s not an acceptable food for them it gets composted and back to the garden. Also, bees. I get pollinators, get a bit of honey (I never take a lot), and some wax to clean and make candles, salves, etc. I’ve been trying to make more recipes that use honey and maple syrup as a sweetener so I am less dependent on buying sugar. I do believe, however, that we won’t be facing a single event to be SHTF, but it will be multiple events. And don’t forget the next ‘pandemic’ (or ‘plan-demic?) to control us. And, just a reminder…..the WEF wants this all done by 2030. They will tear us down and destroy us to “Build Back Better.” You cannot “Build Back” until something …..meaning us, the U.S,… destroyed.

    Hey, whatever happened to the war in Syria? I don’t hear about it anymore. Does anyone? Hm.

    1. DJ5280,
      We have two hives of bees mainly for pollinating the garden but we got 6 gallons of Fall honey from one hive which we also use for sweetener (my coffee) and on biscuits. We also use Stevia which is 200-300 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. It’s made from the Stevia plant which grows in Brazil and Paraguay, has no carbs, calories or artificial ingredients and a tiny bit goes a long way. For a gallon of ice tea we use a level 1/4 of a teaspoon. I comes in both powder and liquid and a small bag will last a long time and takes up very little space. This is an easy way to store a sweetener without taking up hardly any room, it goes a long way and it also is available in small packets and squirt bottles that would be good for bartering.

      1. RC, I have stevia seeds in my stash. I think I might try to grow them this year. Thanks for the reminder about stevia. Stevia, besides honey and maple syrup, will help “close the loop” on sugar (sweeteners) especially if you can grow the plants!

        1. I’ve read they are hard to germinate and I don’t know how much each plant produces. I’m guessing the leaves must be ground, soaked then dried to make a powder. Keep us posted if you decide to grow some.

        2. RC, i have grown Stevia over wintered some in house one time… the more you clip it back the better it produces…. much like cliping back one of the culinary herbs… basil..
          i bought my plant start, be sure to protect it from critters with awire cage.. if anything gets a taste of it , it will be eaten…to a nub. i dried the leaves and ground them… they can be extracted with glycerine.. i just crushed, powdered and added a little to my tea… pyure stevia brand is the one i purchase. takes tiny amount. a one lb bag is = to 5 lbs sweetening power.

  10. who cares about Syria, Afghanistan or the others on the other side of the world, let them crazy folks shoot them selves up. they have been doing it for 5000 years and it’s all they know how to do, it’s an ingrained lifestyle for them, to kill and destroy others. and nothing will stop the mindset of those people, nothing. it’s like breathing for them. it’s just what they do, it’s been their lifestyle since their birth and the birth of hundreds of generations before them.
    we should back off and let them keep going after each other. honestly, it’s a sport for them. it’s just what they do. it’s their culture, this i know from personal experience, really.
    let them have their fun and not get in their business. they don’t want us there in there, and they don’t want our help. only money and material. i have one neighbor whose like that, a bum. we get along but i don’t help him either. he can find his own way.

    1. scout
      “who cares about Syria, Afghanistan or the others on the other side of the world”…..The US Military Industrial Complex which is a ravenous beast that must be constantly fed with US taxpayers dollars and the lives of US Soldiers as well as foreigners. Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, AM General dictate American foreign policy to insure the constant flow of cash into their bank accounts just like the US proxy war going on in Ukraine. President Eisenhower warned us but no one listened.

    2. scout, Who cares? I care. I have friends and former colleagues and their families all over the world, including Afghanistan. I love them and I miss them. As I am able I’ve reached out to folks in other countries with advice to prepare. Do you think Christ has only put your relatives and closest friends in your life for you to care about? We have the means to follow goings-on all over the globe. Thus we should hold them all in our hearts even if all we can do for them is pray. I have found that if we are faithful in little things, like praying for our family and friends, we are given even more to be faithful about, including people everywhere. I encourage you to take the opportunity to lay up treasure for yourself in heaven. If you can’t think of these folks as anything but enemies, then remember the Lord’s exhortation to pray for them too.

      1. Amen to that. American’s don’t really know what it’s like to be persecuted, but we might find out in the very near future. God bless you..

      2. Its like that song Anonymee,
        “I believe most people are good”
        I myself am flawed and have a mean streak that causes problems from time to time, not outwardly but in that i go to a dark place in my head,
        Prayer and asking for strength helps, that and music. Christian country mostly,
        Best to not focus on the bad.

  11. Yesterday I made 4 pints of jelly with the last of the blackberries I had in the freezer. Got to make room for this years harvest. This morning I got behind the “Cub Cadet Treadmill” (walk behind/push string trimmer) and got 1.5 acres mowed down around the garden. It’s great exercise and it gives me a chance to clear my head and think about nothing but where I am pushing the mower. The trees are leafing out and the bees have been busy pulling in the pollen. Spring and Fall are my favorite times in the mountains and looks like this year is going to be a busy one.

  12. Canada and the US cannot double our output of crops. The midwest was flooded last year and the harvest was terrible, Its still snowing in April! No fertilizer from Russia, drought in cali. I don’t see us being able to double our output at all looks like less food is going to be produced. Just saying

  13. Let’s start with….
    All of the above scenario’s are possible and most could almost happen at the same time…..

    If there is an EMP burst… the experts said about 90% of the population would die off. There would be no electricity, no sanitary conditions (sewage treatment plants would shut down), garbage would go unpicked up. No new food supplies either. It would be everyone for themselves. Count on a nuke attack 72hrs after an EMP burst.

    What was not considered in the above scenario list….. What are these 2 million illegal migrants going to do if their free ride from the US govt ends when there is a collapse or one or more SHTF scenario’s happen….???? Add to that the way lawlessness that has hit the Urban Yutes in the dem run inner cities. How about total chaos- rioting/looting/stealing/raping, gangs doing home invasions. It could be a nightmare scenario. Have enough ammo…??? Ammo then, will become the currency of the new millennium.

    The weapons the US/NATO are supplying the Ukraine cannot be replaced quickly. Most will take a few years to replace those that are being taken from our current inventories. This will leave the US military extremely vulnerable to its enemies.

  14. A very long and detailed article by Corey Lynn is at, “The Washington Standard”, a Christian website (Tim Brown). It’s about what they are doing with our food. New Controlled Food System..etc.. ( Get all of the seeds that you can.)

    1. @Deborah – great article! We saw this vertical farming going on about 6 years ago in an old building in downtown Jackson Hole Wy that had been repurposed, right across the street from our hotel. Very interesting process. It is being run by a charity that aids developmentally challenged children.

  15. Just finished reading New Controlled Food System at Washington Standard. I thought I knew a fair amount in this area but it is even worse. I know there are many seed savers in this group of folks on the blog. The vertical gardening to control the markets is much further along than realized. This article brings together many pieces we’ve all been seeing. I learn so many things on MSB! Really good suggestion Deborah, thanks.

  16. MNruby… I had no idea that this was going on. (Except the seed manipulation) They are really far advanced with this. Same usual suspects involved, including the Carbon Capture Pipeline that is coming through the state.

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