What Follows Being Prepared? After Everything Is Done – What Next?

Someone on the blog recently commented, “I have been preparing. So I ask the question,” what do I need to do next? What follows being prepared? I need ideas!”

To put it in context, this particular person gets annoyed with what appears to him as “fear mongering” article topics. I am frequently chastised by him on various articles which are interpreted that way. HOWEVER, that’s okay! I am not calling him out on that, or by name.

Rather, I would like to respond (and get your response) to his question following the most recent article chastisement. Why? Because I believe he had a good question!

“What do I do next? What follows being prepared?”

So apparently this person feels 100% prepared. And I say, that’s a fair statement. Why? Because we all have our own personal risk tolerance thresholds versus what we have already done for preparedness. In this instance, he has evidently reached the pinnacle.

What should he do next? Well, maybe do some other things that he enjoys. I don’t know what they are. But he does… ENJOY LIFE while keeping a watchful eye! (that’s my best general answer)

Perhaps just keep an eye on current events. After all, we prep for disruptions in our lives. So just keep tabs on those things in order to be ahead of the mainstream curve – should “something” happen.

I really don’t know what else to tell him. Maybe you can offer some advice…

I suppose that I could reflect on my own preparedness. While I am quite well prepared for many disruptive events, I have an appetite to continue on. I may expand into one preparedness area or another if it interests me. Sometimes that includes things to do with the mostly unreachable goal of Level 4 preparedness (self sustainability). Every little step in this regard is one in the right direction (at least for me). I have lots of interests, and I will never be asking the question “what next?”. I’m too busy!

To address the “fear mongering”… Today’s current events are extremely troubling with regards to our liberty and freedom. This is my present primary focus – our rapidly changing social/political environment. Most of us just “feel it”. We’re in tumultuous times. And it motivates me to blog about it. And I know that it motivates many of YOU to continue your own due-diligence in your own personal ways. Fear? No. None of this has ever given me “fear”. Instead, concern – of varying degrees ranging from low, medium to HIGH! But I digress…

So, again, any ideas for the someone who is done preparing to the extent they’re comfortable? What next?


  1. Pray, help out those in need, maybe a Gin and Tonic with a grilled steak?

  2. – Wouldn’t know. Never have reached that exalted state. All I can suggest is, just keep prepping!
    – Papa S.

  3. Some people are devastated when some catastrophe strikes, from an appliance breaking down, to a major power outage.

    I prep because I hate being at risk after getting blindsided by some stuff that has hit the fan.

    Also, being prepared is a trip, not a destination. Okay a bit of plagiarism, but true.

  4. Can you actually be fully prepared? Is there nothing you can do to improve your situation? Maybe some exercise program wearing and carrying all that gear might be instructive? I offered a ride to a local wearing a set of hard plates just Monday. He seemed pretty tired but he chose to drive on so I moved on. Hot and steamy day but he didn’t end up in my ER so that’s good.

    Maybe a weekend or if your that prepared a week long turn off the grid exercise? Is your whole family well prepared to carry on if you happen to get seriously sick or injured? Do you happen to have all of them cross trained to take over if your dead? Got SOP’s and manuals so they know about your plans and how to use all those wonderful preps if your not home when SHTF?

    Given that the grid and this the internet is likely to be gone do you have Hard Copies of all that wonderful information you have links too? I recently had two internet books printed out for about 60.00, not as nice as a real book but that information in my opinion was well worth that to me and my surviving family after I pass.

    Do you have several skill sets that can earn you and your family money or barter material as well as tools to make it happen? Electronic money can disappear in a flash with the internet or political decisions so being able to shrug that loss off and carry on is useful.

    Always be improving your position.

  5. I would say take a day or two and go fishing. While you are fishing, you should have plenty of time to ponder your situation as regards being prepared…then after your fishing trip go and fill the holes you discovered while pondering your situation.

    1. I would write down the holes in the preps as they come to you when fishing. Otherwise, after x-number of brewskies, you might forget why you went fishing in the first place.

      Like the saying, ‘a bad day of fishing is still a good day of drinking’.


      1. INPrepper,
        When I fish I try not to think of anything else. As a matter of fact, lots of times I don’t use any bait. Don’t want any pesky fish bothering me while I am fishing.

        1. – You sound like my Uncle Joe, who regarded fishing as a “good nap spoiled!” LOL
          – Papa S.

  6. I hear my mother’s words, echoing in my ear: Honey, it is not always all about you.

    Help others: gather enough “stuff” to share, teach a class, keep encouraging your friends, family & neighbors. If they are all prepared, too …. make more friends!

    Get your soul squared away.

    Thanks, again Ken …. no topic is too sticky for us to discuss. Hugs to Papa S!

    1. First off a thanks to Ken for all you do to give all of us the info and help that furthers our abilities to help ourselves and others.
      I prep to the best of my ability both financially and physically. It is a constant journey but not my whole life.
      Yes some days I work at what needs to be done hopefully completing the task. Other days I may sit with a good book and watch the chicken’s and duck’s run around!
      Do prep who knows what tomorrow will bring, but don’t forget life and enjoy some of it! The older you get the longer you want to enjoy the sweetness life can bring.

      1. Agree
        Great articles Ken. They are spot on for what we are dealing with today and gives us food-for-though during our days and planning for tomorrow.

        Sure, Ken could post articles on the best way to start a fire or what is the best tent for the BOB. Those topics have already been covered 50 thousands times on survival websites. Or he could post fluff pieces about the best flowers to attract bees but flowers, fires, or tents take the back seat at this time due to the extreme events unfolding around the country.

        It says right here on the site ‘practical sensible preparedness’. It doesn’t say ‘warm fuzzy fluffy articles’.

  7. Ken,
    Good article for thought. I will never be completely prepared, it’s a lifestyle. This was a good wake up call though. Should we all not be doing things we like doing as we travel the “Prepping Road” of life? Stop and smell the roses, so to speak? Let us not forget to live this life so graciously given to us.

  8. If a person is not looking to live a preparedness lifestyle, then I suppose the answer depends on what each person is preparing for… a natural disaster (local/regional), financial system meltdown, food/goods shortages, loss of income (job loss), pandemic (continuation or worsening), long-term grid down, etc…

    Once a person identifies which scenarios they want to be prepared for, then it’s easier to compile a list of items to acquire and actions to be taken.

    What helps me is running through scenarios in my mind. If one of these scenarios comes to pass, what would happen? What would be needed?

    And how about skills:
    Hunting, fishing, gardening, foraging, 1st aid, self defense, communication, ability to make home and equipment repairs, etc…

    And what about physical fitness? Mental toughness? Spiritual preparedness?

    There are so many aspects to preparedness- and I’ve only been doing this a few years… I don’t think I’ll ever fall asleep thinking I’ve got it all covered.

  9. There’s a big difference between “fear mongering” and “cautious awareness”. Making someone aware of a potential situation or event in order to help them prepare is cautious awareness. Telling someone that there is a horrible event or situation right around the corner and there’s nothing they can do to prepare for it is fear mongering.

    Cautious awareness is provided to help someone to do things to ease their anxiety and to prepare and lessen the effects of an unforeseen or even an anticipated crisis. Fear mongering is done out of spite to scare, intimidate and raise the anxiety of another person and put them in a hopeless mindset.

    I believe your articles instill a cautious awareness to your readers and is by no means fear mongering. JMHO

    1. I have noticed that fear mongering is often used to sell a product. “You need us because you can’t do this on your own!” Creating dependence rather than teaching independence.

      I have also noticed that many who scream “fear porn!” at every opportunity…are selling something.

  10. If you got your s..t squared away then Prepare for your Friends and family whom you deem worthy of saving… Say a Friend losses a job help them by giving food in a time of need. Prepare to give your time and service to others that may need your help.

    Be a freaking decent human being or at least try… Remember this is a lifestyle choice although most of us have this preparedness instinct encoded deep in our DNA. Kind of like we are auto programmed with a strong sense of independence and survival instincts. Even my elder kin mentioned to me when I was 12 at a Christmas visit wearing tac pants and carrying around a swiss army knife. They said “boy, you look like yur ready for the end of the world…”

  11. Well if your lucky enough to feel 100% ready I would say take a week off work
    Turn your phone off
    flip the power switch on the breaker box.
    Turn off the water main and then see if you can get to the end of the week
    Then report back the results

    1. Heck except for the water shut off that happens every winter where I live 😂

  12. One thing that is often overlooked is an area study, as mentioned in a couple of articles on a “ Forward “ ( hint; key word) looking website.

  13. As my 88 year old Father used to always say when I ask how he was doing -“I woke up, the rest is easy”. People ask me how I’m doing, I always respond-I’m vertical, it’s a good day.

    I’m in a better position now than a year ago with a new baseline of prepared. I don’t want to be done, too many interesting things to learn and do, or in some cases redo. For me, it’s a form of recreation, deliberate practice to raise a skill level, work on a new area of knowledge, improve mentally/physically, enjoying each item each day. It’s a satisfying life.

    1. “I’m still on this side of the dirt.”
      “I’m vertical.” Took one lady 6 months before she did a double-take and realized I’d said something unusual.
      “Yup.” (That one really confuses people)

      I stopped using “I’m alive” after I said it on accident at a funeral…

      1. Lauren – I just burst out laughing at the ‘I’m alive’ line. Certainly dark humor for a funeral, but funny as heck. Thank you for that much needed lightening to some pretty intense days!

        1. Farmgirl – I did the same and then read your comment and wondered how many others did too. Sometimes our mouth out runs our brain. I guess we all have those days.

  14. Damn, I’m prepaired, to an extent….
    but I wish I was as confident in my prepairedness as this person.
    They must truly be off grid?
    Have a medical and dental staff on standby?
    Have at their ready, their own pharmacy, for prescription type medicine….even for unexpected emergencies?
    Maybe their own fire department, battalion, to ward off takeovers?
    More than 600 rolls of TP?

    prepairedness never ends.
    I only wish I had this same over confidence

    Their last name isn’t Clinton, is it?

  15. What next?
    You sit back and wait for a virus to shut down the economy, oh wait,
    You sit back and wait for a hurricane to hit your state,,,,,,


    Sure glad i didnt wait

    1. Kulafarmer,
      I was just looking at the weather radar and saw that nasty storm headed your way. Praying for the safety of everyone in its path!

  16. Ken, Thank you for all you have done for all of us! I have been a prepper most of my life! I grew up hunting and fishing with my Dad who was an avid outdoorsman. I began learning about edible wild plants when I was 14 or so, Now at 66 years young I’m still learning. By God’s grace I am about as prepared with “stuff” I can afford, as anyone could be, yet I still have not “arrived”. Every day I work to learn something new or sharpen a skill that will help my family and my group survive. With the conditions in the world today I look with suspicion on anyone who says they are fully prepared. And especially those who accuse you of “fear mongering” when you simply are trying to keep us alerted to the potential dangers. I send multiple text every day to my group with news alerts I feel will potentially impact us. Keep up the great work you do!

    1. Yes
      Isn’t that an area of preparedness? Knowing what’s going on in ones neck of the woods, regionally, nationally, and globally (to an extent). Recently there have been a lot of articles here on events occurring and folks are chiming in with events occurring close to them. Some of the things brought to our attention might be unnerving but it is needed information non-the-less. Especially myself who is overseas and wants to know what is ‘actually’ going on in the US. I trust the MSM about as far as I can throw them so I don’t even waste my time looking at anything the MSM pits out. With the MSM, it’s all the same-Trumps bad, evil, racist, the ‘protesters’ are peace loving, all cops are bad, and the gun crimes are because of white supremacist gun lovers. So, again, no MSM for me.

  17. Every time you eat a can of food, you are no longer 100% prepared. You have to go out and replace that can, but since you keep eating it is never ending. If he feels he is 100% prepared he should go and teach others how to be 100% prepared.

    1. Good thought, old lady and very true.
      Reminds me of last night’s supper…..
      I could of grabbed a can of potatoes. Quick, easy, or do I grab our stored potatoes from last fall?

      Potatoes, venison steak with cream of bacon. Creamed broccoli and cabbage.

      Campbell’s Cream of bacon? I never seen such a thing, but ohh, so yummy!

  18. Learn skills. Are you the jack of all trades but the master of none? It would really suck if you were hungry and went out to pick some mushrooms and got the wrong ones which killed you. It would really be a bummer if you had a bleed but did not know if it were arterial or venous so that you decided to put a tourniquet on something that did not need one and lose a limb; or vice versa not put a tourniquet on something that needed it and the person (or you) died because they bled out.

    Prepping is not all about what you have. It is a lifestyle that helps us to weather hopefully any crisis that comes along. Skills rather than stuff have saved many who came before us. Can you mend shoes? Darn socks? What if you were the only person left in a 500 square mile area. What would you do? There are many additional ways to become prepared–it just takes imagination!

  19. What’s next? . . Take a stand and convince others to be better prepared. . . Run for office and make your community a safer place. . . Seek out a job that lets you change the world. . .

    1. What’s next crossover with family practice (rehearsals) fine tune. Just saying ill never get to “done” best will be good enough!

  20. What’s next is to prognosticate what is the next Black Swan event and go on the offensive.
    Never take a day off.

  21. I agree with most that you are truly never fully prepared. I know I’m not. The next step would be to practice until you are confident that you can survive the event you have prepared for. Following practice would be recruiting like-minded persons with a similar attitude to enhance your likelihood of survival. That seems to be the hardest thing for me to accomplish.

  22. What next after getting prepared?
    We should never stop learning and improving our skills.It is a lifestyle for sure. We shouldn’t buy a knife or an axe ,use it and never sharpen it .We need to sharpen our skills and increase our knowledge in all the appropriate areas.It never stops.
    As we use items up we need to replenish items and fix stuff that breaks.After getting prepared we must stay prepared.

    1. I have to agree Bluesman. Just need to keep practicing. Just cuz you have done something once, doesn’t make a person an expert. I have been a lifeguard for over 30 yrs. No one rescue has ever been the same twice. There are always extenuating circumstances that have made them different. Do I consider myself an “expert” lifeguard, NOPE, just “experienced”.

  23. Can someone help. Power went out here in NC yesterday because of a thunderstorm. I fired up the generator as I always do, because even 6 hours of no power in 100 degrees sucks. I powered up the fridge, TV freezer, fans etc. I have a 1500 watt Ac unit I use but before i could power it up, my generator was maxed out. I added a second freezer this year, a “fancy” self defrosting unit. Do they use that much power? Had this unit for years and it still runs fine, is the problem replacing an old non defrosting freezer with a new unit that much more?

    1. Kim in nc.
      Defrost fridge or freezers draw more power.
      Next time try rotating how you use your power. Everything doesn’t necessarily need to be sucking power all the time.

    2. Suffered a 3 day power outage in mid-July with upper 90 degree temperatures. Everyone including DH bailed to other locations while I kept fridges and freezers in 3 homes powered on a rotating basis with a small generator on wheels. Heavy duty power cords were run to the driveway of each home. I only left to get more gas. Rotated every 3 hours during day and 6 hours overnight. Of course, our fridge was the only one being opened which helped.

  24. When you are as fully prepared (have everything/know everything) as you want to be, help others get there. It may be nice to have someone else around, after a catastrophe ends life for the unprepared.

    Maybe prepare for the aftermath and rebuilding to the way of life you prefer.

    It’s an old question that old people ask. Now that I got it all, what will I ever do with it? There are many answers, but ‘taking it with you’ is not one of them.

    When you find the answer, let me know, please.

  25. Agree with others, don’t think any of us are truly completely prepared. Just like any other job or skill in life you can always do something to make yourself more efficient and better at your craft.

    That being said I think I lot of us forget how physical fitness and getting healthy is quite possibly one of the most important preps and something we can all improve on. Have to say I’ve never met someone that said they were “too healthy” and in “too good of shape”. Beyond that once you’ve reached the point when you feel completely prepped you should start passing on your knowledge and skills to those loved ones around you.

  26. What’s next crosslevel with family practice (rehearsals) fine tune. Just saying ill never get to “done” best will be good enough!

  27. Since I am on a journey to self-sufficiency and lived a 95% self-sufficient lifestyle in my youth, I expect once I am there I will be too busy to have a “what next” moment.

    I rarely buy convenience grocery items. With only 2 mouths to feed, 6 to 8 serving items don’t make sense. Was at a cookout and my DH raved about how he enjoyed the jello with whipped topping.

    So my current add-on project is buying a few convenience items and determining how to divide the package for our small household.

    I have already done this with dip mix, dried soup, powdered milk envelopes and jello. Just rediscovered powder whipped topping mix and will see if I can split package into multiple meals.

    Some things are easier to split than others and some things need to get used quicker than others. The process involves either measuring volume or weight of the package depending on the contents and reducing to either # servings needed or smallest. For example, a package that uses 3 eggs can only be split into 3 meals unless you want to divide an egg.

    Many other household living “studies” can keep even the most prepared constantly improving.

  28. I figure there are things I can never afford or obtain.
    So I will never truly be prepared for everything.
    Unless I happen across a million or two laying around.

    a true undergroung shelter.
    .50 rifle
    food for 5 to 10 years that I like, that will store for decades..
    Through family history I have only 30 to 40 years left so I need less than some others would.

  29. There’s a big difference between “Fully prepared” and “Prepared to the extent I feel is necessary.” The latter could be two days of crackers and cheese in the cupboard and a gift card to starbucks “just in case.”

    Many people, however, do feel that their level of preparedness is all that is necessary and anything more is dangerous, or hoarding, or just stupid.

    I’m not going to argue if someone “Needs” a fully stocked bunker, 50 years worth of freeze-dried food and a seed vault to rival Svalbard. Personally I think if things get to that point there’s no point in surviving, but that’s just me. Last time I checked, parthenogenesis wasn’t in the human toolkit.

    I can and do argue that the “cheese and starbucks” crowd are delusional and need a good swift kick in the pants. On the other hand, the stocked bunker crowd often feel the need to shove their preparedness righteousness down the throats of people who don’t feel that level is necessary, so whatever.

    So I would say, if you’re one of the cheese and Starbucks people, maybe add a case of water? If you’re a bunker person, consider going overboard and starting a garden…

    1. The folks at dictionary(dot)com will be scratching their heads later as to why the word parthenogenesis suddenly got 1,000 hits in a single day.

      1. OK, that made me laugh.

        Parthenogenesis: The ability to have children (usually female) without the assistance of a male. Usually applies to amphibians, insects and reptiles. The children are essentially clones of their female parent.

        Generally used when there are no males present, or when a population explosion is necessary (as for aphids) and there’s too small of a population to support it.

        1. Female Aphid: I’m lonely. That insecticide took out everybody but me. But look! It also took out all the predators who were eating us! PARTY TIME!!!

        2. – Parthenogenesis? Seem to recall rabbits were the highest form of animal/mammal capable of that; Basic problem is it involves an ice cube in a very uncomfortable spot. Feel free to try it; it won’t bother me a bit! LOLOL
          – Papa S.

        3. Lauren, I like this one even better! Too many people reach for the insecticide first instead of correcting the imbalance.

  30. If you have one hundred percent confidence that you’ll be one of the last ones standing when all is said and done, then you best be figuring out how you intend to repair, reshape and restart the country with your fellow survivors.

    Preparing for the SHTF is only half the equation of why we prep. The other half will be picking up the broken pieces and making something of value from them. Ken’s recent articles have actually been incremental State of the Union reports. He’s shown you where we are as a nation in much greater detail than any one of us could have seen on our own. In order to not allow history to repeat itself you have to hold that sum total of what it is currently, so you will build a better Republic that can never wind up here again. We got here by not being engaged to the degree that we obviously needed to be, otherwise many of these new realities would have never gained a foothold or had traction. So as a survivor you will have to be actively engaged in each and every facet of rebuilding The Republic in 2.0 style.

    I’d get a pocket Constitution, several books on finance to begin unraveling the mystery of what will be done with the Fed and the deficit, get the current school curriculum because education will have to be overhauled, figure out what to do about welfare and commitments to Social Security, rework alliances for procurement of goods while mapping out how to rebuild our manufacturing base, replenish the military and re-strengthen the courts and policing and a vast number of laws currently on the books…etc, etc. etc. You’ll be a busy man. One who needs a lot of resources at your disposal and a lot of grace to cover your steps as you plod forward into what lays on the other side as a reward for being the most prepared to weather the coming storm. Good luck. And God’s speed!

  31. I would suggest having a plan B or even a plan C if the political climate becomes too intolerable. Plan A could possibly be a plan to bug out to a different state. Plan B could mean a possible move out of the country. My late grandfather always told us, “never get attached to any piece of property” you couldn’t leave in the middle of the night. I’m appreciating that advice, more and more every day…

  32. Honestly, my end goal would be to be TOTALLY off grid and TOTALLY self sufficient. No need for anything from anyone. I will get there one day. It just isn’t today and most likely not tomorrow either.
    My division of thought is that a “Prepper” practices for emergencies (short term)and a “Survivalist” practices off grid living (long term). Of course the 2 cross over, but there are distinct differences too.
    We don’t make a lot of money and I have been prepping slow and steady for over 10yrs now. I am getting really close to having 1 yr of supplies for my family.

  33. Preparedness is a lifestyle, and I LOVE it!
    I’ll never be at a point where I sit back and say, “Ahhhh. I’m done.”

    I’m completely committed to being prepared. In fact, my preparedness will out-live me.
    How’s that, you ask…. Our gravesites have been purchased, our headstone is placed, and our estate documents are completed.

    But no worries. I’m gonna live forever!
    (So far, so good.)

  34. A bit on the lighter side. I am a well established prepper and am adding at a steady rate. The pressure is off.
    Now, I really enjoy going through a store and looking at items I have seen many times before and a new use for it pops into my mind.
    The other day I saw emergency noisemakers. Circular shape, no on/ off button. There was a little metal stick on the end of a chain which when pulled starts the siren. Hmm, now wouldn’t that work well attached to a door. I bought five.
    Just for fun!

    1. Sorry. I found it in the ladies section and was to be attached to a purse.


  36. What’s next? Not on my radar! I am nowhere near prepared to where, I feel I need to be. Not even close, but closer then I was yesterday. If I thought I was, I would hope a fellow prepper would come over and slap that thought right out of me.

    I was asked a question from one of my fellow officers yesterday. It kind of took me by surprise. He asked me if he started preparing for what he believes is coming, what are the first things he needed to do? Well the first thing I asked him was “why you asking me for?” He said “because you always seemed to be well organized and prepared in your job and stuff. You are referred by others as (ask Dan, if he don’t have it, you don’t need it). I don’t tell anyone that I am a prepper. I keep a tight OPSEC. I guess when you live a prepper lifestyle, you develop habits that tends to leak into other areas of your life, and it shows (to those that pay attention). I asked him “what do you think is coming? He told me that he was concerned of an economic collapse due to all the riots, political infighting, and rumors of food shortages and that he wanted to be prepared so his family would not have to suffer through it.

    Question for all you MSB’ers, what should I tell him? I’m leaning towards B.

    A. I have no idea and that I can’t help you with that.

    B. I have no idea really but I would guess, you would want to get basic stuff like extra food and water.

    C. You need 6 cases of soup per person, 10 cases of water per person, a robust medical kit, shotgun with 1,000 rounds, and of course, don’t forget the TP.

    D. Give him an application to my future MAG.

    E. Other (and specify)

    Thanks all

    1. Dan,
      He’s obviously concerned, so he gets points for being alert. He also went out on a limb to share his concerns with you, so he’s probably losing sleep over this and respects you enough to start a conversation after giving it a lot of thought.

      So, I would tell him as much as you can – you don’t have to lay yourself bare… but you could share your concerns. Get him pointed in the right direction: food, water, security – get him thinking about having plans. He may be relieved to have some constructive things to do rather than just worrying, plus it may give him some peace of mind knowing he is not the only one who sees potential problems ahead.

    2. Prepper Dan – I wonder if leading from behind would work. Agree, steering him toward being prepared is one less grasshopper. For OPSEC sake, you could engage him by asking questions, like you did, but formulate the questions to encourage him to think in a particular preparedness direction. You can ‘learn’ along with him, appreciating his insights, sharing with him something you just ‘found’ on-line. Thank him for bringing it up, and suggest sharing ideas together. It will look like you’re both starting off on the same foot. Don’t know if that will be believable or not, given your reputation, but some version of that might be worth a try.

      1. “I was doing some research after you asked your question the other day, and I found a bunch of resources…”

    3. Prepper Dan,
      Ask him questions..
      How long do you want your family to have food, water,other physical and medical needs.+. protection?
      Do you foresee- the dot gov will help like they did @Katrina?
      Discuss these with him— think thru the types of foo d they have regularly at home- not eat out..
      … Stress.( thru his answers- and your observations-from what he says..)- what HIS family needs now and for future diapers , milk?, If a family will not eat any food he does not need to stock that food.. Example.. if family has members gluten free he will not need those products -needs to stock more than he would of other goods.
      supplements( Multivitamins for every age…, pain meds fever meds,rehydration formula.. referring him to this site- wth preparedness series a good place to start.If more babies having some cloth diapers and covers for emergency use- ASK him what will you use if you can’t go to the store…. cloth diapers w/ velcro are now are available.
      … stress everything does not have to cost.. Bleach bottles and vinegar, cola bottles can be repurposed for water or dry food storage…

  37. Now that many of us are prepped to the best of our ability and resources – at this point in the destruction of our country, what can be done?

    The fuse has been lit by the maxcists, globalists, socialist, welfare bums, indoctrinated radicals, corrupt power hungry politicians, …

    Do we run to shelter and let mad max occur or do we piss on that fuse and fight like hell to defeat is growing slime? Panic prepping may get you some last minute items at high costs but it may be too late. Now, it is time for OUR political activism, to encourage everyone we know to vote out as many swamp creatures as possible. I’m afraid it is “do or die time” for many citizens.

    If we fail, I guess it will be Galt time – leave the ruins to the looters.

  38. What did I do next? I just sold 10 of my underused firearms. Why? To make it easier to decide which firearms to train with. I just got to the point where I was spending more time cleaning everything twice a year than taking a few favorites to the range and going through a thorough training session. Not to worry though-I still have several strategically placed throughout the homestead to have quick access in an emergency and I used some of the proceeds to buy a Henry lever action 410 for the bedroom.

  39. If you think that you’re fully prepared then you’ve made a mistake. Go back over your thinking and see where you went wrong. Make your next prepping task to harden your mind to “influences” and be on the look out for incoming events.

    Take a look at this. You are likely somewhere in the middle.


    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that video on totalitarianism and societal mass psychoses. It’s 20 minutes of fascinating information. I recommend it for everyone who has 20 minutes to spare.

      1. Ken
        Finished watching it, and there are several items which caught my attention, but one in particular. Those which I refer to as the brainwashed(zombies), they are carrying cell phones in their face(s). It never leaves their hands, an addiction to it, as if they were once smokers of cigarettes.

        How many on this site have noticed these walking species with this glued to their faces & or their hands? Those are the masses of Pavlov’s trained-ask no questions, just do as they are instructed. They are the ones we will need to be cautious of. Thank full I am still ol skool with the exception of this communication device.

        1. yep, you don’t need to watch TV to see the walking dead. they are everywhere.
          easy pickings in my book. they can’t storm a persons place for texting each other and having their noses glued to their phones weather the phones work or not, they can’t look away.
          i may set up a remote speaker at the end of the road with a ringtone to distract them. after a week of no service, heads will be popping up everywhere in hopeful anticipation of a signal.
          i don’t have a smart phone, just a ATT, no text, no internet Go phone. it does what i want. i can call 911 or DW if i hurt myself in the woods. and i only have to charge it once a week. and i pay cash for it and the service and refill cards

    2. Crypto, awesome video! Reminded me of info we got back in a college class eons ago…..and forgot. It needs to be said and repeated.

  40. I listened to a blog last week that said expect lock downs sometime between Sept. and Dec. Not the lockdowns like last time but borders closed at state lines along the west coast and probably east coast also. The “reason” being given would be water issues or actually lack of water that would get the ball rolling. Also probably the covid bs.

  41. OH,
    Can feel it coming, just uncertain of the timing. Is the timeline you have a best guess, or more solid than that? Thanks!

    1. I just read about the Saudi – Russia deal. Didn’t even make the fake news.

      And with all eyes on Afghanistan, and the horrible loss of at least 12 of our finest, people are not paying attention to things like this that get little or no mention.

      Thank you for sharing your intel. I’m glad we have no debt, and have been doing everything possible to prepare for various worst case scenarios. I appreciate you & your info!

      1. Locally people cant even see past the end of their pro vaxx needle, all they seem to want to do is bash people questioning the vaxx, they dont even see how stupid they are and how many bigger issues there are brewing besides high numbers of positive covid tests, never mind that most of those positives are the sniffles, people are stupid, i have no faith in our society or country

      2. Kula,
        With good reason.
        Nothing is believable any more. We are in a giant clown car driving at breakneck speed toward a cliff. A really high cliff with lots of pointy boulders at the bottom of it. While listening to politicians point out the pretty scenery as we go flying along.

      3. Kulafarmer,
        covid is all a part of the great distraction from the real issues. the ( virus ) has been politicised for over a year and a half, to lead the sheep over the cliff.
        let them jump, i’ll give em a boot in the ass to help em over the edge. good riddance to bad rubbish.
        things are going to be hard in the next few years but when its all over, America will be better off.
        if they leave anything left. i’m not counting my chickens.
        it may take two competent administrations to unravel the mess that biden has wrought on us in just 8 months.
        a year and a half until the 2022 elections and another year and a half to straighter this mess out, if we are lucky.

    2. Well OS, 23 countries abandoning US dollar (Nov?) I’ve been watching/hearing of this move for about two years now. Just bits & pieces, but now, after watching Academy of Ideas vid on mass psychosis, the dots are mostly connected now. Notice the movers/shakers no longer reside in the US? Afghanistan failure woke some American people up, but Pres. Trump shook the deep state to their core, hence the dots, illegal election, Covid-19, push of cov shots, eff. early treatment banded, censorship, false arrests, shutdown of economy, the stay at home, masks, prevent social interaction, education nonexistent, socialist/Marxist influence rampant, CRT, personal identity garbage, food shortages, open boarders, sex trafficking, drugs, crime ^, little law & order, cancel second amend., oh hell, just cancel the constitution/Bill of Rights, justice-gov’t – all corrupt, Americans sold out, or did we sell ourselves out?. God shunned, greed, power, ego, mass psychosis indeed. America is in a free fall. No wonder! May true Patriots, under God, be granted wisdom, guidance and protection to raise up, take back our country. Our forefathers are watching with great sadness as are 40%? of us. ( will God still Bless America, are we worthy?) Time will tell. GGM

  42. Aka, don’t ya mean blockade the interior by cutting off access to the port cities.

    1. K-bay,
      Wait till ige tries to lock everything down again,,, buncha azzhats want vaccine passports even though the vaccine does nothing

      1. the vaccine passports are another attempt to track every ones movements, what they buy and what they sell.
        big brother is watching.

        1. nyscout, check latest, facial recognition tracking will commence by 2023 by 10 federal agencies. Ag,Commerce, DOD Homeland, Health & Human services,
          Interior, Justice, State, treasury and finally VA.

    2. could be- guess it would have of the same effect and an interesting take on it. There was not a lot of detail info. But specifically when the water issues get worse is when it will happen.

  43. A while back I noticed my prepping had changed slowly over time. Kinda caught me off guard. I had started prepping for sustainability instead of just packin and stackin.

    90% of what I do every day is not sustainable, I need outside inputs for just about every project I do. My preps will eventually run low or out. Then what?

    I’m not gonna stop prepping, but I now look for projects that could sustain those preps without outside inputs. This ain’t easy either.! Looking at what all I need, I came to realize that it’s not gonna be possible to reach a high percentage of sustainability. I have no idea where this will lead or how I can even do this, but I’m gonna try.

    Sit back and really think about sustainability, it will overwhelm you. It did me, I now think about it all the time with every project I do so, I’ll just continue down this path and see where it leads me.

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