What Follows Being Prepared? After Everything Is Done – What Next?

Someone on the blog recently commented, “I have been preparing. So I ask the question,” what do I need to do next? What follows being prepared? I need ideas!”

To put it in context, this particular person gets annoyed with what appears to him as “fear mongering” article topics. I am frequently chastised by him on various articles which are interpreted that way. HOWEVER, that’s okay! I am not calling him out on that, or by name.

Rather, I would like to respond (and get your response) to his question following the most recent article chastisement. Why? Because I believe he had a good question!

“What do I do next? What follows being prepared?”

So apparently this person feels 100% prepared. And I say, that’s a fair statement. Why? Because we all have our own personal risk tolerance thresholds versus what we have already done for preparedness. In this instance, he has evidently reached the pinnacle.

What should he do next? Well, maybe do some other things that he enjoys. I don’t know what they are. But he does… ENJOY LIFE while keeping a watchful eye! (that’s my best general answer)

Perhaps just keep an eye on current events. After all, we prep for disruptions in our lives. So just keep tabs on those things in order to be ahead of the mainstream curve – should “something” happen.

I really don’t know what else to tell him. Maybe you can offer some advice…

I suppose that I could reflect on my own preparedness. While I am quite well prepared for many disruptive events, I have an appetite to continue on. I may expand into one preparedness area or another if it interests me. Sometimes that includes things to do with the mostly unreachable goal of Level 4 preparedness (self sustainability). Every little step in this regard is one in the right direction (at least for me). I have lots of interests, and I will never be asking the question “what next?”. I’m too busy!

To address the “fear mongering”… Today’s current events are extremely troubling with regards to our liberty and freedom. This is my present primary focus – our rapidly changing social/political environment. Most of us just “feel it”. We’re in tumultuous times. And it motivates me to blog about it. And I know that it motivates many of YOU to continue your own due-diligence in your own personal ways. Fear? No. None of this has ever given me “fear”. Instead, concern – of varying degrees ranging from low, medium to HIGH! But I digress…

So, again, any ideas for the someone who is done preparing to the extent they’re comfortable? What next?

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