How Far Inland Will a 300 Foot Tsunami Go on the East Coast

How Far Inland Can A Tsunami Travel On The East Coast USA?

How far inland can a tsunami travel? That’s a question you may be wondering, especially if you live near the coast. Read through all the caveats that I discuss below, before checking out the maps. There’s not one answer. Rather, there are lots of “it depends”.


Awhile ago I wrote an article titled “300 Foot Tsunami And East Coast Destruction” (linked below) regarding the possibility of ‘La Palma’ or ‘El Hierro’ of the Canary Islands partially collapsing into the Eastern Atlantic following a major volcanic eruption there.

This event would likely lead to a mega tsunami that travels across the Atlantic and devastates the East Coast of the United States.

Opinions vary regarding the height of the tsunami and range from 60 feet, to 300 feet, and even higher than that as it rolls up the shoreline of the East Coast of the United States and elsewhere.

Canary Islands – La Palma – Cumbre Vieja Mega-Tsunami?

UPDATE: I first published this article during 2013. Eight years later, 2021, a swarm of earthquakes are rattling the Canary Islands – sparking fears of a volcanic eruption. I recalled posting the following East Coast Terrain Elevation Maps with intent of providing some context for a “what if” scenario of a mega-tsunami. Like a tsunami initiated from a major submarine landslide at the Canary Islands, for example.

There have been fears an eruption could cause a mega-tsunami. Steven Ward first explained this theory in research from the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, two decades ago.

image via ZeroHedge via StanDeyo

USA: Waves 130-160 ft high, traveling up to 12 miles inland

image source: Cumbre Vieja Volcano — Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands, Steven N. Ward.
(height in meters)

Evolution of the La Palma landslide tsunami from 2 minutes (upper left) to 9 hours (lower right).

Red and blue contours cover elevated and depressed regions of the ocean respectively and the yellow dots and numbers sample the wave height, positive or negative, in meters. Note the strong influence of dispersion in spreading out an original impulse into a long series of waves of decreasing wavelength. See also that the peak amplitudes generally do not coincide with the first wave.

Even after crossing the Atlantic, a lateral collapse of Cumbre Vieja volcano could impose a great sequence of waves of 10-25 meters height on the shores of the Americas. (research by Steven N. Ward).

(Cumbre Vieja is a volcanic ridge on the volcanic ocean island of La Palma in the Canary Islands.)

Okay, back to the original post. I must have had too much time on my hands back then… plotting several east coast elevation maps:

How Far Inland Can A Tsunami Go?

“IF” a 300 foot tsunami reached the East Coast, how far inland would it go?

Logically one might reason that the tsunami will travel inland until the elevation of the land is higher than the tsunami. While that sounds logical, there are variables…

Actually, the distance a tsunami will travel inland has more to do with the energy remaining as it hits the shore.

A tsunami will speed across the ocean at hundreds of miles an hour but at a relatively small height (because the ocean is DEEP).

It’s speed decreases as it approaches the shoreline (because the ground beneath it is getting shallower) but it’s energy begins to transfer to its monstrous HEIGHT.

When the speed of the wave approaches zero, the wave breaks, much of its energy is released, and it will not go too much further. A tsunami that reaches a height of 300 feet when it rears up at the shore (or any height), will lose energy as it travels inland.

It’s all about energy. Frequency (depending on the source of the tsunami) and Amplitude (shape of ocean floor, shoreline and up-slope factors).

It is conceivable that a given tsunami may rear up quickly (and very high) once it reaches the shore (depending on the shape of the ocean floor leading to the shore), and then ‘break’ and lose much of it’s energy in a relatively short distance. While another tsunami may be more compressed (in frequency) and be thrust forward very quickly while traveling a long distance inland (remember Japan?).

There are scientifically sound reasons for concern that at some point in time a mega tsunami could engulf the entire East Coast with a wave approximating 300 feet in height and sweep everything and everybody inland. The consequences of such an event are nearly unimaginable.

Tsunami Maps (East Coast Terrain)

Out of curiosity and an interest in maps, I have custom built the following elevation maps based on high resolution data from USGS digital elevation maps of the United States, particularly the East Coast. I have modeled several layers of elevation of the East Coast to illustrate various height scenarios of tsunami versus geography as it travels inland.

Having said that, there are many variables and factors affecting how far a tsunami would travel inland. So if you live 20 miles inland along the Florida coast (for example) at an elevation of 50 feet doesn’t necessarily mean that a 300 foot tsunami (at the shore) will have enough remaining energy to travel all the way to your location.

There are some instances whereby such a tsunami would probably only travel several miles inland while there are other scenarios where it may roar up a river way or bay and devastate far inland.

Regardless of the factors, I felt that you may be curious to see following elevation graphics that I layered together which increment 75 feet all the way to 300 feet in height along the U.S. East Coast. I would guesstimate that if you live within 20 miles of the coast, you may be vulnerable to a Canary Island ‘event’. However this is simply my own estimation.

Which American Cities Might Be Devastated by an East Coast Mega-Tsunami?

Several observations regarding a 300 foot tsunami would be the probable devastation of the following major East Coast cities… Even a 75 foot tsunami !

CITY, (Current elevation above sea level, feet)

Portland, ME (~ 50′)
Boston, MA (~ 30′)
New Haven, CT (~ 50′)
Bridgeport, CT (~ 40′)
New York City, NY (~ 20′)
Jersey City, NJ (~ 30′)
Newark, NJ (~ 50′)
Atlantic City, NJ (~ 10′)
Wilmington, DE (~ 80′)
Philadelphia, PA (~ 40′)
Virginia Beach, VA (~ 10′)
Wilmington, NC (~ 20′)
Myrtle Beach, SC (~ 20′)
Charleston, SC (~ 10′)
Savannah, GA (~ 10′)
Daytona Beach, FL (less than 10′)
West Palm Beach, FL (less than 10′)
Fort Lauderdale, FL (less than 10′)
Miami, FL (less than 10′)

There are countless cities and towns in between these coastal cities. The Eastern Seaboard of the United States includes some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Over one third of the country (more than 100 million people) live along the East Coast. Evacuation would be virtually impossible for most (except for the astute who act quickly) due to only hours notice, probable doubt, and the subsequent immediate gridlock that would follow.


(view on amzn)



NOT the expected distance a 300 foot tsunami (or any height) would actually travel. With that said, the maps simply provide visualization and reference in this regard.

 NOTE: An evacuation plan should include:
Road Atlas Map For Each State

300 Foot Tsunami Northeast Coast United States Map

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York Coastal Elevation Map

300 Foot Tsunami Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina Coast Map

Chesapeake Bay & North Carolina Coastal Elevation Map

300 Foot Tsunami North and South Carolina Coast Map

North and South Carolina Coastal Elevation Map

300 Foot Tsunami Georgia Coast Map

Georgia Coastal Elevation Map

300 Foot Tsunami Florida Coast Map

Florida Coastal Elevation Map

Florida with its very low elevation would have particular problems with a tsunami moving in many miles inland!

Reviewer says, “Probably the best book on the topic ever written” :

Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest
(view on amzn)

[ Read: 300 Foot Tsunami And East Coast Destruction ]


  1. Good info, we always talked about whether a tsunami would reach us. We are about 20 miles from the shore line and about 200′ above sea level. I figured that the rivers would be affected by tsunamis but I wasn’t sure how far inland it would go. We are less than a mile from a river, so that was a little concern for us.

    1. It looks to me like your location is fine, in my own opinion, given that even a 300′ tsunami would lose energy (and height) as it travels inland. 20 miles is a long way… Now if you were five miles, that’s most likely another story…

        1. Would we be safe in Parkchester, Bronx? Parkchester is very inland. It is off the Cross Bronx Expressway. The nearest bodies of water are the East River by Hunts Point. The long Island Sound, the Bronx River, and The Hutchinson River. These are very small rivers. But I am curious. Hopefully we never experience this.

        2. Pittsburgh sits on rivers that do not even flow into the Atlantic ocean at an elevation 710 feet at thier lowest point, and most of the city away from the rivers is between 900 and 1250 feet in elevation. Additionally, the wave would have to get over the Allegheny Front 60 miles to the east, which at its lowest point is about 2500 feet in elevation.

          So what do you think?

        3. any update on this situation playing out in the canary island on La Palma as we speak? Are they on yellow alert right now?

        4. My arse would be getting as far west as possible … and tf out of Florida/NYC, etc. Even if you are up high, no electric for a loooong time. Cholera will be a real issue. Look back at Katrina. Multiply that by … I don’t even know. Inestimable. GTFO.

        5. Listen up people! When it happens it’s too late! Find a reason to vacation inland NOW!

        6. A mega tsunami has been prophesied to strike the east coast of the US, traveling inland plumb to Kentucky….Florida will be swept clean with not one stone left upon another…..This cataclysmic event is also going to create another mega tsunami in the Pacific, which will result in a monster wave that will travel clear to Arizona, when the southern coast of California will be moved 150 miles inland to the Salton Sea from above Los Angeles to below San Diego, when that coastal land mass will slide a mile deep into the Pacific ocean.

        7. My family lives in Smithfied, NC and Wilson, NC but they used to live in Kinston. There is river that flows through there that could cause horrible flooding. My sister and her husband went through it one year after a hurricane.

        8. Based on the maps, a 300’ wave would just about the center of Greenville, florida (the entire state) would be an overwash!

        9. Dennis . and all on east coast. there is a warning video posted on BIN,there is a list of cties that can b impacted by events going on NOW in La gves cty names including 100% Deleware ri, Ny, DC, Houston Tx savannah Ga.. 99% Fl. article says the earthquakes are making gravitational waves. and there is imminent danger..person says they are contracted to do job there and the Tsunami boys all but one are either not working or defective… if on the east coast you should read the article.

        10. Hope444, and any interested…Posted oct 3rd, Judy Byington,,,Title is Tsunami to hit US,Europe:expected to kill millions: no warning planned… Pull up page of BIN that has search page and put in Tsunami damage or title i gave. it pulled up second on my list, just minute ago…. the list of cities is down in the reading.

        11. BIN= Before it’s News website…search the duck system…to find their web page.

        12. I seen that too omg this makes me nervous and sick. Im in central Florida have a daughter in tampa

        13. I would imagine Waltham would see some damage but not total destruction. Remember how our geography is in Mass. it slops down towards the ocean. The closer to the water the lower you are.

        14. Would the Mississippi river be a problem since it goes to the Gulf of Mexico?

        15. Wtf would be the odds im in johnston ri looking at this in 2021 bc it really is a potential threat right now. I wonder if this is a warning from the universe. My mind is kinda blown.

      1. Ken,
        Your more detailed map of Maine shown in the article barely reaches north to even Freeport, which is about 1/5th the distance along Maine’s coast coming up from Kittery. Do you have any further depictions of the northern 4/5ths of Maine?

        1. Apologies to you Downeast Maine’rs ;) hadn’t realized the map had clipped off more than half the coast!

          Also, you’re right about the driving habits of that other particular state ;)

        2. It was indicated that Philly is 40’ elevation above sea level. Philadelphia is 49.5 miles from the Jersey Shores. We may be at our harms way of a 300 ft tsunami

        3. Can you show a better picture of South Carolina the one you have cuts most of it out and shows more of North Carolina

        4. I’m a curious maine downeaster, too, having seen this coming, years ago, and disappointed by my hopes to avoid trouble by sitting 100 or so feet asl. Will Grand Manan act as a tsunami brake, for Lubec, ME?

        5. I recall an episode of “How The States Got Their Shapes” that covered everything you just mentioned…even the fact that many refer to these individuals as “massholes”.

        6. Great question even I would like to know being up in Caribou and Mom down by Bangor

        7. Fort up at your house bye canned goods dry goods . buy propane camp stove , gas lanterns. Aimo , its not the wave for you its the animals on two legs looking for what you have that they donty and shut the f up and tell not one person what you have hid

      2. Well in a sense these people may be OK but however, cities near you that got hit would overcrowd your area of different kinds situations like more people, more crime. When disasters happen, people go into a phase of survive the fittest. Also, food shortages, electrical power, clean water, and waste sanitation.. So technically saying, if a tsunami was to come inland, it would also push a lot of junk inland, desolating the area..its a lot to take in consideration on a situation like this. The best thing I can say is pray that you and yours are safe..and if help is needed by your fellow man or neighbor, help them.

      3. The biggest problem will be surviving the aftermath even if you are lucky enough to survive it.. The damage to infrastructure will make you dependent on what you have with you. Those inland will be left on their own odds are with no power or deliveries of anything for weeks at least. Disaster recovery efforts will be spotty at best as every state and federal agency will be overwhelmed if they survive the wave.

        1. You’re right. We get a glimpse of what it would be like when hurricanes hit damage wise. It would not be a fun time that’s for sure.

        2. Exactly this. Think Katrina amplified more than you can possibly imagine.

        3. Very true, mongoose! So many people don’t realize that they’re not gonna be able to Uber or App or Amazon their way through the aftermath, smh.
          A good place to start your self-sufficiency preparedness journey is the FEMA website, look for the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) materials.

        4. So does this mean it could cause a power grid collapse then and no internet no phones no power of any kind from a storm of this magnitude and if that were to happen the govt could envoke their emergency fema laws and martial law would take over and we will basically be under tyranny overnight?

        5. Maybe we can some way funnel the power and destruction into the DC area and save the rest of America? 🤔😬

        1. right now there is growing concern about LaPalma since it has been having thousands of earthquakes directly under the unstable slope (the size and mass of Manhattan Island) that could slide into the Atlantic at about 120 mph creating a tidal wave of over 2 thousand feet near the island but also then create a tsunami of over one hundred feet on the East coast of the US among other places.

          The Canary Island government has declared a “yellow alert” for an eruption on LaPalma. The earthquakes are getting shallower as the magma moves up to the surface. Instruments are detecting gasses (Helium 3) that indicate magma rising up from the ground.

        2. That, plus a huge, miles long fissure that’s been there for quite some time, which is now of great concern. Thousands of earthquakes meaning >6600 at last count. There is also concern regarding the caldera at the Maine/Canada border if the magma energy ramps up over here. Plus, there are a lot of unmarked volcanoes in the Canary Islands. Look for Dutchsinse on YT. He is not a doomsdayer and has accurately been predicting volcanoes. If he is worried, I’m definitely worried. Sub and get alerts. No buoys in the Atlantic until you get an hour off the USA east coast. (He is upset about this … for good reason.) So, he is trying to keep an eye on news for this and watching instrumentation. If the event happens, will likely reach our east coast within 8 hrs. Not enough time to evacuate. Have a plan. Pack a bug out bag NOW. Fill up your car with gas NOW. If an evac alert goes out, you won’t have time to pack or get gas. Grab supplies while getting fuel. You WILL NOT be able to ride out a tsunami. This ain’t a hurricane. Prayers for all that this stuff calms down instead of ramping up. But, with activity increasing, I don’t see anything calming anytime soon. Godspeed and God please keep you all safe.

        3. Its growing much stronger and the sides are dissolving …once they are gone the land will crack along the already cracked fault line…its a monster. The geologist there said a few days ago there is a 50% chance of land falling off …but I bet its gone down since then

        4. NY pepper just put a video . they are blowing up the island the earth quakes are on a grid pattern . impossible naturally .they want this to happen . shut up and run , stock up on food , propaine , guns , aimo. Head to the western side of the east coast mountains or die pick one. There is no f- ING middle idea just dead !!!!

        1. As long as you are not along the Cape Fear River I mean remember Florence and Michael?

        2. Depends on the height of the wave and how fast that mass of land plunks into the ocean, but from what I’ve read, anything near 75 feet high or more, all of Florida’s gone…under water. And just think of what’s underneath Florida; caverns, honeycomb caves, aquifers, all the weight of that water and Florida will sink never to rise again and will be under the ocean. If Florida doesn’t sink (from lower height and weaker waves), there’s a possibility that the water might recede, but think about what will be left; stinking bodies, debris, water logged buildings, skyscrapers, homes, etc. Even a wave less than 75 feet will spell intense disaster for Florida. North Florida might fare better with a lower wave, but from about Gainesville south, under water (from a lower, weaker tsunami).

        3. Where did you get that information. Makes sense … just trying to find sources and data. Thank you so much. (I live near Gainesville)

      4. I’m in norwich CT and going crazy trying to figure the risks … any advice appreciated

        1. I’m in the same situation as you but way more serious. Single mother on the coast 🤦🏽‍♀️. Just my luck!

      5. Could you send me a better view on the myrtle beach coast line I am about 28 miles inland from the beach

    2. Just yesterday there was a scare in the Canaries, though they say all clear now. I live in Ga near Al/ Tn border and am probably high enough up to escape major flooding. Its the aftermath. I live next door to a dozen + Fukishimas. I mean with all the volcanic activity lately- forget whatever else they know- how are they not shutting these things down??? The world would be uninhabitable. If they do start shutting them down, that.would be a.go sign. I’m not even talking about the regular.sewage,.disease, resource problems. I’d be better of to drive into the storm than sit and watch my kid.die of poisoning over.days, or hours. Now if they shut them down, I might try to make it over the mountains. Any advice?

        1. Basically people don’t want to MOVE, b/c they don’t see it as SIMPLE. People get set and that’s where they are. As for as this is concerned, they will think first of all that it’s just not ever going to happen, and then even if they toss that around in their head (the thought of it really happening) they will procrastinate, and do nothing. So, chances are when it happens they will be where they are and either die or have to survive with nothing…SIMPLE! So with enough common sense they will get to higher ground as soon as possible to avoid any future disappointments and catastrophes. I’m about 3 hours inland in southern Virginia so I think we’re okay, at least from that.

      1. Did you find any maps of potentially innundated nuclear facilities? Almost certainly in the type of tsunami event considered in this blog – many plants would not be able to shutdown or contain the consequences. I’ve heard weeks to 60 days to effect a shutdown. Some of our omnicidal heat engine culture us being tamed now in Germany which, besides leading zero-energy housing, some 34 coal fired generators will be decommissioned. Will the US follow suit for the sea level rise expected over the next few years?

        1. “Did you find any maps of potentially inundated nuclear facilities? Almost certainly in the type of tsunami event considered in this blog – many plants would not be able to shutdown or contain the consequences.”

          Full article:

          Hope that helps.

          [ Also, ]

        2. Tsunami’s could continue for hours depending on energy and back up of frontal waves making those behind more intense and increased height. Wrap around will happen in Gulf states especially Florida. Rivers will allow Tsunami to move fast and travel most of its landscape. Hard to predict size after 8 hours but initial wave hitting Africa can give potential. La Palma has an area larger than Manhattan in NY that has split more than 5+ feet at over 6,000 feet in height. It has also grown larger due to Volcanoes eruptions forcing upward growth and widening areas potential land mass falling at record speeds hitting Ocean all the way down to floor. That Energy will release in several stages. Tsunami’s can hit and hit and hit depending on Variables and total Energy stored. Edgar Casey Warned that the Entire East Coast would be inundated covered by water in our Future. To me that means our Generation and quite frankly point to La Palma or sister island. Both could go in an eruption separate from each other which if done soon after one the other could potentially go even further inland depending on water already there at time. Sequenced quakes look to be Manmade and that should be a Huge Wake-up Call. God Bless

        1. Ken I live just south of Houston in Pasadena. Would we be 100 feet under water here? Someone told me that the other day and told me to run.

      1. Hopefully you were able to get out of there. You posted this back in 2016, so you’ve had plenty of time to locate OUT OF FLORIDA to higher ground. NONE, let me repeat that…in all caps NONE of FLORIDA will be safe. This happens and the entire state is history. They will all be washed out to sea. If it hits on the east coast then the gulf of Mexico will have all the bodies and trash that it can handle, plus all the people that were wiped out from the panhandle of Fla. over to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as well. If you haven’t gotten OUT of FL. I would be doing that asap or you can sit around, do nothing, and take your chances. I got out of there after years of being in Kissimmee, and I will NEVER ever go back. It’s limestone, (Swiss cheese), and think about the sinkholes they have, the crime, the influx of everybody…. Use your common sense, and do something b4 it’s too late.

        1. I am a native to Florida. Owned a homestead in the Everglades. It is bad when there are hurricanes. I always said it was like being stuck in the bottom of a test tube. There is no getting out once people starting freaking out. Maybe a plane if you are wealthy. Florida has always been a little treacherous. Another option if you have a boat is to head to the Gulf asap. Most people will perish if the wave is huge.

        2. Are areas in northern VA safe ? Reston, Gainesville, Manassas, Haymarket

        3. I love in Lancaster SC , am I in a good location to survive a massive wave ??? Some neighbors have bunkers ( but) what good are they if they’re under water !!!

        4. Hi i live in Philly and i know its not safe here can i go to the Appalachian mountain will it be safe there

        5. I heard yes. I am in Langhorne. I’m heading towards Morgantown reading area

      2. They are prophetic. Search Dana Coverston on YouTube. He’s had several dreams and one of them is about a meteor that hits the Atlantic Ocean sending a 1000 foot wave over Puerto Rico. Coming in the Fall of 2020. Get your heart ready…

        1. It was indicated that Philly is 40’ elevation above sea level. Philadelphia is 49.5 miles from the Jersey Shores. We may be at our harms way of a 300 ft tsunami.
          It is NOT PROPHETIC. Wormword (in the book of Revelation) is to hit the west coast

        2. Yes it is prophetic- “ and something like a burning mountain” fell into the sea and 1/3 of the ships were destroyed… read revelation, especially the “ Second Trumpet”. It’s about to blow! John

      3. The map was clear…if the wave is 225′ or up all of Florida is toast.

        1. It seems prudent to rebuild the mid twentieth Century branch rail links into farm districts as a Famine Hedge. This rationle applies strategically as we move towards AI based trucking, in context of sovereign state threats to satellites, and ability of rogue nations to effect EMP events harmful to all solid state dependent transport, Utilities & communication.
          Mike Walker Publishing UK has US Rail Map Atlas books.

          Railroad equipment has Faraday Cage protection for solid state components, in part for in-cab signal systems. Protection against lightning strike. Railways offer great tonnage capacity for very narrow rights of ways vs. rubber tire infrastructure. Also, in-house recovery ability for running way, and rolling stock. Disperse container handling and recommission US Army Railroad Transportation Corps.

          Think about military lingo for railways: Second Dimension Surface Transport Logistics Platform

      4. unfortunately no one in FLORIDA is safe. We are surrounded by water. we need to go north and then head west…

    3. I couldn’t find any other way to comment, so peanut_gallery i’m not really replying to YOU, just commenting in general.

      Informative post. In reviewing the comments, 1 thing is SUPER CLEAR, people need to learn how to read a MAP!

      the graphics that this author put together for this post, are very informative (even if only modeling a possible course of events). BUT GEE WHIZ…..

      it is SUPER important to know how to “see” where YOU ARE on a MAP.

      If you can’t, HOW WILL YOU KNOW (or plan) WHERE TO GO if you find you have to do that???

      for all the FLORIDA posters, asking if their city will “be ok”, LOOK AT THE GRAPHIC. the whole of the State of Florida is NOT MUCH higher than sea level. that means, except for man made structures and trees, there is nothing that will keep the wave “energy” from continuing FORWARD across the State.

      good grief. I know this can’t all be from Common Core?????

      1. I think the confusion about Florida comes from people saying that a tsunami would only travel so many miles inland and many people live inland like in Orlando. Also, wouldn’t the buildings and structures slow down the wave and dissipate it so that it could not cross over the whole state?

        1. Yes. But it’s not the wave at that point but the flood waters coming up . Plus like said in the article. Even if your not directly impacted by the water or the initial event. If your anywhere within a couple hundred miles you will be inundated by people fleeing and then not to mention the infrastructure that’s been wiped out and the shipping ports and the refineries. Across the entire US there will be gas shortages. Real gas shortages.

        2. The infrastructure is being hardened in brevard county and by this, I mean steel beams are replacing wooden utility poles. They have been working on this since the COVID lockdown was initiated and the workers were without masks and ignored the 6 foot social distance rule as if it did not apply to them. Replacing just one pole requires a crane and a massive flatbed truck to haul the steel beam which is only a few feet higher than the original wooden pole but seems to have a larger electrical apparatus involved in the area where power lines connect.


        3. Nope, but, depends on the height of the wave. A weak wave, say 35 to 45 feet would devastate a lot in Florida, but not the whole of the state; but, from reviewing the map(s), anything near 75 feet or over, ALL of Florida will be effected, even North Florida up into southern Georgia. I live in Lake City Florida; if a tsunami warning comes out in some way, I am gone and away very quickly to North Georgia, no procrastination, and, I don’t care about the “things” I leave behind. One thing people fail to forget; the bulk of the people in Florida are from other States, and they’ve settled here and probably will not want to leave until it’s too late. I am a native Floridian living way up in North Florida (where I was born) about 50 miles from the Georgia border; so with good, solid advanced warning when it first happens (I pray and hope), I can and will leave God willing. I do not plan to work the interstates as that will be people’s first choice and preference to evacuate.

        4. If the wave is 300 feet it’s going over Florida into the gulf there all dead. head north stay on the western side of the east coast mountains and leave yesterday . otherwise your forking dead

      2. A 1000′ wave leaving a foot of water behind it would travel 1000 feet.

        1. Seriously? Yea. If the wave was only one foot thick. A wave, just a normal wave is more than 1 foot thick. Just imagine a mega tsunami tidal wave.

    4. The Highest Tsunami on Record was like 1730ft – 1740ft that hit a remote spot in Alaska. They are saying with a possible Drastic Pole shift happening soon from Planet X or some are calling it 7x account its 7 times larger than Earth, coming into our Galaxy and then going by us and then around us between Jupiter and Earth in its elliptical orbit, there will be 400ft to 600ft Tsunamis happening around the world. They are saying this Orbit around us will take 150-152 Days. It has already started to affect our Weather since 2016, which will get more violent as it gets closer. The US Navy has drawn up Flood Maps showing where we will lose roughly about 150 Miles of our Coast Lines around the USA. The Missippi River will be 50-100 miles across, and the Great Lakes will become one Big Lake. Think of a line from Chicago to St Louis down to the Gulf of Mexico which lies on a major Fault Line. This event is going to cause Massive Earth Quakes, Volcano Eruptions, Massive Flooding, Fires, Starvation, Extreme High Winds(75-200mph), etc,, around the World. You will probably have to be indoors for at least 5 months, and maybe longer. Each Area will be affected differently. Planet 7X is also pulling in its Gravitational path Large Astroids that will also pelt the World causing more destruction. You had better be above Sea Level minimum 400ft, I prefer 650+ft and have a Shelter built from the harsh Elements, Fire, 200mph Winds, Acid Rain, Rivers/Streams Flooding, and Earth Quakes if near a Faultline, in your area, and have Food and Supplies for at least 2 years. 80% of the World, about 8 Billion People now, lives by the Ocean. Tsunamis can hit from 100mph – 600+mph, so you don’t really have time to react. There is a lot of Smart People from NASA, Scientist, and other sources putting out this Info if you look, Read, Listen. Big Business has slowly been moving its Headquarters/Business’s for the last 20 years out of these Danger Zones. In 1992 a NASA Researcher first noticed Planet X coming into our System and he has mysteriously killed soon afterward. NASA didn’t acknowledge it till 2005. The Russians and the Chinese, and others have been building large Structures to house many 1000’s of People on High Ground. Watch the Weather, Watch the Military, Watch the Rich who have their bugout Shelters, Watch the High-Level Govenment People. Once they institute Martial Law, as the Bad Weather used as the Ploy, it will be too late too really do anything. Martial Law will mean Travel Restrictions, Food Restrictions, Gasoline Restrictions, etc. Vice President Al Gore gave You a hint about 20 years ago, that the Weather would start to change around 2016, he said from Green House Gas’s, but what he was telling you was about Planet X coming. The North pole has already been moving. This Planet comes by roughly every 4500 years, never the same +/- 500 years. In the Bible, it’s referred to as the Red Planet account you can see it with your naked eye about a year before it goes by, and there will be about 3-4 days of total darkness. The Weather changing drastically will be your first big Notice, account we will start to have multiple Volcanoes get active around the World (Bali just became active), Tornados where we never had them before. More Earth Quakes on Land and in the Ocean, so some causing Tsunamis. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

      1. Wow, that was a great summation.! Well written too! With everything I’ve been assimilating recently, I think you are right on…hopefully I have raised my own frequency enough to go through it with the Earth Mother, along with many of her other love based inhabitants. Peace and love to everyone out there <3 Think love, be love <3

      2. I have to agree ive had dreams since 2013 seeing tha whole east coast in gulfed by a tsunamy, i did nit kniw at the time it was possible. Ive been digging and everythinh you’ve said seems to be on point. This is not to panick those of us that walk by faith pray what to do and where to go. Thats my opinion. Last year 2018 the Lord answered that question and we are moving to WV. Ive found in the last year that other people have had similar dreams with tsunamis. If we look at Amos 3:7 it says the Lord will do nothing, unless He has revealed His council to His servant the prophets.

        1. I have always attributed my dreams of tidal waves or tsunamis as being indicators of my psychological distress, e.g. feeling overwhelmed, out of control, etc. In your case, however, perhps those dreams are prophetic, although I hope not.

        2. Moved off of Long Island to non coastal New Hampshire. My grandmother had recurrent dreams of a giant wave washing over Long Island. She had some bizarre experiences that made me believe her. NY is doomed economically politically and if there is a true mega emergency it will be violent chaos. There are 1.5 million people just in Suffolk County. NYC will be unlivable as stores run out of food and people begin robbing. Power outages of two days have done it there can you imagine a month. A Tsunami would remove Long Island and NYC from the face of the earth.

          New Bedford, Mass has a movable sea wall that they roll out for storms. Not sure how well it would stand up. But Boston would be history.

          Just one other comment. Massachusetts drivers really do drive aggressively and dangerously.

        3. SoulSurvivor,
          looking back on my life i can see God’s hand on my shoulder guiding me to where i am today. i didn’t realize it at the time.
          in my teens and early 20’s, if you would have told me that i would be living where i am, and how i am, i would have said you were crazy.
          the Lord has guided me to where i am now through His grace, and i thank Him for it every day. i’m in a good place.
          luv you all, Peace and happiness

        4. Soul Survivor,
          Very true, your words. When our time comes the faithful will look forward to “dancing at the feet of Jesus” as my Mother used to say. Knowing our souls will be saved puts a different spin on how we live in this world today. Rejoice, and be at peace, knowing that God is in full control of everything.

        5. I am approx. 4 miles off the coast of SE, NC. 17 miles from the SC border. I’m over 60, husband severely disabled. Looking forward to going home to Jesus. We will not be worrying nor, doing anything else out of our ordinary day. We will sit and wait. We’ve lived long enough. Too old to run from a Tsunami, we evacuated for Florence and decided we would never leave again. We will stay and leave the highways and byways for those younger than us to have a chance to escape. The Lord moved me here in 2007 from an area of PA that will be untouched by a Tsunami. I’ve served/am serving my purpose here. Maybe i’m finished at last. I don’t feel the Lord moving me to do anything about this impending doom. The prep required to escape and also survive afterward is just not worth it to us. If it happens, I will be sitting on my back porch, facing ocean, be praying for everyone else and lifting my eyes to Jesus. Or, maybe we will go take our last walk on the beautiful beach. We are looking forward to starting our eternal life in Heaven with God Almighty…….rid of this decaying flesh mesh that keeps us trapped to a dying world. God Bless YOU ALL! You are right, “I will be exactly where HE wants me.” AMEN!

        6. I forgot to mention in my first reply, this is for survivors. There is a nuclear power plant on the coastline between Southport and Wilmington NC. It will be obliterated. Those who wish to survive may want to change the direction they’re going and where they plan to escape to. Psalms 23- The Lord is my Shepard.

        1. Only happy news here would be if DC went before we did in N. Florida

    5. The highest Elevation in Flordia is like 55ft, so even a small 150ft tsunami would probably sweep over most of the State. Florida is 361 miles wide and 447 miles long. If an Earth Quake happens in just 5000ft of Ocean, it’s Speed alone could be 600+mph. You don’t have time to react.

      The Great Galveston Hurricane,[1] known regionally as the Great Storm of 1900,[2][3][4] was a Category 4 storm, with winds of up to 145 mph (233 km/h), which made landfall on September 8, 1900, in Galveston, Texas, in the United States. It killed 6,000 to 12,000 people, making it the deadliest hurricane and natural disaster in U.S. history. That’s just a Tidal Surge.

      The Highest Tsunami on Record is like 1730ft! I don’t know at what Speed it hit Alaska.

      1. You really should update your Map Model for up to 650ft Tsunamis! If the largest on Record is 1730-1740ft even that may not be enough. What Speed and Height of Tsunami would be created if a Large Astroid hit in the Ocean?

        1. I cannot see Georgia’s S.W corner adjacent to Lake Seminole. Move or definitely don’t move there?

      1. WARNING: Do not attempt to adjust your screen.
        There is nothing wrong with the picture.
        HINT: Areas shaded in purple indicate death with near certainty.
        Please turn off all non-essential equipment and calmly proceed to the nearest exit……

      2. Good morning I did search a few mountains around Fairfield county
        I lived in Bridgeport and I being trying to search places to I can try to have a plan for my family . Can you guide me which location should I go if I’m in Bridgeport/north end

    6. I have a place 23 miles inland from Brunswick GA and 73 foot high. I think I am ok.

    7. Thank you so much for this but my question is this if a mega-tsunami hits the coast will be an earth quake as well I live in Michigan I know I’m in land quit a bit An have felt the Holy Spirit tell me tech tonic plates back in the summer when they started to peel apart I know just the devastation alone is not all we’ll have to worry about industrial plants that will be exposed to the ocean will contaminate it plus many other things but let’s say these plates move if Michigan feels those what’s the point system because ive seen things that God has shown me that when that happens Detroit is built on top of salt mines plus Michigan has the most resource for fresh water 3 lakes would be contaminated Detroit an some surrounding areas would be under water because let’s face it that water is going to go somewhere can you please answer any of these questions
      Thank you Nina Noell
      You can find me on Facebook I’d really love to know I’m searching for answers

      1. Don’t stress about anything – that’ll kill you faster than any tsunami would. Make sure you have a life to begin with. Take care of yourselves and others and don’t loose any sleep over 300 foot tsunamis. Statistically chances are bigger to be whacked by a shorting Tesla model S on fire whilst crossing a zebra. If not by a 300 foot tsunami it’ll be something you didn’t prepare for like tripping over a toy or some (any) other stupid reason – like old age, clogged arteries, obesity or cancer. Think positive!

      1. I’m in the NC piedmont, just east of Charlotte about 120 miles inland. I’ve scanned all the comments and saw this area brought up a few times. Seems like we are getting closer than ever to some kind of “event”. Anyone have any idea if this area is safe in the event of a mega tsunami? I understand and fully believe God is in control and nothing happens that he doesn’t allow. However I can’t shake this image of being underwater from a wave from my head, and having three little children- well I just can’t handle the thought. Any input is appreciated . Thank you and God bless.

        1. I’m in nc too. I don’t think you or I would be safe. I just bought a RV because I kept feeling like I NEEDED to be mobile. I think we both need to go west and in the next 30-45 days at the minimum.

        2. Great move August Ark! That is my plan and need to be done soon.. best wishes.

        3. Hi, did anyone ever answer your question? I too live in NC Piedmont area.

    8. We are in Fayetteville N.C and with the Cape Fear River here, a tsunami would definitely add energy with the rover and I think the sandhills would be underwater quite a bit. This is a scary scenario.

    9. La Cumbre Vieja (Canary Islands) has erupted 3 days ago. There is ground swelling & earth movement with magma underneath under pressure; new vents opening up on the surface. Your theory (Ken J.) is being put to the test at this moment.

    10. We’re in Florida (East Coast) Central. Looks like we’d be gone. Evacuation with EVERYONE in Florida trying to evacuate would be disastrous. Where would I feel like I had a fighting chance (if any)? Certainly not in a vehicle. If we could make it to a high-rise (condo or parking garage) on the beach that would be our best bet. At least we’d have somewhat of a chance. Otherwise we and our animals perish. In times such as these (2020 to present) God’s presence is the one constant. I stay ready for anything … ready to go. No packed bags necessary for that trip.

    11. Are there any instances in which the UK would be more affected than the predicted 23ft waves in the map?

    12. I live in Winston salem NC if a mega tsunami hit the east cost is my city in danger giving the fact we like 200 miles from a beach bit we have the Yakin river that close by

    13. Hi
      We’re in Westbrook Ct. Been reading about the LaPalma Volcano. It’s not even on the main stream news which I know is lame. Long Island sound in front of us. This is a dangerous zone correct?

    14. Awesome info. Was looking for maps exactly like this since Russia’s new torpedo nukes can create 300ft radioactive waves. Im screwed in NJ

    15. The future global event will be here in about less than 7 years from now. A celestial body will land on the Atlantic Ocean creating a tsunami 300 meters high, traveling at the speed of sound. It will cover 3 continents, on east coast of USA . Regularly tsunamis travel at the speed of a airplane 500-600 miles per hour and once it’s over the ocean water will reseed. In this future event the water will Not reseed, everything will be under water. Best thing to do is stay as closer as you can with Lord Jesus, otherwise you will be part of that event.

  2. The only thing you are leaving out is harbor or valley compression.

    1. It’s the little things! Dont worry daddy, pc is 128 ft above sea level and 28 miles inland. Plus, Jesus loves me. He told me so. It better come with more than 400 ft. And I worked at the closest 4 story hotel twice.

  3. I have seen where landslides can cause huge waves/tsunami but once the wave traveled the ocean radiating it’s enengy out like a rock thrown into a pond,,,don’t you think the energy would be greatly reduced? Or at least spread out over thousands of miles?? If you were within a few hundred miles of the slide I could see 100′ plus waves.

    I am in West Palm so maybe I am just engaged in wishful thinking :)

    1. You are absolutely correct that the energy is spread out, although depending on the source it could be somewhat focused rather than perfectly symmetrical.

      I have watched a few documentaries on mega-tsunamis, and there are various opinions regarding the height of a Canary Island event reaching the East Coast. I recall that 200 – 300 feet were exemplified. Again, as stated in the article, this would vary according to the ocean floor at any given location, the focusing in bays and waterways, etc.

      In West Palm though, I believe that unfortunately you be soggy toast. Having said that, this may not happen for 1,000 years… or maybe next month… ;)

      1. Cumbre Vieja, erupts on La Palma and will create a mega tsunami Such a landslide from a future eruption could travel up to 60 kilometres (37 miles) from La Palma’s coast, causing the formation and then collapse of a dome of water 900 metres (3,000ft) high so now what do you think a wave 3000ft high will do?

    2. … ‘I am in West Palm so maybe I am just engaged in wishful thinking’.
      West Palm as in Florida-? Haha, … I am in Bradenton on the west coast and I am wishful thinking too! :>8*

      1. West Palm?!
        Wish my ex-wife was still there and that the Canaries would sink tomorrow!!! Nothing against you bro… get some floaties!!!

      2. I am in Nokomis Fla , although its not mentioned , I do see many more sinkholes , the earth is expanding ..we see this in the earths plates ,looking back in history ..this has caused tsunamis . I am no expert but I do use common sense when researching . Moving to higher elevation asap . And we do not want to be in a crowded city for many logical reasons . If you have any info as to certain weather alert systems in fla would you please share . BE SAFE!!

        1. I am reading “up to 20 miles.” While the tsunami would be higher than any elevation in Florida, that volcano would not produce enough energy to sustain the wave much farther than 20 miles inland. I live in Arcadia, Florida and am not planning to buy any flotation devices (which would be useless as the debris would collapse anything anyway).

        2. Florida? I’d get some scuba Gear or a helicopter parked in my backyard.

        3. The dogs bark and the birds fly away…but it will be too late to evacuate with florida’s dense population.
          The best warning system is now! Thousands of people are having dreams. I began having dreams in 2004 when I moved to the east coast. No one was having dreams about waves. Now, a day doesnt that I dont hear about someone’s wave nightmare. You have to think and act for yourself. Think about all those Bank accounts on the east coast for the taking…they are not going to warn you!

        4. So I live in ga riverdale ga like the south side moved here 5 years ago and started having these wave dreams will ga be flooded I’m 15 minutes away from downtown Atlanta and 30 minutes away from stone moutain

        5. I, too have been having dreams. But the first one is of a massive earthquake emulating from the ocean floor and causing destruction throughout the eastern sea board as far inland as Hartford, Ct. The 2nd dream is of the accompanying tsunami which heads northerly along the eastern sea board and reaching far inland killing millions. Mind you, I had these dreams 10mths ago and I live on the West Coast. People throughout the US and other countries have been having these dreams and more frequently. I’m now here in act in Hartford for a couple weeks. But I’m prepared just in case.

        6. YOU TUBE has many videos on this. Many prophetic words/dreams/visions on this.
          Also,Perry Stone, from Manna Fest Ministries has been having dreams of this East coast Tsunami for years. They have increased in frequency. I dug up every comment he has made on this via Google. He said he got the vision while in an unnamed east coast city—and he was shown the tsunami towering over the highest buildings in the city.

        7. I am prescient. I have dreams that come true often. Especially when it comes to natural disasters.
          I currently live in NC and have been dreaming of huge waves or water coming in as far as Chapel Hill. I hope I am wrong.
          I have had dreams of standing and looking directly at a tsunami . I remember I turned and looked down at my daughter. She said she was afraid. I grabbed her hand and said , “ Don’t be afraid”, “ I will see you in a couple of minutes( meaning I would see her when we crossed over).
          I dreamt of Katrina before it happened and then dreamt of the hurricane that followed Katrina. My dream of Katrina was about huge waves breaking over barriers, cement walls etc and it was stormy and Grey .
          Then I have had dreams of people trying to escape on boats from something. That’s all I can say now. Don’t know if anything will come of it.

    3. Hey Tyler,
      If a tsunami hits “Anywhere, Florida” the best thing you could do is try to get to a boat or surf-board and aim it at Mexico!!! The Mountains there might stop you?!!! Bra, the tops of the Palm Trees in Palm Beach are barely above Sea Level. If ya’ll get hit – take a DEEP breath!!!

  4. Raise the sea/ocean level 5′ and see how this changes your model.

  5. Thank you for the helpful model. I live in NC butthe City I live in has decent elevation and is not on your map. What a relief!

    1. If you are talking Charlotte or anywhere in the Piedmont area, I’ve seen models Charlotte being covered in water. I live in Charlotte and working on moving now. Heard a lady talking about this & she made a comment this could happen in August of this year. Appalachian Mtns should be safe area.

      1. In my dream it happened at the end of August of this year. I was in Hartford for the birth of my grandchild…my daughter wasn’t pregnant at the time of this dream. I also dream or she had a little boy. She found out 3mths later she was 3 maths pregnant and due at the end of August. She’s having a boy.

        1. It’s now October. When is your dream saying now so I can prepare fully?

  6. Is there something like this for the West Coast? Just as likely to be hit by something major…

    1. I could put one together for a future post. You’re right, it could happen there, although the triggers are different (Cascadia Fault zone for example)

      1. We are trying to prepare our family (2 adults, 6 children) on natural disasters and what to do in each and if we are at risk. We live in Washougal, wa about a 5 min walk from the columbia river. We are quite a ways inland from the ocean, but this is a pretty big river. Reading about the possibility of a comet hitting in September 2015 and if so what disasters would we need to be prepared for, and if tsunami was one of them? I’m not one to fall for these things but I still would like to be prepared…

        1. @Aimee, Generally speaking, some natural disasters have precursors (which may be publicized) while others do not. Look for the precursors. Being ‘aware’ of your own geographical risks is the first step – recognizing that there IS as risk. Subsequent preparedness might involve the basics, like having a plan and/or an evacuation plan. Think about Water, Food, Shelter, Security. Our website and others are filled with all sorts of related preparedness information. Just begin browsing and formulating your own ideas. The fact that you are thinking about it is something that most other people do not – so you’re already one step ahead. Also, be aware that there is a lot of ‘conspiracy’ out there (although some of it is true!), so use common sense and critical thinking to weed through some of the BS.

        2. Presumably this will have a knock on effect for the whole world? So whole other countries may be safe from the tsunami, they will suffer food, power or other issues as a result. We’re in UK and wondering how we can prepare. Especially as la palma has now erupted and it’s looking imminent. Thanks

        3. @Aimee – that comet prediction for Sept 2015 is apparently based on one persons nightmare about it happening near him (in Puerto Rico), and massive internet massaging of his “dream”. I can’t see an event in the mid-Atlantic affecting the Pacific NW to any great degree. There may be a theoretical risk to your area from the large fault in the Pacific near the Oregon-California border, but the science(?) of past events like that, every 300 years, describes a 200-300 ft tsunami along the coast close to the fault. Guess for that, you might be interested in knowing what the elevation in your area is?

        4. Have you got the eye holes in the plastic mask lined up right?

      2. Hi Ken,I was just curious if you had a chance to put together the model for the West Coast yet Thank you

        1. …it’s still on my ‘to do’ list ;)

          With that said, if you happen to live in the northwest, beware of the Cascadia Subduction Zone which will one day produce an enormous earthquake and tsunami…

        2. Hi, Jen! I noticed Jacksonville Fl. Was not on your list. Are we safe? If not, what’s a good move

        3. Omg, I am in Orlando with my kids until Sat. My anxiety is high! probably not going to sleep much or enjoy the rest of this trip. Wish I could convince my husband to fly us home right now!

        4. @ Melissa,
          In my opinion, there’s no need to panic. Even if something were to happen, you are so far inland that I wouldn’t be overly concerned. Enjoy your trip!

    2. If the west coast get hit, it would most likely be caused by an earthquake. find your evacuation centers for tsunami’s,earthquakes etc..

    3. Yes! Google “Hilina Slump”. Monstrous landslide expected to fall into Pacific off “Big Island” of Hawaii. Potential to wipe out West Coast & entire Pacific Rim.

      1. silver says; In 1977, William Branham has 7 visions…all have come to pass and the seventh is getting ready now….he saw nothing but burning stubble and devestation[?] over the entire US.

      2. Do you live on the Big Island? I’ve wondered about the Hilina slump myself. They’re predicting some activity there in the near future. I live in Keaau at about 400 ft wondering how big a tsunami would have to be to reach my house.

    4. Yes. go on Youtube & type in tsunami. Has very interesting videos on America & tsunmai’s & earthquakes. the way some people are talking about it, we wont have much land to “run” to. Good Luck

  7. Yes, there’s a couple scenarios possible. I hear the Juan de Fuca plate is the most likely (?)

    1. I’m in New Haven Connecticut. Only 40′ above sea level. I guess 40′ won’t help in a 300′ wave correct?

  8. Im concern with this I live in Conneticut’s capita and it seems to be purple in the map :(

  9. We are screwed…we live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia…that litte peninsula between the Cheasapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. No matter the wave size we just don’t have a chance. There are only two ways off the Shore…across the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to the south, to the North we will get so hung up in traffic that there is no way we could escape.

      1. ?I live in south florida, we here will be in a “new underwater society’ of the dead ? oh well, like water better then fire

    1. People are saying that this will happen on Sept 23, 2015. Like LOTS of people are having dreams and visions. I think that it’s a warning. I know people who are taking vacations on that day and are visiting relatives in safer places. Don’t go anywhere in CA or anywhere near the New Madrid fault line. Go stay at a hotel in Western PA or something. Your family are not replaceable. And lastly, if you son’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior, I recommend you receive and accept Him NOW! Because He’s given us MANY warnings, and America is playing God, and He’s coming back soon!
      PLEASE! Schools are closed on Wed Sept . 23! don’t wait for a warning from the news! It will be too late then!

      1. It’s true, Jesus is the only one that can save you, your salvation is at hand at any given time. Believe and repent..


    1. You should take a trip to somewhere off the East Coast. Grab some essentials. Just DONT BE ON THE SHORE LINE on 9/25/15

      1. Wait 9/25/15? All the signs and things in multiple movies, comics, cartoons (a la 9/11) are saying 9/23?? We live on Long Island and will drive into the Pocono mountains if need be do get away, as its only 1.5 hrs away.

  11. As i’ am reading this information i’ am quite confused. Although it’s in plain black and white. I’ m in Hollywood,Fl 3 mins from me is Ft. Lauderdale. I see at first this “300” foot tsunami would go less than 10 miles inland but then i see later in your findings Florida would be wiped out. The reason I’ am curious is that a volcano by Africa is very active. No one knows when it will erupt, but when it does the East Coast (entire East Coast) will be hit. I’am the only swimmer in my house hold of 6 adults an 3 children. I’ am concerned.We wouldn’t survive would we? Please shoot me an email as my search for answers will continue. Thanks and god bless

    1. It doesn’t matter if you can swim or not. The turbulence and debris will turn you into very small pieces of fish food right quickly. The only way to survive is to move away from the coast. By the way, A La Palma eruption is over due.

  12. if you lived on the east coast and had 5 to 6 hours notice would it be better to take a boat and run towards the tsunami and meet it in the open ocean

    1. That is an excellent question!

      In fact, if you had the means (an appropriate sea-worthy boat) and if you feared massive traffic congestion or the inability to escape inland in time, and IF you had adequate warning (BEFORE the tsunami started pulling water out of the shore prior to its onset), then yes, escaping in a boat would be viable. As long as you were offshore a bit (distance depends on the underlying seafloor), the effects will be minimal. The tsunami doesn’t rear up and create the devastating wave until it is closing in on the shore…

      These are a lot of “if’s”

      1. I have seen this tsunami in my dreams, the first two times I dreamt of it.. it was way off shore, I was standing on the beach in Florida and I could see it coming very high in the distance.. no it was already a huge wall of water even out at that distance, no boat has the ability to ride that out.. my third and last dream was this summer, except now I was hearing the water rushing, by the time I looked outside, the wave was right in front of me and crashed onto land. It was awful, in my last dream, I estimate the wave was 100-150 feet high.. I do believe in every dream I was in Panama City Beach, FL.

        I live around Atlanta, Ga.. since this last dream.. I knew it was from God. Please call on the name of Jesus, as Lord and personal savior. That is the only way to be saved from the devastation that is coming upon the US, and the whole world. Repent of your sins, and put your trust in God, read the Bible and get to know Jesus. The coming destruction is written about in Isaiah 24. Verse 12 talks about the city’s borders will be laid waste.. after my last dream, I decided to look around for others possibly having dreams.. I found on YouTube there are many, many having dreams.. they describe a massive earthquake on the west coast, the whole state of California breaking off into the ocean.. and the world as we know it will change in one hour.. for those who are left, life is going to get very hard very fast.. and dangerous.. we who believe in God’s word believe there will be a rapture of the church, the bride of Christ. I do believe Isaiah 24:3 is describing the rapture, the looting of the earth as God takes what is His. The rapture could come at any moment! Before or after this calamity.. it is my opinion, if the calamity happens first, it will give a small window of time to witness to unbelievers.. but we don’t know God’s mind, so that is why today is the day of salvation, today is the time to believe and repent, and start living for The Lord.

        God’s will be done. Amen

        1. I have had those same dreams. I see the wave rear up far from shore. It’s a wall of water. Saw a big wave take down New York in one of my dreams. Then I saw a Golden Lamb walking from the city of New York towards me. The lamb was glowing and had a very sad look on its face ( meaning no survivors). It looked sadly up at me and turned to continue walking south past me. Time will tell.

  13. I’m seriously considering a move to maine, and though I love many spots along the coast, my hubs and I are both sincerely concerned about a tsunami, thus my question to you is, would it be safe to say, anything in Maine, to the left of 95 would be good?

    1. I live in Maine also. I am concerned about the predicted asteroid hit by Ephraim Rodriquez, I think I am in a very safe area above Farmington Maine, but how far inland would a much larger tsunami than 300 ft travel. Say a 600 to 1000 foot one? Because if this happens as predicted it would be much larger than 300ft. I am about 74 miles from the coast as the crow flys. My elevation is at 640 feet, but I could quickly be at 1200 feet if I needed to. Please answer me if possible, as I am doing everything possible to prepare for my family and neighbors.

  14. I live in Rincon Ga. Would we really be underwater?
    Thank for a great model

    1. Yes, I believe you would probably (be underwater). The elevation there is approximately 60 feet above sea level and you appear near a low lying wetlands/waterway that connects directly with the Atlantic. The town itself is about 20 to 25 miles from the Atlantic shoreline, however the proximity to the path of least resistance is very close. With the scenario given in this article, I believe you would be at a fairly high risk to some damage. That is my ‘opinion’.

  15. What is your opinion if you are 10 miles west of Phila? Is the city itself a bigger worry than the suburbs for water?
    I know crowds would be a problem. Not sure where it would originate to get all the way to the city.

  16. I live in Paulsboro NJ!!! I want to know, I live like 50 kl off the shore but I live near the Delaware river like 5 min… Do u think that the tsunami gets here??

    1. Hi Angie! I live in Paulsboro too. I was wondering the same thing. I also worry about our government and the way they would handle things after. I am a prepper and do my best with that. I wish I had a boat cause I would get across the Delaware river as quick as I could and would go straight to the pocono’s or state forest and hide out. Marshall law would definitely follow. sorry, I think fema camps would follow as well. What are your thoughts? I’d love to get together n talk if you think we are in the last days as well. God Bless, Lisa

      1. Paulsboro, NJ is toast. As far as our Gov’t goes, when have you ever know it to tell us the truth about anything? You will see the wave coming at you and the Gov’t will still be saying it’s just your imagination. Like the ol’ joke goes, “You know how a politician is lying? His lips are moving”.

    2. Yes, Paulsboro NJ is only about 10-feet above sea level and would be affected. IF there is a tsunami as described in this article, it would sweep up Delaware Bay and then up the river. Fortunately events like this are very very rare – but it’s always good to understand the risks.

      1. I’d like to know if you happened to make up a West Coast scenario, Ken. Either a tsunami caused by an event from the West Pacific, or a Cascadia Subduction Zone event?? Thank you!

        1. Charlene, That would be an interesting project. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a major major disaster waiting to happen… I’ll add it to my list ;)

  17. Semi hypothetical question:

    Knowing that the Canary Island mega-tsunami scenarios is a real threat (nor if, but when it occurs), and for those who live within the tsunami levels on the map, how long would it take for the water to recede.

    The reasoning of the question is that after watching some of the survival prepper shows, if some individuals were to have subterranean shelter, that could be made water tight, the amount of available oxygen would be limited and thus there would be the need to open the watertight seals to allow for proper oxygen replenishment depending on the number of individuals within shelter. What would be the timeline for the recession of the water at the levels shown in the maps?

  18. We live on the eastern shore of MD, about 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and 30 miles fro Chesapeake Bay. Little nervious

  19. did anyone think of the nuclear power plants close to the ocean and gas and oil refinerys and naturial gas lines and how much will go down the st. lawerance sea way. the oil rigs in the open waters. what will this do after wards? sleep in peace.

  20. I live in Hinesville Ga. by fort Stewart, is this far enough inland in a worst case senerio?

  21. I am moving to Naples On the gulf coast of Florida .,,what r the chances a wave could travel across the whole state?

    1. Based on the scenario of the article, I believe that the Gulf of Mexico will not be hit hard (compared to the eastern facing Atlantic shoreline) due to the origin of the tsunami.

      Although I am not an expert in this field, I would suggest that a tsunami of the magnitude in this article would not traverse the state of Florida, despite its extremely low elevation.

      1. A 75′ Tsunami WILL put the whole of Fla. 50′ under water… who do you think you’re kidding?!!!

        1. I disagree. I highly doubt that it would traverse the state. Although certainly devastating to the entire coastline and probably many tens of miles inland, it would lose impact the further inland it travels. Have you measured the width of the state lately? It’s physics. And I’m not kidding…

        2. Sugarloaf mountain is on the southwest shore of lake Apopka twenty miles west of Orlando. Its elevation is greater than 300 feet and there is a ridge in this same area that has elevations in the 200f range. Also,this is approx 55-60 miles inland from the east coast. A 300 foot tsunami will not reach or cover Sugarloaf. No way, no how.

        3. How will the Washington, DC area be impacted by a tsunami. I live inland in Alexandria, VA about 7 miles from the Potomac River.



  22. Donna, I truly don’t know,
    but gosh, that sure does sound like you should pack your wet suit and flippers…

  23. I’d be curious to look a little further north and see how a tsunami travelling up the St. Lawrence River would affect the coast(s) of the great lakes.

    1. While the St. Lawrence River is a funnel from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it appears that the only real opening from the Atlantic is about 50 miles across to the Gulf, which would then have to hang a left down the St. Lawrence, and then we’re looking at hundreds of miles to Lake Ontario. My instinct tells me that the effects would be muted well before then.

  24. Do you feel the government ramp up in supplies in Fema Region 3 and them bringing in foreign troops is to prepare for this tsunami? They say they are preparing for an upcoming natural disaster. I’m on the Gulf Coast of Florida, according to your map, we are doomed. Also I saw a map that this will effect the southeast portion of Tx too. Is this accurate? My family is located there.

    1. “Do you feel the government ramp up in supplies in Fema Region 3 and them bringing in foreign troops is to prepare for this tsunami?”

      -One never knows with this regime. The most likely major disaster, currently, is financial collapse, in my opinion.

      “according to your map, we are doomed. Also I saw a map that this will effect the southeast portion of Tx too. Is this accurate?”

      -The map simply illustrates height above sea-level. If a 300′ tsunami is generated from the Canary Island region, I do not believe that it will traverse the state of Florida due to energy loss as it hits the shoreline. As far as Texas and the Gulf, the effects of the tsunami will be greatly reduced because it is mostly blocked by Florida from the East. This would primarily be an east-coast event.

      1. Any models for Texas? In your opinion worst case scenario for Houston, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Matamoros? 50 ft perhaps?

    2. I don’t know if they will be affected but along with Fema region 3 they also ordered a lot of supplies for Austin Tx

    3. In response to Marleys comment: on October 3, 2013 at 2:19 PM”

      Do you have any website references for your stating fema regions and then sticking up on supplies…..I mean havent they been doing this for years?

  25. I live in hinesville Ga right by Ft Stewart, is this far enough away from the coast worst case scenario? It says 42 miles from Savannah but I see rivers. If they go up the rivers how much further inland do you think the water will travel?

  26. Hi it’s me again I looked at the map and seen where all nuclear power plants are on the east coast and they can not stand up to a tsunami and when they release radioactive mater in the air which way is the wind blowing and the ocean water flowing?Now all the oil refineries on the coast all the oil and fuel washed on land and out to the sea where will it go? All the salt water that will go into the rivers and some lakes will kill a lot of fish. This will not only hurt the U.S.A. and Canada but South America Africa, Great Britain, and all the coast across the sea.Plus when the water recede wow what happens then? The bible says 1/3rd of the sea will be destroyed. PLUS the bible will tell you about global warming and heat. Look it up get yourself and family right with GOD. You thought Japans tsunami was bad wait. Pray Read Belive, sleep well everyone.

    1. be ready to move out when they tell everyone it is coming take secondary roads and travel northwest. take extra fuel with you remember you can always go back after it is over.

    2. I live in the Allegheny Mountains in Pa. I can sit on top one of my mountains with a pair of bino’s and watch you float away.

  27. Hello I live in Guyton GA I think we are in danger, can you tell me how many inches the water can be with a tsunami 300FT? Thank you

    1. Uhhh – 3 Thousand 600 Inches, give or take a breath!!!
      You’ll be snorkeling!!!

  28. I live in the heart of Savannah and my kids go to school on the island were screwed if one comes huh?

    1. not really just be ready to move out on first warning goes out and stay on secondary roads and take extra are not screwed.

      1. The Savannah River runs on the North Side of Savannah – which sits low and would act like a large petrie dish (Kind of like New Orleans in Katrina). A 75′ Tsunami up the Savannah River would put Savannah 30′ under, give or take 20′. She’s Screwed!!!

  29. Thank you for your model, I firmly believe in be prepared, not scared. That being said I live in New Haven, CT; which according to your model is screwed. What I was wondering is given your model do you think Waterbury Ct will maybe be a safe place to go? I have family there and given the panic that will unfold once the warnings get out I don’t think I will be getting much further than that. Thank you

  30. If a tsunami hit the east coast.
    Your model is based on a natural disaster ? What if it was a nuke , far fetched i know. For the sake of argument. .. one dropped near nyc and the other near dc , how would we fare ? Say in massachusetts. Bristol county ? Would it travel that far ?

  31. Say this dose happen are they even going to tell us ? Like give us that 5 hour notice ?

    1. Steve keep your eyes to the sky if the government does not tell you watch the sea birds when they move inland in very large numbers then move inland also.

  32. Philadlphia will be hit by the tsunami, but not as bad as Miami and the southern states. The problem is that river that goes right throught it. That is going to cause great flooding.

    1. I live in Ridley park pa in Delaware county would it be effected im about à half hour away from philadelphia i live closer to delaware

  33. You can’t tell if a place like Elizabeth Linden NJ would be affected purely based upon a tsunami. It depends upon more than the elevation and force. While all of that is eminently logical, it also would cause terrible disease from polluted water. There would be not only flooding, but dead folks and livestock. The later would float as debris as well as the flooded animal areas filled with fecal matter. Likewise the sewage of such an event would be completely without mitigation.

    Depending upon the time of year, then one could expect terrible issues with not only sanitation but ruined crops, disease spread by pests and insect vectors from such a mammoth event too. Ground water in other nearby regions may be foul and make the area unliveable.

    I once wrote a very long post elsewhere concerning bugging out folks from the East Coast, particularly along the Atlantic Seaboard. There’s a huge number of people who live there. As such, anyone attempting to get away would likely head West and South entirely dependent upon the season in which a collapse occurred. As such, those bugging out would very likely cause a chain reaction of other folks attempting the same thing. It would cascade with bugging out folks innundating the nearby towns as they ran low on fuel and supplies. They’d strip the land of resources. At first the locals would be glad of the newcomers purchasing supplies, food, and motel rooms. Then the locals would realize that the credit/debit cards were worthless and that they’d given away what supplies were locally available.

    Think about that. If you live on the East Coast, then bugging inland would likely take you away from all of your supplies and heavy items like water and would result in terrible chaos and violence.

    I sure wouldn’t live anywhere close to the East Coast now. I can think of many scenarios in which living there would result in doom in most any kind of collapse event.

    Look at the National Drought Monitor map. Wherever once relocates to must have adequate rainfall and clean accessible water for not only drinking but raising crops and livestock. After look at that map and considering the scenario above, that almost immediately knocks out 90% of the Western USA. Why? It is too arid. Sure the population density is very low in some places, but unless you can expect an agricultural future, then there is no future. All of the West has suffered long term drought save a few places. That affects both agriculture but also game animals and fish too. Long term drought leads to terrible losses of soil microbes for nitrogen fixation. That makes it sterile. There is high salinity too.

    So with BOTH things in mind, that should tell folks how far away to get from the East Coast, but not too far. I’m not a believer in the Western Redoubt model for this main reason.

  34. I live in Daytona Beach….yikes! If this were to happen though, would they alert the media so we would have enough time to drive out of florida…? About a 2 and a half hour drive from where I’m at…or atleast have enough time to drive to Orlando of something. Would we have time??

    1. By the time the decision is made to alert the public to evacuate is given, then the roads will be completely full of much higher than normal congestion. Given a bad economy and the avoidance of routine car maintenance, then one can expect many stalled overheated vehicles among them. As such, many folks may be trapped in traffic.

      Meditate upon this. How far could you travel realistically in your vehicle if everyone else is also trying to drive away? By my estimates (I wrote a very long article about this once), at best if your gas tank was 3/4 full (since one cannot always top off a fuel tank), and if there was enormous traffic, and your credit cards/atm cards are not working, and gas station owners are worried themselves about evacuating (so hence no honest possibility of refueling), then one can probably only travel 100-150 miles AT MOST.

      There are maps on the Internet that show population density. I urge you to look them up. Since many folks prefer to live in urban areas, as they would be evacuating mostly via interstate highways, then the closer you are to the Eastern Coast, the more the cascades of traffic jams would come into play.

      Let’s say one gets away 100-150 miles from their origin point. What then? You are fuelless, low on supplies, and likely have encountered stalled traffic on the highway. People would be panicking and likely armed folks would either be attempting to steal supplies from each other or protect themselves. Would you really wish to be among those folks?

      In almost any SHTF scenario, the East Coast is a terrible region to be in. With that kind of population density and without the local agriculture to feed those folks, then there is little chance at long term survival. Under tsunami conditions, well there would be nil chances at survival.

    2. Hi Olivia.. we live in Daytona too; get in touch, be good to talk.
      God bless and guide us all. Romy
      BTW how is this map.. says 10′ is that 10 feet?

    1. Hopefully never. The article was written as a ‘heads-up’ that it ‘could’ happen, given the Canary Islands history.

  35. If we are in the East Coast where are we suppose to go? Is all NJ going to be under water??

    1. The colored maps within the article clearly show the elevation levels for each part of the east coast for everyone’s reference. Having said that, a hypothetical tsunami as described, will not go ‘everywhere’ within the elevations that are shown. The shaded-colored coastal areas however, yes, those will certainly be underwater.

  36. The real threat of a tsunami hitting the East coast and erasing Florida from the map is not a chunk of land breaking from the Canary Islands. The most immediate threat right now (within the next two months) is a string of meteorites that are following comet Ison. Please look it up on youtube and inform yourselves. This comet is not a regular comet. Scientists are puzzled by its formation because it appears to be made up of several segments. When it passes around the sun it could break up into several pieces and no one really knows their trajectory after this. The Earth will be passing through its trajectory and no one knows what it could be dragging because we cannot see what is coming facing the sun. It is very possible that several meteorites will hit our planet and that a larger one could fall near Puerto Rico at an angle that will cause a great tsunami that will hit the East coast of the USA. In addition, no one knows if its passing near the sun will trigger solar flares that will head our way. The sun is about to change its magnetic field and precisely now is when Comet Ison will fly by the sun. We could be without power for several months and I am going to leave it to your imagination as to what can happen if we get hit by a tsunami and there is no power. This scenario can happen in December 2013 or January 2014. Look it up.

  37. Why the news have not mention any of this? Basically there is nothing we can do?
    If we are in NJ we are going to be under water? If a meteorite hits the earth we are not going to have a chance to go or run anywhere???

    1. I know this is a year and a half after your comment, but I just have to say that you won’t get any immediate information from the media. They won’t want to create a panic and given their history of covering up news, you will have to create your own pipeline for news and internet sites that you trust. Just prepare for having to walk out and if you can use your car, go as far as you can. Get on the survival sites and take notes. Good luck to all of us and God Bless.

  38. They have know that this is coming, but they won’t tell us untill the last minute. The meteorites are coming in the direction from the sun, as they are following comet ison. If we look up at the direction of the sun with our telescopes, it is practically impossible to detect anything coming our way. Even the Vatican is in alert pointing their telescopes at the skies. At the most, we will have a twelve hour notice. By then most of the roads and highways will be shut down by the traffic.

  39. We live in palm bayFlorida and we live off of us1 and the river is right across the street. And less than a mile from the river on the other side is the ocean… Are we safe at all if a wave were to happen? My husband says yes, I say no..who is right?

    1. If you’re truly concerned about regular flooding, then you likely could visit a good local public library plus talk to the local historical society and find out historical flooding in your region.

      Anyone close to the water could have issues with soil erosion, sewage contamination (a frequent issue in hurricane zones), alterations in the salinity of the soil by ocean flooding, hurricane impact, tsunami, etc.

      Wouldn’t it be better to sit down and strategically look at that kind of data and pray about it as a couple, then to ask strangers to intervene to determine who is right and who is wrong?

      Practically every property from a prepper standpoint has issues with it, be it drought resistance, fertility, tornado zones, earthquake, erosion, hurricane, flooding, too arid, too cold, too hot, etc.

      Palm Bay Florida is a very large city of over 100,000 and the most populated zone in your county. While you might have a higher chance of acquiring marine life as a food source, salt, temperate weather, almost no freezing issues, on the minus side there are so many as to be innumerable.

    2. You would need to define “a wave”. Given this particular article and its scenario, the wave is a massive tsunami, which would certainly travel more than 1 mile inland on much of the east coast of FL which is very flat and only ‘feet’ above sea level… that’s my opinion.

    3. Michelle,
      I have bad news for you. The tsunami that we are all waiting to occur will submerge Florida state. In fact, after this tsunami, the map of the territory of the USA will change. Chances are that the tsunami will be generated by a meteor that will fall somewhere near Puerto Rico. Since very few people belive this, most of the population will continue living their liveses as usual.

  40. News from comet Ison:
    The comet has broken up into thousands of pieces (big and small) as it went around the sun two days ago due to the extreme heat and pressure. Now its trayectory may change because we are dealing with many objects spreading out and slowing down. We could be getting hit by many meteorites in the last weeks of December or early January of 2014. We could even be hit by a mid size meteor capable of causing a great tsunami.

  41. Would the mid-Atlantic Ridge play any part in decreasing the energy of a Tsunami from the Canary Islands?

  42. After watching the extended cut of ‘The Abyss’, that image of a massive Tsunami would be both awesome, and horrifying to witness. I live in Atlanta, so the only tsunami I would see would be that of cars working their way here.

  43. I live on the eastern end of long island… about 15 min to the very end. Takes 3 hours to get to NYC on a good day.
    Absolutely terrified is an understatement

    1. @Sara, the intent was not to terrify anyone – I’m sorry if that’s what happened. Instead, by bringing awareness to the subject will hopefully cause some to know about the risk – even though low probability (but with potential high impact). Something like this may never happen at all.

      A general recommendation (for anyone) is to get a weather radio (public alert radio) because in addition to weather events, you will be alerted to a tsunami event too.

      As with any oncoming disaster, TIME is your best friend. Getting out of harms way before the others clog the roads…

      Best Weather Alert Radio – Which One Should I Get?

      1. I leave on Long Islang, Huntington to be specific. I recently had a dream and in it Jesus directing a lot of people to a mountain top. He told me he is putting them to safety, of course I found myself on top of the mountain also but did not see water nor anything else. He knows best, we have to trust in him and he sure will keep us safe….HAVE FAITH.

  44. During Sandy and Katrina we had days of warnings. In a Tsunami we may get a 6 hour warning. In Japan 19,000 lives were lost, 1.2 million buildings damaged and the wave was 133 feet.

    If we were hit by a 300 foot wave, our cities, road, electrical grid, and building would be destroyed. People who got out, would not be returning. People who stayed, would have no power, water, food or shelter.

    Unlike Sandy and Katrina there would be no rebuilding! There are nuclear power plants along the eastern coast of north America and a Tsunami could cause another Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

  45. Preparation is key. Not if but when. Expectation if heading to the White mountaians from Salisbury Ma is my plan- things are getting very unsettled in the Canary Islands. Facing Katrina and Sandy last Summer as the beach errosion continues to take beach front homes –Its time to get ready.

    1. It is always good to have a plan, even if it is never needed, or the ‘threat’ never materializes. Open-mindedness is one of the many keys to survival.

  46. What the landfall will be like cannot be estimated with the data provided. The direction of the wave, and the landscape will determine the effects more than simple elevation. I also wonder what effect the continental shelf will have.. It may serve as a barrier to mitigate the impact.
    Escape scenario? (I live on the East Coast). Even if we are saved from much of the impact, the devastation caused in surrounding area’s will make the East Coast a house of horrors. I think I’d rather be taken out in the wave. There are WAY too many people who will live through the initial wave who will think they can “live off the land”. Ain’t gonna work.
    Long pig will end up on the menu.

  47. These maps are totally bogus. Just based on elevation and not a true physical modeling incorporating fluid dynamics. NO WAY water goes that far up the Hudson River valley, NO WAY. Come back with some real science and not fear-mongering.

    1. The maps are actually highly accurate insofar as what they are…elevation maps.

      Quote from the article above, “The maps simply show elevation… not the expected distance a 300 foot tsunami would travel.”

      The maps have nothing to do with fluid dynamics and the many other variables which would affect the behavior of a tsunami in any given area. The maps present a glimpse of the raw data – height elevation. No more, no less. It’s a starting point for one’s own analysis.

  48. They have found archaeological evidence on the Bahamas islands that they were inundated by a massive wave thousands of years ago. Also look at a map and see how the coastline curves along east coast, this will concentrate the effects of a wave. Unfortunately I live 10 miles inland from Cape Canaveral, hoping for less than a hundred footer.

  49. Ken, thank you for providing a “model” of could potentially occur. Irregardless if it is a meteor striking or the direct result of the Canary Island volcanic activity and subsequent earthquakes that cause such a deadly tsunami, it is obviously of vital importance to be well prepared in advance.

    Harry has offered some very practical tips on what people should be doing and looking for. Seabirds, in fact, any unusual animal migrations and behaviors are very reliable signs that something bad is about to happen. Prior to the devastating tsunami that hit in the Indian Ocean in 2005, many people reported all sorts of animals were “quickly heading for higher ground” in advance of the tsunami. Pets will also alert their owners by becoming increasingly distressed and panicked; they just “know”. The CB radio would be a necessity for communicating.

    Pay attention not only to weather radios, but scanners which monitor activity of first response organizations as they often will get the information in advance of the public. Try not to panic so that you can think clearly and make safe discisions for you and your family. Having plenty of bottled drinking water on hand as part of an emergency package, is also recommended. Emergency nutritonal and high energy food items for the short term can be peanut butter, crackers, raisins and trail mixes, granola bars.

    As also mentioned back and secondary roads are usually safer bits for avoiding traffic jams on main highways. But be prepared that in the case of either traffic jams or accidnets, because of the timing of impending danger, you may have to leave your vehicle and travel on foot. So have backpacks with a change of clothes, jackets and medications that you need or might need and also a first aid lit. These items should already be packed and either in your trunk or ready to grab at a moments notice. Make sure you and loved ones and friends are right with God now.

    1. Trust in the Lord Your God he will protect the ones that are the children of His Son Jesus Christ. Be alert and prepared for the evacuation of the East Coast Tsunami. Please don’t think this is a joke!But always be prepared to drive from the destruction of the Tsunami and please keep your self right with the Lord and pray for the knowledge of what will happen. I don’t know when this Tsunami will hit the east coast but please be prepared to take the actions needed to stay alive and ready for the outcome of the Tsunami. I will Pray for you all. May God Bless you all.

      1. I truly believe what you wrote. We are “One nation under God” this is what it says on our money! We are the United States, “we have all the bombs”! By GC

        1. I beg to differ. We ceased to be one nation under God when we legalize abortion, killing millions of babies a year. We ceased to be one nation under God when the Supreme Court defied God law that marriage should be between a man and a woman. We have become the Sodome and Gomorha , unless we get right with God we will all perish because judgement is upon US people. Pray, repent, give your life to God. I pray for all of you to find refuge in him because he is the only true way.

        2. Maggie I totally agree. Time to repent and get your life right with God. We are NOT a country that is right with God.

      2. No one is saying anything about houston texas. I live here with my family and im concern. There are black helicopter flying over our I 10 interstate highways now. I’m trying to do my research on everything is so much. My coworker is from Philippines and there community is telling each other to take there money out of the 401k now and she’s warning me of everthing that they are saying in there community. Will houston texas go under water as well. Should I relocate my family and what state is really safe. Eyes open but so confused. Water,cern,harp what’s next do we really have a chance

  50. Wouldn’t our first warning be when the Volcano Errups?how soon after would iit reach south Florida?

  51. I live in Chelmsford, MA. A suburb to the north of Boston by approximately 30 miles. I don’t think that the water would reach this far, but all of Boston and the metro area would be devastated. So scary as most of family live in Cambridge or Somerville, both of which are adjacent to Boston.

    Would we have ample time to reasonably evacuate the major cities? Does the Government have that kind of protocol in place right now?

  52. Very unlikely to happen in our lifetimes, chaps. Plenty more to worry about. Most of which will consume you if you let it, life is too short. Focus on bettering yourselves and your family, and control what you can. Within reason and considering probabilities.

    1. silver fox says; People forget that God is in control of all things…man has no power to do anything. If you can get to Canada you may be safe for awhile…but, the plagues in Revelation will still reach you , no matter where on earth you are. Make sure your soul is right with God first.

      1. Amen Silver. There is no where to hide but in the Almighty Lord our Savior. Thank you Jesus!

  53. You would be far better off flying out in a small plane. Focus on that, if you really want to spend countless hours on this. Consider though if it’s a once every 5,000 year event, you will be lucky to live only 2% of that timeframe (100 years) so again, consider the probabilities. Your odds of going out in the next 20-30 years are far higher from an accidental nuke exchange, or from an escalation going out of control on purpose.

  54. As well…. a large meteorite or comet would cause a helluva lot higher wave than 300 feet. If one was large enough and it was within a couple of thousand miles of you though, you would not have to worry about a wall of water, for you would be incinerated first. No “6 hour warning.” Submarine launched cruise missiles along the coast, 10 minute warning. Pick your poison, or try and enjoy life and be thankful for having a brief moment to be alive.

  55. how far would the wave travel up the great lakes if it hit near new York? remember that the locks were built over a century ago and it connects to all of the great lakes… so would ohio be affected by this 300 foot wave via the great lakes?

  56. If the tsunami did hit, what would be the potential result for areas directly north of New York City along the Hudson River? I’m referring to towns anywhere from 60 to 90 miles north like Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and Kingston.

  57. So Im just curious about tsunamis and I live in Miami.
    Let’s say that I hear a tsunami is coming and people are evacuating via road air water etc.
    If I decide to stay and die while watching it come from ..downtown Miami roof, where would be my best vantage point? Downtown Miami office building roofs?. Okey dokey

  58. I am about 30 mins north of portland,me will the tsunami reach me.God Bless us all.Amen.

  59. I know this is an old page but has anyone thought about if “the powers that be” decide to detonate a nasty boom off the east coast, like some people think was the case of fuku…if it’ll be bigger and far more powerful than people think?

    1. Yes I read something like that as well-that our “powers that be” placed some kind of bombs under the sea floor near tetonic plates under japan. I think they are called tetonic plates…. Anyhow I do not know if that statement had any truth to it-does anyone have any suggestions or ideas…websites as appreciated.

  60. Has anybody heard of a strong earth quake that is suppose to happen between April 15 to the19 of 2014????

  61. Regards to diana….. Earthquakes started 2 days ago but on pacific coast. I live in the gulf west side of southern florida. Even a little rain and were screwed But “per-say” if a tsunami hit the east coast and doesn’t make it the whole way across , are there any faults or dangers of the Gulf of Mexico ?

  62. How high would a Tsunami be if a Cascadia fault quake 9.2 is generated?
    The Ring of Fire is extremely active and Cascadia Fault has recently had a doozy of a quake. I read that the Fault is over 700 and one article states over 800 miles long. Estimates of between 5 and 7+ minutes duration as the break goes from one end to the other. I also understand that Mt. Ranier is now active and Mt. St. Helen’s is gearing up again. People who live in coastal cities should be required to go through classes when moving there, explaining the dangers.
    While Mega Tsunami’s are a rare event, what stops the unlikely scenario of several Mega Tsunami’s happening in a years time? Earth, being in the 17th of a 30 year Volcanism makes this possible. Or am I wrong?

    1. I realize that you asked this 2 yrs ago. Here’s your answer. As of August, 2016 the prediction has changed. The earthquake alone will devistate everything from I-5 west. The tsunami will be approx 700 miles along the coastline from Washington to Northern California, traveling at 500 mph with a height of 160′. That’s not the run-up will be significantly higher.

  63. I’d like more data on how these maps were made.

    And how I can get ahold of that data to make my own.

  64. With axis shift at every major quake, and pole reversal which has already begun, it’s not the CO2, people. A street in Maryland disappeared today with many cars over a railroad track. Beg you to move above 300 feet elevation, and why delay? Get right with God. If you’re brave, see a site called divulgences. All posts there are by NOAA, NASA

    1. Living at 2000′, I’m not concerned about tsunamis. Nice to have a mountain range or two between.

  65. I live in charleston sc … I’m confused by the data on the map. Are you saying we will be 10 feet under water ?

  66. Hi, I live in Orlando close to Disney. I just watched the movie “The Impossible” about the 2004 earthquake and am scared if this mega tsunami comes I will get wiped out. Is Orlando far enough in that you’ll think we will survive?

    1. florida will be hit hard…especially the coast..maimi etc.. even the gulf coast. look up profeta-de-dios-efrain


  68. My pastor said he had,a vision a month ago about a giant wall of water coming. Be ready

  69. I think one option for a certain amount of people would be to go to a building at least 35 floors high and watch the wave go underneath. Still though there would be many horrors awaiting in the aftermath. Might be better to be dead and in peace.

  70. Look up a guy name Efrain Rodriguez. He is warning people in the United States that a tsunami will hit the eastcoast at 2am anytime now until December 2014. Anyone that doesn’t believe in God will believe in God after this event because God told Efrain to warn the people of this event soon to come ….Get your lives right with the Lord. He will be your only safety during this event. May God bless you all.

      1. It is still coming. I’ve seen it as well. Please do not take things lightly. Make sure you are right with God, only thru the believing in His son, Jesus, and repenting of your sins. Today is the day of salvation. That means don’t put it off, now is the time to come to Him. Your next moment is not guaranteed. God bless.

  71. I am an engineer, have done risk studies, and worked on a tsunami inundation sensor network proposal one time.

    There is a 100% chance that part of the Canary Islands will collapse and cause a tsunami. People have no idea when that is going to happen, except probably not in the next few weeks, how large, and in what direction the tsunami will be oriented.

    I see a lot of people here asking about their specific location and how that would be. As the author points out, these are not inundation charts, these are altitude charts. These show approximately the maximum extent of a tsunami wave, but even that is not exactly true, because moving water can travel uphill, but at the same time, it is bleeding off energy as friction with the surface.

    The wave along the east coast of the Americas (N&S) will not be equal. Tsunamis (this kind) are directional, meaning there is a lobe of higher wave height. If that wave is coming right at you, you might see the 100′ monster, but if you are perpendicular to the lobe, maybe only a few feet. How the wave presents itself locally is due to local geography. A narrowing inlet will see higher wave heights than a circular island with a steep base.

    The only way to find out about your location is to run actual simulations of various mountain collapse scenarios and see how that sets up the initial conditions, propagate the wave, then model your local geography. You would need to run thousands of simulations to represent the thousands of ways the mountain can collapse. It has been done for some locations.

    But the point is, one must not look at the scenarios in the article as real, they are instructional, but are not possible as presented. To prepare, presume one is either in or out of the inundation zone, and if in, how would one get out? Works for hurricanes too.

    1. People are reading too much into this, THANK YOU for scientifically based TRUTH!

      For those this really interests or concerns, TAKE A GEOLOGY CLASS! Or ten. If you can’t afford a class, find a good course at a good university and get the textbooks, then READ THEM! It seems some could use a basic physics refresher, as well.

      Before believing any “prophecies,” find out if your “prophet” predicted the Indian Ocean tsunami, 9-11, or anything of significance, ever. It seems Edgar Cayce predicted the Indian Ocean tsunami, but he also thought Virginia Beach, VA, elevation 12ft, would survive coming “Earth changes.” Believe SCIENCE, not prophets. Continuing to learn never hurt anyone (since Galileo).

      1. silver fox says; It would be wise of people to believe God over man. The Lord can do whatever he wants to do. The only safe place is in Christ.

      2. “The fool has said in their heart, ‘There is no God'”! Please, keep talking and prove that to be true, as well as ironically proving that you are the mindless person in this comments section! Science, as determined by humans, is more mistake prone than the manufacturing processes in Lada factories!

    2. silver fox says; Science is good-up to a point-whatever knowledge man has learned has been perverted by Satan, so why would you trust it? God doesn’t need our opinions.

  72. I am not an expert on this subject, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that type of event, event happenstance, energy, sea floor topography, and shoreline/land topography all contribute to this play of how fast it travels, how high the wave height will be once it approaches the shoreline, how far inland it travels, and how many lives will be affected and/or lost. The Canary Island scenario, in my opinion, might yield less energy relative to how fast it travels, wave height, how far inland, etc. the tsunami travels, however, a more intense event, like an asteroid, meteor, or other object splashing into the Atlantic would probably garner much more energy, wave height, and moving the tsunami much further inland. I firmly believe that an asteroid or other space object will be the final death knell for the eastern seabord. Just Florida, where I live, will possibly be wiped out either way, but I believe that Florida might fare somewhat better from a Canary Island event. An Asteroid event would garner and produce so much energy, and unbelievable wave heights, that when it the tsunami hits Florida, the land, being that Florida is mostly sand, soft rock, and underground aquifers, will give way and sink as the tsunami continues it assault westward towards the Gulf of Mexico. I could be wrong, but tell me your thoughts please. I do know also that the entire Eastern Seaboard will be severely affected either way but might fare better from a Canary Island event (the water might recede in that instance but with an asteroid event from space, most of the land (i.e. Florida) will probably collapse and sink).

  73. I just watched a video on currency having hidden pictures when folded and the new $100 bill shows a missile impacting the water. The $10 shows a tsunami. I wonder if a nuke were detonated on the Canary Islands it would create something far more devastating than normal. I live in the Tampa area so of course I’m concerned. I’m not able to relocate so I either need beer and a surfboard or a bug out barrel (saw an article). There’s a nuclear power plant close by so it may not matter anyhow. Cool thread by the way. Surfs up bro!

  74. What about the Pacific Ocean ? Lots of activity happening in that area lately . It’s been predicted for a 9 earthquake . Tonga Fiji Tuvalu nothing will be left of these islands if this hapoens .

  75. This is not for everyone but I think some people missed the part where the author stated that the maps only show elevation, not the predicted distance the tsunami would reach inland.

  76. Will Allentown and Bethlehem Pennsylvania be affected by a 300 foot tsunami? Hard to tell from the map, it looks close..

  77. I hope you know how to swim or surf. hahaha

  78. Do have similar predictions for the west coast. I live a few miles from Monterey Bay and 100 miles from San Francisco

  79. I Live in Philadelphia pa i know it will floor here so whst place would be safe for me to go? My daughter live in AZ is she going to be safe with my grandsons?

    1. If it reaches AZ from the east coast, 1/2 of the USA would be gone.

  80. silver fox says: William Branham prophesied that the west coast would have an earthquake that would kill millions. Land,the size of 1500 miles; 300-400 feet wide would slide into the ocean. Tucson will be the new beach front. Also, a tsunami would reach the state of Kentucky. Just a guess, with the bible’s numbering system, that the quake would be at least a mag 10. It is interesting that the New Jerusalem is 1500 miles.

    1. I had a dream last week that we had an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). In the dream my sister shouted” the earthquake is next and it will be a 10 or more on the ritcher scale”. I have had many dream in recent months where I was going from door to tell telling people to stack up on water, non perishable food, flash lights and candles. God bless you all and get right with God.

  81. I live in a small town called miramar in florida which is 13 miles inland.The problem is, i live right next to a canal that leads to North Miamai beach

  82. If a tsunami hits is Allentown pa safe its only an hour away from Philly

    1. Should we head north into mountains if we live in Allentown pa

      1. Absolutely with you survival pack. NP.

        If the tsunami is that bad your not safe up there, I dont know if I would want to survive it.

  83. I live in a small town called Dorado, at the north of the island of Puerto Rico… there is a valley and then some small mountains 100`… but my dad is in a wheelchair and weights 200. My house roof is about 20`. Wondering how to plan a scape with my situation.

  84. I have watched just about every Japan 2011 and Asian 2004 tsunami video. Tsunamis are serious business. They hit a coast at full height then eventually reduce height and choose a path of least resistance but in some places double up to great heights like at Minamisanriku were it washed over the tsunami warning center at 50ft above sea level but on the immediate coast.

    I can see a Canary Island tsunami funneling directly into the Long Island sound and us not having Long Island for protection. Im near the coast in Ivoryton and we have Bushy Hill Mountain a 1 hr hike away and a few other mountains nearby above 300ft sea level. Ill say just going up a hilly road 300 above sea level would suffice.

    Just to let everyone know; that once they do arrive inland to safety, there will be plenty of stores open for food etc if they can get there.

    We are mountainous up here in New England and the effects would be mostly immediate coastal and river edges with water funneling in to low resistance areas leaving houses way up high unscathed 10 miles inland.The hills like the breakwaters in Japan (although all breached even the 45 ft fudai tsunami wall at 60ft were the village survived) will lessen the impact.

    But this article and watching the footage of people stranded on the hospital roof in Minamisanriku, is going to motivate me to make an emergency backpack for any disaster that may strike. I estimate the cost to be $100 max. If the canary islands collapse, you’ll have a 5hr notice minimum. Use google earth to look around and find your highest mountain and have a plan and survive off you back pack until you can walk to safety of ride a bike.

    The wave that hit Japan was 30 ft high that doubled or channeled up to 100 ft high in certain areas (it wasn’t a 100ft cresting wave). Even if Im at the beach were I work as a ranger, I could walk to a place 300 above sea level in 5 hrs. The key is to have resources to survive at your immediate survival.

    The further inland you go, the less height you’ll need to get to provided you don’t end up in an area where the water doubles up due to deflection.

    If a meteor hits, I do practice yoga so I can bend over and kiss my a$$ goodbye.

  85. Everyone and everything dies eventually. Revenge of the Guanches..

  86. Will it come up to Tennessee or Tallhassee and do I need to go up further to a mountainous region,because were trying to do our first time Homestead and we are not running from God by far it is the ppl,. When the Grid shuts down prisons open and they spread out and we want 10 to 10 acres

  87. Waterbury CT. Can anyone tell me if I’d be safe there if there were a tsunami

  88. I found this article while searching today for information regarding the possibility of an asteroid hitting the ocean near Puerto Rico in September of this year. Any thoughts on what will happen to the gulf coast of Texas in this scenario?

  89. I live in East Orange New Jersey and am a little frightened because of the close proximity to NYC. We are 166 feet above sea level and a little less than 20 miles inland. Should I be worried? what is the likelihood that east orange/ Montclair area would be affected? Someone else mentioned Newark but their question was never answered and I’m close to Newark so I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

    1. Honestly Anonymous, I would be a heck of a lot more worried being that close to NYC than a tsunami, having said that I’m probably going to get chastised but…… the chances of a tsunami traveling in that far inland and up 166 feet is a possibility of course, the active maps Ken has here are good. But even with the idea of a tsunami is not as likely as a lot of other threats that are around the pike.
      But that’s just my feeble opinion for what it’s worth.

    2. Does anyone have update on the 9.8 earthquake coming May 28, 2015?

  90. I live in Greenville NC about 70 miles inland and about 375 elevation. Would this city be effected.

  91. My cynicism grows the more comments I read on this article. I really don’t like feeling that way about people, but the ignorance abounds. How can anyone be so incapable of finding out information yourself? Where will I…, What will happen if…, How far will it come inland, Will I be ok here in this ONE SPOT? What if this, What if that? etc etc etc. Nothing more than seeking confirmation of your own delusions of safety and looking for a reason to tell yourself not to worry, in an area that is OBVIOUSLY at risk! If you have ANY doubt then move!!! If you’re concerned about family get them to move too, if they won’t then good luck to them. Sell everything you can’t load up and hit the road to safer ground, don’t worry about your job, don’t worry about your kids school, don’t say you can’t because…(reason). Just take action instead of trying to find some excuse that would allow your justification of avoiding making the tough decisions.

  92. Hi i want to know How Far Inland Would this wave Go On The west coast of africa and specificaly morocco answer me please.

  93. I used to live in Brooklyn NY and moved to Catskills, 1200′ above sea level. If something goes down I will bug out to 3000′ above sea level about an hours drive away. I am hopeful that will be ok

  94. I live in central ny at 1255′ above sea level. Can I consider that to be a safe spot or should I drive about an hour to get to 3100′ above sea level. I am concerned because I may not be able to get back to my home and that has all my livestock, tools, ammo and supplies?

  95. I live in Sebring, Florida. House is 110′ above sea level. Distance to the Atlantic is 65 miles. Gulf is 64 miles to the west. Lake Wales Ridge nearby has heights up to 300′ above sea level. In the event of the near Puerto Rico predicted asteroid hit any prognosticators on how Sebring will fare ?

    1. Puerto Rico is much closer to Florida than the Canary Islands are. It would take a wave from a meteor impact less an 70 minutes to propagate from there to inland Florida. Since the impact would wipe out communications instantly, you won’t even know the wave had arrived till it’s on top of you. 10′ or 300′, it really won’t matter.

  96. Just a tip! If you are informed of a tsunami, the best way to escape is…. by diving into a swimming pool RIGHT BEFORE the wave hit you…. preferrable leaning your back against the wall from white the tsunami is coming… Cause that gives you more chance to survice since the deadliest part is the first shock/impact! Hope nothing happens tho guys and you wont need this!

    1. Total # of people who have survived a tsunami using your advice… 0

      Jumping into a pool if you are about to hit by a tsunami is about as useful as jumping up into the air right before the elevator you are in smacks into the ground when the cable is cut.

  97. I live in Manchester NJ approximately 15 mies from the ocean and approx 10 miles from the Toms River River and the bay. Is that area safe?

  98. Wow, we are in derby ct just left and up from new haven. It looks like its touching us from 225-300 ft. Either we are gone or have beach front property. The down side is the river that expands out.

  99. Just a question. I live a little ways north of Tampa (Pasco County specifically). Should a meteor hit the Atlantic, which at this point I’m willing to bet is the most likely case, would we be effected since we’re closer to the Gulf? If we’re gonna get wiped out, what’s the best plan escape plan? How much time would we have to react?

  100. WHAT does it mean when by the city it says 10′
    is that 10′ feet under water?
    thanks !!

  101. I live on Long Island, Suffolk County. Are we at risk and what do you suggest?

  102. I used to live in Brooklyn and got out of the city, thank God. I am at over 1200′ but am about an hour from 3100′. I don’t know whether to stay put or leave for the 3100′ which I may not be able to get back home if water floods the land in between and home has all the supplies for bugging in. I hope and pray that it doesn’t happen

  103. We are about 40 miles East of I-5.. at an elevation of only 512’….

    If a 100′ tsunami hit the west coast about how far would it travel East?

    We also are near several large reservoir’s….. What could the back lash be to them?
    Looking for a reply to my e-mail…
    Thank you kindly

  104. hi, im a high school student in my final years i am doing a physic assignment i need to know how you calculated the distance a tsunami travel in land please if you could tell me.

  105. I feel sorry if you think a tsunami of only 300 feet will come, but more then likely a 300 meter tsunami is possible to strike, Why ? The fools that rule will cause the fools themselves to use a nuclear weapon that will raise the waters just off the coasts and there will be no warning !
    Have yourselves and the enemies got nuclear subs ? What happens when one of them has an accident ? What happens when anyone one of the nuts that rule or fight for will hit back with the same ? Things will get high or maybe higher !

    Now consider the frequency of earthquakes increasing and the intensity is also on the increase, have you not realized that this is mentioned in the bible, and the fact at the end of the age as we know it today it is predicted a massive earthquake shall come, and it shall shake the whole earth ! how big of a tsunami will this cause, and will the continents break apart ? where will you hide ?

    Mean while if we had CMAE or constant magnetic acceleration energy, there will be no need for the fools that rule to desire or seek out fossil fuels. is the only site that seeks this energy we all need.

  106. Other than this dude in Puerto Rico who had a dream about the asteroid hit is there any evidence at all that this is going to happen ? The entire story originated from him.

  107. I’ve done some more checking into this story. There is no real evidence that this will occur. It’s all a bunch of apocalyptic scare nonsense. Will we get hit by a tsunami sooner or later – yes. Will we get hit by an asteroid/comet on September 24 – no. Will there be a tsunami on September 24 – no. What we will hear though at the end of September is that there was a miscalculation of the date (in the dream that got this whole thing rolling) and the date has now been moved to yada, yada, yada. Are we in the end times. Yes, I believe we are but there will be no rapture on September 23 and when the SHTF is anybody’s guess.

    1. You could be right
      I would love to believe nothing will happen, But why are all the elite and government doing all these maneuvers across the states, You don’t do something for no reason, you don’t build something if you don’t intend to use it, But these guys and some of them the Gov has moved some important offices to Chicago under ground WHY ?

      Then military all across north America including Canada is on the move to.

      Then there was a notice posted on the weather channel not too long ago, stating to expect a tsunami caused by a 9.2 earthquake on the west coast and said it was 75 years over due, One that occurs every 240 years approx. Definitely something is possibly coming and no one is speaking about it, That could mean a real shortage in fossil fuels, and all the more we need an energy this universe runs on, and the only research for that energy one can put their finger on is While it is a known fact all governments and scientific fields of research have gone a different direction in this field, such as ring proton and neutron, They have floundered with the actual energy we need,

      1. I agree that something is up and that something is not going to be nice. But it’s not going to be an asteroid / tsunami in September. Be prepared but not for a flood (yet)

  108. Everyone thinks the tsunami will be 300 feet,
    What makes anyone think that will be the limited height for such an event.
    What are the possibilities of it being much higher. Possibly double that.

  109. There actually is scientific evidence of an event like this occurring. We cannot tell when but it WILL happen. I hope I’m dead by then because for who ever survives will for sure have to deal with the financial difficulties that follow an event like this. An event triggered from a landslide and I created a 1,700 foot wave. That was in a bay though so in the Cumbre Vieja event it would be very different. There is no way to tell how high/ inland a tsunami in this size would be. But 300 feet is a good average

    1. I agree it (asteroid hit – tsunami) will happen at some point in time again but it’s not going to be on September 24 because some guy in Puerto Rico had a dream about it. Let’s get real folks – the guy is a scammer.

    2. @Sarah where did you see evidence of such event to be happening?

  110. Question, would Western North Carolina Mountains be a safe place to be? I really couldn’t tell on the map.

    Thanks in advance

    1. That is in a very highly controlled area, which is completely different than a tsunami that is not only caused by a volcano, as well as rock slide, but that it is also in a much more open area than that landslide.

  111. I’m also from west palm..there are a few tall buildings near me..if in the event a tsunami did happen would that be the best hope for survival?? I’m also about 20 miles inland..most tsunami take time to reach land..

  112. I dreampt about 9 11 but didn’t understand the dream until afterward. I think a lot of people have dreams like this. Sometimes i see 2 nuclear attacks. Sometimes i see a giant wave. But the wave might be atomic energy. I am in different places when these things happen in my dreams. It could happen at any time. or not happen. I take confidence in the fact that i don’t dream this stuff every night. I have a philosophy that these are dreams about how things might be if we stay on a particular course. When i have dreams that don’t include this stuff, maybe they are the days and times we are on a good course.

    1. I usually dream of being near two large nuclear disasters. A few nights ago there was a dream of surviving very burnt and twelve nuclear clouds hanging in the air. Then i dreampt of being beheaded by terrorists last night and wanting the prayers said first.

      1. Now i had two dreams. I dreamt of two volcanoes. one small, then one very large to the northwest of it (a city between). The large one produced lightning before and when erupting. Then a dream that taco bell employees were also in a group that was destroying two of the nine worlds each created differently (clockwise the second- which evolved, and the fourth clockwise-that happened in a giant explosion-, there was a central world that was in the middle) They did this to these two worlds and a new world formed, which was their plan.

      2. Also in the aforementioned volcano dream, there were tubes dug into and under the large volcano that some might use as escape. Like an underground shelter.

  113. This helpful east coast pictorial depicts nothing about the Pacific coast and how far a tsunami will travel inland there. I’m literally on the edge of the distance move as we speak…but HOW FAR INLAND?

    This information byte would be a game changer, toward better life choices, for all thinking people.

  114. Hi I’m not sure if I would be affected I live in Augusta Georgia if a 300′ hit?

  115. I live in Milton Fl.In between Navarre Bch and Pensacola bch(20 mins either way)My question is would Talledega Al.(closest mountains)be a safe place as a destination.3 hours and 40 minutes inland from where I’m at now.If not ,where would the closest “safe place”be?Not sure what to think on this event but better safe than sorry.

  116. Hello, this is fascinating…as we are on cape cod, I looked at the map with great interest…it seems that there are some areas on cape cod, on the 75 and 150 guages, that have some height…in the areas around the bridges to the Massachusetts mainland, and it also seemed that there were some areas on the actual beach that faces the ocean side, as opposed to the Boston bay side that were not purple, indcating that they may have some height…or am I reading it incorrectly? Of course at the 225 – 300 guages we are all underwater…but one can hope…

  117. Many are prophesying that a meteor will strike causing a tsunami and massive earthquakes and a volcanic eruption and flooding in rivers and streams. Then there will be the hell of nuclear plant meltdowns and power outages and marshal law. The only safe place will be the place where the Father tells you to go. Look to God, make sure that you are not walking in sin.

  118. How on Earth can you say it’s not going to happen!? You DON’T KNOW, only the ELITES AND GOD KNOW. We’re shown signs something is coming EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hundreds and hundreds of of fish, whales, sharks, turtles, ect beaching themselves with no explanation. Meteors and the earth making extremely weird noises all around the world.. How about the crazy weather? Don’t you dare say “GLOBAL WARMING.” IT’S BS! There’s a planet near us called Planet X! That’s what’s causing all of this. You’ll probably say “Ohh but NASA and our government would tell us!” Seriously? No THEY WOULD NOT. That would cause WORLDWIDE PANIC, and the elites are “gentlemen” lmao or so they say. We’re so brainwashed and desensitized by them that we believe we’ll be here forever! WRONG. There was a movie where a heavenly body hit the earth, and on a box of insure were a ton of numbers, those numbers are the exact zip code of where the astroid is said to hit in September. We’re told something is coming through message in movies and music.. But again BRAINWASHED, we don’t see it and DON’T believe it. If you google and YouTube “September 24th asteroid” there’s SO MUCH EVIDENCE! Why are governments building bunkers lately? Why are hundreds and hundreds of stores going out of business? Because the elites are buying all of their products and putting them in their bunkers! Please PLEASE do yourself a favor and google “ZetaTalk safe locations.” That should help a little. God bless.

    1. The movie is Deep Impact and my husband and I just watched it last week and we saw the evidence – only I didn’t know that those numbers were the zip code! 9/23 is all in that movie! People didn’t pay attention to all the signs in the movies, tv shows etc when 9/11 happened. The Elite know and I believe they give signs for the smart ones to notice and give them a small chance. I just wish that I prepared sooner. But I believe in God as does my family and I believe we will be ok, we have a great work to do for Him. This is a little concerning though. We have small children :-)

      1. After seeing your post, I pulled out Deep Impact to check it out myself. The only numbers I saw on the Ensure boxes was 707 and the dates for the impact they mentioned a couple times in the movie was August 19th. I’m not saying we’re safe. I’m just saying the numbers don’t match. Are there more numbers on the boxes that I missed?

        1. Hey anonymous,if you look in that movie there is a scene where the reporter that is going to break this ELE story and such, to the public, she looks over her shoulder upon cases and cases of a drink called Ensure (sorry i spelt it ‘insure’ before lol) . Look up the definition of Ensure, please do. Yeah and on those boxes of Ensure is a number 00701. If you run that into a zip code search oddly enough 00701 comes up for where the asteroids’s supposed to hit in Puerto Rico.”

          They also put a lot of messages in movies, comic books, and TV shows before 9/11! No one noticed because we’re so brain washed!It’s time to wake up and do some research guys..Please.. Ohhh and look up Illuminati card game! They were made in the 90’s buy this guy who seemed to know that the world trade centers would be “nuked”, oil spill,ect ect.

          If you guys have questions about ANYTHING please reply with my name! I truly want to help.. God bless.

        2. @Steven
          I didn’t catch the ensure boxes in that scene. I thought maybe you were referring to the boxes the guy was loading up onto his boat at the beginning. I’ll check it out again later and look for the other boxes.

  119. One more thing.. If you live in Connecticut like me, PLEASE TRY TO BE 100 MILES FROM THE COASTLINE AND 500FT ABOVE SEA LEVEL. We’re lucky that the St Lawrence sea will rip open! Anyone on the coastlines will be underwater.. Sadly my favorite state Florida will be completely gone because it’s barely above sea level :( I’d honestly get away from there! Maybe go camping for a few days? And I don’t say this to scare any of you, I really don’t.. I just want you be aware.. So accept god into your heart, repent, whatever you have to do to feel at peace..

  120. I live in Lakeland Florida, about 80 miles inland from Melbourne from the east coast and 50 miles inland from the west coast. The it averages from 140′ to 160′ above sea level. I understand Florida will be devastated, with the infrastructure completely wiped out, but what are the chances of and actual wave making it that far. What I am trying to find out is if it would be survivable it prepared and stocked.

    1. During the pole shift Florida will DROP in elevation, there’s no hope. All coastlines will be devastated. Your best bet is to go to Connecticut (we’re gonna bounce up in elevation during the shift), or somewhere with high elevation! Go camping or something. Go from September 22nd-September 25th. All you gotta do is Google “highest elevations in the US.” And again, everyone PLEASE GOOGLE “Zetatalk safe locations.” God bless.

  121. There are just too many people prophesying an event. There are too many people with gut feelings that something is about to happen to just not prepare. My family and I are making sure our house is in order and we are right with God. Praying that other folks are doing this too.

    1. Very true,Ive seen it myself and have done the same,May God be with you and your family.

  122. I have also had several dreams of an earthquake and a tsunami and yes its going to be Mega, So much that I have asked everyone in my household to get save and ensure their soul is right with God. Its not a matter of if cause I can tell you for sure it will happen,I’ve seen it and only a few survived. Therefore I Urge you to take the step to ensure your soul is well when it happens.

    1. JT “More than the resident of North Carolina are looking toward the relative elevation in the taller mountains in their state for refuge. The mountains in Appalachia are no longer a jumble of rocks, but have been worn down over time and covered with forests and glens. They are habitable, can support crops in places, and have clear rushing mountain streams. It is no secret that some in the elite have selected these spots as hideaways, have purchased land, often at existing resort sites already setup to house the wealthy, and are prepared to guard their fortresses. Such encampments will soon need a slave labor force, when the supplies run out. Whether still ruled by the wealthy elite who originally purchased them or by their guards, who have little reason to remain loyal to their original masters, the local farming community will be pressed into service, with great brutality. Consider your neighbors, when finding refuge from the Atlantic seaboard during the pole shift in North Carolinas mountainous interior.”

      1. The solution is simple…slaughter the unrepentant, wicked, and Satan worshiping Luciferian globalist elite and their guards and get their property.

  123. JT I have heard folks say we need to be west of Blue Ridge parkway. We are outside of Statesville and I hope we are far enough from the coast. Its not west of Parkway but close

    1. Thanks, I’ve heard the same thing but was hoping maybe it would not come this far inland.

  124. I’ve been reading about people having dreams of megaquake tsunami’s a lot lately…. then i have two of them in the past three weeks. Psychological? Just dreams i know, but could God be trying to tell me something? My family and I live in Seattle so…fingers crossed.

  125. Yes fingers crossed and prayers need to be said. We are in perilous times!!

  126. It looks like after a 300′ tsunami I’m going to be able to casually stroll to the “new” beach region.

    1. But many of my wife’s side of the family are going to be going for a LONG swim.

  127. what about a 100′ tsunami, I live 1 mile inland at 43′ elevation in coastal N. C.

    1. @ Anthony w. lane
      Please don’t take this wrong, but personally I would be taking swimming lessons. Or move.
      PS; the math, 100’High wall of water, and your at 43′ even at a mile in. I believe your feet would get a little damp.

  128. Just because a tsunami may reach 100 ft in height does NOT mean that everyone living below that height will need to take SCUBA lessons. It’s far more complex than that. In the same location, I have dived on shipwrecks that, with a four foot surface wave, the lower orbital aspect of the wave only reached 20 or thirty feet below the surface. On one same wreck, at another time, there was a four foot wave on the surface but it its lower orbital aspect was thrashing me back and forth at 110 ft. What that means is that the wave REALLY wanted to be deeper, (probably another 10-20 ft) but its forward movement was impacting the sand and I was caught in the surge.

    The latter observance was while hurricane waves were being generated before the actual landfall. The first observance was just normal sized waves for the area with locally generated waves. Still, it is the VOLUME of water under the wave that governs how far a wave will penetrate inland. Speed is a minor factor, since the continental shelf and sloping ocean bottom as a braking surfaces to oncoming waves. How that shows up is that hurricanes waves with a lot greater volume still don’t advance onto the beach much faster than regular waves.

    I recall author Willard Bascomb describing one tsunami wave traveling at 400 mph, but since it was only 2 feet high and hundreds of miles between crests, no one on the beach noticed anything unusual. So, since waves are generally slowed down as their lower aspect drags along the ocean bottom, and further braked by trees and buildings, it is far more likely that a 100 ft wave will run out of enough water volume before ever reaching all those house under that 100 ft.

    If an asteroid hit the mid-Atlantic, THAT would be a real problem because the volume of displaced water would be off the charts. Although a bit Hollywood, a good way to see how the water behaved was in “Deep Impact” with Elijah Wood and Morgan Freeman. Near the very end, Wood is outrunning the water and you can get an idea of how much momentum the incoming water loses as it encounters the convolution of mountains and valleys.

    All I’m saying is that figuring out whose house will get flooded depends on a huge number of factors not the least of which include, volume, speed, frequency, direction. and topographical resistance features. So, the big question to ask is whether the maps drawn relate to merely the height of the wave ……. or take into account the complexities of the previously mentioned factors.

    Imagine, if you will, a tsunami wave generated at the Yucatan Peninsula traveling northward to the Gulf shore of the US. That 300 foot wave someone mentioned in an earlier post would never make it to the Ohio River (315 ft elevation) because the wave would have dissipated long before traveling the 1000 miles to the confluence there.

    1. @ BR549

      Agreed, mostly, but a 100′ tsunami wave, 1 mile inland, and 43′ elevation climb in NC where their are usually very few mountain between. Sort of like predicting the earthquake in Tenn. Or the Yellowstone Volcano eruption. Or even worse, the stock markets with obummer’s finger on the Nuke Trigger.
      Regardless of the if/ands/buts I would opt for the swimming lessons.


  129. All of this evidence and discussion regarding an east coast tsunami has me very concerned. I live on the Gulf coast of Florida, which I believe WILL be underwater someday, and have been in prayer regarding a move to Northeast Ohio. The Warren area specifically. I think God is directing me to do it, but I still have doubts. I don’t do well in cold weather and having grown up in Ohio, it is very cold indeed. I will leave behind my 2 children who claim to be saved, but are not living by God’s commandments. If it’s God’s will, I would rather be alive doing God’s work than drowning. What do y’all think? Please pray for me as I make this difficult decision as I pray ALL Christians “see the light”. God bless all of you.

      1. Yes… wondering how far inland it will travel. Doesnt look like it will swallow all of NJ.

        1. Concerned I hope this helps! I know it’s long, but try to read it all.

          All areas along the Eastern Coast will have to deal with tidal waves as a fact they cannot discount, during the coming pole shift. No wall will be strong enough to resist the weight of water that will rise up, 100 feet high, in a steady flood tide, nor are there walls in place today constructed with that in mind. High rise buildings with doors and windows and sewage connections will do more than flood, on the lower floors, they will crush and drop, as the water will create uneven pressure on outside walls, pressure they were never expected to have to resist. New Jersey does not have the elevation or distance from the coast to assure safety.
          New Jersey is extreme lowland for almost the entire state. Essentially a delta area, there are no rock outcroppings to afford safety from tidal waves that will strike the coastline at a height of 500-600 feet, diminishing only well inland to an average wash over the state of 100 feet above sea level. Soil will wash from under buildings so that they topple. The land in many places will be scoured clean, without a trace, and in some areas no land will even remain. The land abutting the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, to the extent it rises above that 100 foot level and well away from any river outlets by which the sea can pour inland, will afford some protection from tidal waves.

        2. Well explained, Steve. I had tried to let people know that just because there is a 500 ft wall of water at the shore does NOT mean that everywhere under 500 ft further inland will be inundated. So many factors come into play here, direction, the moon, the tides, the wind, and importantly, the volume of initial seismically displaced water.

          So, your 100 ft flood tide would sound about right, assuming that the water’s mass is able to lose sufficient momentum through convolutions within anyone’s local topography. But no matter how you look at it, New Jersey would be toast.

    1. I would be concerned, but I would also be slightly grateful that you can hide in skyscrapers in Manhattan if disaster occurred.

  130. Would my family be safe in Philadelphia Pa? Also, how about a 800ft wave? Would they be safe?

  131. Some years ago I had a dream where I saw myself standing in front of the Atlantic ocean contemplating its grandeur and admiring nature’s beauty. In the dream it was a beautiful day to be out in the ocean. As i observed the deep, I noticed that the ocean started behaving strangely, and a great fear came upon me. The disturbance in the ocean happened so suddenly like in the twinkle of an eye! I saw this enormous dark tidal wave approaching the coast very rapidly and stretching from north to south as far as the eye can see. It was the longest, largest tidal wave I have ever seen.For a moment during the dream I thought I was in the flood during the days of Noah. As the wave reached the coast ascending to its appointed height, the number that came to my consciousness during the vision was 1000ft tall. It stood in front of me and I saw the sun seating upon its crest and I felt as if my spirit melted of terror inside me. I pleaded to God from the depths of my soul for mercy and I asked him to please spare my life from such a great destruction. I wanted to run but I knew it was useless, I could not move because of the fear that overwhelmed my soul and flesh; as I am pleading with desperation in my dream calling upon God begging him to please remove me from such destruction, with great difficulty I returned to my body, and I was paralyzed but with my mind completely aware of the situation. I found myself in a state of being here and there at the same time. It was as if my body was still in front of the wave and my mind was looking to access the physical body without being able to establish the connection, and it took me a while to understand that I was dreaming. When I finally made it back fully to my flesh and realized that I was laying on my bed dreaming, I noticed that my entire body was sweating profusely, it felt like if a fountain had burst from within me and there were drops of sweat literally on my entire flesh. It was a horrible vision, horrible to no end… to this day, I refuse to go near the ocean for fear of the dream. I send an email to the weather channel wanting to know how far inland a wave of this magnitude would go but I have not received a response yet from them.
    After that dream, I have had other dreams of waves coming upon the earth. Among those one will be on the West coast of the US, but that one, would not be as large as the one that will come upon the East coast. I was told as a child that when a dream repeats itself is to be taken as a warning and the repetition means that it will come to pass. So say for example, if a person is living in New England how far would a wave this huge would go inland? Would it reach as far as the mountains?
    This year some months ago, I had a different dream, and in my dream I saw myself suspended in the air where the clouds dwell and I was standing there looking up, but I did not know why was I there and what was I trying to look at. From the middle of the clouds I was looking at, there appeared a clearing see thru, resembling a fine dew made of clouds but looking like see thru dew. While I was looking to the clearing on the clouds, a man of a gigantic stature appeared on my left and he was wearing a long white tunic, but with his face in the cosmos. I was not allowed to see his face but around where the face should be all I saw was the cosmos. After this, I was caused to lower my body downward but still in a standing up position (travelling straight down effortlessly) and I came below the man’s feet where I noticed the lower legs and sandals he was wearing. As I descended I saw the hem of his garment and I wondered what was the vision about and the meaning of it, when I heard a voice saying: “Prepare to leave” and after I heard the voice saying that the dream ended.
    Could someone that is familiar on how to calculate the wave’s radius inland tell me that information?

    1. Your dreams I am sure were so intense. I truly believe God is speaking to a lot of people in dreams. I wish I could help you with your question. I think when it does happen all we can do is look to Him!

    2. The distance inland depends on the depth (not the height) of the wave, the reason behind it, and the terrain of the land. Without knowing those three criteria it would be impossible to predict. The wave extends to the ocean bottom, so as it approaches the shore it grows in height. It will only achieve its “true” height when it hits the shore. However, once the wave hits the shore it no longer has the push of the ocean behind it so it starts to lose power. Even a 1000 foot wave might dissipate quickly.

    3. I do not believe in the existence of any god or gods, and, also, a tsunami would gain height going towards shoreline and also wouldn’t be more than a mere 1 meter ripple in the ocean.

      1. “The fool has said in their heart, ‘There is no God'”! Please, keep talking and prove that sentence right…I DARE you!

  132. Hi, i live in the northern coast line in Porto and i was born in the Azores islands (middle of the Atlantic) where my family still lives. The isles can be really high as they are mostly vulcanic but still very small in diameter… And as knowing that a tsunami gains speed with distance how big and how far would it hit there? As far as i know there were never in the known history any tsunami catastrophe there… only the ocasional earthquakes.

    1. Earthquakes can also cause massive tsunamis, as are the cases with the 2004 Bali earthquake/tsunami and the 2011 Touhou earthquake/tsunami/nuclear plant meltdown.

  133. Hey man…thanks for ignoring the existence of my entire state. We would almost totally get wiped off the map but…you didn’t even bother to mention us ON the map, so I guess one of the most densely populated states just doesn’t matter that much. *passive-aggressive evil glare*

    1. Yeah, think about the poor 30 million people in the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania-Connecticut metropolitan area!

  134. I live about Fremont, N.H., about 15 miles inland as the crow flies. A real simulation would be interesting. The northern and southern coasts would be quite different. Southern coast tent to be shelving whereas north of Massachusetts the coast is very abrupt, over 100 ft within a quarter mile of the coast (sometimes just yards). The though on within a quarter mile of the Exeter River, like many northern rivers it is small an tortuous. Even the river is more than 100 ft above sea level here, and there are land rifts of over 100 ft. between here and the coast which would adsorb a lot of energy. Though only 15 mi from the coast the bulk of the water would have to travel 25 or 30 mi, or surmount large obstacles. Topography is paramount. Water intersecting water absorbs energy.

  135. I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL, which is a barrier island. Should I buy a boat? How far passed the Intracoastal Waterway would the water go? Would it make any difference that the St. Johns River flows North?

  136. Here’s a list of Florida’s highest places (first link). Needless to say that since the list shows all the high points down to 49 ft elevation, your CLOSEST distance to anything is a three hour drive to west of Orlando (Sugarloaf). Using the list, you can click on the counties and those counties’ placement within the state appear in red on the right of the page. At least according to this list, with most of Florida at about is 25-30 ft elev., anyone along the Florida Coast would be more or less $%#&-ed.

  137. This blog is a few years to early. The “BIG ONE” isn’t due to hit California until May 22, 2016. This 9.2 earthquake will cause a tsunami that devastates the Hawaiian Islands too. Very few die in Hawaii due to the elevation and the warning from the US, but thousands die in poor Cali…

    My numbers can be verified by the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center in Orlando, Florida. “Only about 12 people know this Earthquake is coming and six of them work here. GOOD-LUCK…

    1. Anonymous
      Some years back I dreamt of an enourmous earthquake in the early morn causing a violent volcanoe eruption. Everyone was running & fleaing for their lives heading upward to the mountains. I was among them terrified for my life only caring if I alone survived. Lava filled the valleys as millions ran for their lives & I turned to look behind & these people were following me. I yelled I can’t save you! I looked around the terrain & even though I had never been there I knew this was Hawaii or one of its islands. We were trapped & could only go upward. The day became night from the ash & the valleys raised with lava. When we reached the summit of the peak & awaited our fate. I remembered that morning I had been visited by a messenger who had given me a message to read at precisely at 2pm. I asked someone the time & was told it was 2 o’clock. I took the piece of paper out & read it. The only thing I will say is: GOD DEVISED a plan to save the people on that island because I believed the message & 1 man gave all his efforts we worked together. Near the end we weren’t sure everyone would get off. When it came to the last group one had to remain behind & this man told me to go.with great love & admiration I pushed him & said you go I’m ok. & I was. As afraid as I was of dying & the lava. This man saved the people & he showed me how to care for someone other than myself. There is no doubt in my mind this was Hawaii. I don’t understand the dream but Hawaii is Hawaii & at some point it is destroyed. Rather in this quake or in a future event it’s gone.

      1. Would like to hear more about this dream, and specifics on what you saw in Hawaii… (why were you there in this dream if you have never been there before)??? Do you have a way to contact? or can moderators kindly pass my e-mail to Anonymous. Mahalo!

    2. still waiting… what’s the updated date of destruction?? please tell me, I’ve got my popcorn and everything.

  138. Be Advised that the 923 scenario will occur in 2016.

    JANUARY 30th to FEBRUARY 14th 2016 all have information for you.

    This is the culmination of dreams, prophesy and predictive programming.
    923 was a warning of all the events coming in the Tribulation.

    Please evacuate now.

    You will not be able to leave with 3 hours notice as 100 million attempt to do the same. Pray and be safe.

    1. Well, guess your god became busy unleashing his wrath somewhere else, but keep on repenting…

  139. As far as south Florida goes, aren’t you forgetting the Bahama bank and the Bahama islands? The Bahama bank runs for hundreds of miles and is 8-15′ deep in places, That and the islands would certainly slow down any wave heading to south Florida from Palm Beach to Miami.

  140. Hi Ken,

    I wonder what kind of expertise/training you have?

    I am very interested in your blog since I live in New York State.

    1. @WorriedPerson
      No, you should be prepared; worrying does no good in life besides give you gray hair.
      Research what you would need to do if a Tsunami Warning is announced and make a plan of action.
      Nobody can tell you for certain what will or may happen in your area/life that is your decision/responsibility to make yourself, family, whoever prepared for the unknown. Preparing for one event such as a tsunami may be on your mind at this moment, but there are literally hundreds or thousands you should be ready for in life, the needle in the hay stack (tsunami) may be a focus for now, but try planning for the entire Hay Stack in a wind storm.
      The key is to prepare for the unknow.

  141. What about the Navy Map of the US after this eruption?
    Should we in Central Tx move towards the Appalacians?

  142. What about the Tampa Bay area? I live about 45 minutes north of Tampa. is it really conceivable that a wave 300′ high could literally wash right over the state from the Atlantic Ocean?

  143. With regards to South Florida, I was wondering about the impact of the Bahamas on an event like this? You really can’t even surf south of Cocoa Beach because the open ocean flow is disrupted by the islands. While they are not much more than a sand bar, would they still not alleviate some if a large wave’s energy?

  144. Well Me and my family are done for because we live in Burlington county pemberton nj and your map shows that we will get hit even thou my family and I live on a hill it will still hit us and I heard that when that tsunami happens it is from God because of how the people in America lies and believes in abortions and thinks it’s okay for people to be gay and I heard that after that tsunami in acouple of years from that point on Jesus is coming back and I’m not trying to start a controversial argument or anything but of that tsunami happens it is time to start repenting and time to go home with God just saying but I just wanted to show and help you guys out so you guys can be safe thank you for showing me the map

    1. I don’t believe in the existence of any god or gods, but I think he would be stupid to send a tsunami over things people can’t control.

  145. Wll as I can see, this talk has been going on for years now. Where is the big event? All of you people claiming this is going to happen, that is going to happen month after month, year after year, and nothing? I highly doubt anything is going to happen and if it did, i wouldn’t call it a NATURAL Disaster, more like a created one. I think there is to much money invested in the disney name and brand for them to destroy there own creation down here in Florida in the orlando area.

    1. The thing is, that it COULD happen, but it may not happen in our lifetimes. We don’t know when it would happen.

  146. Question. The highest point in my county in NJ is 300 feet above sea level. This location is 11 mi from the atlantic ocean, but only 5 mi south of the sandy hook bay, west of the Atlantic & east of the raritan bay just south east of Staten Island. Would I be safe just heading to this spot instead of hopping on a westerly interstate that’s most likely packed with other evacuees? Apologies if this was already answered as it was easier for me to just write this than to search to see if someone had already inquired about minimum safety height from a tsunami. Thanks for the blog and maps.

    1. It depends. A 300 foot tsunami would loose power moving inland, but it may be able to climb up to your location. I would go to the top of a building or hill with a height of at least 350 feet. Also, do choose a stable, strong building, like the one world trade in Manhattan.

  147. I am currently residing in Queens, New York and would like to know which would be the closest, yet safest areas in the event of a tsunami wave
    created by a passing orbit of Planet X. I understand this thing is much larger than our planet and is dragging several moons, along with meteors in its tail. The magnetic pull would be tremendous.
    Would any parts of neighboring New Jersey, the New England States, or Pennsylvania be survival options. Or would it have to be as far as Ohio, or Atlanta Georgia?
    Many thanks,

    1. @NativeNewYorker: Parts of the Catskills, 50 mi north of NYC is probably the closest area to you. Trouble is, 20 million other people are between you & them.

    2. Actually, if you have the time, the safest location nearest to you is Todt Hill on Staten Island. It has an elevation above 400 feet.

    3. You can go west to New Jersey. About 25 miles away from new york city it is all mountainous and rural (400-1800 feet in elevation). Like the other person mentioned, todt hill is an option, but you would pretty much be on a tiny island until the water clears out. And lots of other people would come to todt, so it would be pretty crowded. And the catskills are an option but they will take a while to get to.

  148. Read a lot of these and noticed that lot of people have had dreams.
    Is it possible that what you are seeing & hearing is not natural, but spiritual?
    Just a thought.
    the Bible I read does mention that Born Again Christians will leave in the
    All this earthquake & Tsunami stuff sounds like destruction—what would happen AFTER the Rapture

    1. I don’t believe in the existence of any god or gods, but dreams are usually a reinforcement of what happened in your past. I wouldn’t be too worried about tsunami dreams.

  149. I just want to point out that Manhattan is sheltered by the outer boroughs. If a 75 foot wave doesn’t skip over Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, Manhattan would be generally unharmed. If a 300 ft tsunami arrives, go to Todt hill on SI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Will my internet service still be available during a Tsunami ? This is pretty important! Also, what if my remote control gets wet, will it still work?

  151. I live in Concord NC, my mom in Mt Gilead NC we are not far from Charlotte NC I am a child of God my husband will not move so IM stuck here like a rock unto my Lord to lift me up like a Mountain how bad do you think it will be here. I’m about 4 hours from Charleston???????????

  152. If you take care of a loved one in their 80’s that can’t swim and unable to get to the mountains when a tsunami comes does God hold that against us if your heart is right with him. Some of us will not be able to make that kind of move.

  153. I would like to see a 500 foot scenario, especially for what the Mississippi River and tributaries would look like.

  154. I live in Avon park Florida high land county elevation of 121 ft it this wave come this far??

  155. Hi Ken,
    Great article, your simulations are really impressive! I live in central NJ, but you cut NJ off, lol! So disappointed! I’m only 15 miles as the crow flies from the ocean and only about 100 ft above sea level.

    1. Whoops, I see that I did indeed cut off part of NJ. Just tie a boat to your 2nd floor window and you should be fine.


  156. Most of northern nj will be fine lol what would a 300 foot wave do to a 1400 foot mountain lol

    1. Nothing. Up there in Northern NJ you’re basically shielded by NYC and Long Island.

      Only thing I’d be worried about is stuff from the Passaic river contaminating the lower elevations as it’s pushed north by the flow. As if devastating water isn’t enough to worry about.

      Then there’s the nuke plant down near AC…. that’s not a fun scenario either.

    2. Yeah even though I live in the mountains a nuclear meltdown would be really bad.
      Also the ammount of refugees that would come.
      There would be tensions between the locals and the refugees over resources, land, and values (locales socially conservative) (refugees socially liberal mainly).The economic trouble afterwards would be really bad.
      Its possible the U.S. govornment could collapse or be extremely weakened.
      Civil war would also be possible.
      Now that I think about it, even though I live in the mountains its the aftermath that would be worst.

  157. I’m moving from the NJ shore to Charlotte NC in the summer of 17. Believe it or not, the Canary Islands thing is on my mind, along with global warming. Good to know that this isn’t a problem I’d have to worry about going where I’m going.

    BTW, today is the day that The President announced pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord – which is what got me looking anew, and I found this blog. Thanks for the information. Great stuff here.

  158. Found this. Doesn’t show a 300 feet scenario, but it shows what the canary island landslide would produce. Hope it helps.

    Also to all the people asking will I be okay in New Jersey? Yes and no. If you live in central or southern new jersey it is extremely dangerous. However northwestern new jersey is very mountainous and is a safe haven, although like Out of NJ says, the nuclear plants could cause problems.

  159. How many miles West does one has to travel in Safety from the Beaches from Miami gardens?

  160. Would the Lehigh Valley be safe? Phillipsburg NJ & Easton PA? It doesn’t show it on the above maps because they are too far west in the map. But I’m wondering if the Delaware River will flood all the way north, up there? Or are Phillipsburg and Easton safe bets?

    1. The potential devastation would remain pretty much near the shoreline in this hypothetical scenario. While a massive tsunami of this magnitude would travel up rivers and waterways to an extent, and push inland to an extent, it will lose it’s energy fairly rapidly as it travels inland.

      There have been lots of people who have commented on this article who live well inland and have been concerned about impact. If you are many miles away from the shoreline, and depending on geography an terrain, chances are you may be okay.

      The main reason that I posted this article had to do with the fact that LOTS and LOTS of people live very near the shoreline. And “if” this tsunami were to take place, these people and their property would be devastated.

  161. I live in NJ about 20 minutes from Philadelphia & the Delaware River, our elevation is 60 ft, would there still be a big wave that comes down the river and engulfs everything or would it just be more of a flood?

    1. Check out some vids from the last Japan tsunami, posted one behind this, should show up soon

  162. Out of curiosity, do your models of Florida include the breakwater effect that the Bahamas will have on any tsunami? I would imagine that it would be considerable.

    1. Ah Bye Bye? I used to work at Johns Hopkins Hospital there and there is very limited road network that is jammed in “Normal” times. 2 hour warning to evacuate to where?

      The folks east of Baltimore MD may have a head start to flee towards the mountains of Maryland IF they roll as soon as the warning is issued. Folks if you live in a social Tinderbox subject to “Fredde Grey” issues and such need to have a solid PREPACKED Full Gas Tank Bug out vehicle AND a Solid Place to go to. Refugees suffer, get robbed by Gimmie Dats and die. Plan Folks Do NOT be a Refugee.

  163. This map simulation make no sense. Tsunamis don’t maintain their height. A tsunami wave crests near the shore line. After collapse, it would pile up the water and push the water inland. A 10 meter tsunami goes 1.2 kilometers inland. One guess for 30 meter tsunami is it would go generally 20 miles inland on near sea level land. If your on a river connected to where tsunami hit, a wave will surge up that river so don’t be near any connected rivers. Also beware that the west coast of florida can get walloped just as hard as east coast due to wrap around effect so don’t make mistake of going to west coast and sun yourself on the beach..

  164. Just remember all of us that came to Florida –came here to die—so be it 50 years, 50 day’s or 50 Hour’s —It matters not–The weather has been better here long enough to be worth it.

    1. I just read your comment. That was funny! Never thought of Florida that way, but it makes sense ;) (I guess I’m not old enough yet)

  165. It looks like we are right on the borderline in Martinez, Ga … Just outside Augusta, Ga. At 300 ft, it goes right around my neighborhood and floods again just north and west of us but that is still too close for comfort for me!

  166. Any Floridian in Tampa/Sarasota can sell me their home. As I see it — anyone off the East Coast can relax regarding Tsunami. These maps show elevation vs. wave height… which is only part of the geometry. If you are miles inland… even the West Coast (Tampa, Sarasota, Napels) is pretty safe (except for hurricanes).

    Why? Consider that (even at low elevation) each foot of land that a wave travels across absorbs energy. To say that a 300 ft wave will go completely across Florida because there is no topography to absorb is incorrect. A wave needs energy to traverse each foot of land crosses. Forget the buildings and highway overpasses for now. Just say that it takes 10 feet of land to absorb each foot of Tsunami height. That means that a 500-foot high Tsunami could traverse 5000 ft of land. Or 1 Mile inland. So a Tsunami would need to be 800,000 feet high to across the entire state….

    If you think this is wrong — please tell me how…

    1. Jak,

      Quote: “To say that a 300 ft wave will go completely across Florida because there is no topography to absorb is incorrect.”

      If you read the article, you will discover that I never said that. In fact the article is filled with caveats. Please read.

      Also, the maps indicated here are purely elevation maps. That’s it. And I’ve made that pretty clear above in the article’s text…

      1. How about Grasonville Maryland? About 10 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay bridge

        1. Wade I’m no expert but I’m looking at the same thing you are on a map.
          A 300 ft wave your elevation is 16ft and Delaware to the east of you runs around 50ft at best sooo…. your gonna have wet feet for sure lol
          You can head west only as long as that bridge holds but how much do you think that river will rise and how strong is that bridge? How much traffic will be heading the same way you are doing the same thing? The once you cross you are on another peninsula that will take how long to flood?
          Meh every place is a gamble especially where I live.

  167. And I’m 100% serious about buying homes in/around Tampa. That said, be ready to take care of yourself/family for a few weeks if East-coast disaster strikes! A filter that can make pool or pond water drinkable is #1 on the list, as is a tank of fuel!

    Anyone know how regularly natural gas lines get disrupted after hurricanes? I now have a 200-gallon propane tank but am thinking of switching to piped natural gas… thoughts?

    Also, who has a good approach to thinking about emergency food — please share a link. I feel good about water and fuel for now… but need to do a better job assuring we have food for a couple months if need be…

    1. Regarding your question of emergency food, this blog is filled with articles on this topic (and many others). Try using the Search link up top as you browse for words, phrases, topics…

    2. Jak Plihal;
      Personally if your thinking of being “prepared, I’d never depend on anything “supplied” out of your control…. Aimed specifically at your Nat. Gas question. Including Power.

  168. Anyone capable of reading for comprehension.

    Ken explained the maps were topographical, not predictive.

    It’s interesting that the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami sent energy through water around the globe. Tsunami effects were measured in Antarctica, on the west coasts of India and of Vancouver Island, South America, and in coastal East and South Africa.

    Diffractive effects of land mass topography, changes caused in the shape of the sea floor by the earthquake, and vertical movement of the sea bed.

    Sigh! I sometimes wish it was a law of nature that if anyone predicts a date for a disaster and gets folks terrified into a panic, that if the event does not occur then the predictor would cease to exist. I can hear my mother say “that’s not very nice.” Maybe not, but . .

  169. What about Pearland Texas..
    I did not see anything about the areas that border the Gulf of Mexico

  170. Once again, didn’t happen. It’s been years since your post. People, get on with life instead of worrying about what “could” happen. Throughout all of time things could happen, that’s always been the case. You’re wasting time, and life is too short.

  171. Great info. Is there I similar map for the west coast of North America, given concerns about the development of fractures around the Hilina slump? I’m about 120 miles away in the foothills, but have a lot of family along the California coastlines.

  172. I wrote this like superfast just trying give you glimps

    Base or Treble: Earthquakes, Liquids, Solids, and Cymatics.

    Think about it this way. Sound makes things that are within its (proximity both spatially and temporally) move. An earthquake, depending on the size of its epicenter as well as its depth beneath/within what some refer to as the crust and mantle…as deep as ~1600feet (or perhaps deeper) as some suggest or on the surface of the crust. In any case, the deeper the quake, the lower frequency of vibration it tends to emit. This is because of the various forces of earth exerting various pressures on it. Likewise, the smaller the epicenter, the higher the frequency tends to be, however, you have to factor both of these variables in simultaneously to get an accurate idea of the wave frequency, amplitude, and total duration. its not a question whether an earthquake could exhibit more or less energy in general, but the question is how the waveform propagates (its behavior about its 3D special axes and 1D temporal axis (and 3D waveform quality through spacetime (assuming space and time are a holistic system)

    If we view an earthquake as sound, know that it propagates in a 3D bubble, able to bend corners and repropogate a new set of special dynamics based on the energy lost and the angle that sound escapes through. However, we also know that the 3D soundwave is not a single pure vibration, rather, most typically, a series (symphony) of vibrations about the z-axis that wrap themselves and spin/corkscrew about the “skeletal” body moving about the x and y axis (arbitrary, yet crucial to define and keep consistent). This gives the sound various qualities beyond pitch, gain, and volume such as timbre. This is how we can tell that a piano sounds like a piano at the same pitch, gain, and volume as a guitar playing “the same sound.” Now we understand that it is not the same sound, that is, a guitar sounds markedly different than piano. The vibrations of an earthquake exhibit similar qualities and attributes. An earthquake would propagate through land, dissipating some energy into the atmosphere, yet retaining the bulk of its energy through the more conductive matter of the crust or mantle and following the path of least resistance in every regard (its motions, directions, dissipation, etc.). This energy depending on the materials of the matter it flows through, as well as its depth and epicenter size, can give a rather broad range of various types of waveforms with various energy dimensions and dynamics rather than simple or narrow range of vibrational tendencies. In other words, earthquake vibrations are VERY robust, carrying with them lots of information and kinetic energy (the kinetic energy is carrying/housing the information, *infodynamics conduit). Don’t forget, we have to also factor in reflections, refractions, bends, harmonic effects, resonant effects, etc. Given the known content and depth of the crust and mantle, different sources of vibrations would result in an increase in different waveforms forming with various energies. Land penetration would rely on all such factor, plus the grade of incline/slope of land, altitude of land, surface material and obstructions, detours, etc.
    Natural earth movement resulting in earthquake vs. projectile (meteorite impact, etc.)
    Force if impact depends on the size and speed of projectile and impact point (depth, material of both projectile and impact site, etc.) of projectile.

  173. Ok after reading the article and a few of the comments I noticed that most were talking about the tsunami caused by the Cumbre Vieja Volcano in the Canary Islands would only be 300 ft. however after viewing the World’s Worst Disasters Season 1 Episode 7, and doing some personal research I found that the 300 ft is no where near the actual calculations of the tsunami…it would be a lot closer to 2000-3000 ft high. and traveling at over 400 miles an hour….the people on the east coast would have less than 8 hours to evacuate after the volcano erupted. that is when/if it happens.

  174. Wondering how N. Suffolk, VA would fair with the Nansemond River close by. I really think it could effect rivers and cause them to rise as well. Been thinking of moving further inland but not sure as to where yet. So many factors in play.

  175. How early would a warning be issued and how would it be issued? Would it be through a mobile phone alert like other weather alerts? I’m only about 10 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay bridge so I could head west pretty quickly.

    1. Wade,I suggest you watch some YouTube videos of the tsunami that hit Japan. They show how water came in on roads and modern infrastructure. The length of warning is directly related to how far away your location is from the seismic event . In Japan it was mere minutes before it hit.
      So you may get hours of notice or literally none.
      It depends…

    2. Wade, I am not in that area and if i were and could move inland , would. I believe that those who are on coast would get 5-15 min tops. Many people will be trying to flee, gridlock will be the order of the day. You will be where ever you are… just my take. see comment below to Karen and Joy.

  176. Joy,
    I happen to see this today after I heard Perry Stone had dreams of East Coast facing tsunami just recently. He had mention 100 feet wave of tsunami coming to East Coast. Should I be ready to move out of Fl completely soon? What state should I move to? I don’t like moving too much. Also, should I pray the Lord would keep us safe? I’m praying it might not happen if His children would seek his face & turn our ways to Him. I’m praying it’s not too late before this happens.
    Thank you & God bless..

    1. I had a dream this past July.. it was either a 100-150 ft wave as I estimated from going outside and looking at my tree line and gestimating how much higher the water was.. this dream was so real, most intense dream I’ve probably ever had, I could HEAR the tricking and then rushing of the water all around me.. at first I tried to forget about it and move on.. but it has stuck with me.. I been praying what I should do with what I’ve seen.. and it was not too longer after, I went back and read my note on my phone where I had wrote down and dated and timed my dream.. ok my dream happened on 7/16/19 5:15am.. but when I went back to look at my note in my phone.. the date I wrote was 11/16/19 5:15am.. part of what has me staying on all this is I think the Lord had me stumble across Perry Stone a few months before my dream.. I had not heard of him having those same dreams until after I had mine!!! He put out a YouTube video I think in September where he talked about his latest dream. My date in my phone is very troubling.. I am in Georgia, just south of Atlanta.. I know we are supposed to not worry as believers and trust that Jesus has saved us by his loved poured out for us on the cross, which I believe, praise God!! But I’m still worried for the masses who are not aware of the time that is short.. I think we believer have to just stay in prayer and in the word and asking God to lead us in what we are to be doing. I think it’s time to start witnessing as much as possible, and being a light to the world, being the love of Christ to those in need. May God bless you and cover you with His peace and protection thru Christ Jesus. Amen

      1. Karen
        Let me state this up front to you and anyone reading this, my comments are not meant to be snarky but I am a person who believes telling it like it is. For those who are offended that is not my point.

        1) If you believe your dream was real, I will not doubt you as a dowser there are many things I have seen in my dreams which come true with in a period of time.
        2) I was raised that God helps those who help themselves. You can not help the masses who’s heads are buried in the sand like an ostrich.
        3) If you feel where you currently reside is not safe then plan on finding a location where you can work, feel comfortable within your community.
        Good luck with what ever you decided, it will be your life choice.

      2. Karen,
        I’ll be praying for you. Yes, we should witness others who are lost in this world. They have not invited our Lord, Jesus into their hearts to invite Him in their heart after repent of their sins for forgiveness & ask Jesus to be their Savior & Lord that He would direct their life by having relation with Him. When this happens, our eternity is with Jesus in Heaven where their is no tears of sadness & No pain of any kinds, but Joy & happiness over flows with love & kindness with love in the Heaven, God’s Kingdom where the eternity is in Heaven. Amen! Praise be His name forever & ever, Amen! God is so good & His Love over flows your heart! God cares & loves for all people, but people don’t want to choose Him because they don’t want to change inward in their heart. I pray who ever reads this, it is not too late for you to pray to God to come into your heart today! Don’t be late because no one knows what tomorrow will bring? I can fully be at peace no fear what tomorrow will bring because I have trust my life with my Lord, Jesus that He will take good care of me on earth or in the Heaven! I have assurance with confidence that He will be with me even until end of time said in Bible. Amen! Thank you Jesus! I love you Lord with all my heart & my soul! God bless everyone!

    2. JOY, Karen… Just my take..I would not remain in a coastal area with low elevation… areas with a rim of rock to shield them – it is anyone’s guess..Tsunami will not get enough warning to flee in areas where all ground is low ground. Don’t know about how soon… but 100 ft wave incoming will travel several miles, unless the rim of rock/soil/ debris blocking it is very high. There would be no safe location I know of in Florida. Coastal Ga, ditto. Ms, Lousiana, ditto. There are a few areas of higher ground that may become islands. IF the ground underneath remains stable. ie… no earthquake results. Change in water pressure along Ms. River could set off the fault of New Madrid. and the several other fault lines down that river and in north west Tn. There is no certain data.. Each of us has to figure what kind of “risks” we wish to take..

      This will give you some material , one place to start, your research..He has done these for several years…. You tube channel “Chris Thomas Wakefield.., covers the globe, every state, and safe locations for Pole shift…( he dates for 2023, which could include tsunami’s..).
      Several miles could be flooded inland for more feet- than one would wish to wade…..Inland, elevation is more important to know than the state. Ga has some foothills, away from rivers that would be a conduit for water incoming…

  177. The probability of a “Cumbre Vieja” type generated mega Tsunami is likely very low in the Atlantic Basin… please try to correct me with an expert if I am wrong. Further, it looks like the maps on this website basically highlight elevation differences only, and don’t actually model the direction and dynamic wave height, wave length, velocity, force etc. of a wall of water as it hits land, urban areas, estuaries, bays, hills, etc. I’m no expert but these maps don’t appear reliable for anything except perhaps showing what the coast might look like with catastrophic sea level rise. So visitors, please take this with a grain of salt and research credible second opinions before getting worked up and turning your garage into doomsday preppers. I know this mirrors a lot of the disclaimers made by the author, but I feel like there is still too much fear-mongering, especially looking at comments below.

    1. @Mark,
      You must have missed the following statement in the article above, which reads as follows:


      Not the expected distance a 300 foot tsunami would actually travel.

      1. I have relatives in Jacksonville, NC. They are about 20 miles inland from the coast, but they also have the New River that runs from the ocean up into that city.
        How would you advise them to respond to a tsunami coming their way? I’m worried about this with all that’s happening with the La Palma volcano.
        Thanks so much.

  178. I live on the Space Coast of Florida. If any tsunami hit Florida’s East Coast……we’re toast.

    1. Indeed. Though the further inland, better odds. Maybe keep a boat roped to your bedroom window (joke).

  179. I live on Cape Cod, MA. In the town of Harwich. I would assume that the entire Cape Cod area would be devestated by god forbid such an event. However, i have an aunt who lives in Watertown, MA near Boston. I wonder how badly she would be affected…? And i can assume that people living in Western, MA The Berkshires would be the safest. If you could provide variable for each of these areas i would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you.


  180. Assuming the direction of the tsunami is from across ocean, it would seem that Bahama islands would act at least as a partial barrier protecting the southern portion of Florida. For the same reason, there is little to no surfing south of Cocoa beach to speak of, but is to the north of it.

  181. Dan, The Bahamas are flat. The Tongue of the Ocean is very deep. Atlantic storms are 5-6 miles high. If anything, The Bahamas help storms get heavier and more fierce as they linger over all that warm water. *Used to live there.

  182. ken this would be a pseudo “black swan” event. I say pseudo because it is inevitable there will be some type of collapse in the Canary Islands just don’t know when (maybe a day, maybe an hour, maybe no warning). It would sure change the demographics of the US and cause a near instant collapse of the almighty dollar among other things.

    1. It is so crazy to even imagine… The devastation would be massive and financially incalculable. It’s one of those natural disasters that are quite unlikely at any given moment. However, there will be a moment. And we don’t know when. So, when those earthquakes started rattling off over there, it made me think of this old article with the maps. Glad I live up in the mountains (grin).

      1. There have been relatively few geologic events in the last few thousand years, there in the past have been huge shifts in the earths crust.
        Why would it not awaken at some point?

  183. For comparison, Katrina in 2004 had a storm surge of @ 25 ft. For Sandy in 2012 it was @ 9 ft. Latest research ( indicates a tsunami of 13 to 26 ft hitting entire East Coast and Caribbean if Cumbre Vieja splits and sends western flank into ocean. The 13 to 26 feet is for a collapse and runout. Didn’t see any recent modeling on what happens if this collapse initiates an undersea massive slide compounding the fall of the flank. .. .. ..
    Chatted with a friend today who lives in the Canaries. He said of the recent swarm “Yes, that suddenly got quite interesting.”

  184. Just a thought, Russia has been bragging about its nuclear torpedoes that could be used to cause the ‘natural’ tsunami. Even if they just hit the base of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano the Canary collapse would look like a natural event but the result would be the same – east coast would be gone. This thing would unravel so fast that they just could get away with it.

    1. There would still be a significant radiation signature, don’t forget the special mushroom cloud.
      The world would know what happened.

      If it was conventional explosives, quite a lot could be loaded into a submersible
      bigger that the MOAB trump had dropped in the middle east with a blast yield equivalent to 11 tonnes of TNT

  185. I’m at 2250’ elevation in the North Georgia mountains so if I see any boats or cars floating through the valley 98% of Georgia will have become a prime fishing or scuba diving spot.

    1. I’m at 1211 feet above but I’m in central WI one of the dullest places for natural events.
      8 years here, the worst I have seen is about 3″ of rain in a little over an hour and a few stiff winds.

      I did hear this winter in Wisconsin was expected to be bad.

  186. I just heard that the Canary Islands are having hundreds of small earthquakes, speculating that the volcano IS waking up with more of a threat of blowing than ever before.

  187. So I live in one of the many Great Lake states, how much tatsumi flood water can I expect?

    (Sorry, Ken.
    I just had to do that.)
    Seems like there has been several comments over the years of this article, asking the same question…..

    Do these people have no idea where their location is on a map?

    I live in Florida…
    Will I be effected by a 300 foot tatsumi?

  188. I keep my Surfboard handy at all times, and am always looking for the next big wave.
    Yee -Ha !

  189. My entire life I have dreamed of being killed by a giant wave. I live in Ocala, Florida, which is in the center of the State, a place where people go to, during hurricanes. However, I am older now…than I am in those dreams..and I do not own a green beach chair…and I am not on a balcony overlooking the beach.

    What sucks is any water getting to me from a gigantic wave would be full of debris and junk…and not pretty…like in my dreams. Oh, well.

    What comes to mind is the Japanese wave, which killed thousands…in the very same place in Japan I used to live.

    The videos of the Japanese tsunami are much more frightening..than my dreams.

  190. That Volcano on La Palma is ERUPTING NOW!!! Why am I not hearing anything about this on the news???

    1. The WAVE is already looming above you… Then, your cell phone sounds an Amber alert to inform you.

    2. Mike, Actually new vents on La Palma have opened up somewhat south of the main cone on the island. Looks to be a little west of the north end of the fissure cracking across the top of the ridge that runs to the southern point. That’s the area that’s been speculated might drop into the sea someday. Lots of news out about it. I like .. .. .. ..
      Although flights are continuing to the Canaries, haven’t found any copter or drone video from above that ridge.

  191. Well it is 9/19/21 and there is major activity in the Canary Islands. I’m dead because im on the Delmarva lol. We just suffered through Ida which hit NJ horribly and I happened to be up for a few days hanging out with my kids and granddaughter who still live up there. The devastation was horrific as we’ve got tons of tributaries throughout my home county, Somerset County and this would just devastate that area as well.

    I’m going to insist that my grown kids pack a bug out bag and have an evacuation plan in check and I will be following what’s happening over there very carefully!!

    God knows we can’t trust the mainstream media nor our government!

  192. I read your report years ago. I also saw a documentary on television regarding the same subject. The theories are very lucid and well-thought-out from my perspective. If you have the opportunity, please let me know that your assessment would be; we’re living in Freehold Township New Jersey. How far away I would have to get from the shore to be safe? Thanks for your insights. Greatly appreciated! 🙏🏼

  193. My family and i live in southern Texas , about 45 minutes from the coast (South Padre Island)
    Would we be affected by this ?? I see maps about my are being covered but most module videos show up to Florida so i have no idea what to expect. Any thoughts?
    I packed a bag for myself and my kids and i am prepared to evacuate if necessary. Just curious .

  194. West Coast of Florida gone, but again, depending on the wave height of the tsunami; 75 feet or higher it will go across the State and will get Tampa, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and other Florida west coast cities. 8 to 9 hours to get here or not, you can imagine the gridlock for many many hours on the roads and interstates; millions will die. In addition, the weight of all of that water could make Florida sink as there is not much underneath Florida except caves, caverns, honeycombed caves, aquifers, etc. which will give way to all of that water; if that happens, Florida is gone forever. North Florida is more rocky and sturdy underneath but still could sink. I moved to North Florida months ago and with sound advanced warning, I think I will be able to get out more safely and quickly than say if I still lived in Sarasota where I came from.

  195. In in Orlando, go to Walt Disney World….get past the thin wall of security…and go to Mt.Everest and get to the top most part of the structure. It is the tallest “mountain” in all of Florida. If it still gets you…you never really had a chance the moment you did not buy the hot air balloon…..

  196. Oh, that’s right! Walt Disney World’s “Disney Springs” has a helium balloon ride…capable of holding dozens of people in its gondola…400 feet or so high. It is secured with a stainless steel cable to the ground, and it is very heavy duty. This should work!

  197. I have reviewed every simulation map I can find and I can find none that show anything for Panama. Does anyone have any info on that? Just a ballpark of the surge size coming into the north side of the peninsula of the country would be appreciated, thanks all!

  198. Nick Shae/Nick Shaw
    It will depend on what part of the UK which you reside in at the present time. I am ‘not an expert’ but a simple research shows that a wave would come in via the Bristol Channel up to Bristol. It would impacted Wales then spread out ward, Ireland would deflect some of it, but the channel surge would be up through the St. George’s channel to the Irish Sea.
    What I am giving you is a simple supposition of what could or possible see occurring by using simple deduction.
    As for supplies: bottled water/water filtering unit, MRE’s, medical supplies, dry clothing, walking shoes. The best is KISS=keep it simple (stupid–term I do not like). If you can vacuum seal these items so they stay dry you will be better off then your neighbors. Best advice I can with you.

  199. My son, DIL, and new Granddaughter live in coastal N.C. only about 4 miles from the ocean. I’ve been working for several years encouraging him to get on the preparedness train. He didn’t know anything about the eruption in La Palma, the El Combre volcano, or the horrendous possibility of a monster tsunami should part of the volcano slide into the ocean. He does now, thank goodness. I forward him new info. whenever I find it and we stay up to date. He has a NOAA Wx radio that might sound a warning. Estimates are that it would take the wave 7 to 9 hours to reach the East Coast. Considering the lag time in communicating the information within government circles I told him he might get 3 hours, maybe 4, so plan ahead for a swift evac. Keep his vehicle topped off with fuel. Have a couple totes available and know in advance what it is he absolutely has to take with him. Both he and his wife work from home, so a quick exit is doable. I have also equipped him with a satellite phone and I have one as well. Hope it never happens.

  200. Even if there was a one they probably wouldnt warn us anyway. Something even better than the jab and quicker

  201. I guess people have feared this tsunami for about 20 years. We live in New Mexico…lots of beach, but not much water. We’re pretty safe here!

  202. Well as a resident of Staten Island New York. I will be under water. Would upstate New York be a good place to relocate??

    1. Denise,
      Any place out of Staten Island would be a good place to relocate to. Lol. :-)

    2. Yes, because you need to get off the island regardless of the issues

    3. Upstate NY would be good but you have to check the elevation. See how much you are above sea level.

  203. Hi we live in Warren County (Norlina) North Carolina do we need to evaluate? I tried to stop my mom but they are on the way to Florida as I post. It’s Sunday October 31 2021. Do you think it’s going to be sooner rather than later that LA Palma will blow?

  204. Amazing? Not really. A bunch of SHEEP! Baaaaaa!!! Most sheep people are to stupid to do ANY research. Case in point? Masks will protect you. Natural immunity? Govt gonna save us. Voting actually matters. Dems are gonna give up their power ? Honest election?

    I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. Oh, by the way, every thing on the internet is true!

    You can NOT, FIX STUPID.

  205. Would eastern Kentucky be hit inland wise? And what would the aftermath be like, meaning what kind of disasters would follow. Is acidic rain possible?

    1. The big problem will be everything will be dead and the soil will be useless for planting. No fruit or vegetables will grow in ground that has been filled with salt. Plus any lake the is affected, had ocean water added to it, will be DEAD. NO fresh water fish can survive in salt water. No Trout, Bass, Salmon, Pike, Perch etc will be left alive.

  206. Just out of curiosity. If this were to happen and it be the absolute worst case scenario, we live in Athens, Ga and my parents in Loganville, Ga. would you recommend evacuation? Would we be safe at all?

  207. Ken do you ever regret having this Tsunami Article?

    Seems to bring out a lot of odd souls who need to do hit and run comments constantly on the subject.

    Clearly from style one person with many names has multi posted last night. Did they find a sale on Halloween Candy and had a sugar rush or what?

  208. Will Rocky Point, NC be safe? I’m only about 12 miles from the coast.

    1. You should check how far above sea level you are to know if you are safe.

  209. Gee, you mean that Joe Biden’s ‘green new deal’ won’t stop the Tsunami? Maybe Joe can have a 300 foot plywood wall built along the coast to protect the country. Oops, there is a scarcity of plywood because of his green new deal. How about a 300 foot cinder block wall? Of course there are not enough cinder block in the entire country to make it and truckers can’t even bring what is available because of the price of fuel. How about a 300 foot concrete wall? Problem with that is there would have to be plywood on each side of the concrete when it is poured and there is not enough plywood. Maybe Joe could have 300 foot fans built along the coast to blow the Tsunami back to the ocean. Problem with that is the power grid probably will fail with that much power being drawn. I guess that leaves two solutions. Joe Biden would tell everyone to remove any glasses they were wearing, remove all sharp objects from their pockets, bend over. put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye. The second one would require some leadership so it can’t be done under the present bozo leaders.

      1. Absolutely true. How does ANYBODY think they have the right to keep a Tsunami from destroying property and killing people!!!

  210. There is no history of anything until it happens. There was no history of the United States before there was a United States. There was no history of Baseball until it was invented. There was no history of a horseless carriage until the car was made. There was no history of a pitcher every having ‘Tommy John” surgery until Tommy John had it done. There was no history of a submarine until one was invented. There are new ‘firsts’ being done all the time.

    1. The land failures being talked about here have already happened, and have NOT generated an impossible wave in the entire geologic history of these islands….nor has North America EVER been hit by such a wave in its geologic history. Know why? Because it is NOT POSSIBLE to generate such a gigantic wave with any land failure from any of these islands…ever.

      It would take an asteroid the size of Manhattan Island to generate such a ridiculous wave. Stop fretting over the impossible taking place at La Palma.

  211. I can’t seem to find my county on the maps. What if a 1,000+ foot wave hit from a nuke detonated off our coast? How far inland would that go in VA? Thx!

  212. Would Lake Hopatcong NJ at 900ft elevation 40 miles inland be safe from a 1000ft tsunami

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