Nuclear Super EMP


The Super-EMP weapon exists, and we apparently know that at least Russia, N.Korea, and China have them. Perhaps others? Are Iran’s nuclear centrifuges (apparently thousands of them are enriching uranium) – spinning up a Super-EMP?

A Super-EMP is a miniaturized nuclear warhead requiring far less ‘fuel’ than today’s conventional nuclear bombs. It is believed that the effects of a properly deployed and detonated Super-EMP will do far worse damage than a salvo of conventional nuclear explosions near or on the ground.

Because of the recent reports that the US is ‘giving in’ to Iran with regards to some of the key demands surrounding a nuclear deal (U.S. negotiators are said to have given up ground on demands that Iran be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear activities), one wonders if they might already have sufficient materials and centrifuges to continue their probable bomb-building (and/or Super-EMP) efforts…


According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, “Miniaturization to develop a nuclear warhead is not difficult to do, and can be accomplished even without nuclear testing.”

“North Korea and Iran both have strategic reasons to mislead and conceal from the West the true status of their nuclear and missile programs. They intend that the U.S. and its allies will underestimate those programs, fail to act in time to stop them, and be strategically surprised when North Korea and Iran become nuclear super-powers,”

According to Dr. Pry, “In fact, almost certainly, North Korea now possesses a highly advanced third generation nuclear warhead that could destroy the United States with a single blow.”


A Super-EMP weapon would perhaps be a perfect means for Iran’s regime to put an end to ‘the Great Satan’ (as they call us).

Why? Because a Super-EMP will devastate the nation’s electrical power grid. And I believe that you all are smart enough to know what will happen next…

One nuclear Super-EMP attack could collapse the nation’s electric power grid which in turn would bring down most of our critical infrastructure systems –communications, transportation and distribution systems, banking and finance, anything that needs electricity to ‘work’. Modern civilization would end, as would the lives of tens of millions who depend upon these systems.

A Super-EMP attack on the U.S. would cause much more damage than a primitive nuclear weapon, and will likely result in catastrophic consequences that will be irreversible. A Super-EMP attack would inflict maximum damage and virtually ensure a world without America.


In 2004, the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission was warned by a delegation of Russian generals that Russia had developed a “Super-EMP” nuclear warhead, and that design information for this weapon had leaked to North Korea. Given Iran’s alliance with Russia (and having apparently forged some alliance with N.Korea), who’s to say that Iran does not have the ‘know-how’ to build their own? Answer: One would be sticking their head in the sand to believe that they don’t ‘know how’…

Russia also has something called the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS), that would use an ICBM like a Space Launch Vehicle to put a nuclear warhead into orbit, like a satellite. They have apparently shared this with North Korea (and who else?). Instead of using the ICBM to lob a warhead on a more accurate arcing ballistic trajectory, the FOBS would loft the warhead into a partial orbit. FOBS could reach any nation or threaten any target anywhere on Earth.

The primary purpose of FOBS is a surprise attack. The first warning of the attack would be ‘lights out’. North Korea and Iran have made clear in their threats that they wish to take down the United States. They perceive themselves to be at war with the U.S. and would like nothing more than to destroy the largest and most successful society on Earth.

Remember when it was thought that a particular satellite which N.Korea had launched was really an orbiting Super-EMP? Who’s to say that Russia (for example) does not have any similar orbiting ‘satellites’ which are instead Super-EMP weapons?


I feel that we sometimes need to talk about such subjects (being a preparedness blog and all…), because by ignoring it we are fooling ourselves that these risks do not exist. Given the recent escalation of tensions between the US (NATO) and Russia, and now the upcoming nuclear ‘deal’ with Iran (which evidently will be ‘weak’ and enabling them to continue), and given the hatred toward the US by many others – it seems that one well placed Super-EMP could make for a very bad day. Who’s to say that all of those who have the capability to ‘launch’, are all sane? Clearly, there are those who openly say they will do it!


Sources include:

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, President of EMPACT America, and has served:

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  1. The only thing that could protect electronic devices would be a Faraday Cage , this is a metal box that would have to have a non-conductive layer on the areas that are planned to be used to place electronic items on . I have a friend that has a large metal building on a concrete slab , but has a metal floor connected to the walls , on it is a layer of rubber sheets covering the whole floor , the building itself is grounded by having electrical grounding rods driven into the ground at the four corners of the building and connected to the building by copper electrical wire , size 00 , the wire is clamped to the grounding rod and clamped to the frame of the building at the four corners , he has tested the building with connecting electric current to it so far the electronics placed on the floor have not been affected , before the circuit breaker kicks out . We will just have to see if it will work if there is an EMP strike . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

    1. @Andy, what good is protecting your electronic devices if the power grid could be down for years. You’re better off learning alternatives to electrical devices. Learning the manual way of doing things. The Amish don’t use electrical devices and they survive just fine. Rather than try to protect something that is likely to be useless for many years learn to live without such things now.

      1. I would add that depending upon one’s ‘visibility’ (that you still have some ‘electronic’ capabilities, or that you have an alternative energy source … e.g. solar power), then protecting electronic devices could be helpful in a number of ways (which of course depends upon the extent of the overall ‘failure’ of the grid-down situation). It’s a general answer, but perhaps it will reveal some situational thoughts…

        1. Depending on how far away from the direct explosion you may find that your solar panels will be fried.

          Satellites are directed to turn their solar arrays away from the sun when a solar flare threatens.

          Carrington flare events will certainly render your solar panels useless.

        2. What effect would an EMP have on solar power components, solar panels, batteries, etc?

        3. I am planning to do an article on that subject – perhaps this week. I have motivation to do so because I will be resurrecting a previously installed solar (PV) system – now that I’ve moved to a new location.

      2. Sad thing is … Folks like the Amish might be the first to be over taken and exploited in a shtf scenario …and we could always EMP the offending party right back .

      3. Such devices as two way radios (walkie talkies) that have the capability to monitor ham radio operators would be very helpful in the absence of power. You won’t pick up AM/FM for long when the gas for the broadcasters’ generators go, but you will be able to stay in touch with family members and ham operators who have certain kinds of generators. Unfortunately, newer generators have chips in them. Don’t throw out a busted Microwave oven. They make ideal Faraday cages without having to build one. We have two and we have all kinds of gear in them, including spare car parts that just might help you get your car going again. Microwave ovens are designed to keep us from being hit by microwaves, and are just as effective at protecting what’s in them.

  2. Interesting I just received “One Second After” as this article was posted……. hummmmm


    1. Once Second After is a good story. Makes you think about life without electricity. Had a couple of issues with the story line. But all in all, it’s a good read. Dr. Forstchen’s novella Dies Irae: Day of Wrath is about terrorist in this country. Also a good read. He makes some good points regarding making personal decisions to protect yourself and your family.

    2. “One Second After” is a waste of time. It’s a rip-off, and written after, the Paramount Television series “Jericho” which is MUCH better.

      1. It’s also very close to a much older book called Alas Babylon, written in the 1950’s. It’s a trope that’s been used over and over again.

  3. Just finished reading ‘One second after’

    We live in interesting times.
    Do not stop getting ready.

  4. For me, the EMP is the most difficult to adequately prepare for. To prepare for a return to the 1800’s is a very daunting task and the EMP possibility scares me the most.

    Natural Disasters, I’m covered. Downturn in the economy…my personal economy, my states economy or even the Federal economy, I’m covered.

    Modern Self Sustainability is our goal and getting there is the journey. As much as I look forward to showing off my preps to myself and my family in a short term SHTF situation, I pray that a One Second After situation does not occur in my lifetime.

    God Save This Great Republic

    1. It is at least possible to survive a global EMP event. The more problematic are thermonuclear war and weaponized virus release. I would prefer not having to endure any of the above.

  5. I’m betting you have never lived in a foreign country. Spent most of my childhood in foreign countries-Europe and Asia. I am also betting your are weak in your knowledge of US history. Review colonial history here in the US to answer your point in the first paragraph. As far as people tolerating stuff for awhile then kicking people out of office in Europe….have you ever read about a guy named Adolf Hitler. What about Mussolini? Do you know that the 20th and 21st Centuries have been the most murderous compared to all the other centuries combined? Mao Tse Tung. Pol Pot. Stalin. Castro. Idi Amin. Chavez. Ayatollah Khomeini. Saddam Hussein…just to mention a few really bad guys. Just noting that not too many Americans are on the list.
    TXcowgirl-I’m not trying to pick an argument. Just trying to expose the other side of the discussion. Peace.

    1. I grew up in Europe….and having lost family in wars instigated by our US government I believe I know a thing or two about Europe. The benefit comes from being able to read the news in different countries and different languages, this gives you a different perspective. Oh, you mentioned history. Mmmmh, taking a citizenship, you know that thing the legal way coming here….yeah, you learn about history a lot, because you get the test to take. And before anybody just says to me to go back where I came from…well, that means everyone but Native Americans need to pack up an go back where the ancestors came from. You brought up Hussein etc….enlighten yourself about the truth of way these people were bad. The US had its fingers everywhere in toppling other governments if these did not bend down and kissed our gov rearends. Our US gov ALWAYS plays both sides out.

      1. I disagree with TXcowgirl and anonymous about America, it’s wars and it’s bases here and overseas. I am saddened by the genocide against Christians going on in the Middle east right now. Years ago America would have tried to stop it. I’m sure there would be some on the left who would then accuse us of instigating a war or toppling administrations if we did try to save the Christians. I’m sure they would prefer that the dictators kill whoever they like rather than have us try to protect them. Because that would mean murdering “innocent” people and pissing off the dictators. I was in the Air Force during the entire Vietnam war and I never thought we should have gone there. I felt that Kennedy was a fool for starting it and Johnson was stupid for expanding it. But I knew so many people who fought there and who believed in trying to help the South avoid being killed by the communist. I suppose we shouldn’t have gone to war in Europe in 1941 to try to save them from Hitler, maybe that would have made anonymous happier. Cowgirl may really believe we “destroy the crap” out of other countries for nefarious reasons but in fact right or wrong our intents were to save lives and prevent bigger wars. People who talk like this heard this crap from someone and bought it hook line and sinker. So be it. It’s a free country (thanks to the military you seem to despise) so think what you want.

  6. To all,
    An EMP is an EMP. The idea of some kind of super size EMP is just selling fear, take this coming from a physicist with nuclear experience. However, there is nuclear weapon to be really feared, the neutron bomb. Our nuclear subs, underground shelters, army tank and our Faraday cages are no protection from this weapon. This completely disrupts the cells metabolism as well as any printed circuit or transistor type device(chip). By the way, the neutron bomb also produces an EMP. This is proof positive how stupid mankind is for ever making such a weapon. Last, what the U.S. is doing in Poland is just the type of thing that would push Russia into a nuclear attack. I truly wish everyone well.

    1. To No joke, An EMP is an EMP? Really? One size fits all? And you claim to be a physicist with nuclear experience? I rest my case.

  7. Anyone have a solid list of items to own in case?

    Meaning items to sell, items to own in a cage to replace like computers parts for rigs and generators? Do well pumps and controllers need anything special? And probably most important will solar cells survive and what parts of those systems will we need backups for? Most of these items I would not use for a long time after word in case of a second or third such attack.

  8. “One Second After” was a good read. Also liked “Jericho”, but as like many elements of that story, I often wondered how the local pub could burn hundreds of candles every night for two or three seasons and never run out? Somebody in that town had a good stash. We need to build community, we can’t lone wolf it.

  9. I would rather have an emp taking out the grid in which I am prepared for than a nuclear war I can’t do much about.

  10. An EMP attack IS a Nuclear War. This war may START with an EMP, but it shall not END with one. Note all the forces which are hardened against an EMP, just so they can be used to destroy the enemy, AFTER such an attack. Our response will not be an EMP, as this would not effect the enemy’s hardened forces, and its ability to strike again.

    However, there is still the chance the President would forbid any response. After all, he might consider such an attack a favor.

  11. fireman matt. From what I understand solar panels are light gathering diodes which are the reverse of LEDs which would probably be affected. I think panels would be susceptible and would have to be appropriately stored. good thoughts on follow up attacks. Wait a week or two until all the survivors have their panels out and take them out also. Guess we need backups on the backups. Spares for a generator worry me also. Looking at parts lists shows that it would be much cheaper to buy a second generator and take it apart to store the critical parts appropriately. anyone with more info on what parts to store I’d appreciate hearing about them. Also anyone knowing of any small foldable panels capable of charging a 12 volt battery please let me know. In my stores I have 2 way radios, a small, a invertor, a large invertor, a small battery charger to run from the invertor to recharge the AA & AAA batteries. 12 volt automotive LED bulbs. Netbook, and a few other odds and ends. I don’t know about the well pump but the pump controller might not be a bad idea. Thoughts on this anyone?

    1. I bought the GoalZero solar kit for battery charging and am looking closely at the for well usage.

      1. I had a Simple Pump installed 2-3 years ago on my “deep” well (200 ft). I’ve not needed it for an emergency yet, but I use it regularly even though I have an electric pump with a storage tank installed for everyday use. I have a garden hose attached to water parts of my garden. It’s easy to pump even for this old human. Still looks as good as the day it was installed – no rust, no broken parts. Also, I’m just a customer. I have no ties in anyway to the company nor financial benefit.

        1. Thanks for the review. A lot of coin to put out so I want to get it right.

  12. Original desktop computers were supposed to be mandated to be enclosed in a Faraday Cage. i.e. the circuit board CPU and components enclosed in a grounded metal box. The original purpose was to prevent ingress of radio waves from affecting the CPU and conversely to prevent the CPU or mainboard bits broadcasting radio frequencies outwards

    1. That was a long read. I think a lot of what was said in that article is true. But some of the things were simply incorrect. For example: “The greatest problem would be the loss of many critical large power transformers due to geomagnetically induced currents, for which no replacements could be obtained for at least a few years.”

      The implication is that a power transformer would be destroyed internally by an EMP. That isn’t factual. A power transformer sits inside a steel box, it’s own faraday cage. For the EMP to destroy it 100% of the destructive force must come through the external connector before it can do any harm. The external conector and it’s associated wiring is the weak link. In an EMP the conector and/or wiring to the conector would simply burn out openng the circuit leaving an intact transformer sitting inside a steel box. If you are unfamiliar with power transformers you can be forgiven if you believe they are delicate. Unlike the transformer that charges your Iphone a power transformer does not have “wires” in it’s primary and secondary windings. It has long solid copper bars that are folded around the iron core that are it’s windings. The ability of this copper strip, typically 1/2″ thick by 2″ wide, to carry current is enormous. So as the EMP event occurs some current would flow and as soon as the current exceeded the capacity of the connector that circuit would burn out and this would happen long before the current exceeded the capacity of the internal winding. So after an EMP there will be damage but all the power transformers will be intact. An engineer for a power company would know this so it’s a safe bet as informed as the author of the article was he was not an electrical engineer. What else doesn’t he know.

      Another point; the author implied that the Pacific EMP test did massive damage in Hawaii. This is not true. Why the exaggeration and why the funky picture of Hawaii to seemingly prove his point? This more than the mistake with the power transformers makes me think this was a bogus planted story. Towards the end of the article the author or the web site owner goes into a selling pitch. Now I begin to understand what might be going on. Nothing sells like fear.

      1. United States Power Grid Transformers Might Be Affected By Geomagnetic Storm

        A map of the location of large transformers in the United States that are most susceptible to geomagnetic current destruction was presented at a 2008 NASA workshop. A smaller version of that same map (taken from an Oak Ridge National Laboratories report) is shown above. This map shows the transformers that would likely be affected in a 4800 nT/minute solar storm or E3 event at a latitude of 50 degrees. The outlined areas are the areas of probable system collapse, and involve a population in excess of 130 million people.

        Burnt, Destroyed Transformer By Geomagnetic Storm

        That same workshop showed this photo of a large transformer destroyed by a solar storm and the actual damage done by geomagnetic currents during the March, 1989 solar storm. The NASA article implied that the transformer is from Quebec, but was actually a 500 KV transformer at the Salem nuclear plant in New Jersey that was destroyed in the same event. The closeup of the damage as seen on the upper right closeup shows the secondary winding that is normally capable of carrying up to 3000 amperes of alternating current. Transformers are easily upset by the DC-like currents induced by solar storms and the E3 component of nuclear EMP. The 3000 ampere secondary winding was destroyed by geomagnetic currents that were only about ten percent of the normal maximum AC operating current.

        It is important to note that, in addition to components of the AC electrical grid being much more sensitive to DC overload, most circuit breakers and other kinds of overload protection have a much different response to continuous AC than to either DC or brief transients.

        According to this NRC bulletin, another solar storm on September 19, 1989 damaged another transformer at the Salem Unit 2 power plant. Additional details about the transformer damage during that geomagnetic storm are available at a page on the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch site.

        In the case of the transformer at the Salem nuclear plant that burned up in 1989, a replacement just happened to be available from a delayed construction project in another part of the country, so the replacement was installed in about six weeks. Without this bit of good luck, the power plant would have been out of commission for about a year.

        1. Quebec’s outage was unique to Quebec’s system and it was not the result of an EMP. What happened in Quebec becaue of their unique circumstances wouldn’t happen anywhere else. When the system went down and caused a major blackout the rest of the East coast system was over stressed when it assumed the load that resulted. When that load was suddenly placed on the system it was uneven. Simply put some transformers and lines took on more load than they were designed for and overheated and caught fire. Ironically an EMP wouldn’t cause this because the overpulse would be so great it would open up the system immediatly. A Power transformer has a specific rating and a surge rating. They can easily operate at the surge level for hours but a much higher level can cause them to overheat in less than an hour. Either way the cause is the temperature of the oil not some huge overpulse of either voltage or current. It is not uncommon for transformers to overheat, usually they are the smaller or intermediate transformers in the system as the larger ones are better designed to protect the transformers. But never the less overheating is the cause of 99.9% of transformer destruction. That’s what happened to this transformer, it simply overheated when the load on it became too great.

        2. Quebec’s outage was due to a major geomagnetic storm (from the sun), which ‘reverberates’ and endures longer than the ‘zap’ of an EMP (weapon). Somewhat different cause and effects, although similar in many ways too. I know that you are in the camp of ‘no problem’ with regards to this subject, whereas I am more skeptical as to the larger potential effects of EMP. There are many (seemingly) highly regarded scientists, physicists, and others who are in the camp of ‘we might have a big problem’, and I suppose that we will not know for sure until it happens…

        3. Actually I would agree it would be a big problem. I also agree that a big CME may well be a bigger problem to electronics than an EMP attack. I worked in the electric power industry and I have the greatest respect for the outside crew. Within minutes of any power outage these guys are out there making repairs. I think they are up to the challenge. My biggest concern regarding an EMP is that it is a nuclear attack which means WW III with a nuclear response, a true TEOTWAWKI. I do fear we are at great risk from half a dozen or so serious threats and a CME is a real threat but it would be so much better than a nuclear war.

        4. Solar storms have different components. There is an EMP plus other RF effects. Then there are the higher energy “waves” of energy that induce currents into transformers and cables. These secondary wavers can last for days in the case of a massive CME. The EMP affect Transistorized components – diodes, IC,s, transistors, etc, etc which control switching controllers.

        5. Wow. Between Ken and GWTW, I now know more about transformers than I learned from both movies (have not seen Transformers 3 yet).

          Seriously solid info. Thanks guys.

    1. They have them by default. Large Nuclear devices can cause EMP’s.

      The effects were noted especially during the Castle Bravo Thermo Nuclear test in 1953. The Starfish tests were studied for EMP affect.

      If the U.S. was attacked retribution would take place. This is a foregone conclusion.

      If the U.S. was taken down the rest of the world would crash financially – this would be affective as a nuclear blast. The worlds economy is a fabricated lie held together by banksters and cronyism.

      The whole world is dependent on cheap energy – i.e. fossil fuels. Fuels are payed for by the Petro US dollar. Energy payments would collapse.

      Those countries without their own cheap energy supplies and the means to refine it will be in deep doo doo.

      No energy is the ultimate S.H.T.F situation.

      1. Oh, the irony.

        The world is moving on. Us leadership has been so busy attempting to frame Russia for acts that they are guilty of, they totally missed Russia’s patient and measured trap. Our arrogant leaders are so predictable that Russia was able to bait them into cutting off their nosed to spite their face. Countries will NOT sanction their energy source when they don’t have a proper lifeline.(Like…US energy)
        Russia didn’t collapse the US dollar. Biden’s Liberal handlers did.

        It’s all too perfect, imo.

        There is a lot of good information in this post and tons of great advise in the comments. If I could add to the list of prepping essentials it would be :

        Prepare for Jesus.
        Don’t accept a chip in your hand from Schawb.
        Don’t accept an AI brain implant from Musk.
        Pull your family close.

  13. You go there Tx. Some people just never want to connect the dots. Que sera sera.

  14. I think that EVERYONE should just plain understand that no matter what causes TEOTWAWKI, there won’t be any electrical power. Think about it. A summer thunderstorm takes out the electricity !! When you prep, remember..,, there WON’T BE ANY ELECTRICITY. Plan for that, keep your preps centered around non-electrical gadgets.., they’ll be useless. My 2 cents.

  15. NK would only have to utilize a few commercial airliners on a suicidal mission over U.S. soil to cause enough damage to effect a maximum damage incident. Our spoiled and indulgent society would most likely be crippled on a large scale, not to mention the resulting collateral economic damage. We are to vulnerable in so many ways and even a limited damage to one or more geographical areas would have a major impact on the whole country in ways we have not even discussed here.

  16. Those who prepare for an EMP attack will have the advantage of living two maybe three, WEEKS longer than those who don’t. If you DO survive, be prepared to have what you have taken by those who are better armed. It won’t be like “One Second After”. It won’t be like “Jericho”. No. It’ll be ugly. VERY ugly indeed.

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