Covid-19 Management & Vitamin Supplement List (Ivermectin Update)

Supplement Recommendation Measures For Immune System as it relates to Covid-19, and important information about Ivermectin.

UPDATE: I have just added lots more information about Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and treatment, proven to dramatically hinder the progress of Covid-19, especially if treated early.

Prophylaxis Measures For Covid

Prophylaxis are measures designed to preserve health (as of an individual or of society) and prevent the spread of disease.

The “Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance” (linked below) has become the “go to” resource for Covid treatment propositions free of any political agenda. Their basis is real science, real research and studies from around the world, coupled with positive results.

The FLCC, and many other reputable doctors and organizations, agree there are effective prevention protocols and treatments for Covid-19 and its variants. Regardless of ‘vaccination’ status, the following may be effective for some amount of prevention and treatment thereof.

Please note, this is not medical advice. Consult your doctor. The following is simply a summary/opinion of my interpretation and research sourced from FLCC documentation and other sources. I advise that you also do your own due-diligence.

Also note that this type of information must be “over the target”. Because since the original publish date (I’m updating it today with more recent information), it is entirely censored on the big search engine (you know the one…). Though others like DuckDuckGo are bringing large numbers of visitors to this article, and other similar articles around the net. I hope it provides helpful information during your own research on this important topic.

Lastly, before going on, I personally have no issue with those who choose to take the mRNA shot. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I believe in Personal Choice. Not mandates. I respect your choice, which is made with your own reasons. We all “reason” within our own matrix. And in liberty, I would hope that you also respect mine too. Simple as that…

Prophylaxis for Covid-19

Immune Fortifying / Supportive Therapy

The following supplements are what I take every day for support (links below). Depending where you research, quantities may vary a bit. However most all sources agree on these recommendations for helping one’s immune system in this regard.

Regarding the Ivermectin, that’s kind of a separate issue (read more below).

  • Vitamin C, 500-1000 mg (twice daily)
  • Quercetin, 250 mg daily
  • Vitamin D3, 1000-3000 IU/day
  • B complex vitamins
  • Zinc, 30-50 mg/day
  • Melatonin, 3-6 mg at night (makes you sleepy)

Gargle mouthwash 2 x daily – gargle (do not swallow) antiseptic mouthwash (e.g. Scope™,
Act™, Crest™)

(New Ivermectin Information Below)

I have researched this since Covid-19 came on scene. There are many sources of information for recommendations to help one’s-self for better resilience of Covid-19, and better immune system in general.

Most important, to the extent that you have control, Get Healthy! Most who suffer badly from Covid are those with comorbidity health issues, including obesity and other very poor health conditions.

The following list of supplements are widely agreed upon to varying extents by many reputable sources.

*It is always good (better) to consume foods which contain the nutrients you’re looking for. When you can’t get enough that way, then supplements are the next best thing.


For example, I wrote about foods that are high in zinc. Meat has a good amount of zinc (as one example). But to get the 30 mg as listed above, that would equate to about ~ 20 ounce steak a day. While that might be delicious, a supplement would be helpful. I take a 30 mg supplement every day.

Nature’s Way Zinc Chelate, 30 mg
(view on amzn)

[ Read: Foods High In Zinc For Your Body Immune System ]


Most people are vitamin D deficient. Especially during the winter! I take a 5,000 IU supplement of vitamin D3 each morning. Vitamin D3 is apparently very important in the context of one’s immune system.

Nature Wise D3, 5000iu

[ Read: Low Vitamin D ]


There are some fruits and vegetables that provide a decent amount of vitamin C. However, it is well known that vitamin C supplementation is favorable to one’s immune system. I use vitamin C powder and add it to a glass of water. Each does is 500 mg. I drink two glasses of this a day. Morning, and afternoon.

Vit. C powders on amzn

[ Read: Vitamin C Fruits and Vegetables Highest in Vitamin C ]


Again, this is widely recognized as a very good supplement. I take one tablet of “B Super Complex” each day.

Super-B Complex


I discovered Quercetin during my early research of Covid-19 and immune system support. I take a 250 mg tab each day.

Life Extension Optimized Quercetin
(view on amzn)


This was interesting. So, melatonin is a sleep aid. They make it in a variety of strengths. Melatonin is listed for Covid-19, taken right before bedtime, ranging from 3 to 6 mg. Even more (up to 10 mg) if you’re symptomatic.

Nature’s Bounty, 3mg



This is by ‘prescription only’ here in the United States. Consult your doctor.

Unfortunately not all doctors are prescribing this. With the exception of some in private practice, most mainstream doctors within and under the umbrella of larger medical organizations will not prescribe Ivermectin for Covid.

Why? In short, it’s because of the influence and control of Big-Pharma over most of the medical establishment (and government/policies). I’m sure this does not surprise most of you…

(In case you didn’t know, it is not legal for Big-Pharma to issue a so called $$$$’vaccine’ if there are any other effective treatments for the disease. So, there’s your answer. At least partially…)

In my view (and the opinion of many, many doctors), not prescribing this is ridiculous, and even unethical. Watch the video I’ve included below. Hundreds of thousands in the U.S. alone have probably needless died because they were not prescribed Ivermectin during early onset of the disease!!

Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine that is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines, has been given 3.7 billion times around the globe, and has won the Nobel prize in 2015 for its global and historic impacts in eradicating endemic parasitic infections in many parts of the world.

Ivermectin has proven to be highly potent against COVID-19. It has shown antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties in observational and randomized controlled studies conducted throughout the world. Practitioners and Health Ministries who have adopted Ivermectin in treatment protocols report significant reductions in time to recovery, hospitalizations, and death.

The use of Ivermectin as prophylaxis and prevention has also been proven in studies to reduce the spread of infection and offer protection to high-risk individuals.


Ivermectin Dose for Covid-19

The Ivermectin dosage for Covid treatment is widely established. Worldwide. Search yourself and you will find MANY reputable sources to establish this fact. Just don’t use ‘G r o o g l’ because they unfortunately hide this type of information. Which is also ridiculous because this information is NOT controversial. It’s proven fact. All over the world. Do you due-diligence and you will see for yourself…

The next part of this article is updated to reflect FLCC latest guidelines.

Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19

(see below for conversions)

Chronic Prevention
0.2 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal)
Twice a week for as long as disease risk is elevated in your community.

Post COVID-19 Exposure Prevention
0.4 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal)
One dose today, repeat after 48 hours.

The FLCCC Alliance published a narrative review paper which summarized the evidence base as of January 2021 in the American Journal of Therapeutics.

The most up-to-date summary of the totality of the supportive evidence for ivermectin in COVID-19 can be found here:

Calculation For Ivermectin Dose

Example of the math:

200 micrograms per kilogram of your weight. Or…
90 micrograms per pound.

If you happen to weigh 185 pounds, that’s 90 x185 = 16650 micrograms.

16650 ug (micrograms) / 1000 = 16 mg (milligrams) (rounded)

A tablet of Ivermectin (Stromectol) is typically 3 mg.

So in this example, the 185 pound human would take 16 milligrams, which is 5.5 of these 3mg tablets per dose of Ivermectin.

Getting Out The Ivermectin Message

There are many, many doctor voices and organizations screaming out to push this important message. They’ve been trying here in the U.S. for a long time. But very powerful politics and agendas are in their way.

One organization of doctors is called Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19. Very interesting information if you’re interested to check it out.

Here are some current results of Ivermectin trials under way as of this post update:

Here’s another:
Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 52 studies

And more:
Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Contributors to the above study include:

  • Front-Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance
  • Memphis VA Medical Center, Univ. of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN
  • Hackensack School of Medicine, Seton Hall, NJ
  • Chief of Critical Care at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, TX
  • Center for Balanced Health, New York
  • Recovery Without Walls
  • Volda Hospital, Volda, Norway
  • Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey, UK
  • Lung Center of America, Dayton, Ohio
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School

Doctor Ryan Cole

He spoke about the subject of importance for Vitamin D as well as Ivermectin (among other Covid topics). I highly recommend you watch it (28 minutes).

However if you want to jump to the Ivermectin part, it begins at the 14:30 mark.

(direct video link)

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An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure


Maybe this will be of interest to some of you. Prevention is a good thing. A healthy body and immune system is a very good thing!!!

Fortunately Covid-19 has a very high survival rate for most people.

Age 0-19: 99.997%
Age 20-49: 99.98%

As you all should know by now, the highest risk groups are the very elderly with comorbidity issues / other health problems. But even with that said, a 99.5% survival rate for those 50 – 69 years of age (including those with comorbidity issues). And 94.6% for 70+ with the caveats mentioned.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Which is why I supplement as indicated above.

[ Read: My Daily Vitamin Supplements For Health and Well Being ]

There are lots of thought-provoking comments below since the original post.


  1. I’m totally on board with vitamins. Not familiar with ivermectin? I take the rest and also take tumeric among others.

    1. Ivermectin is a very common anti-parasitic used on livestock. I dose my cattle to kill intestinal worms and other parasites.

      It is said that the livestock version is different from the human version… I don’t know if I believe that, because most animal medicines are the same as human…

      Anyway, I have already had my dose of Ivermectin, whether I wanted it or not.

      1. It is done by weight. And everyone should always do their own research to check for allergies and reactions.

      2. A dose for a 1000 pound horse is most certainly different than for a 190 lb human. And it is compounded with different things

    2. Ivermectin is a potent dewormer/antiparasitic, and apparently recognized as an antiviral across much of the world. Unfortunately in the US most of the medical “officials” have made it their job to discredit a drug that is in use against COVID across most of the world. The published papers and studies are interesting and seem to show it highly effective, both in preventing infection and in reducing the severity of the disease, but only outside the US. It doesn’t make any money for big pharma, so they’re fighting against it in preference for their vaccine.

      1. Lauren: We have consulted with our family doctor who is an internal medicine specialist and two relatives who are also doctors.They are all
        in agreement that Ivermectin is the best possible treatment currently available.
        There are and will always be skeptics.While they ring their hands and
        rant wild conspiracy theories our countrymen are dying unnecessarily
        because of lack of information.
        It is time to start believing the science.Dr.Chris Martenson,Dr John Campbell,and especially Dr.Pierre Kory and his colleagues at FLCCC
        are at the forefront of this battle.
        Do whatever you can to acquire a supply of oral Ivermectin.Your life is to valuable to do otherwise.

    3. Yes, DO your on research.!
      Ivermectin CAN react with blood thinners, warfarin/coumadin specifically… also….If you are ill it can definitely save your life,
      ….anything one takes can cause an adverse reaction. check each medication or supplement to make sure you take nothing any addition would/could “clash” with. Look this information up before you take this drug and make sure you are taking nothing with an adverse reaction.

      Quercetin: Dose i found for preventative was 500mg daily..for highest antiviral effect.

      D3 Drs on Peak prosperity and other sites have recommended anywhere between 2000 and 10K daily. Most Americans are deficent and so are most people w/ dark skin.Get your levels checked…if you are in doubt…. It is an oil soluble. People who have a lot of fat tissue will need more, because much of their supply is stored in fat and unavailable…

    1. The gummies are good. Ivermectin saves lives across all age groups at all stages of infection.

      1. Elderberry might be a cause of cytokine storm in this situation,thats one you might want to avoid in this case.

    2. Elderberries are contraindicated for Cytokine Storms. Not good for Covid.

  2. I think I’d be good with a 20 Oz. Rib-eye everyday to get my Zinc :-)

    1. That’s actually the recommended cut for ultimate Carnivore diet :) A nicely well marbled Rib-eye (I’m getting hungry)

      1. A nicely well marbled Rib-eye, you haven’t bought into that grass fed beef that they’re promoting yet, Huh! If I had the money, even my elk would be corn feed. Trekker Out

        1. The was a pecan nut farm down the road that threw out 20 tons each year, they let me pick them up and I fed them to my pigs. I’ll raise your corn fed beef with pecan milk fed 8 week old sucker pigs. The meat was so rich I could only eat about a desert spoon worth before I quit.

  3. I went looking for zinc the other day. Several different stores were entirely out, with no expectation of resupply. I spoke to one of the managers and he said they haven’t gotten zinc in for months. Curious, considering how zinc has been a recognized aspect of COVID treatment right from the beginning.

    1. Lauren, That’s interesting. It’s quite readily available online though (which is where I purchase mine). Early on during this Covid, it was sold out (along with so many other items!). But looks to be available once again.

    2. I use for all my herbs and pills.
      I take no prescription drugs so I am pretty healthy.
      I’ve learned Puritan is world-wide and beats most drugstore prices….always beats Walgreens and sometimes walmart.

      1. And that statement says a LOT about our culture. “I take no prescription drugs so I am pretty healthy.

    3. Lauren,
      Yep, same in our area.
      Walmart, Meijer completely out of zinc and have been for some time.
      We have a limited stock.

      Off topic, but maybe not…

      Who does the hydrogen peroxide in the ears at the start of feeling a bit ‘off’?
      The very start of a cold/flu…vid?

      1. I have heard about the peroxide in your ear but don’t know the effects. I do know that you can nebulize h2o2 with a saline solution that will help kill any virus in your lungs. Look up Dr Mercola he swears by it. Super cheap treatment.

      2. Joe c,

        We do that at the first sign the eustachian tubes are getting plugged from congestion. The other thing is an onion poultice that works for breaking up phlegm in ears, sinuses and bronchial/lungs. Sure clears me up when I’m making them!

      3. I use hydrogen peroxide in my ears at the start (first signs) of a sore throat or swollen glands and it clears it up for me within a few hours. No adverse reactions. Just pour a bit in the lid of the bottle, tilt head to one side and pour in ear…it’s cold but otherwise no problems. I pull on my ear a bit to open things up and wipe with rag as it comes back out. Repeat in other ear. It has worked many times for me over the years. JS

    4. Lauren…..If you have a Sams membership they have zinc in stock. I just ordered two large bottles and they also have Airborne in stock, which has a good dose of zinc in it.

      1. Chip/Lauren – I’ll vouch for VITACOST. Love them! IIRC Mrs. U also spoke highly of them. Super fast shipping and yes, even if one type or size is out of stock, you can still get the product in a different strength or size. Only one caution…. they will blow up your email 2-3 times a day, so give them a trap email account. But do check that account before a purchase as they are always giving out coupons.

    5. Lauren, Yes zinc seems to be available in “waves” . Availability comes and goes at stores here as well. I order supplements from several companies. (in NO order of preference) swansons, puritans pride, piping rock, and vitacost. I try to do a cost comparison of 3-5 needed items , being sure to compare strength and form/count.cold eze is my preferred form, and generic works as well as the name brand. I like that form because it is a lozenge, as long as it has a pleasant flavor, levels are low or normal.. when it has an off taste- unpleasant , levels are high enough. take it out and wait 3 days and try it again. sometimes need 6 in a month and sometimes only 3.. Other supplements are also fluctuating wildly with availabilites.

  4. I was reading the other day on melatonin and used too often can disrupt your natural melatonin. Just FYI.

      1. Vickie, I am not a doctor nor do i play one on tv. Mrs U is right, look it up! Put it in a duck duck go or start age search bar. form a question in How does Melatonin work? can i gt too much Melatonin? etc… Melatonin needs are highly individualized. If you think Melatonin may beneft you for some reason- and you are not on it- consider getting a Physician to check your labwork as a baseline before making changes ..

  5. I have tried ivermectin twice, when feeling “under the weather”, and concerned it might be Covid. I took a quarter of a tube, of the type you can buy for horses at Tractor Supply for $5. No side effects, and I didn’t get sick afterwards.

    We keep a few tubes on hand just in case.

    It has also been highly rated as a Covid prophylactic, although I’ve never seen a recommended dosage or frequency.

    1. Bobcat,

      Here’s a link to the FCCC I-MASK+ protocol

      And also the EVMS Protocol MATH+:

      And Dr. Zelenko’s Hydroxychloroquine protocol:

      And a general recap referencing all of the above:

  6. You can buy Ivermectin at Farm and Fleet. It’s “for animal use only”. I’m not recommending that people should use it, just mentioning that it’s there.

  7. FWIW, I use Zicam swabs every day. I work as a long-term substitute teacher and before I leave the house, I apply the swabs. In addition, I also take selenium, along with D-3, tumeric, probiotics, C and other vitamins. So far, so good.

  8. About the survival rates at the end of this article. Are they for the noted population as a whole or for the people who have tested positive for covid 19??? Big difference between the two. Never see this stated clearly covid statistics

  9. Solely as a point of discussion, the horse tube of Ivermectin would treat a 1200 pound horse. Would that translate to 6 doses per tube for a 200 pound human?

  10. Paleo,

    Everything I’ve gathered on the subject says yes….pound for pound, human-livestock.

    The tubes I purchased have 250 lb increment lines on the plunger (my tubes are for 1250lb. horse)
    The plunger has 5 “notches” between each 250 lb. line (50 lb body weight per notch). Hope this helps…..

  11. There is an Ivermectin Group on MeWe for folks who want more info but there are a lot of people taking the animal version. I have used the liquid Ivermectin as a prophylactic. 1.5 cc/ml…I’m about 125 lbs..and I did not notice any effect…and I have sensitive digestion. For a larger person, 2 mls is considered a normal dose. You take it once a week. For active Covid, take it every other day until well. For Long Covid, for which it has shown to help those suffering long term effects, I do not know the dosage…. but my friend took it every day for a while during Covid and problems she had post infection and she had no side effects. She is well now and she has several serious health problems and really believes Ivermectin saved her. She could not get any medical help at all..was sent home to suffer and told to go to the hospital if she had trouble breathing. The emergency room had a 19 hour wait for a bed in her town but she was able to avoid that.

  12. For what it’s worth……..

    My trip to town this last week (yes…the one where I forgot my teeth) was for a regularly scheduled visit with my Nurse Practitioner. I brought up the debate on Ivermectin, asking if she would be against writing me a prescription as a prophylactic. She responded by saying her professional organization (an advisory organization for nurse practitioners) had issued guidelines recommending it’s members not to write those, but….went on to tell me, if I would make a separate appointment with her supervisory physician (a D.O.), that he had been doing those prescriptions.

    I passed, but thought I’d share the exchange.

  13. I’ve been going through supplement and medical supplies, to inventory and replenish while the gettin’s good. After watching Dr. Ryan Cole’s video from another of Ken’s articles, I decided it might be a good idea to have more iv3rmect1n on hand, as a prophylactic if nothing else. Was able to find paste at TSC, 1.87% concentration. Does anyone know if the formula for mg/kg given for the tablets is equally applicable for the paste? How exact does the dosage have to be? Tube has markings in 250lb. increments. Outside my comfort area – I’m more a plant/herb girl. Thanks for any insight!

    1. Farmgirl, And note that dosage per weight varies per species. What works for horses is either double or half of what works for pigs. I have to look it up every time. There may be some studies out there but will take some searching. For pour-on for cattle here is info .. .. Here is the Safety Data Sheet. .. .. .. It is available as a head-lice and rosacea treatment so that will give good info re safe topical exposure.

    2. Farmgirl,

      “Self Sufficient Momma” on you tube has several posts on ivermectin paste and doses.
      I got my paste at TSC (Durvet brand). If you’ll notice, there are 5 notches in the plunger stem between each 250lb line, effectively a 50lb body weight dose for each notch…..I figure 4 notches for my 200lb body weight.

    3. OH Was kinda hopin’ you’d chime in! :-) So horse paste is same dose per weight as people? That’s my primary uncertainty. Absolutely understand – my body, my responsibility. Appreciate you sharing your experiences.

    4. Here’s what I recommend,

      Just ask your doctor if he or she will give you a prescription to have Ivermectin on hand, just in case. Depending on your doc, it may be a simple as that. This way you will have the exact right product and dosage. No worries or concerns about other ways to get around it…

      Mrs.J has a regular dr. appointment this week. We’re going to try this approach and see what happens.

      If that fails, well, to each their own. (This is not medical advice.)

      (UPDATE: Nope, as suspected, no prescription. So, instead, Durvet at TSC…)

  14. Dennis and Anony Mee, Thank you so much for the info. I copied and pasted to save. Don’t want to have stuff I’m uncertain of using when we need it. I’ll check out the youtube posts – kinda surprised if they haven’t been removed.

  15. Hope I’m doing this right. Hearing a lot about horse paste, but I’m checking into the Ivermectin Oral Liquid they
    suggested before for dosing our multi-dog household to save $. Am somewhat concerned about all the additives
    those might include. I feel confident about the equivalent dosing I’d use, but has anyone considered this vs paste?
    Just found your site. Already doing some vitamins/supplements, but not to an overkill degree, as I’m already old and accustomed to the notion of death being nearer. But I am above disgusted over the shutdown of the various doctors/”experts” who’ve had great successes with meds to avoid rapid decline and hospitalization when hit with the virus. Also found a Canadian pharmacy online for the 12 mg tabs, but bet they’d really soak you on their “air freight” used. any input in either of these areas (liquid vet Ivermectin for oral use AND the Canadian no-Rx pharmacy as a source) would be appreciated.

    1. Sparrow
      I am not the expert here but I haven’t seen your question answered. I am not aware of liquid ivermectin that is taken orally. The paste for horses is given orally. The liquid for sheep or cows is poor over meant for skin contact. I have not heard of something for dogs. Ken did a nice write up on the paste for his little horse. You can find it over on open form ( sometime today). Hope this helps.

    2. To ‘Sparrow’
      Since ‘PNW Sal’ replied to you regarding my ‘horse’ story over on the open forum, I thought I would copy/paste it here…

      So, the !verme(tin horse ‘paste’ tube has a ring on the plunger which can be set for the appropriate weight of the ‘horse’. While this is not horse or human advice, I can tell you that I proactively acquired such paste, and have already used it on my ‘horse’ who happens to come in around 200 LBS – a bit less now, since this horse has been on the Keto diet. Squirted out the appropriate amount for a 200 LB horse as indicated on the plunger stem (which happened to weigh 1 gram on my digital kitchen scale – after zeroing out the cereal bowl weight). This horse then proceeded to scoop up the paste with a spoon. The horse decisively consumed the magic paste at once. I could tell that the horse didn’t object to the so called apple flavor, though not exactly ‘delicious’ either. With that said, there were no ill effects, and the horse is now confident that this highly used paste is perfectly safe within the right parameters – as used all around the world in regularity. Since then, the horse has acquired an adequate stash of said paste. I hope this horse story helps…

      1. Ken J,
        Thank you for sharing your personal horse treatment story. Very inspirational!

  16. Thank you guys so much. Plan to get the paste and be done with it. Canada stuff for US people not really as stated. Noromectin by Norbrook (spoke to rep) said risky to give orally for dogs as feed store man attested to.
    So thankful I found your group.

    1. Sparrow,yes i understand certain wormers are not to be used on Border collies and cross breeds of the same.this falls in that category.. result is death/toxicity.since i have a border collie cross and our oldest horse has a contraindication we are going with other natual things.sweetgum double tincture… Colloidal Silver for 2.

  17. Hmmmmm…colloidal silver comes up. Have a daughter who makes her own and is a fan of this. Any of you
    hearing stuff about its use, even prophylactically, during the COVID escapade? BTW, only watched Ryan Cole
    yesterday. Really good stuff. I’m in Texas, near Galveston, and of course y’all are aware we’re importing ALL KINDS of stuff (crime and disease) through our Southern border.
    Heaven help the hard-hit McAllen, Tx and surrounding areas where massive dumps
    (I call it) occur outright or in a sneaky manner. And here we are being told (by Mr. Fauci) that they are now having the FDA fast-track removal of the “experimental” part of the “vaccine,” with more mandates to follow. There is something very sinister (aside from $ and power) that is having a govt. INSISTENT on the vaccination of all, esp. when there’s PROVEN, inexpensive alternatives that could drastically reduce untoward stats. Now we hear about Lambda and another Peruvian variant leaking out. Thank heaven for our great natural immune system, and learning about ways to boost it, when up against mutant viruses. (No intention of going political on anyone, but it IS a farce to play like our well-being is the focus of all this, when the insanity of unchecked masses
    are allowed through our open border …).

    1. Sparrow, suggest see article over at Zero Hedge on the Canadians. Natural immunity is not acceptable, must be “derived from the vax.” That should tell all that is needed to see what this is all about!

  18. Thanks, k-bay. Went there; read it. “Detention center”, police action, etc….. this is beyond being brainwashed, that such force is being used, even when harmful to an individual and scientific DATA to back up the natural immunity factor. Am a huge Epoch Times fan, great reporting, but always welcome new sites that offer more than the MSM fodder.

  19. Lucky that my small horse will have his apple-flavored Duramectin paste before long. Feed stores, Amazon, Chewy,
    Tractor Supply (in our area) all report wipe-outs on product. And the price has soared accordingly. Amazon’s
    note yesterday was “in stock soon….order now”; that has changed to “currently unavailable”….don’t know if/when
    we will get more” (or something like that). Gee! Looks like a repeat of last year when so much was wiped out early. My little horse, indeed, is so lucky. Sure appreciate the help from people on this website (and you, Ken J.,
    for your specifics/story). :)

  20. You fared better than I did. TSC confirmed my order, and gave me an arrival date (today). Just got a message that my order was delayed, they are really sorry and will be in touch. Sigh.

    1. So Cal Gal, I’ve purchased the horse version for use with the pigs. Western Ranch Supply has a variety of forms. I’ve had good dealings with real nice people there.

      1. Thanks AM. Looks like my original order was filled last night and is finally on its way! Keeping your info for back-up. 👍

  21. Thanks, OH… looks like I’m in luck as my original order now finally en route. I am also keeping your info just in case.

  22. They are currently charging $12 a 3mg pill or $36 for a 200lb person – Day 1 + Day 3 + 4 Weeks = $108 and that on top of AFLD $90 TeleDoctor charge and what ever they charge to ship.
    I’m 73, my brother is 75, he got both jabs and now is in the hospital dying slowly at >$5,000 a day.

    1. Airhead, Sorry for your brothers condition and stress induced for you. Will keep you both in prayer.

    2. Airhead, I am so sorry about your brother. It is just not right that they deny a person an inexpensive drug that would take care of the problem. Our friend said she did not want the R, but they said it was their protocol. She almost died. Doc told her she was lucky to be alive. We will pray for peace and comfort for your brother.

  23. Only believe half of what you read and none of what you hear. Re recent reporting of deaths from ivermectin, decided to take a little stroll through the literature. As of the end of 2016, reporting contained in an adverse reaction database indicated two deaths. Two, from reporting from 125 countries. That likely beyond hundreds of millions of doses and into the billions, given how long this drug has been administered. One patient asphyxiated 5 days after a dose. The other was in septic shock with multiple organ failure when parasites were found and treated with ivermectin. That patient never recovered. A handful have had neurological symptoms, most likely either from a rare genetic deficiency or a massive co-predation by loa loa. Too small a number to even be considered statistically insignificant. Report is here:!po=1.47059. .. .. ..
    Any current reporting that people have died of ivermectin, that doesn’t contain any further details, may be technically true, but is very misleading. .. .. ..
    Another study found that an acute toxic dose was 250 times the therapeutic dose. Report is here:

  24. I see the fearmongers are out in force since Joe Rogan took Ivermectin (and every other drug) to treat his COVID-19 (he WAS fully vaccinated, remember?). Attention was focused on those who stupidly have taken
    the HORSE DEWORMER version of Ivermectin, stating how very dangerous that is (like the “vaccines” & “boosters” aren’t). Wish they put it OTC, but that would quash the billions and billions of profits to Big Pharma, the medical industry, and others.

  25. What blows my mind is how adamantly people will defend the establishment in saying ivermectin is not a viable preventive or treatment.

    Ivermectin is ivermectin, end of story

    1. Well, I believe that gets into the realm of psychology. Plus, other factors including an increased lack of critical-thinking in our society in general. Not to mention the power and money
      behind the narratives being employed to the masses – who are now suffering a sort of mass psychosis.

      We are talking about countless billions upon billions of dollars (and the control aspect/agenda) versus an extremely safe drug that’s beyond its patent date and can no longer make any big money. It’s always about the money (and power/control where applicable or able to do so). It never has been, and never will be, about the well being of you and I in this regard.

  26. Hi all
    we just got our ivermectin and I am looking for preventive dosing.
    best I found is 1/3 inch paste day vc 1, same on day three and again in 2 weeks after 1st dose. That’s the syringe paste. Any better help from y’all is appreciated

    1. Go to the website “FLCCC” for human dosing for ivermectin for prophylactic use.

  27. The info I read on the mouthwash is it should have cetyl pyridinium sp? or povidone-iodine in it.

  28. Can anyone tell me how to apply pour on I v e r. Also, the doses for the vitamins, is that the same for kids?

  29. I use ivomec for my dogs monthly heartworm treatment (cattle injectable, but give oral). Well, guess what, every source is now back ordered! Gee. Wonder why?

    1. Homesteadergal and others who are using this for dogs: DO NOT USE IN COLLIE breeds. there is a genetic issue with them and they die from it.

  30. Thanks OH. I was wondering about that, too, so am glad you cleared that up!

  31. I ordered Ivermectin (12mg) from India, since there aren’t any farm supply stores near me. The website I used was Indiamart, found one company’s name mentioned on another internet forum, and decided to give it a try. Got the shipment a few weeks later, no issues with customs luckily.

    There’s the risk that the drug is fake, but since it’s off patent I don’t think there is a lot of incentive as it should be quite cheap to manufacture. I tried one of the pills (it did not taste good..) and nothing bad happened, so hopefully I got the real thing.

    Sharing this in case anyone finds it useful. Paid < $1 per pill (but bought in bulk – a few hundred).

    1. JG, I have gotten several drugs thru India based compaies and thye have all bee exactly what they said.. rest easy and prep on!

  32. Thank you! I was able to acquire a bottle. Time to put into play. Appreciate all the shared knowledge here!!

  33. Thank you! I was able to acquire a bottle. Time to put into play. Appreciate all the shared knowledge here!!

  34. Do keep in mind that ivermectin has a drug interaction with atorvastatin Calcium. The interaction does not say not to take the two, but it does say to monitor closely. So I found a Dr. that will do the monitoring.

    Monitor closely
    atorvastatin oral + ivermectin oral
    Significant interaction possible (monitoring by your doctor required)

    atorvastatin oral will increase the level or effect of ivermectin oral by affects how the drug is eliminated from the body (via what is known as the P-glycoprotein [MDR1] transporter)

    1. I’m not sure where you found the information about ivermectin and atorvastatin (generic Lipitor) but
      I looked up these two meds (systemic ivermectin) on LEXICOMP which is what healthcare professionals use and there was no interactions noted

      1. Fireswamp the only reaction i found was with coumadin, warfarin.

  35. Kulafarmer, Moving convo here for posterity. Ivermectin, turns out, is a protease inhibitor, which is what appears to make it efficacious against the virus. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Turns out, some protease inhibitors work against asthma, as do anti-inflamatories. Ivermectin has been studied against allergic asthma in mice and seems to do some good. ( You and science – neck-and-neck in this crazy horse race.

    1. AnonyMee,
      A light bulb went on for me this week as i started noticing that i havent had to use my rescue inhaler at all in weeks in spite of a number of factors that would have normally rendered me wheezy for a week or more.

      As a side note, Its nice to have this forum and you folks to talk about this because my significant other would shit a brick if she figured out i was taking a small shot of horse paste every few days.


  36. TOJS- correct on that combo
    Warfarin and ivermectin (systemic)come up on lexicomp as a category C interaction
    That translates to “monitor therapy”
    Data shows that the meds may interact in a clinically significant manner (the benefits usually outweigh risk

    Any catering A is no known interaction
    Any Category B no action needed(may interact BUT little or no evidence of clinical concern)
    Any category D interaction- any doc would think long and hard about prescribing both at same time
    Any category X is an absolute no no AVOID this combination !!!!

    I don’t want people to be scared of interaction potential IF it isn’t truly there
    I mean there are millions of Americans on statins for cholesterol- according to the lexicomp data , taking that cholesterol pill with a glass of grapefruit juice would be way more harmful than taking it with a correct weight based dose of ivermectin
    When I quickly looked up common meds like aspirin or lisinopril or metformin with ivermectin (stuff my parents take) no interaction with those meds and ivermectin show up (ironically the bp cholesterol and diabetes meds come up cat C with each other).

    1. Fireswamp,
      Back to the Coumadin/Ivermect. interaction…Q Does the I’mectin increase the INR, by prolonging the half life of coumadin, or does it cause it to excrete more quickly..(lowering INR).. any data available to you..Re:expected time frame of either reaction and duration.Seek to understand reaction.Since this drug is used often.
      DFM on rat poison.Only such drug monitored closely..thereby treating one issue and avoiding to complications of other’s unrelated.There is a lot of problems blood too thin can cause to worsen.Have had other compounds avail. and used those successfully. Tamiflu( sweetgum dt) and colloidal silver both effective.
      yes have used Vivactiv w/ vitamin K 1(2 chews) to reverse INR, elevated beyond range.along with recommending healthy serving-9 oz-. of broccoli.

  37. Also on lexicomp when you look up systemic ivermectin drug interactions

    Category C vitaminK agonist (warfarin)
    BCG (vaccine) Estriol Lactobaccilus

    Category D typhoid vaccine sodium picosulfate (colonoscopy bowel prep)

    Category X cholera vaccine and BCG (intravesicular-so those getting this for bladder cancer )

    FWIW——Those are the ONLY key ones listed for ivermectin on LEXICOMP which is what healthcare professionals use

    No offense to webmd or google but I would not risk my license on their say so
    Standard of care would be using LEXICOMP

  38. So, bromhexamine, a common ingredient in cough suppressants, appears to work on SARS-CoV2. See. .. ..

  39. Good info; thanks, Anony Mee.

    To add to that:
    Mouthwashes: Listerine (Original) and Colgate Peroxyl (among a few others)
    Inhalers: Budesonide (Pulmicort Brand)
    Nasal Sprays: Budesonide (Rhinocort Brand) and Xlear (note: Xylitol key ingredient)

    I can include the studies if you’d like.

  40. Has anyone else seen the data showing that daily smokers are vastly under represented in covid infections and hospitalizations? …..pretty startling how few are contracting the virus ….not recommending everyone light up, but….

      1. Anony Mee,

        “Data in the U.S……according to the CDC. Among 7,000 hospitalized patients, about 1.3% were current smokers and 2.3% were former smokers, though about 14% of the country smokes.”

        …”In France, researchers plan to test nicotine patches on hospital workers and patients who tested positive for COVID-19, according to The Guardian.”

  41. Please check out Dr. Pierre Kory’s post on Twitter dated OCT 7 @Pierre Kory, MD MPA.

    It’s very eye-opening.

    Hint: Hundreds in Congress have been getting Ivermectin prescriptions, but suppressing it for us peons.

  42. Good news for those in NE. Nebraska AG Says Doctors Can Legally Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ for COVID, Calls Out FDA, CDC, Fauci, Media for ‘Fueling Confusion and Misinformation’
    .. .. See

  43. I have some Farnam brand InverCare in case my horse becomes ill. He is now sneezing. Has anyone given their horse this brand? The horse is 73 years old. lol

    Thank you so much..

    1. Deborah
      You will have to check with Kulafarmer, as the party who could answer this question is verboten.

      1. Only experience is with duramectin, but if its just ivermectin paste in the little syringe thingy just set the stop for your horses weight and have at it. Put it in a smoothie if your horse likes smoothies, but it goes down ok just by itself

        1. Thank you Kulafarmer

          Its just ivermectin. I guess the horse is just a little leary of taking horse meds, but he has taken fish antibiotics in the past. lol

        2. Mine was too,
          He got over it, i just put the dose on my finger and put it in his mouth and it is over as fast as it started, thats all i have to do now andit goesdown!

        3. Unlike Kulafarmer who uses his finger to dose his horse, I put mine on a spoon. Civilized… haha

          My horse simply takes it ‘straight up’ ‘neat’. Doesn’t mind it at all.

        4. My horse likes his mixed with Horseradish and used as a side for a prime rib eye :-)

    2. Deborah, I have not dosed my horse w/this one.
      I did do a search for ingredients of this one.Those i have read after say their horse does not mind the apple flavor. and they appear no additional ingredients which would harm such an old horse.. follow directions for weight on package to carefully dispense correct dose. Should your horse begin to have additional issues pharma grade peroxide can be placed in a vaporizer for horse to breathe..OR can use colloidal silver in a diffuser for smaller area, by his/her stall. There are many natural items that can be used for cold symptoms among them are oregano, selenium, zinc, and even Garlic.Hope this helps..

      1. The Original Just Sayin

        Thank you for responding. He hasn’t taken any paste yet, but he did nebulize some salt water with peroxide last night. We take lots of supplements. Might try the paste later.. considering its just its he one ingredient.

        Thank you so much

  44. Lew Rockwell… My daily go to (several times) …..That’s an excellent article. TY

  45. And there it is – published by the NIH. . . . Title – Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects Using Propensity Score Matching

  46. Here are new NIH guidelines (h/t to Tmac)
    . . .

  47. Doing a little research this afternoon with a friend and ran across these: (1) . . . (2) . . . (3) . . . (4) . . . Seems that ivermectin specifically disrupts a critical pathway for viruses to infect cells. Influenza, coronavirus (including 4 that cause a “common cold”), RSV, etc. May be a wonder drug after all. No statistically significant side effects, but as with anything YMMV.

    1. Anony Mee,
      Thank you so much for this info. The work you do researching all of this is appreciated.

    2. AnonyMee,
      I read somewhere in a medical study paper that “I” is believed to be a “Protase 6 Inhibitor ” which basically blocks replication of viruses. I just know from experience that it works. My 1000ml bottle of liquid will provide close to 200 doses (for cows) for the future. It along with my herbal tinctures (thanks to Stephen Harrod Buhner’s books) are in with my medical preps for the future.

      1. MinerJ
        Im betting that equine and bovine common antibiotics could have wide utility for folks as well.

        1. Yup Miner J
          And i even know a fair few o us prone to pure bovine excrement!

      2. Minerjim,

        Out of curiosity, how far out is the “best by” date for the injectable form of I?

        1. The liquid “I” I bought last year has an exp date of “Sept 23”. If it is like most shelf stable medicine, it will last well beyond this date. BTW, it is shelf stable at room temps.

        2. Do your reading on I. The injectable “I” will work well if given orally. (If one of the cows shys away from a shot, I could just as easily put the dose on some feed and give it orally) “I” is easily absorbed by the body, hence you will see “pour on” applications too. Research yourself.

        3. MinerJ
          A friend of mine mixed the pour on with a skin lotion, thats how she uses it, 3 times a week, pretty sure she hasnt got worms or Bots 😎

  48. Anony Mee – I haven’t been sick with anything for longer than a few hours since discovering Vitamin I. Last week I was in close proximity to two very sick people, one has been out three days, the other four (both ‘fully vacciminated’). I started to feel bunk too. One slug of Mr. Ed’s parasiticide and I was right within a few hours. Amazing stuff! I predict that the BATF will start busting doors and throwing people out of bed at gunpoint any day now to ‘save’ us from this product most-dangerous to the American medical mafia.

  49. Ken’s right about the ridiculous amount needed for a lethal level. I found during research for an article ( that the equivalent of 60 vials of the paste constitutes an acute toxic dose.

  50. Updating with a comment on an older post regarding what I’ve known for quite some time (and millions of others know too), that is, Ivermectin does indeed work quite effectively while treating Covid-19. Here’s yet another study, this time in Peru..
    New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus (part of the Springer Nature Group) shows that ivermectin helped save millions of lives in Peru, where during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” the government authorized its use.

    Unlike in the United States where ivermectin prescriptions were essentially banned – some U.S. doctors were threatened that they would lose their medical license if they continued prescribing ivermectin to patients – the government of Peru decided that ivermectin just might be what the doctor ordered. It turns out they were right.

    Published on August 8, the paper highlights a 74 percent reduction in excess deaths across the 10 Peruvian states that saw the most intensive ivermectin use over a 30-day period immediately following the pandemic’s peak deaths timeframe.

    Across all 25 states in Peru, scientists found that excess deaths closely correlated to ivermectin use – meaning the more people who used ivermectin, and the more ivermectin people used, the lesser the number of excess deaths across the board.

    “For 14 states that locally administered ivermectin, excess deaths dropped by 53 percent at 30 days and 70 percent at 45 days.”

    “When ivermectin was available without restriction, there was a fourteenfold reduction in nationwide excess deaths,” reported The Epoch Times about the study’s findings.
    [Ken adds: And that’s why I keep Ivermectin on hand. In fact, early this year (2023) Mrs. J and I both finally got Covid (thought we would escape getting this thing). We treated with Ivermectin (and our ongoing supplements as listed in the article above). The symptoms were pretty mild, at least comparative to what MSM would’ve had us believe would happen. We both had a fairly low-mid grade fever (~ 100 ish) for a few days, felt run down and tired, slight bit of ‘the chills’ for awhile. But the worst was over within a few days. Took about a week to feel done with it. 2 weeks and I’d say back to 100%. ]

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