“Prepping and Preparedness 2” is a level of being prepared for 1-month.

Level-2 builds upon the topics discussed in Level-1 and I will not be repeating those details with the exception of expanding the topics where necessary.

“Prepping and Preparedness 1”

That said, there are a few additional preparedness topics that I will include here because the presumption of being prepared for up to 1-month implies that the disaster event is more serious and requires additional thinking and preparation.

If you have met the requirements to graduate from level-1, chances are that you’re interested to go further now that you’ve established a baseline. Prepping and preparedness is rather contagious in that as you achieve more personal readiness, you start to feel more independent, confident, and liberated. It’s a good feeling!

So lets get going and make it to the next level!


Simply More Water and Food

To increase water and food storage from 1-week to 1-month is mostly and simply acquiring more. Water storage for 1-month becomes more of a challenge due to the quantity and weight, however I will point out some options to deal with this along with recommendations for additional food.


Electrical Grid Down For Weeks

While a disaster requiring you to implement level-2 preparedness may or may not include electrical grid-down for this long, you still need to be prepared for it. There will be some major issues especially depending on where you live, however you can get through it and I’ll tell you how…


Safety and Security Concerns

Especially in urban environments, your personal and home security will likely become a very big concern if we’re looking at weeks without electricity. If we look at what happened during the weeks after Katrina for example, the bad elements of society took advantage where they dared. Remember this: As people become more desperate they tend to do desperate things. So this general topic requires more detail which I will be discussing.


Situational Awareness

This is a new topic here in level-2. Your personal awareness of what’s going on around you should be high during any disaster event. Conditions may be about to change or in the process of changing around you, and you will need to be aware. There are also going to be a LOT of unprepared people around you trying to deal with the event (assuming it’s an event beyond your own personal event) so your senses better be tuned-in to what’s happening. I will explain further details and situational awareness tips in related articles.


Additional Supplies and Gear

There are additional supplies and gear that may help get you through a lengthy event. While it’s pretty tough to prepare for “everything”, I will offer suggestions for some additional things that may be helpful.


Dealing With The Unprepared

This also is a new topic in level-2. If the event has affected your region beyond 1-week, there are going to be a lot of unprepared and unhappy people who will reach a whole new level of “inconvenienced”. Some of them may knock on your door. Some of them will be your neighbors. I will discuss several ways to deal with this along with my own personal recommendations.

As I write more “Prepping and Preparedness 2” articles related to the specific topics mentioned above, I will link them. In the mean time, you will find lots of helpful information buried in the blog. Check out our Categories page and make use of the Search function too.


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