Water and Food for 1 month

Level 2 Preparedness by my own definition is being prepared for 1 month of disruption.

(Overview of Prepping & Preparedness 1 – 4)

This requires storing 1 month of food for every member of the household and it requires a more significant (than Level 1) amount of water storage at home and preferably access to a nearby water source for further needs.

The hypothetical circumstances surrounding the need for 1 month of supplies are pretty severe. Most all ordinary emergency / disruptions last far less in time. However there remains a likelihood that things could ‘go bad’ for that long, depending…


Water For 1 Month

Water for drinking: 0.5 gallon per day per person.
The typical plastic bottled water contains about 16-ounces (2-cups). So about 4 per day, or 28 for 1-week. A typical case of bottled water has 24 bottles, so just call it a case per person for 1-week. So for 1 month, that’s 4 cases per person.

Water for other stuff: Since we’re in level 2 preparedness, a 1 month supply of water for other needs is pretty intense. You may be very surprised to discover The Average Gallons Of Water People Consume Each Day.

It’s the water for ‘other stuff’ that presents a challenge.

– Flushing the toilet
– Water for food preparation and cooking needs
– Washing dishes / utensils
– Keeping yourself clean

That said, a 1 month disruption may or may not involve the water/sewer infrastructure. I would prepare as though it breaks down and you’re on your own.

I would suggest that you consider keeping at least one 55 gallon drum filled with water (e.g. in your basement or garage). This will be a holding tank as you resupply your water needs from external sources (river, stream, pond, neighbors pool, etc..).

You will need at least one manageable water jug container for transport.
Scepter Water Can (5-Gallon)

Water Filter!
A high quality drinking water filter is an absolute must have. In fact I highly recommend for Level 2 preparedness to acquire a quality countertop water filter. And you know which one I’m going to recommend… one of the Berkey water filter systems.

Berkey Water Filter System


Food For 1 Month

Acquiring food for 1 month of disruption is not as hard as some may think. It’s simply a matter of opening the wallet and buying more groceries to store on your shelves. The difference being the type of groceries:

What food to buy and store for 1 month?

– Obviously it can’t be fresh foods (it will spoil).
– Do not buy freezer food (assume the power is out).

Important! Calories!

Very generally, we need about 2,000 calories per day. So when you’re stocking up, regardless of where or what, keep in mind your caloric requirements.

That said, we all have a sense of how much food will last ‘how long’. So simply go out and buy what you need.

Tip: Variety! (is the spice of life)

There are also other options available to you. You might consider purchasing professionally packed emergency survival food designed to supply for 1 month.

Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply

Articles on Food Storage

It’s better to have too much than not enough!
Don’t short change yourself. For every member of the household, be sure that you have enough food. In fact if you have more than enough you’re actually saving money in the long run! Why? Because food prices NEVER go down.


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