First Aid & Medical Emergency Preparedness

Level 1 Prepping & Preparedness

First Aid and Medical considerations are among the basic essentials to address for one’s overall general preparedness, even Level-1.

Unfortunately, in this category most people will not think about it until they actually need it! The problem with that of course is that it is too late “after the fact”.

There are a few simple things that you can do while setting aside just a few minutes of your time so that you will be ready in this category for “just in case”.

Level-1 First Aid Kit Preparedness

I have written a number of articles here on the blog regarding this. Browse through the First Aid categories and search this site for more detail.

That said though, a quick and easy way to minimally prepare yourself is to simply purchase a few basic First Aid supplies.

Consider purchasing a basic First Aid Kit. Then you might simply augment those items with whatever else you feel is important.

For general-basic preparedness any these kits will get you started:

‘Swiss Safe’ Kit

The Coleman Expedition Kit

250 piece Kit

If you’re going to do it yourself, consider including the following items:

– exam gloves
– antiseptic towelettes
– antibiotic cream
– burn cream
– bandages of various sizes
– butterfly closures
– sterile gauze pads of various sizes
– tape roll
– trauma pad
– tweezers
– scissors
– pain reliever meds

Level-1 Medical Preparedness

Regarding medical preparedness, I included this separately for you to consider your own medical needs, whatever they may be.

Try to stock up a bit with the medications you may be taking. Simple as that. Order refills before they’re empty and you can “game the system” to an extent and build up a supply.

Also, consider learning some basic First Aid skills. Since this is only Level-1 preparedness I’m not going to go into this in detail (that will come later), but learning a few simple procedures will benefit your overall knowledge and readiness.

A few examples:

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Others include CPR, treatment for shock, how to set a fracture…

The Survival Medicine Handbook
(view on amzn)

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