Dealing With The Unprepared (Level 2 Prepping & Preparedness)

Level 2 Preparedness. A period of time up to 1 month at home.

Most disaster or emergency situations are short lived. One’s survival is reasonably likely in today’s modern world under these circumstances. Most will find a way to survive or be helped by others. That is, short of immediate life threatening injury.

From Week #1 to Week #4

I defined Level 2 preparedness intentionally to span a period of time between 1 week and 4 weeks.

In my estimation, week #1, #2 are fairly manageable (with some exceptions). Especially with help for those who need it – though potentially difficult and uncomfortable for many.

By the time you reach week #3, #4, you’re getting into a threshold where things will likely start to get pretty “squirrely”. Iffy. Shaky. Get my drift?

So Level 2 goes from not terribly bad, to maybe getting pretty (potentially) bad.

At Level 3 (1 month – 1 year) things definitely take on new meaning and concerns! However week #3 & #4 could begin to get that way too – depending on where you live and what your local community looks like. I just wanted to set the stage with that explanation…

Dealing With The Unprepared

So, dealing with the unprepared. I’ve written on this a number of times. Though usually the context had been strictly SHTF, worst case scenarios. Within Level 2, I believe (with some exceptions) that it’s not going to go “Mad Max”.

Exceptions include a Level 2 that is obviously headed to a Level 3 time frame due to the cause and results of event. In this case, the realization that it’s truly SHTF will likely result in early descent into disorder.

Okay. So most regulars here know that a high percentage of the population is definitely NOT prepared at Level 2. Disturbingly, many are also not prepared at Level 1! With that said, the percentages of unprepared are variable. And only YOU know your own locality. Your neighborhood. Your neighbors. That’s what you need to evaluate.

The way to deal with the unprepared? First, have an idea how many are not prepared! And then to what extent… Do you know the clues to look for? Have you talked to your neighbors? Generally, it doesn’t take long to form an opinion of their readiness.

Some Will “Go Gray”, Others Will Engage

Alrighty then. The event is underway. There are two trains of thought. One, go “gray” and maybe pretend like you’re “one of them”, unprepared. Two, engage with your immediate neighbors and help them where you can.

Personalities come into play. Some here will never help their neighbor(s). Others will, to varying extents. Some will lock the gate and bar-the-door (even during a temporary Level 2 event with a positive outcome end in sight). Others will reach out to their neighbors to discover what they may need.

You know what? There really is no right or wrong “blanket” answer here (how to deal with your neighbors – if, at all). Why? Because there are so many individual variables. Most people view life narrowly from their own personal perspective. But others may be quite different.

My Circumstances, My Plan…

If I say what I might do, some of you will likely disagree, because you don’t know my situation. My region. Neighbors. My locality. The resources here. Etc..

Here’s what I would do during a Level 2 event in my locale regarding “dealing with the unprepared”.

I would reach out and visit all of my immediate neighbors. I don’t have many close by, but I know who they are and we’re friends with some of them. No, I wouldn’t go around saying that I had all sorts of “stuff” to go around. But I would try and find out if everyone is alright or needs anything.

Why? Because I’m not afraid of my neighbors. I’m not suspicious of them. I know that I would appreciate my neighbors help if I needed it. So I’m not afraid to offer help if I choose to do so. I also know there is strength in numbers. Circling the Wagons, so to speak – great for security too.

Given that it’s a Level 2 time span with a probable positive outcome, and given my present location/circumstances, I would be out there checking on my immediate locale and offering help where I can. That good will is going to become a good thing in the future…

Your Circumstances, Your Plan…

Now my circumstances may be different from yours. Hypothetically, or in actuality, you may live in an urban area or densely populated suburban region where you don’t know your neighbors (or very few of them). You may be reluctant to reach out. Maybe that’s your personality, regardless of where you live.

Then there are those who are simply paranoid or have those tendencies. So the door gets locked while you wait it out.

Others may peek out the window or tip-toe out into the street to get a sense of what might be going on out there.

Still others will go knocking on doors of their neighbors home to see how they’re fairing.

What Will The Unprepared Need?

What are the things that the unprepared might need in this situation? I haven’t defined the circumstance. Obviously a grid-down is going to be infinitely worse during these weeks. It’s probably a reasonable assumption that a Level 2 event will encompass a black-out.

The basic survival needs will be the same as it always was. Shelter. Water. Food. Security.

Winter? No heat? That’s a problem. Summer? Wicked hot? That could be a problem. No power? No water pump? That’s a very big problem. The unprepared ran out of food? That’s a big problem too! Security? Well that will depend on where you live and your own local situation.

You preppers already know the various ways to deal with these problems. Or you should… (Search this blog for solutions). Are you prepared for the unprepared in your immediate neighborhood? One way or the other, it will be a reality (dealing with the unprepared).

Again, Level 3 (to come later) will be VERY different in my view. However during a Level 2 with a likely positive outcome end-in-sight, I will be in a mindset of helping and giving to the extent that I decide is appropriate, though with caveats.

I hope this has been food for thought.

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