Security & Situational Awareness (Level 2 Preparedness)

My hypothetical for level 2 preparedness is being prepared for 1 month of disruption. That includes electrical grid down for 2 to 4 weeks.

Your personal safety and security becomes a increasing concern as time marches on during the event. The longer the duration the higher the risk in this regard.

Certainly this risk will be dramatically higher in some regions versus others due to demographics. However as the event continues past week #2, the ability for unprepared people to cope will result in difficult (and very difficult) times if they are unable to get help. And those difficulties could affect your safety and security.

Note: This subject may or may not be relevant for level 2 preparedness. However when we get to level 3 it most definitely will be relevant.


People react and deal with hardships similarly and differently. Throughout my life, my career, and my interactions with others, I have dealt with LOTS of different types of people. I am no longer surprised to discover that someone turns out to be quite different from first impressions.

There are some really great people out there. AND there are some really wacky people out there. Some of them are obvious and many of them not so obvious. I’ve learned to treat others (especially initially) with a healthy bit of skepticism (as to what I might believe are their characteristic traits), especially if and until I get to know them better.

Why am I saying all this? Because during a time of stress and hardship (grid down for 2 to 4 weeks) you may be encountering your own neighbors (near and maybe further away), some of whom may present a threat to your own personal safety & security.

In my opinion there’s no need to go off the deep end here in level 2, however you will benefit from a keen sense of situational awareness during this period.

Security Issues That May Arise

So, what should you look out for? The duration of this hypothetical event is “only” 2 to 4 weeks, but that time frame certainly cuts into the probability that most of your neighbors will not have adequate solutions to their problems. And that may likely affect you.


Most people will have enough food to get through a short disruption. And some might be able to scrounge up enough to last a week or two (although on average many don’t have that much in the house according to the many reports I’ve read over the years).

But when you start getting into week #3, #4, even those who thought they had a deep pantry will discover they’re running out or have run out of food completely. Then what?

Well ordinarily during local or regional disruptions you could just get in your car and drive out of the region to get / buy what you need (although a pain in the ar$$).

This hypothetical though, we’re saying that you can’t drive out (because that’s too easy).

When people get hungry enough, they will become highly motivated to find food. Most people living in modern society have never experienced real hunger. You probably haven’t either.

Although I have been quite hungry from time to time, I have not experienced what it’s like to go without food for days on end (thankfully). That said, I do know (and I’m sure you do too) what it feels like to miss a number of meals in a row and how it catches up with you (motivation to get some food to eat!). Now multiply that times 2, 3, 5, etc… imagine the motivation? It will become your priority!

People will turn to their neighbors looking for food. How will you handle that as a prepared person who has plenty of food? Or better stated, “How SHOULD you handle that situation to minimize threat to your personal or household security?”

Since this event will be over within 4 weeks (although I didn’t specify whether or not you know this), do you set aside some ‘staple’ foods for your neighbors who may come knocking? Do your neighbors already know that you are well stocked? If they don’t, do you pretend like you don’t have any food either? “Food for thought”…


During most any disaster you hear about theft. People looting stores. People stealing from others.

Some people have an easier time than others with stealing. Some people are just “bad” people. Others may steal only when they get desperate enough (thresholds to their ethical trip wires).

Point is, depending on where you live and who lives among you, there may be a threat.

Maybe someone wants your generator or your gas cans or your propane tank.


We’re not talking about gangs of marauders in level 2 preparedness (although quite possible within urban inner city regions well know for their bad elements). However we are talking about people getting pretty desperate after several weeks of grid down coupled with little or no external help or aid.

This will affect you. So plan a strategy to deal with it.

I personally prefer to prevent a confrontation situation. I am fortunate to have good neighbors and would help them in a heart beat. They are the type who would return the favor. But not everyone has good neighbors. And what about neighbors who are “way down the road” so to speak, people who you really don’t know… what about them if they come knocking?

Think about it…

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