There are all kinds of needles. The canvas needle in particular is a fairly heavy duty strong needle which could be used for all sorts of applications. It’s primary function — sewing-stitching canvas type material, lends itself towards stitching most any material into useful things, be it heavy duty or light duty. Only your imagination will limit it’s use.

For a survival kit, a canvas needle could provide solutions for many additional things including that of it’s primary design. You might consider including one in your preps.

Here is a list of a few additional uses for a canvas needle…

The tip of a canvas needle is pointed, but with triangular flat sides at the tip. It is slightly more than 2-inches long and about twice the thickness of a typical sewing needle. They can typically be found in a pack of ‘Repair Needles’ commonly found in some fabric stores.

Sewing and stitching enables repairs or new creations
The inner strands of Paracord could be used as thread
Punch small holes through objects to string together
Makeshift eating utensil; poke and hold food
Writing utensil – dip in ink substance
Test ‘doneness’ of baked goods
First Aid emergency stitches
Sterilize and clean a wound
Fishhook; bend and bait
Scratching and scribing
Clean under fingernails
Remove a splinter
Make a compass
Tip of a spear
Straight edge

Add your own additional uses for a needle or canvas needle…

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