gasoline siphon pump

How many of you at one time or another wished you had a gasoline siphon pump? Ever got a mouthful of gas doing this? Read on…

There are plenty of scenarios where it may be useful to transfer gasoline from one tank to another.

– Siphon or pump the gas from another tank
– Winterizing / drain gas tanks / run engine till stall
– Lawn mowers, tractors, snow blower, ATV, etc..
– Get gas from another vehicle
– Transfer gas from car to can or lawn mower
– Empty stale gas
– Siphon gas from car into your generator
– Preparedness (see below)

gasoline siphon pump

Gasoline Siphon Pump ( Manual pump )

Siphon Pro XL – Largest Siphon for Water – Gas – Diesel – SEE VIDEO – USA

This transfer pump has the largest siphon bulb of all.

Note: Siphoning requires that the source tank be higher up than the container you’re filling (gravity does the work once the flow is started).

That said, this particular siphon (linked above) will enable pumping higher than the source tank by utilizing a shut-off clamp and the large siphon bulb. There’s a video showing how it’s done.

Also, with a long enough hose (you can always buy a longer hose from a hardware store if needed), a gasoline siphon pump could also potentially work to remove gas from another vehicle’s gas tank into yours.

The siphon above has 8 feet total and it’s 5/8 hose.

Note: A capless gas tank funnel might be needed to push through the 2nd flap depending on your (modern) vehicle (e.g. newer Fords).

Ford Fuel Filler Funnel

12 volt gasoline siphon pump

Gasoline Pump ( 12 volt )

12V Gasoline Transfer Pump/Siphon

For easy and efficient transfer, you might consider an electric (12 volts DC) siphon pump.

It will pump (rather than siphon) gas (or diesel) from another tank.

The nice thing here is that you don’t have the requirement of the source tank being higher up than the capture tank, and you’ll avoid getting a mouthful of gas from a traditional siphon.

It also apparently has the added capability of being able to transfer fuel out of many modern cars (adapter included).


Battery Powered Gas Can Transfer Pump

No More Gas Can Lifting / Fuel Transfer Pump

Here’s another nice product that I purchased last year. Mrs.J really appreciates it… A battery operated (4-AA batteries) pump that fits on to a 5-gallon gas container.

It eliminates the requirement (and strength) to hold the heavy gas can (about 30 pounds for 5 gallons) in position while filling something… instead you just pump it in (3 gallons per minute).


Gasoline Siphon Pump For Preparedness

The scenario: The grid went down. No electricity.

Among the many problems that you are now facing, one of them is non-functioning gas pumps (no electricity). And when your tanks run dry, and when you’ve used up your storage of gas cans, that’s it… you’re out.

But maybe not! There will be gasoline in other vehicles, gas storage tanks, and anywhere else with gasoline-operated equipment. You just need to get it out…and transfer it to where you need it.

During emergency situations such as this, Generators will be the #1 consumer for gasoline during this time. And it won’t take long before people run out of their typical 5-gallon gas storage.

Don’t forget the Fuel Stabilizer!
Sta-bil Fuel Stabilizer

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