For those who work full time, you probably spend about 38 percent of your life at work.

You spend 29 percent of your time sleeping, if you sleep 7 hours a night.

That leaves 33 percent of your time doing other things, at home, etc..

So, if a SHTF event were to occur, odds are that you might be at work.

For preparedness sake, this is a significant thing. Here’s what I mean…

Don’t ignore preparedness at your work place. Like I said, given the odds, you may be at work if and when “it” happens.

One of the most effective ways that you can prep for this is by having adequate kit in your vehicle (assuming that you drive to work). Your vehicle is your means to get home or to bug out. Your vehicle will be able to hold a good bit of preps to help you get there.

From time to time I go through my truck and adjust what I keep in there for preps. You should too! Re-evaluate what you have and make adjustments accordingly.

Make sure that you have the basics including some food, water bottles, a means of shelter, appropriate seasonal clothing (and shoes) for having to walk, cell phone charger for the cig adapter (and proper charging cable for your device), and whatever else that you feel might be important.

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During my previous career I would keep one of my desk drawers as an emergency kit of sorts. During that time I lived in earthquake country and was especially concerned about the possibility of being stranded at work.

While those of us who are preparedness-minded probably have a decent supply of various preps at home, the point here is not to neglect your workplace, especially since you spend so much time there.

This might even include something as simple as having your own Firs Aid Kit at work if your workplace is inadequate in that area.

Do you keep a flashlight at work?
Food Bars just in case?

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A change of clothes?
A decent knife?

What else?