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What is Survival Gear?

Tangible assets, items, physical things. The ‘stuff’ that may help towards your survival in one way or another.

Gear in this context is mostly understood as portable items of personal property; possessions. For example, “I keep survival gear inside my backpack.

With that said, survival gear does not have to fit in a pack or be portable! Though it may often be. There’s no one size fits all in this area.



I want to help answer your questions. For example:

What survival gear do I need? What’s the best survival gear to have?

For your car or truck, camping, hiking, backpacking, cold weather, for home, or even for the end of the world…

Maybe you’re looking for a gear list, survival kit suggestions, reviews or opinions from others. We have it here.



Survival Gear - water filter

A top priority is water! 3 days without clean drinking water will result in BIG problems.

Above all, I suggest that you get a quality countertop water filter for home. Second, a smaller portable water filter as part of your first survival gear purchases.

‘Travel Berkey’ countertop water filter – Specs
‘Sawyer Mini’ portable water filter – Review



Fire making

Survival Gear - fire starter

Fire is crucial. Boil & sterilize water, cook food, provide heat when it’s cold. More examples –  to signal for help, a campfire at night, keep predators away.

Notably, have more than one way to make a fire. In addition to lighter and matches, consider these fire making items:

A Fire Starter Kit List




Survival Gear - knives

Cutting tools. Any survival gear list will include a knife. Why? Because a good survival knife will aid in so many things! Fire making – batoning, shaving tinder, feather stick, kindling. Cutting cordage, processing food, and other countless uses.

I advise a pocket knife for every day carry. Also a good ‘survival knife’ – hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, making other ‘tools’ – carving and more.

Survival Knife for Batoning Wood




Survival Gear - paracord

Cordage, twisted rope, ‘550 paracord’ (favored among survival gear), climbing, tarred bank line, fishing line, or any other type.

There are countless uses for cordage! For example, making shelter, tie lines, clothes line, pack straps, lifeline, and many more:

Survival Kit Paracord – How Much to Keep in your Kit?




Survival Gear - shelter

Sheltering, cover, protection from the weather, keeping a safe body core temperature during extremes.

Tents, tarps, emergency blankets and more. Even your clothes and outerwear are part of the shelter group.

Survival Priority #1 – Water OR Shelter?




Survival Gear - cooking

Survival gear for cooking –  on the trail, camping, or emergency backup at home.

Portable camp stoves, mess kit, containers. Fuel sources – propane, butane, alcohol, twigs & wood, and more…

Stoves for Cooking Preparedness
Single Burner Butane Stove Safer for Cooking Indoors



Flashlights, Headlamps

Survival Gear - headlamps
Flashlights, headlamps, lanterns. For instance, setting up camp in the dark.

Simply walking in the dark. Key-chain, every day carry, at home, tactical, security.

Headlamp vs. Flashlight
Best Survival Flashlight?




Survival Gear - radios
Portable emergency radios, 2-way radios for communications.

Security, staying in touch, portable AM/FM/Shortwave/Weather radios. HAM radio. In short, they’re all useful survival gear.

A Portable Shortwave Radio to Discover What Happened
FRS, MURS, GMRS, 2-Way Radios For Communications
The Best Weather Alert Radio – Review



First Aid Kit

Survival Gear - First Aid

Build one yourself or buy a kit. Special or unique bandages, gauze, pads.

Certainly, the basics for trauma. Bleed-out can happen in four minutes. So the right items and tools to stabilize,  stop the bleeding – from minor to major.

How To Use the Israeli Bandage
How and When To Use Steri-Strips



Survival Kits

Survival Gear - Kit

Build a basic survival kit yourself! Know the vital key items.

A kit for the vehicle, one at home, work, boat, ATV, snowmobile, or likewise wherever may be important.

10 Essential Items in a Survival Kit



Other Survival ‘Preps’

Items that don’t group clearly under ‘Survival Gear’. There’s LOTS more under ‘Food & Kitchen‘, ‘Security‘, ‘Skills & How-to‘, and ‘Lifestyle‘.

Like I said earlier, survival gear is often thought of as portable, maybe purposed for on-the-go or to fit in a kit of sorts. There’s much more than that to consider for survival and preparedness of course. Lots of other topics, preps, knowledge, skills, and even lifestyle choices. You’ll find it all here on our site.

The groups listed above lead to subsets of other items and article topics. In summary they’re meant as a starting point for searching ‘Survival Gear’ here on Modern Survival Blog.

I advise you to search this site for related articles with the words, terms, phrases that you can think of. As a result you may find just what you’re looking for!

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