TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It

Assets That Will Matter After TEOTWAWKI

Are you preparing for TEOTWAWKI? (The End Of The World As We Know It) Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, right? Being preparedness-minded. But to what extent? It varies for everyone of us. Some (preparedness) is better than none. Lots is better than some, especially if done in a sensible manner. A percentage of us take it to a level whereby we stand a chance to survive TEOTWAWKI.

I post this as a question for discussion. To further promote ideas. Actually, I’m re-posting this from several years ago and keeping the original comments intact. Why now? Because the state of the world is in extreme potential peril as I type this. Wars. Rumors of war. Nuclear war. It’s all completely insane. The psychopathic elite and their puppet minions all over the world are on the brink of doing something that could ‘end’ many or most of us. Although it may be too late to do lots at this point (events are accelerating), the discussion is still a good one. If the psycho’s come to their senses (doubtful), all preparations and acquired assets will still be of value — and peace of mind.

While we’ve had these discussions before, “What are the assets that will matter most, after the end of the world as we know it?”

For the majority of people living in today’s modern world, in their minds the tangible things that ‘matter’ in life might include their iPhone, their social media Apps, their credit card, the new car, fashionable clothes, the McMansion, their 401K, a bigger flat-screen TV, the latest gaming platform, etc.. you get the idea… the ‘stuff’ that modern-day programming begs you to get.

With that said, those ‘things’ may be mostly worthless during TEOTWAWKI, while other ‘assets’ will become the one’s that matter most…

TEOTWAWKI is not defined. I’m not defining the specifics of the hypothetical – on purpose. But instead, a vague generalization and concept of life after some sort of major lifestyle-altering collapse. Be it social, systemic, physical, whatever… The extent, depth and breadth is left for your interpretation and imagination.

With that in mind, there will certainly be some commonality among the hypothetical interpretations of TEOTWAWKI and its outcome, so lets concentrate on what assets might matter most during such a time.

If we can identify some of these assets (especially those that matter the most), then we might attempt to acquire some of them before it’s ever too late.

So let’s get a discussion list going.

Ready, set, go…

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