Are you preparing for TEOTWAWKI? If you are, then you likely have a much different view of the assets that will be important – those that will matter most – compared to today.

For the majority of people living in today’s modern world, in their minds the tangible things that ‘matter’ in life might include their iPhone, their social media Apps, their credit card, the new car, fashionable clothes, the McMansion, their 401K, a bigger flat-screen TV, the latest gaming platform, etc.. you get the idea… the ‘stuff’ that modern-day programming begs you to get.

With that said, those ‘things’ may be mostly worthless during TEOTWAWKI, while other (very different?) assets will become the one’s that matter most…

As is the case in any hypothetical situation whereby you’re making a plan or analyzing the potential factors or results, the output will depend on the input. In this case, TEOTWAWKI is not defined but instead is a vague generalization and concept of life after some sort of major life-altering societal collapse. The extent, depth and breadth is left for your interpretation and imagination.

With that in mind, there will certainly be some commonality among the hypothetical interpretations of TEOTWAWKI and its outcome, so lets concentrate on what tangible assets might matter ‘most’ during such a time.

If we can identify them (those that matter the ‘most’), then we can acquire them now. And while they may not seem of much value now, in tomorrow’s world they may be worth their weight in gold…

So let’s get a list going, and later I’ll append this article to include the apparent ‘best of’…

Ready, set, go…

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