Be Prepared For Survival… With… Beer?


Guest post: by ‘buk’ from Maui

I stocked up with 40 cases of Tecate beer, 45 cases of Heineken lite beer, 39 cases of Coors lite, and 55 cases of Bud light. Because all bars will be shut down, got to have my beer for survival.

Ken adds: When I received Buk’s email, I laughed out loud. Then, I said to myself, “I should post this…” – knowing that if there were ever a SHTF scenario, having a supply of alcohol will make for valuable barter, the same as coffee, chocolate, and other ‘sinful’ pleasures… So, although this post is short-n-sweet, I thought it worthy to put out there for fun and fact… (wink)


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  1. Likker y’all! Whiskey will keep fer ever but beer will go bad! Likker is more compact too……….

  2. You can also make a really great loaf of bread with any old can of beer and some flour and salt… very simple recipe, no rise time or kneeding required. And if you have butter around, you can melt 1/4 to 1/2 cup on top for extra flavor and calories. So if you don’t manage to barter off all that beer… you’ll be able to make some hearty bread out of all of it with very few ingredients.

    1. From Wikipedia: Beer bread is a simple bread based on the idea that both beer and bread have a common creation process: yeast is used to turn sugar into alcohol, which in the case of bread then boils off.[citation needed]
      A loaf of beer bread. Beer bread can be simply made with flour, beer, and sugar.

  3. Hognutz is correct, I’d also add cigarettes (there’s always a trade in vice, always has been) even grow your own tobacco, it’s doable. Tricky, but doable.

    In addition (perhaps more importantly), a little makeup, perfume, “supplies”, and such for the ladies will go a long way towards peace with your neighbors and GREATLY improve morale for everyone, including men (if you get my drift….) Great barter items.

    And toilet paper, lots and lots of toilet paper, massive amounts…..

  4. Dont forget the fact that Beer also contains HUGE amount of calories. Thats why many old drunkards tend to get a bit heavy, even they dont eat much.
    Its not that bad survival “food” as you could imagine, but ofc you need vitamins and other more solid food with it.

  5. But remember one thing, what goes into beer, goes into bread. He’s got the right idea, liquid and bread into one! :-)

  6. Interestingly the Europeans drunk beer morning, noon and night right up until the late 18th century. Water was considered unhealthy – it probably was.

    Commercial bottled “lager styled” beer goes off within 8 weeks. Other beers last longer. The head ache you get normally comes from the preservative in the beer.

    Wacky weed is probably easier to grow than tobacco.

  7. did you know there is a date on beer of one year. maybe you should take something that have no date on it.

  8. I LOVED this blog! though I doubt my wife would share the sentiment. I used to call beer “Cornflakes in a can” I learned this from a retired fireman. If one is interested in stockpiling beer as a survival item and you have a wife in the background rolling her eyes, Remind her of the following items:
    (1) The preparation of beer involves starting with relatively clean water and heating it to the point that it kills water-bourne pathogens. Nobody gets an intestinal bug from properly prepared and stored beer. (Same can be said for cultures that consume a lot of tea. You are drinking boiled water. Beer is more fun though.)
    (2) If beer goes bad, you can tell by the odor prior to drinking it. This is a built in safety mechanism.
    (3) I am surprised that I did not see anybody mention the topic of home-brewing. For many people it is a hobby and for a select few, their hobby can turn into an income supplement.
    (4) In an world changing situation, groups of survivors would begin brewing something within short order. My guess would be coffee until the supplies run out (Not grown on the Continental US) then tea (probably herbal) I am willing to bet bottom dollar that the new economy would support a competent beermaker.
    (5) Beer was one of the first industries established within the American Colonies back in the late 1700s. Traces of beer have been found within vessels in the Tigris-Euphrates river valleys. Where ever people work, and where ever there is the occassional grain surplus, you will have booze of some type and that is probably where you will find me. (LOL)

  9. There are people who drink a six-pack every night. If you are one of them or live with one of them here is your problem; When TSHTF and you are out of your favorite drink you will go looking for it. There will be rioting in the streets and the store shelves will be empty but you will be out in it looking for a brewski. I am not suggesting the solution is to store more beer. I am suggesting you need to go cold turkey, perhaps now.

    1. Wow, that is an incredible story. Lessons learned: Beer contains calories and can be eaten when frozen, always keep some survival supplies in your vehicle, and it’s a good idea if others know where you are going! Thanks for the link.

  10. Beer is good food,get the dark lagar type it’s loaded with calories,in a time for short food supply those calories will be the safety net . lets see hops,barley,yeast,and other good herbs
    support good health,5% alcohol per unit,big deal just dont put away a 18 pack in 3 hrs. and a good quality brew will last,perhaps wine and hard stuff for barter as well.

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