Being Prepared For Unprepared People

Being prepared. If you’re reading this, you are likely on your lifestyle journey of preparedness. Being preparedness minded. It’s sensible. Logical. Reasonable.

I have lots and lots of articles here about the many aspects of “being prepared”. How to go about it.

However with this article, I thought of the angle of being prepared for the unprepared. They are the vast majority. Yes, the word “unprepared” is enormously generic. But in the context of survival-and-preparedness, the prepared should consider being prepared for the unprepared… Kind of a tongue-twister.

So what do I mean by this? Well, it’s just something to think about. That’s the goal here. To consider “what if’s”. What if a series of events resulted in shortages way beyond what we’ve recently witnessed during the year 2020?

Critical-thinking people have come to understand that there are many interdependencies that entangle our modern way-of-life (behind the scenes). Some of them are critical to our survival!

How do you think we’ve been able to grow our present civilization to such a population level? It would have been quite impossible without the development of critical infrastructures. And there are a number of things that can wreak havoc on those systems.

  • Natural Disasters
  • WAR
  • Politics
  • Policies
  • Accidents
  • Attacks
  • Sabotage
  • Aging Systems
  • Economic
  • Bad Design
  • Just-in-Time (JIT)
  • Pandemic
  • Foreign or Domestic Enemies

(I’m sure you could add more to this list)

How To Prepare For The Unprepared

As one example, most of the unprepared do not realize or know about the “just in time” method of supply and distribution. Instead, there’s a simple mindset of a never ending supply. (Although there’s little doubt that the shortages of the year 2020 (and beyond) has awakened some…)

[ Read: ‘Just-in-Time’ Food Supply Disaster ]

How to prepare for the unprepared?

First, understand that the unprepared will be without. Without what? Exactly… that is the question to consider. That’s where the “what if’s” come into play.

Next, understand WHERE the unprepared will attempt to GET that which they are without. Again, the “what if’s” and hypotheticals.

Third, understand what YOU can do to mitigate any potential exposure to the many risks to yourself and your property. The risks of the unprepared.

The Necessities Will Be The Issue

Inconveniences. The modern luxuries that make our way of life “easier”. This won’t be too much of a threat to you. It will just irritate them. (So watch out for angry people.)

As the fall deepens, the “it’s” will turn into necessities, and this is when things get dicey. I mean really dicey… I’m talking about hungry people (just one example). Remarkably, it is widely reported that most of the unprepared do not have much more than 3 days, maybe a week at most, of enough food for everyone in the household (I still marvel at this).

Many of the unprepared will not know what to do. They will have little or no clue as to how and adapt to their new normal. Many will whither in place.

But others will start knocking on doors after they realize that handouts aren’t coming. What will you do if and when they knock on your door? That is the initial question to consider. The answer will depend on you and the hypothetical situation itself. I’m not going to tell you what to do. But I hope to provoke related thoughts and self-questioning.

Mitigate Exposure To The Unprepared

Okay let’s get down to it…

The best way for the prepared to be prepared for the unprepared, may be to become the gray man, so to speak.

A short-term hypothetical infrastructure disruption (pick your infrastructure) does not present much, or any problem for the prepared. It might not even be too much of a big deal for the unprepared. But it’s TIME that makes the difference. How long is “it” (an infrastructure) broken? Or might it be broken?

If this is going to be long term (you might noodle-out some hypothetical time frames in your head), then you will likely (at some point) be affected by the unprepared.

While realizing that you cannot save the world, your inner instinct will shift your actions into survival mode. Self preservation (which is instinctive for most humans, and animals). Hard choices and decisions may be forced upon you. These decisions might make the difference between survival, or not…

Gray Man & OPSEC

The ‘gray man’ is a concept of not being noticed. Blending in. Not standing out. Avoidance.

This is why the concept of OPSEC (Operational Security) is so very important. Sadly, in today’s world, having a deep pantry of food storage is looked upon as odd (and others will distinctly remember it). These same people will most certainly and absolutely remember it, if and when the time comes…

With that said, it’s best to keep your mouth shut (unless you need a few select others to help with your overall situation or group).

You (the prepared) will be adapting your way through life after the collapse (of whatever it is). The absolutely most important aspect for preparing for the unprepared will be security. The ‘bleeding hearts’ may disagree to their heart’s content, but I would like to suggest that in the hypothetical circumstance of a deep collapse, your life will be in grave danger from the unprepared. And potentially from some of ‘the prepared’.

Your personal and home security will vary widely depending on where you live. The type of people around you. I’ll suspect that security may be minimal for some while absolutely crucial for others.

With that said, I believe this notion requires some serious thought…

I welcome your comments to do with being prepared for the unprepared:


  1. I think an all or nothing strategy needs to be considered. If a family member is more compassionate than you and hands out food, word gets out quick especially if you live in close proximity to others. Then you and your stores are overrun. Opsec is crucial and saying no will be really hard for some people. Just my .02

  2. I have often ask the question:

    “What would you do if your Family and Children were Starving to death, Literally”

    You can apply that to any number of scenario you want ‘Freezing, homeless, dehydration, medical, what-ever’.
    Or what/if you simply can not provide for them anymore, what would you do?
    Would you Take from your neighbor, your friends, your co-workers? Harm them, Kill them so your Family would survive?
    That sounds harsh? Look at the riots and mayhem from last year.

    Than multiply that by all the people you know.

    1. NRP & Blue

      I don’t think any of us can truthfully answer that question, being as none of us have ever been in that position. That being said, is why we prep, not only with supplies, but also with skills to further our position of survival. I know that’s what I’m doing, although, I have a life long background in farming, and making many decisions on future projects.

      IF, it gets that bad, I pray I never have to decide to take from anyone by force to survive, I hope I never find out just how far to the dark side I can be forced to deal with.

      But, I will resist with every thing I got to prevent someone trying to take from me by force, up to using deadly force, I hope to never have to do this, but you just never know the future of desperate people.

  3. I prep for my family. I’ve always been a giver, not a taker. I know my neighbors. They know that I will help when asked, they’ve always reciprocated. Funny thing is, most times, good people don’t have to be asked….they see the need and respond without waiting.

    I’ve never spent much time worrying about whether I will turn folks away from my door, should truly hard times come (we ain’t even come close to hard times yet, folks), especially family and friends.

    I suspect the rub will come from folks I don’t know, or ne’er do wells that I do, that won’t ask for help…..rather, demand it it or attempt to take it whether it’s offered or not.

    Over the years, I’ve seen many folks boasting how they will take what they need when the time comes…..I expect them to be eliminated very early on in a world gone mad.

    1. In a sense I pity those takers after the world goes mad–conditioned to believe that there are no consequences, taught that they have a right to anything they might want, coming up against reality for the first time in their lives.

      1. Lauren

        no consequences.? That is going to be a huge problem for them and us. They think they can just take what they want, from anybody. They will find out, that’s not a very good idea. WE, as preppers will have to deal with these looters, maybe with deadly force. Gonna be a huge mind boggling event in the case where we have to take a life defending ourselves. NOT looking forward to any of this sh*storm.

        Taking a human life is a really BIG, BIG deal, even in an emergency mode. Not good at all. Having never taken a human life, how the hell do you prepare for this scenario.? Just beyond my grasp of thinking, I have thought about it, but just don’t know how to prepare for this.

        1. The best way to prepare for that is to take actions that would (could) reduce or eliminate the likelihood of that decision taking place. In a round-about way, that’s my intent for this article. To inspire others to think about those what-if’s and do what we can to mitigate them.

    2. Dennis:
      Thank you for bringing up the Second Part of the Question I ask of others:

      “What would you be willing to do and/or give up to help others in need?”

      And to what extent would you go? give up essential “Stuff” that you may, MAY, need later? Would you be willing to cut your supplies in 1/2 to help those that ‘come knocking on the door’?
      What about those that you know? would you take them in and provide for them knowing darn well you may need those supplies soon to make due for your own Family?
      Where would you “Draw the Line” with charity, and more importantly how would you cut-off others when you started to run low in supplies?

      As Stand my Ground said above, there is a HUGE “Dark Side” when it comes to people that are desperate.

      One needs to ask themselves what am I preparing for? Myself/Family or to provide for those that all-out refuse to prepare for themselves? Tis not like they have zero clue, I don’t know of anyone that did not see what happened this past year, not only with the “Political Pandemic” but with TX and many other disasters that happened.

      Seriously, a months worth of food set back for “Hard Times” is that really that difficult?

      1. NRP & Blue; “Seriously, a months worth of food set back for “Hard Times” is that really that difficult?”
        For some, yes, not because they can’t but, because they won’t. THEY have the mindset that they and their family will be taken care of no matter what by the Gov. (pick which level, local, state, fed.) What about the gov. (again pick a level) coming around and confiscating your stuff for “the good of everybody”. What do you do then? I.E. “you don’t need 600 rolls of TP and all of this gin and vodka, you live by yourself. We’ll take half, and anything else you have to much of.”

        1. blackjack22:
          That is a very good question you bring up.
          Personally I have given that considerable thought.
          Being 67 years of age, all I can say is it’s been a very good ride for the most part.
          I can see a hell of a Bonfire coming in the Four Corners, can ya just imagine 600 rolls of TP all soaked in 100-proof Shine; Hell of a way to Cook Beans-N-Rice for sure HAHAHA

          Life is good here on Lightening Point, Time for a 2 mile hike with ole Blue, he carries his own Treats LOLOL

  4. The boys have come around a little, then I ask can you feed your animals? Brief blank look, then oh yeah, feed my animals. Both have dogs and cats.

    1. When my brother first moved in I suggested he get extra food for their dogs. He looked at me blankly and asked why. I said if there’s some kind of a disaster they’re not eating my food, and he said then they would eat his. SMH

  5. Good questions to be asking ourselves given the way things tend to be trending. For now, my strategy is this: Family and close friends i will help as much as I can. People from outside my AO, those i don’t know, i will send to the local food bank. I plan on donating food to the local food banks, and have them distribute it out. This is a more secure way of sharing. This is my plan for now, but i could see this changing under different scenerios.
    If it came down to me alone starving, where i would have to “take by force” from others to survive, I would not do so personally. My God has always provided for me, and set my mind to being prepared. If i am in that situation, i will trust in my God to provide to me by means other than violence, and die by starvation if that is what is meant to be. ( and yes, i do know what it means to starve) this is only my position for me, I fault no one with with other positions.

    1. Minerjim
      I agree for the most part, only problem with hauling stuff to a food bank or church, as soon as you pull up and unload, others will know you have “stuff” Maybe not a problem, but maybe it could be, just thinking here…..
      Hence the question, “do you have your house in order?” if the time comes to it…… I do understand that God is a mighty forgiving being for sure.

      1. NRP & Blue,
        Taking food to the church or food bank can be arranged to be on the QT. And you can be grey all the way there and back. (“gee officer, don’t know how that mud got on both my front and back license plates”) . Point taken though.. As for having my “house in order”, well we kinda live in a state of organized chaos 1/2 the time. As for my “spirtual house”, all good there, ready when the call comes in from the Almighty. ( Ain’t none us us going to get out of this life alive, so best be prepared.)

        1. minerjim
          i have lost a lot of sleep thinking and praying over this subject and hope I can do similar to what you have shared. Only one thing I could suggest, walk into the Church/food bank backward. So people think you are leaving with food. Lol.

        2. PNW Sal,
          God provides. When I get in a bind, I take it to Him. As mortals we are weak, but with God’s love and guidance, we will have the strength to do is right when the time comes.

    2. Minerjim
      We were raised that God helps those whom help themselves. Never ask for anything unless your can return it in a timely fashion, of equal amount or more, or learn to do without. If you have access, to help someone who needs a helping hand up, but never a hand out.

      There by it is hard for us(dh & I) to understand anyone not providing enough for a few weeks to survive a rough patch due to (any) unforeseen obstacles. Well it is mind boggling.

        1. @AC, Just so you know, there is an edit button for comments after they have been posted (I believe it’s live for about an hour afterwards).

      1. AC,
        I believe that is what is called “Depression Era Ethics”.(it was how a lot of us were raised) I will help those that need a helping hand, but not be giving handouts to gimmedats. A handout does not really help a person. This is why i am getting to the point of planting so many potatoes, way more than my family and friends can use. I have the land and the water, why not? It is a lot of work, but a labor of love. I look at it as an attempt to pay forward for all the blessings i have given, taking the words of my Lord to heart, ” Feed my flock” (maybe more literally than spiritually, but it still is a joy to do).

  6. If you give away ANYTHING, very soon you will lose everything. Compassion and mercy are for Chaplains and Medics. Some will say this is harsh, cruel, un-Christian, etc. Absolutely. But harsh times will require harsh measures and part of surviving is being able to do things you normally would find appalling.

  7. So, you give someone stuff, food, water, whatever. They now know you have stuff, soon they come back for more and bring others. Now what do you do?

    1. That’s exactly one of the many questions we need to ask ourselves. Then maybe something can be done (or undone) ahead of time to mitigate that.

  8. We tend to approach subjects like this from worst case scenario/dog eat dog world…a scenario I fully understand, and pray never comes about….but what about a scenario that’s happening right now….and will most likely snowball quickly in the near future… stuffs prices skyrocketing.

    Right now, my cost for lay pellets is over $15 for 50lbs. I’m feeding 24 birds, 21 of which are layers, averaging 16 eggs a day, that’s about $2 a dozen just for feed. I free range my chickens. I suspect my feed costs would be significantly higher if I didn’t (these costs don’t include any labor, electricity, water, or expense to raise chicks to laying age.

    Haven’t bought any store bought eggs in years, but I figure producers are experiencing similar rises in expenses….as are farmers, ranchers, feedlots……

    My point is that, what we consider staple foods….meat, eggs, milk, and grains….may become unaffordable for a large segment……where do you figure they go, and what lengths will they go to to get them? How long will family producers be able to feed their stock? How many eggs will your flock lay if you can’t afford processed feed?

    1. How about unprocessed feed in warmer months? I had 6 free ranges chickens that ate for themselves in the fields, eating wild seeds, and bugs and left over food from dinner we ate like cooked green beans, rice, and potatoes–That’s what drew them at night to the coop. You can grow your own feed for them–sunflower heads, oats, ground pearl millet, corn, apples, berries, watermelon rind etc, they eat a variety of food.

      1. Stardust,

        Mine are free ranged year round, closed up at night, turned out in the morning. I keep feed in the hanging feeder inside the hen house…freedom of choice. Consumption goes up in the winter, drops drastically during warmer months. Never have cut them off of any supplemental feed, so I have no idea what to expect in egg production should it become necessary. Common sense tells me production would suffer.

        Got a hen that I suspected had gone broodie yesterday (pecked the fool out of my hand when I tried to rob the eggs from under her), was still on the nest last night, this morning, and when I gathered eggs about an hour ago. I’m gonna let her set the nest. Have 21 hens now, a mixture of young and old. Maybe I’ll add a few more.

      2. Stardust before Purina Chicken Chow “Scientific Farmers” of the 1800 found that 40% field peas and 60% grains (corn-wheat-oats-rye) was the most efficient chicken feed available.

        These grow almost everywhere and are ALSO pretty good human chow :-). Field Peas also called Crowder peas, black eyed peas and Austrian field peas are also excellent soil builders. Lentils are also excellent food for man and chickens and grow in fairly dry areas well.

        Chickens like pigs are excellent eaters of nearly everything. Did you know you can use Pig Tractors (a stronger Chicken Tractor) to better control where pigs eat and use them as a organic rototiller? Saw it in MEN issue today :-)

      3. The location for my future coop is right beside a set of grape vines and under two plum trees. The plan is to have a four section run, rotated through the growing season. Chickens clean up after harvest for each section. It may not work that way, or work well, but that’s the plan. Also, winter leaves will be piled deep in the winter run. The first section eaten down in the spring will be planted with their winter food.

  9. This is a really difficult topic to deal with. How I’ve held it relates somewhat to what I’ve learned on the farm. Certain lives are my direct responsibility. I chose to bring children into the world, and until they’re grown, they’re my responsibility. Giving someone, who didn’t choose to prepare when they could have, food/supplies that would leave my children hungry or sick is not right. In the extreme, not defending my family because I might harm someone is illogical – I’ll be allowing my children to be harmed.—I’ve tried to imagine different scenarios, and Stand is right – we won’t know until we face it in real time. I’m working as hard as I can to have ‘extra’, so I can safely share with those who truly can’t help their circumstances, but there aren’t that many of those. I’ve been like a broken record to my extended family and grown boys, but most are not prepping like they should be. None have said they’re coming my way if things go south, but that’s something I have to consider as well.

    1. Farmgirl

      I think you put your finger on the issue. Is it moral to give away supplies your family needs or to allow them to be harmed by not defending them or the supplies needed to survive!? Charity is one thing foolishness is another.

      Hard times mean hard decisions. Plan for them.

    2. Farmgirl,
      Think of holiday and B-days a time to give food storage and gift certificates at survival food supply stores as gifts. It may get the “Boys” started with Mountain House ready made meals for camping or storage, or the firestarter kits, survival knives, emergency blankets, etc. Gotta think like your “Boys” for those goodies..

      1. Stardust,

        Great ideas. I’ve been doing that for many things, mostly at Christmas. Both of my older boys have gotten car tubs filled with camping/survival type items. I’ve been getting lighter, shippable food items and filling boxes to send. Even younger brothers at home get practical things for gifts – slingshots, binocs, outdoor gear, etc… —The rest of my family of origin is mixed. While they all see the growing crises arriving, they’re not all responding at levels that will sustain them for very long. I guess they’re not much different than a lot of people. I continue to gently plant seeds, hoping it will motivate some deeper thought and subsequent action.

  10. I have written about this before. I have the old holes in the woods I’d have to refill with my plastic containers again of all my food except for the dandylyons, lambs quarters, fish, some berries and cattail stems and other wild food.

    If people come to my house to pillage my food, they won’t understand anything but the fish and berries which I can replenish in a couple hours. If they come to ask for food, I give them a hook and a line and show where to get bug bait, and tell them how to catch their own food.

    Give a starving person some of your food, they will be back for more. Teach a starving person to catch his own food, he can feed himself.

  11. Oh man, this has been on my mind. Twice in the past week I’ve had the same nightmare where my unprepared and untrustworthy neighbor comes to my place wanting to eat “because you have the food.” When I tell the person “no”, they respond with “what should I do?” My answer is “stay on your side of the fence.”
    . . . . .
    I have spent my precious resources and time developing this farm as part of an overall preparedness strategy for myself, family, and friends. However, I’m not responsible for the rest of the world. I do share now with like-minded close and not so close neighbors, and they help me out, with the understood expectation among us that we can rely on each other in times of trouble. They know that their assistance then will result in sustenance. And help with securing the farm will be necessary. Animals are noisy and smelly. They’re almost impossible to effectively hide away. But protein and fat, which they make out of grass that I cannot eat, is a protection against starvation. Their reproductive capacity makes them sustainable for the long-term. Keeping back a pig or two, or a small flock, is the equivalent of and compliments saving seeds for next season’s garden.

  12. The times will be like a Charles Dickens novel. Government is a fearful master and a doubtful servant. If you live in a city, get out while or if you can. Cities are artificial constructs. They can be good for 4 things in a good economy. Jobs, manufactured goods, the client class that follows the federal dollar and cities are ICBM targets. In perilous times you need to partner with a small community of skills and contribute. That is safer and easier to do in rural areas. When the ebt, electricity and other infrastructure fails in the metropolis cannibalism will set in after the wait for .gov to arrive expires. I am reminded of an old movie from 1934 called “Our Daily Bread” watch it if you can.

    1. A very good example of what can be done if you can get a group of people working for themselves. Today the slackers are the majority and the government makes sure you can’t keep what you produce for the good of those who worked for it!

  13. I wrote this here several years ago as to when to donate food. There are five questions to ask yourself.

    1. how long will the crises last!
    2. How widespread is it?
    3. Who and how many are you responsible for?
    4. Is outside help coming?
    5. Has law and order broken down?

    there are many groups who may want your preps. Feds, state, town/ city councils, neighbours you don’t know, those you do know, and family.
    Government will give itself the authorization to take what you have. Locally, social pressure will be used. Friends and family will use guilt.

    people are naive. For instance, if I told the mayor of the 2000 inhabitants of the town near me, the I had food for my husband and I for a year, he would think he had struck gold. He wouldn’t realize that we each eat a thousand meals a year ( 365×3). Taking our two thousand meals would provide one meal for the town.
    I have more to write about- just have to wait.
    stay frosty.

    1. During the Obama administration, there was a ban on hoarding food..Remember that?
      Don’t tell anyone how much you have outside your immediate family, Biden will bring it back again but with a swat team, military vehicles, and their guns and break down your door if there is a crisis on food shortages or supply chains. A Crisis should never go to waste so they can destroy people’s lives.

  14. This is a very difficult topic to come to grips with and a topic my wife and I have been talking about more often aa we are experiencing the gathering storm clouds in our society. We live rural where gardens and orchards are very common. Lots of people can veggies and put things aside for a tough times.Those are pluses for us.
    Opsec is becoming very critical in our view. People do remember things during conversations and hunger is a big motivator to totally change behavior patterns ,very quickly.
    We get along with our neighbors at this point in time but I feel we will see a quick behavior change once folks realize they are really on their own and help is not forthcoming.
    We do not know what the storm will bring us we can only prepare for a big problem ahead. Part of that preparation is to have ‘what if ” discussions with your family or group.

  15. This excellent question is at least two fold.
    What do your neighbors know about your preps and food production
    What do you know about your neighbors.

    If your OPSEC is average the neighbors know you have gardens, critters and some “Extra Food” around. Braggers will have many NEW friends.

    If you have a core of a few well trusted friends that can show a UNITED Face to random Gimme Dat’s your group can do MUCH better than a solo Family facing a random mob lead by some loudmouth that demands you “SHARE”.

    Do you KNOW the situation is *still* in the Misrule of Law as the woke see it or really WROL?

    It would really suck if the local governments “Solution” was to Bus Gimme Dat’s to places with “Plenty of Food” and dump them. Happened during Great Depression.

    Local Criminals are a REAL Threat as they are Quick to take advantage of chaos for their benefit. They DON’T mind Leading a Mob to get folks to “Share” their wealth NOR mind sneak visits-attacks to GET what they want-need.

    HOW well do you KNOW your Neighbors? Some 90% of your problems come from 20 miles of your place.

    Expect some of your “Good Neighbors” to be with the Gimme Dat’s mob, it happens.

    1. My livestock can be noisy at times. Does anyone have any ideas to to protect them better in a SHTF situation?

      1. Good Neighbors willing to stand united before a mob. Good people will get run over by Organized and even semi-organized mobs of Gimme Dat’s. Even Today in lawless areas of Mexico villages that organized themselves drove out bandits and Narco’s.

      2. Consider sound-proofing their coop. Get no crow collars, even for the ladies.

    2. NH Micheal, “It would really suck if the local governments “Solution” was to Bus Gimme Dat’s to places with “Plenty of Food” and dump them. Happened during Great Depression.”

      They still do it! Give a homeless person a bus ticket ( one way of course) to another city in another state so, they don’t have to deal with them.

      1. blackjack22, Yep, folks are bussed, and even brought in official vehicles, and dumped on the streets of a nearby town.

        1. Nope, nope
          According to Biden, these people, including children, travel a 1000 miles.
          They arrive at that boarder, cleaned clothes, non worn shoes, smiling faces, well fed, and no backpacks.

          If you or I were to travel just a hundred miles, on foot, with nothing,
          how well kept would we appear to be?

        2. I listened to “someone” on the radio today that was saying that people will send a 9 year old on a 1000 mile trek by themselves “for a better life”. Yeah right 1000 miles? fat chance.
          They were not defending or believing or anything -just reporting the story.

        3. It was during Bloviate’s press conference, I believe. One of the reporters told a story about interviewing a 9 year old from Honduras whose mother sent him “for a better life” and asked if Bloviate’s border policies might be causing more problems. He went off on Trump starving kids on the border.

          *Spellcheck didn’t know the word “bloviate”

      2. Blackjack 22, Anony Mee,
        LOL, governments have been doing that for over 100 years. Once found an old newspaper out of Central City, Colorado that had an article about the city fathers appropriating funds to provide stage coach passage for designated “bunco artists, prostitudes, fancy gamblers, and the like” to be shipped to Kansas. That would have been the peaceful way of cleaning up a town in those days. Heck of a lot better than the alternative way.

  16. SoulSurvivor,

    A question that all of us has to answer….my survival comes at what cost to others? Where is the line drawn? Who am I willing to sacrifice? Close friends? Family that doesn’t live under my roof? Or just those people I don’t know?

    …..or do I trust the one who gave His life for me? Take Him at His word, and treat my neighbor as I would myself? Do I believe what I say I believe, or do I abandon my faith when it’s challenged by circumstance?

    Every person claiming Christ needs to dwell on these,…… and not because I’m the one asking.

    1. Dennis people often misquote scriptures’ to their advantage. Knowing the Bible is a good idea.

      1 Timothy 5: 8 If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 

      2 Thessalonians 3: 10 10For even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “If anyone is unwilling to work, he shall not eat.” 

      I have not found anything in the Bible about giving food and shelter to the unprepared and lazy. Indeed Matthew 25: 7 “Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. 8 The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’

      9 “‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’

      10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

      11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’

      12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’

      Shows what happens when you fail to prepare wisely.

      I will feed workers, not Gimme Dat’s

      1. NH Michael,

        I taught the Bible for many years….but I’m not asking for a test of what it says. I’m posing questions a person should ask themselves.

        I could point out the parable of the virgin’s stored up oil was about preparation to meet their groom (Christ) the admonishment was not about oil for lamps, rather, analogous to Jesus asking “why do you call me lord, lord, but do not the things I tell you? “…..about following His teachings, not that of the world…….

        …..nor did I say anything about not providing for family. I could point out “entertaining angels unawares” or “love thy neighbor as yourself” nor was Timothy referring to making a choice between family and strangers……..

        ……I will stop there…..could go on……but Ken will probably delete this thread as he doesn’t allow discussions of faith…..I will say this though….I am very careful about not interpreting scripture in order to justify ignoring Jesus’ expressed teaching of love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and most of all, God’s providing for those who love Him.

        1. Mercy is good, Dennis and Stardust but taking care of ones own family is the essence of preparing. There is a distinct difference between taking care of the suffering and taking care of the Robbers.

          I will feed those willing to work, Gimme Dat’s are robbers and NOT “Neighbors” as described by the Good Samaritan parable.

          There is always WORK to be done if the system collapses and our electric Sherpa’s are gone. Hauling water at 8 pounds a gallon is a lot of work. A lot of firewood needs gathering. Garden preps with shovels is work.

          Even Paul WORKED while ministering to the poor.

          Maybe I should have been more clear and replaced “Unprepared” with Robbing Gimmie Dat’s.

        2. Showing love, mercy, and grace…. and and providing for your family is not mutually exclusive…separating honoring your faith from your life’s situation. To me, that’s putting more faith in what my eyes see than holding on to the faith that God will honor His promises. Do I tell God ….but you don’t see what I see”?

          I was sorta of the notion that my salvation was in spite of what I deserved….as opposed to what I had earned.

          I’m an ordained deacon…that doesn’t make me special….but part of the obligations coming with serving as a deacon was making sure the needs of those whose fathers or husbands were alcoholics, addicts, or ne’er do wells that failed to provide for them…..or folks whose life circumstances put them in need….would you turn your back on them, or tell them “I will pray for you” and go your way?

          Good discussion. I’m out of it now….unless Ken ok’s a full fledged discussion on how scripture jives with giving aid and comfort, circumstance and faith.

      2. ,You wrote”I have not found anything in the Bible about giving food and shelter to the unprepared and lazy.”

        The Good Samaritan story does tell in Luke 10:30 “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead.”

        This man was not prepared. The Good Samaritan took him to an inn and took care of him, and paid his keep if you read the rest of Luke 10-37.

        Jesus was showing an example how to treat your neighbor.

        1. We don’t know if he was prepared or not. What we do know is that he fell among thieves–he was not one of the thieves.

        2. What we do know was he needed help, but was passed by, maybe to die, by two fellow Jews, one a priest, one a Levite, both religious men who didn’t even bother to find out why he was in such a condition….but the Samaritan, a person all Jews detested came to his aid…..Jesus asked who proved himself as a keeper of God’s commandment to “love thy neighbor as thy self”,….. the two Jews, both of whom were able to come up with a reason not to help….or the despised Samaritan.

        3. That story has so many layers it would take days to uncover them all. : ) Like most of His parables.

        4. Romans 12:20 feed them, water them, then pour hot coals over their head.

  17. When I moved here several years ago my new neighbor asked to come in for a ‘look see”. I should have said no. She went through the whole house and mentioned all the canned food I had on the shelves. She will remember this no matter how many years down the road and i also now know that she is not playing with a full deck.

    1. I have one room stocked, shelves full of canned goods…many kinds of foods, even shelf of buckets. I had an appraiser years ago take photos of every room and I had the door shut and told hi that was off limits and hinted why. I asked where he lived and it was many many miles away in another state. When I opened the door, he said, oh, my wife and I have this…your secret is safe.

      1. I could be so lucky. The lady caused such a poop storm that I finally had to get an attorney.

    1. jbc:
      Excellent read for sure.
      But, while it answers a LOT of questions. It doesn’t answer them all……

      1. NRP & Blue,
        True. No one has all the answers to these questions. No one has it “all figured out”. If someone says they do, they are deluded. We may have a general plan of how things will go, but anyone with real life experience knows that things never really go “according to plan”. there is going to be a whole bunch of improvising going on in a SHTF situation we are talking about. My hope is that there will enough of us left after the “bad times” to pass on what worked and what did not to our kids.( and yes, while going through the “bad times” we need to keep in mind that “good times” will be had again, at some point. Hope is a very strong survival tool.)

  18. The movie war horse showed dozens of town folks in ww1, going from farm to farm taking everything.

  19. See if they are willing to trade for food. Ammo and weapons, tools, Kubota, rototiller, bass boat, fuel, batteries will be the new currency.

  20. Well, I always fall back on this one>>I Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

  21. My thought on this subject is to stop people before they get to your door. Or simply dont answer the door. Maybe a sign out front that says INFECTED KEEP OUT or any other idea to send them on their way. Eliminate the threat before it’s at hand. Any other ideas out there?

    1. At one point it was common to run up the plague flag to avoid being caught by pirates. In an emergency such as an earthquake an x on a door means it’s been cleared and any survivors taken to another location. Lots of possibilities, taking into account that making your house look abandoned will probably invite what you’re trying to avoid.

  22. Just ran into this with our Texas snowmegadon. A few of the neighbors shared fire wood. Many did not. I met some people I have lived 1 house away from for 15 years and never spoken to. Ironically I am a Chatty Cathy and this was the first time I had seen this person as this was the first time they were out of their house in the yard. He was cutting down a green tree to burn. I offered a wheelbarrow load but he refused. Go figure.

    Later as I was checking for broken pipes I discovered the older sisters living to the south were out of drinking water. I gave one of them a gal I luckily had left in my truck as I went to the store that morning and was fortunate to pick up an extra 2 gals. Hopefully this didn’t expose to much.

    I did learn an important lesson. First most of my neighbors were terribly unprepared. Seriously 5 days with no electricity or running water and they were desperate. Second, my rain water collection system needs to be freeze proof so I don’t have to melt snow to flush.

    I’ll up my cold weather preps now. I have the 💯 degree weather preps already covered.

    1. Keep at least 8 gallon jugs of water (4 for each toilet) for flushing. I use milk jugs.

  23. How about planned obsolescence in surviving critical mechanic or electric devices? I am talking about water pumps and electrical switches and such. Also in cars and solar panels. Natural aging is one thing, planned obsolescence is pure evil in my opinion

  24. Always remember, The police will not be there to protect you but they will be there to prosecute you! Always insure it is self defense….even when its not!

  25. This is what my seed storage is for.

    If it’s summer or spring, I would take them outside the first time they come and show them what can be eaten that is growing. Most people with any kind of yard will have weeds. Then I give them seeds and show them how to plant. In winter same deal, but I show them how to grow indoors, hydroponically or in soil.

    A friend of Dad’s came over last week. I’d let it be known I had seeds, and he got some last year as well. Half way through our conversation he jokingly asked about my price. I told him my price is: If he knows anyone who needs seeds, send them my way, and if he saves seeds I want a few back.

    He looked at me like I’d lost my mind, and changed the subject. : )

  26. One thing I’ve worked at teaching my kids is the difference between helping and doing for. Many a time, one would ask for help, but what they really wanted was for me to do the work while they watched. That doesn’t help them at all, and it wears me out!

    —I think this has some application when it comes to the unprepared, too. All of us fall short, and I have compassion even for those who just didn’t want to see. It’s easy to understand people going in to denial from overwhelm.

    —I appreciated what some here said about finding a way to barter, or work exchange, or even teaching a food producing skill so the unprepared becomes self-sustaining. Those are all helpful. Just handing out food, indiscriminately to anyone who asks, is most certainly not helping in the long run, and can be harmful to all involved, short and long run.

  27. A great article revisited from a similar one several years ago! I found some answers here from many of you, including those who see things differently. Thank you to all here who have cared enough to share your thoughts!

    1. A good read and good comments, as usual.
      There isn’t any thing said that I could add to.

      Each and everyone’s predicament/circumstance will vary.

      All I know is that our society has been tought that they are deserving and expected of all ‘handouts’.

      Once that loaf of bread and gallon of water is provided, they will be back for more, then possibly bring more tag alongs. Maybe those of authority.

      When you have nothing more to give, it will become an all out battle to keep what little you do have left….other than your food.

  28. Security , first and foremost understand if people come to raid your stuff they wont care what they do to get it , plan accordingly . When I remodeled years ago each door has a hardened metal strip in each door frame screwed to double studs , hinge and double key deadbolts use hardened 3 inch screws . The liberal use of driveway alarms let me know if a coyote crosses my yard anywhere . Added feature they can be hooked up to security devices ( wont go into those ) . I’ve made suggestions over time to people I know if they heed them great if not tough . I am not responsible for anyones well being but my own ! I know I’m a hard old man but I’ve always stood on my own two feet , you do the same .

  29. Well, now. I have gone through this scenario tons of times in my mind. When we first moved here we got to know all of our neighbors, built some “community” with everyone, etc. Now, many have died (four), others have moved away (three). New neighbors moved in are not interested in the ‘lifestyle.’ I am stuck with the nasty neighbors next door. The new wife had destroyed everything anyway. Yes, the ones who killed my grapevines with Roundup, etc. I’ve mentioned them before. They will be TAKERS. No doubt about it. When we were still civil with each other, I would ask where they would be planting their garden. Or getting chickens? Fruit trees? Crickets. They got a pool now tho, and ATVs etc, Anyway, should they come to demand or take anything….will deal with it. All others coming here, I will send into town to the churches and fire stations. (Oh, and the nasty neighbors too). We must move them along away from us. If they are violent takers…..I’ll do my very best to remember my training. Center mass…….

    1. I’ll remember that and practice at the range soon. Have a new instructor I’ll be working with there.

  30. Years ago a poster by the name Mama J, prepared buckets with food-clothing for men, women & children. Would put these together when finances allowed, then delivered them to a local dispensary, believed it was a church. She also held some back for the day when the poop hit the fan and many would be without such necessities.

    How does one get around giving away all their supplies yet help those who require a ‘helping hand UP’, not a hand out. This may be our solution for those who require assistance.

    Using items from the dollar store and making a bucket of basic goods with typed instructions how to fix a balanced meal of the contents inside. Better this than being raided by those who were not prepared & la govvs is not coming to their rescue.

    Just a thought..

  31. What will people do to protect their children and loved ones, when they have nothing left and no hope for the future where they are?
    They would probably leave that area, and move to another with better prospects. Sure, they might have built a huge wall there, and reject most people wanting to get in, but if you’re desperate and have nothing left, its probably worth the risk. You might even send your children on alone, to at least give them a chance of escaping the calamity the rest of them are in.

    1. Sending a child or young teen unaccompanied is child abuse whatever the circumstances. If I were in the desperate state you propose, I might take my children elsewhere, but I would not send them alone or with a coyote. I think, if the child isn’t immediately sent back to their home country, they should be put up for adoption. Risk of death, probability of rape, risk of trafficking or indentured servitude, blackmail, forced drug running…. You won’t convince me otherwise.

      1. Yeah, I’m not justifying sending your children over alone, though teh ones that are 17 and have relatives already in the country are definitely working the system. Just pointing out from the question earlier ‘What lengths would you go to if you had nothing left’ does require the SHTF scenario to already know what the answer is – they go to these lengths.

  32. Something that I see where I live, we are almost all retired and some spend their money playing most of the time. They could take some of that money and by some food storage. But they don’t. They will be the first at my door looking for food. I found that out when our power went out for 2 days. They were right there saying they needed water for a neighbor that was to proud to ask. Later i found out the neighbor was fine and she wanted the water for herself. Did she learn, no……..

  33. My first thought is at the beginning of a crisis before it’s understood that the crisis will be long term are the individuals who believe their the perfect person to become the community “organizer” ( oh yes, we known them well).they’ll want to call a meeting of the immediate community, insist the meeting is for protection and of course, gathering all food to a central location to protect it for the greater good. If you don’t attend, they’ll question why not, then the whispers begin. Aren’t they from the boomer generation, don’t they believe in a deep pantry? Ya da, ya da. You figure where this goes from there. If you have ever read comments on the next door network, you’ll have lost hope for the American population in general. Box of rocks comes to mind. Spooky at a distance……….

  34. A lot of folks may not like the freeze dried 25 year food some companies sell but one thing to consider is there is no cooking smell wafting through the neighborhood as would be from a campfire, just boil water and eat.

    Another thing you could do if you want to help the needy is stash some canned food about a block or so away from your home and when a hungry mother with kids comes knocking you can say something like “I heard there might be some food located at this certain place you might try there”

    1. Friend while I appreciate your mercy and kindness they will figure out that Your the Gifter as they *might* need really GOOD Instructions to find it and maybe a can opener.

      And hungry people have excellent memories and will return to you again.

      A little like the earlier in this thread quip of walking backwards into the Church Food Pantry to make them think your taking not dropping off food. Kind thought but wouldn’t fool a 4 year old.

      Planning for it and remembering you have to live with yourself later is my quandary.

      Proverbs 19: The Man of Integrity
      …16He who keeps a commandment preserves his soul, but he who is careless in his ways will die. 17Kindness to the poor is a loan to the LORD, and He will repay the lender. 

      Micah 6: 8 He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

      Spiritual preps are important we will all die and meet our Maker, best to be on good terms with Him.

      Minerjim had the best idea, plant more potatoes so you can share. I happen to agree. More potatoes. A study showed it an excellent long term survival food.

    2. TheSouthernNationalist,
      You listed reasons to purchase an expensive type of products.
      There as many reasons for not purchasing those prepacked foods as there are people who choose not to.. Some have intolerances- milk,soy and derivatives of those are in all prepared foods,+ traces of MSG,… Those who do not tolerate can find almost nothing to purchase they can eat without being ill. Their first concern is provding for themselves-not anyone who may grace their doorway. Some find 5-6$ a pouch beyond their ability-and choose to secure those things without a big company name gracing their cabinet..
      Freeze dry foods are nice,, dehydrated foods do not have as much nutrition as freeze dry choices. Either choice,+ every food choice one can secure and add water to- will be important.
      The thing that matters is you have enough to take care of your family and can keep that out of hands of those who would take it from you.
      Now ASK yourself…..How many meals will you miss if that happens? and what will be the end result for your family?

    1. Never had a crop failure due to critters destroying it, bugs eating it, plant diseases destroying it, a drought destroying it?

      Always have food reserves

  35. This is a difficult question to deal with. I have dealt with it in the past within my own family. I cannot prepare to feed and treat every person that shows up on my doorstep. At my home, I choose to go gray. If I have stuff, it is difficult to spot from the outside. Same with my manner of dress when out in the community. Nothin’ fancy- just comfortable.

    Times are not that bad for me yet. I still make contributions to the local charity of my choice. People are not invited to my home or to check out what i have. Home is sacred.

    I do not want to think about times getting really bad. I have had to put down animals and a few people who were out to attack us or in the midst of charging me. Most of the shooting involved animals that were destroying crops or threatening livestock. There will be an investigation afterwards. I did it right back then or I would be in prison now. Thank Ken that most of the tough talkers on this site are now gone or are silent. Here is to hoping you all never have to go through the worst case scenario – it sucks.

    1. Heres a toast to peace,,,

      tough times are one thing i think we all can deal with but rather not have to resort to violence.

      gray for sure

      1. Kulafarmer,

        Amen friend, Amen. Violence will have to find me….I ain’t running around looking for it.

        1. Yup D,
          99.99% of the time i just mind my own business, like ta keep it that way

      2. Nailbender:
        I’ll toast to that my friend.
        Gin, Shine or even a Mint Julep.
        But pity that poor bastard that crosses about anyone here.

        1. NRP & Blue,

          Old folks might surprise some of the tough guys…….
          If I told you….it wouldn’t be surprise………

        2. Dennis:
          That’s an easy one.
          1. We been around awhile, so probably smarter than you
          2. We’re old and probably don’t give a damn anymore
          3. Life in prison is retirement security, warm, 3 meals a day, medical…….
          4. We like to mess with people’s heads

          Think I got that about right LOLOL

        3. NRP,
          As Hemmingway had one of his characters in a story say,
          ” Never pick a fight with an old man.. because if that old man doesn’t want to fight, he’ll just kill you.” I think Ol’ Papa Hemmingway had that right about 1/2 the old guys I know.

        4. Correction, it was not Hemmingway, but Steinbeck that made that comment. Sorry, late night comment, brain was not fully engaged.(probably should have waiting til morning)

  36. Reply to Dennis, Kula and NRP:
    Could it be because we think of worse case scenarios prior to going into a confrontation or the fact that we no longer hesitate when we draw our weapon?
    I am willing to bet that if we were in the same coffee shop, we would all recognize each other. No 5.11 tactical gear. Blade type sunglasses – maybe. Wardrobe would be a mix of Wrangler, Carhartt and Duluth trading post with workboots or sensible shoes with a workshirt that has buttons and patch pockets. The: “I just came from the feed store/farm supply fashion chic”.

    1. Calirefugee,

      Yep, and the coffee shop we met in wouldn’t serve in waxed paper cups that some purple haired freak with a ring in his/her/it’s nose had scribbled some epitaph with his/her/it’s sharpie on.

  37. Reply to Dennis as to what is a coffee shop:

    Although I type this from the PNW home of Starbucks, I still call the diner a coffee shop where there is a hot griddle going and I can smell the bacon and not cakes being prepared. Coffee is served in ceramic mugs and the waitress or waiters will fill your thermos on your way out.

    I am old fashioned enough to still eat an egg with my hash browns and breakfast sausage each day. THAT is what I mean by coffee shop. Starbucks don’t do the eggs with hash browns or breakfast sausage. At least, not yet.

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