Break in those new Boots



During the winter I had bought a nice pair online to replace my old worn out boots (the soles were literally coming off). I received the new boots promptly, I tried them on, loved them, and then put them in the closet. That’s pretty much where they’ve been during the winter and early Spring.

Around the Modern Survival Blog homestead, I usually wear other shoes while doing my chores, working around the house etc… The intent of the new boots are to be for upcoming hiking excursions, camping, a trip up North to the wilderness, etc…

Problem is, they should be ‘broken in’ first, so to avoid getting some nasty blisters! Most all of us that have purchased hiking boots at one time or another have experienced this – getting a blister on your foot while wearing those new boots for the first few times on a long hike (even a short hike can do it). It is not a pleasant experience, and an experience that can be avoided!

The lesson here is to wear those new boots around the house now and again for several hours at a time, and break them in. This way you’ll be all set for that hike, camping trip, emergency, or whatever – without having to worry about blisters setting in.

Simple advice, but good advice that we sometimes forget.