Charity Food After A True SHTF Hard Collapse


Here’s something to think about… For those of you who are stocking up with extra food, or for those who have already stocked up with extra food in preparation for a time of hard societal collapse with distribution failures and severe shortages…

Have you planned for ‘extra’ food storage beyond that which you need for yourself in order to feed others than just your immediate household?

‘If’ there comes a time when we’re truly living under a SHTF collapse, there WILL come a time when others will come a knocking on your door.

Some of you may have extra food storage in order to help feed one of (or more than one of) your specific relatives, friends, or neighbors.

Some of you may keep extra food storage in order to feed someone else who may have specific ‘assets’ or talents – helping with the chores and work that will go into running a homestead – which requires ‘bodies’ to keep it all safe, etc..

Some of you may keep extra food storage to feed others simply out of ‘charity’.

There are risks as well as potential benefits to feeding others during a scenario of complete societal collapse and supply-chain failures.

For example after the first free meal where would that person (or persons) go for the following meal if they thought you had more. Would they tell others? Would it spiral out of control or might it result in others coming to take your food by force? How long will the human being remain civil until such time that the human being turns predator?

There’s no doubt that some people could become valuable assets to your homestead during a time of collapse, and by feeding that person (or persons) in exchange for work – could be a ‘win-win’.

Many homes today are housed by two people, husband and wife. Some maybe with a few kids. How are two people going to maintain security and production around the homestead under severe collapse conditions? If you have stored ‘extra’ food beyond the immediate needs for just the two of you, will you let anyone else in so as to help with survivability? Have you thought about it?

I bring this up in order to get you thinking about the likelihood, and to decide whether or not you might store ‘extra’ food to feed others than just your household. It is a topic that we all might face ‘if’ the SHTF for real.

Another thought: If you are determined that you will NOT be feeding anyone else (other than your household), do you then believe that you will be adequately secure in your security and defense? This question is really one for yet another article, but it does directly tie in with the notion of having enough extra food to support ‘enough’ people to maintain security and production…