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cold weather boot socks

Having good cold weather boot socks is important! However those socks won’t help much if the boots don’t fit right.

One tip to keep feet and toes warm in your boots is largely about how your boots fit!

Have you ever put on winter boot socks and then crammed your feet into boots only to discover that your feet and toes get cold? Doesn’t make sense, right? You figure that those nice thick socks combined with your insulated winter boots ought to keep your feet nice and warm!

Here’s the secret:

Wiggle Room For Your Socks

It’s important that your boots don’t fit too tight. When you add heavy cold-weather socks, there should still be wiggle room at your toes and all around. And the boots shouldn’t feel uncomfortably tight.

The secret is allowing enough air to circulate in your boot to naturally fill the sock’s insulating fibers!

If the sock is compressed tightly in the boot, the natural warmth from your feet will be more readily transferred out and away from your feet.

When there’s enough wiggle room in the boot for the sock fibers to hold air, the warmth from your feet will more readily stay in your boot!

Plus, if the fit is too tight, the insulating fibers in the boot itself will be compacted, which further reduces effectiveness of those fibers.

If your foot is constricted by boots that are too small to accommodate heavy or multiple socks your feet will be colder than otherwise.

Buy Boots 1/2 Size Larger

Therefore if you plan to wear heavy thick socks (or multiple socks) ALWAYS buy boots at least a half size larger than you would normally wear. Sometimes you have to go a full size bigger depending on the boot or shoe.

For even better results when wearing winter socks, you should wear a sock liner under your winter socks. These are specially made to wear under heavy socks. They are very thin and usually made of a polyester material to wick away any sweat from your feet.

Cold Weather Boot Socks

cold weather boot socks

I did some research and the following cold weather boot socks are excellent. They’re made in the USA by Carhartt and designed specifically of materials for cold weather.

Carhartt Men’s Extremes Winter Weather Boot Socks
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Carhartt Women’s Extremes All-Season Boot Socks

Lightweight Liner Socks

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  1. 9 degrees F in the deer blind last week one day; three socks- first is nylon, second full calf wool (15-20%)’ third was a half-calf wool, then a toe warmer on each foot. Boots were thinsulate, waterproof, cleated for good traction. Feet warm as toast for the day. Filled my tag last Friday, done, meat in the freezer. Last time hunting with no scope, hard to focus the crotch/post/target simultaneously and not whiff, blended trifocals do suck with open sights. Guess at 68 time for a scope.

  2. Took me years to figure out that i needn’t tie my boots so tight, once i figured that out, my feet were a whole lot more comfortable!

    1. And on news from the 4 Corners- Reports of Big Foot tracks along the Orange river persist, despite actual sightings.

  3. Minerjim
    That’s funny!!
    Here’s an idea,
    Since we have to make ALL these accomodations for cold weather, that Ken seems to be on a role of, lately….
    How about we all move to the Kulafarmer island?
    He’s probably saying, what’s all this cold weather prepairedness for? It doesn’t pertain to me, whilst I’m in flip-flops, tee shirt and shorts

    *He needs a few righties on his side anyways*

    1. Joe C,
      Naw. Might freak the Ol’ Kula right out of his mind. The vision of a bunch of us hairy-eared curmudgeons coming up his road would have him believing that he somehow offended Pelee and the Minehune were invading.

      1. Minetjim & Joe c:
        I’m all in for moving the the Big I, except fot it’s an Island. Right in the middle of the Pacific.
        Not big enough for a good Civil war

        1. Lol, boys
          Yeah I’m not one for air travel and I am sure I could drown in a bathtub full of water.
          So, I guess I’ll continue to read Ken’s winter type posts.
          I got my R rated, oversized boots, double socked, in my long johns, sitting beside the woodstove……

          Now where’s that hand lotion and chap stick….?

        2. Thats the point guys,,,
          Not big enough, but will be tough to starve and even tougher to freeze!

      1. Kula, not priced for the average Joe. More for those who depend upon quality outdoor gear for survival in extreme elements. And those are the people who are willing to pay for what they get.
        I see that the comment naming the company is no longer posted, I hope that there was no issue with the company. If so, then my apologies.

  4. Keeping your tootsies dry is of paramount importance!! If moisture doesn’t wick out your feet will, well you know. Don’t use the same socks you go ballroom dancing in, get good hiking, winter ones and dry out the liner in your boots. It might sound like crazy, but you might have to change socks in the middle of a blizzard, and you should be prepared to do so if necessary. So carry an extra pair. I vacuum seal a pair and tape a razor blade to the end to open the bag.

  5. Good stuff.
    I buy my boots loose and/or wear merino wool socks when I go to buy them. It’s easy enough to carry in a pair try the boots on and switch out afterwards if it’s too hot.
    Places that hire outdoors salesfolks understand.

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