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I Love My Dorcy Flashlight

I purchased this Dorcy Flashlight about 10 years ago. I was very impressed with it, given the inexpensive price point for a general purpose LED flashlight with some nice features. In fact, I posted about it shortly afterwards here on the blog. Here’s that post, and my update at the end about this Dorcy flashlight.

Current Dorcy flashlight models. I have the 190 lumen ‘CyberLight’.

190-Lumen CyberLight
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In its price range, which is very affordable and not expensive, dare I say “cheap” price range, this flashlight performs, and would be perfect for many types of survival kits and general purpose uses.

Dorcy LED Flashlight

The Features and Why I Like It

The very first impression after removing the packaging was its handy shape, color, and size. Then, my second impression after turning it on was, “Wow”!

  • The shape has squared off corners that are rubberized. This will keep it from rolling when you set it down while the rubber edges provide some protection against shock. There are hand grips underneath that form perfectly to a natural hold while your thumb naturally rests on the light switch.
  • The color is mostly yellow. How genius is that. During the times when you need a flashlight and are looking for it, the environment is dark, and most flashlights today are painted black!
  • The size seems perfect for normal general use. It is not big and it is not small either. I would say that it is definitely smaller than a typical general purpose household flashlight that would hold a handful of C or D size batteries (this one holds 4 AA batteries).
  • Now lets talk about the light. When I first turned it on, my first word was “Wow”. It was a lot brighter than I had expected. It is an LED flashlight, one LED (lifetime), and boy is it bright (190 Lumens). Not only that but the spot beam is very tight and projects a very long distance, indicating a very unique designed reflector. One warning, don’t look directly into the light source. It is that bright… and it may cause damage.
Dorcy LED Flashlight reflector

The product is made by a well respected flashlight company, Dorcy International, while the product is made in the country where most all of our products are made today. It’s all about the specs and the design.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many very high quality flashlights out there (you pay a lot for them), but for the price, this one is a keeper. I’m definitely ordering more, one for each car and probably a bedside replacement for my heavy old Maglite (which is black and hard to find in the dark, and has probably rolled away when I set it down last because it is round).

Dorcy Flashlight Update

Okay, it has been a long time… But guess what? They still work! I probably have more flashlights than I should (grin) of many types and manufacturers. This one has been a very good general purpose handy dandy light. To this day, my favorite feature of this model Dorcy flashlight is the square shape (as opposed to round). It will not roll around or roll away when you set it down (which can be annoying). It’s more of a ‘spot’ flashlight than a ‘flood’ (just so you know).

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  1. I discovered the joys and low power draw of LED lighting years ago while living in California over a decade ago. Back then, I lived in a region that experienced very high daytime temps on daily basis. (95 to 105 degrees)
    In order to walk my dog, I wore a headlamp and grabbed the leash and some poop bags. We would go for walks after midnight when the pavement would not burn the feet of the dog and sprinklers were going off on lawns.
    One set of batteries lasted 3 months of 1 hr nightly walks 5-6 times per week. I was pretty happy with that level of performance after using Forster headlamps fighting fire at night in years prior. Since relocating to a wetter climate with colder winters, I find I have more trouble with battery leakage up here than I did in a hot, dry climate.

    1. Just heard that a couple Canadian inventors made the Guinness book of records with the world’s most powerful flashlight. 50,000 lumens, I think they said. You probably won’t be putting it in your BOB though, it weighs 80 pounds!nnw

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