How And Where Do You Store All Of Your Preps?


“Wow, where do you keep all these things??? We own a house, but i think we would need a warehouse to store all the staff you suggest people keep!”

The quote above is one that I read now and again here on Modern Survival Blog’s comment section… It’s a great question and no doubt is an issue for many of you out there.

How and where do you store all your ‘stuff’?
How creative do you get?

There’s only so much cubic footage in one’s home.

Those among us who are preparedness-minded tend to keep an inventory of extra food, supplies, and any other such tangibles that are deemed essential for ‘just in case’ and/or as part of a way-of-life which simply requires keeping various inventories on hand. However this often presents the issue of where to put it all – where to keep it.

It obviously becomes more challenging the smaller space that you occupy, or if you live in an apartment, or even if you live in a house or property that’s ‘square-foot challenged’.

Not only might it be a problem to physically store one’s tangible preps, but additionally how does one maintain OPSEC (operational security) from prying eyes? It’s a challenge, yes?

A few ideas come to mind, however the purpose is to comment with your own suggestions which may help others with this issue…

-build an ‘out building’ (shed?)
-basement (if you have one)
-space under the bed (beds)
-behind furniture
-under furniture

Note: Maybe you give up certain ‘non-essentials’ in your home and the space they occupy for something that may be more ‘essential’.

Note: Food storage should be kept in a cool, dry environment – which often negates a garage, the attic, or outdoor shed building – thus creating a greater challenge.

One example of being creative with hiding some food storage preps…
During a time when we lived in a smaller home, I kept twelve 5-gallon buckets behind a couch. I had a row of six buckets across – stacked two high. I covered (draped) them with a fabric which matched (blended) with the couch color. I placed a proper size board across the top which I had stained/finished as a nice looking shelf (I shimmed it to bring to the similar height of the couch back). The shelf board turned out to be a convenient practical thing, and it served to hide all those buckets of food storage.

1. How and where do you store your preps?
2. How do you deal with OPSEC?