How Many Rolls Of Toilet Paper Do You Use Every Week?

Don’t laugh! Toilet paper is an essential preparedness item, yes? While so many of us who are preparedness-conscious will procure all sorts of extra food for our food storage, how many have figured out how much toilet paper they might go through in a week – and then store ahead say, 3 months or one year? Have you stored TP?

UPDATE: The exciting poll results are in! Now we finally know the answer to how many rolls of toilet paper that people use each week, and here are the results:

Okay, maybe it’s not terribly exciting ;)

Most people use between one and two rolls of TP each week.

1 Year Supply of Toilet paper

So if you wanted to store ahead a one-year supply of toilet paper at 2 rolls per week (for preparedness), you’re looking at about 100 rolls per person (about 8 12-packs or 4 cases of 24).

When toilet paper goes on sale, this is when I might purchase a quantity to add to my stack. Would not want to run out of this during a post-collapse world!

Buy Toilet Paper Online

Okay, just to make it easier. If you have amzn prime, get it delivered to your door for free:

>> Get TP Delivered To Your Door

Poll results:


Based on your toilet paper usage per week, the following table will indicate how many rolls you will need to store ahead for three months or one year.

Rolls of Toilet Paper

1 Week
3 Months
1 Year

Remember, you will have to multiply your results for each member of the household!

By the way, how do you like my TP holder shown in the top image ;)


  1. I couldn’t compete with my wife if I tried! She uses about a roll every five days and I’m ultra-efficient at about one roll each 3 weeks.

    Great topic to keep things light on a Monday morning! Would like more like this to keep it real from time to time :-)

    1. Women must ‘pat’ urine off, wipe up after menstrual discharges, and clean up after a birthing sooo…it stands to reason they will need EXTRA wiping paper for more than the ‘pooping’ out in the sticks.

        1. After you have a baby, you bleed like crazy for a couple of weeks. It doesnt stop the day after the baby is born….

  2. Ok OK, I laughed.

    Butt on the other hand it’s something to stink about :-)

    Something else to think about —- where is all that “stuff” going once the water is not flowing anymore, and the Sewer System (in the cities) are shut down from no electricity to run the plants? There are a lot of articles out there about “buckets”, outhouses, alternative ways to dispose of waste. But think about all that food you have stored for 5 people, 80% of that food/water will become poop/pee.

    Not a small problem huh?


    1. I do not use toilet paper, so cannot be accused or held accountable. I use a damp flannel both at home, and out and about. It’s cleaner, more hygienic and much, much kinder to the environment. I keep a flannel in a ziplock bag, on my person, when not at home – and frankly, nobody knows anything about it, so where’s the problem?

        1. Lots of people carry proper poo around in a bag when they have a dog. They don’t mind (one reason why I don’t have a dog).
          If you have a healthy diet and no other issues your flannel should hardly be stained after use.

      1. Dawn never had to deal with a babies “used” diaper maybe?

        Or is dumping it into the nearest trash can for Someone ELSE to deal with it a better option for you?

        Tara Maiden has a good working plan when TP is to hard to find or too expensive to buy.

      2. Nothing wrong with that! Somewhere way lower than the Ultra wateful wipers, 10 / week and even lower than the wasteful wipers 1-2 / week is where my family rolls so to speak. We are in the 2 / month range. This is just another sign of a wasteful society.

  3. Save your newspapers. In a pinch they can get the job done good enough…Plus if you stink a bit, you’ll fit right in with majority of people who have made it as long as you have.

  4. I goofed. My vote was for the 2 of us. Any way I think we have about 1 yr. supply on hand. I remember when we were beekeepers the wax we put in frames came with a piece of thin paper between each sheet of wax & we used that in the out house. Don’t think it would work in our modern convenience toilet that we have now.

  5. We ran in to a rough patch financially, and had to live off of our preps. We had two 32 gallon garbage cans full of t.p. (stacked & packed). There are 7 of us, and we burned through it in 6 months.

  6. We have plenty of TP for several years, but more importantly we have alternative plans that do not require TP. Look backwards in time to learn how bathroom hygiene was done and then implement some of the practices into your own preparedness planning. Some tried-and-true methods include having an outhouse, a chamber pot, a hand-held water sprayer, cotton rags, newspaper/magazine papers, and/or certain plant leaves (when in season). All of these items offer alternatives to bathroom and bodily function issues we may have to deal with in the future. It isn’t only about having toilet paper and a toilet that flushes. (If on municipal water, have you installed a backflow valve yet?)

    1. When I was a kid, we used corn cobs in the outhouse instead of TP. Far more compostable and certainly renewable if you are raising corn. Not, however, nearly as comfortable as Charmin!

    2. You have enough toilet paper for a year? What about the older people who can’t even get it anymore? Do not be so selfish. This is a serious problem

      1. To ‘Cookie’,

        Lynn, and most of us here have acquired our preparedness supplies long before the TP shortage (due to panic-buying as a result of Coronavirus). Being prepared ahead of time is a wise thing to do. Not selfish at all. We who are prepared, have done so over a fairly gradual period of time. Me personally? I have been prepared to the extent that I am – for many years. Long before this current pandemic crisis. This is NOT selfish. Rather, it’s pretty smart, logical, and common sensible. Hopefully this brief explanation sets your mind at ease.

        1. Ken
          and Lynn and others of similar ilk..

          ……one is prepared, one is much less of a drain on the “system”…
          ……one is prepared, at least on some level, one has no need to panic buy
          —–one is prepared, can be much calmer about assessing needs
          —–one is prepared, can stay home an stay safe(er)

        2. IF…( one of the poems I learned in grade school.)
          ” If you can keep your head when all about you, Are loosing theirs and blaming it on you:
          If You can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
          but make allowance for their doubting too;
          (…. it ends with…)
          If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
          If all men count with you, but none too much;
          If you can fill the unforgiving minute
          With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run—
          Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
          And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!” Rudyard Kipling

        3. Spot on Ken
          I have a decent stash of most stuff,
          Its not from going to the store and buying up huge quantities, its from buying a few extra here and there when able. We live on an island in the middle of the ocean where everything pretty much comes from far far away land!

          I saw people panic buying.

          That wasnt us.

          Nothing irritates me more than people who barely pay attention to anything other than their facebook feeds and live in lalaland accusing folks practicing good common sense preparedness measures if being hoarders.
          We have tons of em out of work here now, not a clue that it was their own damn fault for not paying attention to events and making sure they have at least a months worth of whatever, and that old folks comment is BS, my mom is going to be 88 and has a decent supply of most stuff. And many of my friends are older and all have a decent supply of necessities,
          But hey, sure, its my fault some idiot cant find TP

      2. Cookie

        And because we are prepared, no matter what crisis might come along, we likely didn’t contribute to the current shortages. In fact, many of us here are older, remember times of shortages or are only one generation removed from the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and war time privations, and thus have planned accordingly.

        1. Anony Mee
          How right you are!!
          At least we were taught to be as self reliant as possible and not be a burden on others.

      3. I’m wondering how long it took for this newest Troll to find thie post by Lynn that’s over 5 years old?

        HAHAHA ya got to just love the ignorant that blame everyone else for themselves.

        Selfish my AZZ, I worked hard and spent a LOT of $$$ for what I have, all awhile these ignorant fools played and demanded that others provide for them. Not there is a hiccup in the system and THEY wipe out the stores NOT us, we’re the selfish ones?

        Im betting a roll of TP that cookie will be demanding 1/2 of the produce from my Garden this year….

        1. NRP & Blue,
          Yep! These people have been going on vacations, buying new cars, getting their hair and nails done and now I’m supposed to feel sad because they have no TP?! Nope.
          luv ya’ll, Beach’n & Cassi

        2. NRP,
          Maybe if she does, you should box up some lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage and mail it to her….parcel post. See how she would enjoy that! LOL. (Reminds me of a friend who once mailed an enemy a PB&J sandwich with a couple of cockroaches. They multiplied by the time it got there and he opened the box!)

      4. Cookie,
        Do you have more money than any of us do? Don’t be so selfish. We could use it.

      5. Cottony-soft, quilted squares of perforated, south-side decadence cupcake. … Err, cookie.

      6. Cookie,

        Welcome to MSB. Hang with this bunch and you won’t get caught poorly stocked with necessities should life happen again after this. Most of us here read and understood that silly little story about the Ant and the Grasshopper when we were kid’s. We don’t hoard, we store up for when times are lean. We don’t panic as winter comes, we have put back in preparation.

        Had you been interested in being prepared, you would have discovered this site long ago. It would seem though that now, life has slapped you upside the head, and rather than bemoaning your own shortsightedness, you’ve searched the internet looking for someone to blame.

        Ain’t our fault you are just now discovering that life has it good times and not so good times, but it’s not a total loss. If not knowing how to wipe your whatever without toilet paper is the only problem you are facing, all is not lost. Hang around, we can help you figure it out. If you are figuring on the government to save you, well…….you are in much worse shape than you realize.

        Forget about the blame game, put on your game face, join us, and we will figure out a path to the other side of this together.

      7. Cookie,
        This is about much more than Toilet paper. It is about a lifestyle of preparedness.
        #1 By those who CHOOSE to be prepared, being ready for crisis, it takes the demand of all those people off of the current days supply.
        #2 We ARE the old folks! We are not selfish, We paid the market price for every item we have.We bought according to our ability a few items at a time. sometimes a single can of beans, a box of instant rice or potatoes, a roll of TP. We KNOW how to make do with less because we have always had less. Have you tried to use less of that precious commodity? Have you installed a bidet? or bought alternate paper items, like kleenex or paper napkins, made family cloths?- Now, because i have struggled for years to have more than I need for today, some butt wipe would attempt to shame me or come try to take what little I have saved…. I THINK NOT!
        We have done without things you probably call necessary, ..things like TV service, a house phone,the next greatest I pad or cell phone, vacations each year, new cars, meals eaten out daily. So just think about it before you come for this Old woman’s TP… cause YOU are not gettin’it. You are not makin’ me feel bad because you did not have an extra pack. This is only the beginning of this fiasco.. I would join with Dennis and invite you to continue here, to read , learn and apply. The food that was not gathered and ruined in the field is still in those fields, they won’t be planted as long as they are too wet to work… Other countries are locking down their food supplies, Many nations have a shortage of rice and wheat. Go to You tube check out where food comes from… Learn how to grow & secure your own… some channels to check. ..Ice age farmer, adapt 2030, Deep South Homestead, Roots and Refuge, VW Family Farms, Gardening with Leon, Our Wyoming Life, Big Family Homestead, This will get you started.All of these Have video files.. some have several years of video’s.

  7. Don’t count rolls; count sheets. I started stocking up a few years ago and figured out how many rolls I needed for one year. But every few months the toilet paper companies reduce the amount of sheets per roll. I have some double rolls I stored 5 years ago that have twice as many sheets as the ones they call “double rolls” today. In fact, some companies have stopped saying “double” “triple” etc and now they just say “4 big rolls” or “8 giant rolls.”

    1. DaisyK – Those rats are cutting down the width of the rolls, (Amirite NRP?), gotta figure-8 those folds now, which increases the number of squares required for the same effective coverage; I’m sure there is a formula for it. Now THAT is some stealth inflation. –geez, I gotta get out of the house–

      1. jenny , one of the pressurized, pump type garden sprayers should work…, may need to shorten the wand for easier handling. about 15$? One of the cleaning mixtures like BasicH, mixed think it is 2 cc per gallon now…a vinegar/water and clove oil solution…might be a shade cool . also look up family cloths for light use needs. and reserve rolls for heavy use.
        All Toilet paper is not created equal.Since this is a time tested statement, it is almost impossible for me to determine IF i have enough. I try to buy packages/ amounts to last a month at a time.Over the past few years i have had some awe-ful surprises…Most were bad, one was good… found one single ply and 3 rolls lasted over 2 months./2 ppl …. 6 pack has 2 rolls left and i gave one roll away! Is it my favorite, no, it does work. and is very economical.

  8. haven’t tried any of these, but those who are interested in natural alternatives…

    mullein’s big, soft leaves are a good substitute for toilet paper
    — in fact, it’s often called “cowboy toilet paper.”

    ‘lumberjack’s toilet paper’, also known as bigleaf aster (formerly Aster macrophyllus, now Eurybia macrophylla). It was suitable for this task because it has large, heart-shaped leaves … and because it was nearly always ‘within arm’s reach’!

    indigenous Americans sometimes used sphagnum moss for toilet paper

      1. Hey Ken

        when I was hunting out that list, I read that they were one in the same. since you suggested it separate, figured not, and hunted some more. Found this, for any interested.

        Differences Between Lamb’s Ear and Mullein

        Lambs ear (Stachys byzantina) and mullein (Verbascum sp.) are both plants with velvety, wooly leaves. They are in different families, require somewhat different cultural conditions and have different growth habits. Lambs ears grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 7 and can be used as a winter or spring annual in zones 8 through 11, although it cannot survive hot, humid summers. Mullein grows in USDA zones 5 through 9.

        Growth Habit and Appearance
        Lambs ears is a spreading perennial that forms a low, uniform mat of blue-green leaves with white wooly hairs under ideal conditions. The leaves are 2 to 6 inches long and tongue shaped. Twelve to 18-inch tall flower spikes appear in the summer with small purplish flowers. The first year mulleins form a rosette of wooly green leaves that may be 6 to 15 inches long. The second year they send up showy flower spikes that are 15 inches to 5 feet tall depending on the variety. Flowers are yellow, purple, white or red.

        Cultural Conditions
        Mullien and lambs ears grow best in well drained soil and full sun or partial shade. Avoid very rich soil as growth tends to be weak if the soil is too fertile. Lambs ears tends to mat down and rot if there is too much rain or moisture on the leaves. The flowers of lambs ears are not particularly showy, so some gardeners remove the flower spikes as they form. Cut flower spikes off mullein to encourage a second round of flowers and reduce self sowing.

    1. In America, while growing up, we always saw these plants growing and we used to call them, “Indian Hinder Wipe”. They always had big soft leaves to wipe your backside with. A handy plant to have around when someone forgets to pack the TP when you are backpacking in the wild.

  9. I actually had purchased re-usable family wipes several years ago. They are smaller than a wash cloth but much softer. Starting using them for number one and saving the TP for number two. It really helped the budget during lean times. Still use them, I actually prefer these over conventional TP.

    1. Just remember Women use 3 times as much TP. They wipe every time. You figure it out. PS. They like the softest stuff. Boys hardly wipe and can wipe with a 2×4.

  10. I loaded up in this before Y2K .. Bought an extra 18 pack every time we went grocery shopping. I planned on using it for barter if needed. As nothing happened my stash lasted over 6 months. Well worth the effort to store and it never spoils.

    1. My wife hunts the specials brochures for cheap anything. What we use most she buys when it’s on special whether or not it’s need now or not.

      I just went and counted the TP rolls – 2 packs of 24 rolls plus a pack of 12 plus what is in the immediate cupboard – another 12 – 14 rolls loose.

  11. Consider stocking napkins instead of TP. Napkins can be used for more than just wiping the nether region.

  12. I keep pretty well stocked on paper products like tp/paper towels and such. My pet peev is coffee. While I might reduce my intake, it would be rough to go without any. So I try to keep about 15 LBS on hand! Could be a fair batering product right?

  13. On a personal note, I use a warm squirt bottle to wipe out those nasty Klingons circling Uranus. I don’t have a Japanese toilet, but I try to make do to save TP.

    1. Most third world populations don’t use T.P.
      Water plus the left hand is the general practice. (That’s why it’s mandatory to shake hands with your right hand and an insult to put your left hand out to shake).

      I went to India in 1972. Outside the bigger cities you couldn’t find T.P. I carried a roll around in my pack. Local people were astounded to find out what the roll was for. Most comments from them were inferring it was impossible to clean properly with T.P and frowned on the idea of using it.

      I worked in many third world countries around the world during the ’70’s and ’80’s – in many cases it was not practical to find T.P.
      Particular difficult when experiencing the common problem of Bali or Delhi Belly.

      Using water also reduces the risk of cystitis and other related issues.

      I would suggest when the S.H.T.F. the old ways will again become the norm.

      Ever wondered what all those people were doing squatting in rivers you see in documentaries on third world countries?

  14. Good Article. TP is always something we buy no matter what. It never expires and the way we look at it, might as well have 1 comfort for as long as possible. Plus it can be used for other things than its intended purpose.

    This article got me thinking (while on the pot) what about the cardboard roll that the TP comes wrapped around. I think this could be used for TP (when separated, etc) Plus it could be used for fire starting or who knows. Maybe paper for black powder rifles/pistols, shotgun shell wading I dont know just throwing ideas out there. What about layering in your garden.

    The great thing is the tube doesnt take up much room, especially if you collapse or separate it. Maybe I’m wrong. This has probably been discussed before and I missed it.

    Not to go off topic but did any of you all see that the US test fired a non-nuclear Minuteman III ICBM very early Monday morning from California? I saw it on a website that I regularly visit and of course googled it and found a ton of good sources (UTUBE, ABC, etc. all over the net) but after searching it again I found it only on UTUBE, RT and some other questionable sources. WTH?? Maybe it is false who knows any more. I first saw it on zerohedge.

    Just trying to share and keep everyone aware.

    Be Well and Stay the Course.

  15. I agree with you, I get the HUGE 36 or 48 pack at Sam’s Club, have no less that 3 in stock at all times, Remember it’s a shitty world out there, be prepared.

    Also Paper Towels and/or Napkins *as tiny said), cheep to stock and with a 5000 year shelf life, what the heck.

    And for all you macho men out there stocking up stuff, you had better NOT forget the ladies other “personal” needs. Kotex and Tampons may seem like something from a different world, but that little lady of yours will “skin a full sized buffalo in a stampede” if your neglecting in that department.


    1. The ladies might consider getting a stock of reusable cloth sanitary napkins. They are expensive to start (about $10 each unless you make your own), but they last for years and you don’t have to dispose of the waste. (Seriously, this can be a problem. It’s not just predators that are attracted to the smell of blood. I once saw a girl get severely injured by a rutting elk who mistook her for a female of his species because she made the mistake of going camping at that time of month. He destroyed her tent and trampled her badly, breaking several bones.)

      At the same time, store-bought pads make *fantastic* wound dressings for a fraction of the cost of pre-packaged first-aid supplies. So perhaps a stockpile of both kinds is in order.

      1. Midwestgirl,

        I concur…..this is the time where I appreciate and think like this: Halleluja, I am into menopause ( still young, but every woman on my mothers side are done by 45 )….no spending money on myself….I have a daughter though and a son ( who will end up hopefully having a girl in his life to be his backbone ) so I am thinking of getting a stack of these reusable ones for them. I don’t want to gross out the guys here, but for us women this is a serious problem when the shtf and who wants to deal with a pissy woman. At least after I lost my job two years ago, my kids and I have gone thru some serious poverty ( no we are not on the government dole either-it is really hard to survive with scrunging by), but this has been an experience for them too to learn how to not to waste and make do with little available money. Now, they are both 100 percent with me on board.

        Oh, I decided to get one of these laser thingies for hair removal while I had my job, they work wonders and no need to by shavers ever again…the stubble is annoying…reminds meof boot camp where we could not look femaly enough :)))

      2. Midwest girl, I have had experience using feminine hygiene pads for wound care.I used them to pad and to protect wounds in area that required frequent dressing…lots of drainage, outer wound dressing becoming soiled…things like that.
        Remember if you are taking care of someone who is incapacitated you will be needing extra TP for their various needs. In addition to planning for the extra person-would suggest at least a 6 pack extra per sick individual/per a minimum. and a 6 pack of the select a size type paper towels. If unopened , paper towels are also considered sterile so a sterile field can be made to use for laying bandaging supplies out in order.
        My suggestion is to not only have a good supply of disposables, but to have several sizes and absorbency types. Most of them have an anti stick feature.. Each one should be individually wrapped. They are considered sterile until you open them.
        Having colloidial silver, solution or silvadene cream and sanitary pads will enable you to care for the worst wounds…effectively. Wound cleaner can be made with sterilized water and salt.. for a saline solution or just use sterilized water.
        Peri wash can be made with one ounce of listerine/mouth wash, 8-10 drops of essential oils( i used 3-4 of each oil of oregano and essential peppermint oil.) add these to a 8 oz spray bottle and finish filling with water. costs 50 cents to make and to buy is about 7$ per bottle.
        You will need plenty of tape…paper tape in 2 inch wide works best for most applications- for wound care 2 or 3 times a day ..probably would need 3 large rolls of 2 inch paper tape every 7 days. Remember the skin will be tender if applying the same sized bandage to same area…. the large sanitary pads give one the option of changing the place where the tape is placed and allow the skin time to heal. IF it is a wound that can not be wrapped with Vet wrap…. in certain situations they can be minimally secured and a large ace bandage used to secure more securely.

  16. I have vacuumed all of mine. Take lots less room that way. I am always adding because when in need, people will give their eye teeth for a roll.

    1. Interesting you mentioned you vacuumed your TP, I did the same with the roll I have in the GHB. takes about 1/4 the space and can be used for explosives when you cut it open…. STAND BACK it will expand at the speed of light LOLOL

    1. That’s great! I hope it was as exciting for you as it was for me ;)

      Who among us actually knew (until now) the true average number of TP rolls that others use on average? It’s something you’d never ask your ‘friends’… Haha

      I must say that I am also a bit surprised as to how apparently ‘efficient’ that most people must be at a$$ wiping – by only using one roll in a week! (sorry – couldn’t resist)

  17. Stock food, water, and toilet paper, lots of toilet paper.
    You NEVER want to run out!

  18. I always figured if the SHTF then we’d use tee shirt rags as reusable TP.

  19. My boyfriend who does not pay for tp he uses 2 rolls aday. For his butt and nose. He is so snotty. Anyone want a boyfriend.

    1. My Nephew who is staying with me for 1-month uses 6 rolls a day,,Wanna make a trade?

  20. OMG, I have been searching the internet for about an hour for toilet paper usage. My just turned 15-year-old niece was using about 1-2 rolls of toilet per day. And I was shocked by day 3 as to where the heck ALL the toilet paper went. So I stopped sharing the toilet paper and used the other bathroom after speaking to her about stop wasting toilet paper. I did this talk about 3 times in one week….So she ended using 7 toilet paper in 14 days (instead of 28-34) and I used ONE roll for her 7 roles. I am a grown 40-year-old woman. I caught her once wiping the bathroom countertop with tissue paper.

    She is about to be cut down from 7-8 rolls per week to 2 rolls total. She can go use her hand when she runs out….call child protective service on me…both her parents threw her out…not for tp wastage….but this tp thing bothers me greatly….if left unchecked she would seriously go through 28 toilet paper roll in one week and she wasn’t on her period…In 4 1/2 weeks, I have used 2 1/2 and I am now on my second monthly cycle.

    1. I meant she is about to be cut down from 7-8 rolls per 14 days to 1 roll per 7 days (since I used 1 roll over a 14 days period….but to be fair, she drinks at a minimum of 2-3 times more than I do in liquid, so I will consider giving her 2 rolls for 10 days….where she has 1 roll for 5 days where I used 1 roll for 14….that pretty much averages out her 2-3 times more drinking fluid)

      1. NatWil, Does the “young lady” do anything to earn money… ?chores, ?charge her for her tp. let her go buy her own. Provide family cloths and a clean bucket to soak them in light bleach water. or vinegar water. There is no excuse for wasting supplies. Let her know the door swings both ways..
        With this kind of abuse of supplies- a trailer truck load would not be enough.
        I have health issues and use a lot of TP,: 2 rolls a week is not uncommon for me. It should be sufficient for her.

      2. NatWil
        My sisters oldest granddaughter did the same thing. Only she plugged up the septic lines. Had to limit her toilet paper usage each time she went in to the bathroom grandma would give her a rationed amount she was allowed to use.
        Sounds strict but it taught her that she was wasting the tp. Parents never paid attention they just purchased more when they ran out. 😣

    2. Natwill:
      Hence the age long question…
      Is 600 rolls of TP really enough????

  21. I live in a house with 7 other people and in five days about 10 rolls were used

    1. Your report is close to my poll average. That’s interesting. ~1.5 rolls per week per person. On average.

      (I only find it interesting for the sake of figuring how much to store for a year ;) )

        1. NRP

          You’ve been an inspiration. Finally got 600 rolls laid in. One of the group’s younger members says to me “What are we going to use when we run out of TP?” Ha!

          Told him rags, and a bucket of bleach water like for baby’s diapers. So, along with the 600 rolls is a case of pool shock. Is a case of pool shock really enough?

      1. Oh my. If NRP is down 2 rolls does that mean he is ‘out there’ too fighting to stock up???
        Sorry- couldn’t help it. : ) Had to laugh a little in all this mess.

  22. One thing to consider in the poll is how those people calculated the need. For example, I suspect most looked at how many rolls they buy at regular intervals such as payday, etc. If that’s the case, I suspect few of those added how much they use when away from home for things like work, shopping, travel, etc. However, in a prepping scenario, you would likely be providing TP for yourself in more of a 24-7 situation.

    I would guess the average to actually be 2-3 rolls per week.

    1. I didn’t make the poll, but I recently calculated my toilet paper needs by counting how many sheets I used per day over three days. I included all bathroom visits. I used a maximum of 25 sheets per day, which equals 175 sheets per week. The brand I use is 254 sheets per roll, so I used less than one roll of that particular brand. I’ve bought a couple of other brands that cost less per sheet, but ended up using more because the toilet paper was flimsy and less absorbent.

      As long as you know how many rolls you use and you buy the same brand, it’s a fine way to calculate your own needs, but the difference in roll sizes and quality of toilet paper makes rolls-per-week a fairly inaccurate measure for comparison of actual toilet paper use between households.

  23. Actually noticed your tp holder instantly! Love it!

    Many interesting conversations here! TP alternatives when it runs out, trading of significant others, charging for overuse, etc…LOL

    I am feeling comfortable with my 20 rolls of tp at the moment, as your chart is pretty accurate for the next few months.

  24. japanese toilets man….japanese toilets……paperless cathartic user experience…. pardon the pun, never looked back….. :) …

  25. Adult daughter in special needs home uses a lot of toilet paper, staff constantly complain about this; she’s fastidious; no cooperation about “behavior modification”–in other words, no reward for using less, just lot of yelling, etc. Assume women use more TP than men for obvious reasons.

  26. How do y’all use so much paper????
    I’ve used 23.5 rolls in 5 years. (I know cause I ordered on Amazon and it tells me how many I bought and when. I also know how many I have left of that purchase.)

      1. Probably more like 12 squares every 3 days (since that’s how often I go).

  27. How the heck do you use 1 or more rolls a week? Are you using it to clean the dishes and the car every week?
    I bought 48 rolls in a box in 2016. I still have 16.5 rolls left to go. That’s a little over 5 rolls a year. Y’all just wasteful.

    1. Just noticed I made a post last year. Doing the math from my last post to this one, looks like I’m still staying on track even now that I am at home 24×7 since there is no office at work.

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