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Pocket Notebook For Every-Day-Carry To Write Your Ideas and To-do Lists

A small pocket notebook. One that’s convenient enough to comfortably fit in your pocket. Throughout the day there are likely many times when you might think of something that you want to remember for later. Maybe it’s something that you need to do, or want to do… A project idea, something to research, or maybe something to add to a ‘buy’ list, etc.. There are tons of examples, but you know what I mean.

Here’s the problem… How do you remember all of those things? Especially as you are distracted by every-day life.

We all know that the older we get, the more we tend to forget ;) Unfortunately that’s just the way it is. However even for the younger folks, you might not remember ‘all’ of those ideas you had throughout the day…

Here’s what I do. And I’m republishing this because I need to renew this habit!

I keep (should keep) the following two things in a pocket. A mini pocket notebook, actually called a composition notebook, and one of those small bullet-style “space pen’s”.

Mini Marble Composition Books
(view on amzn)

Fisher Bullet Space Pen

I also bought this leather cover that perfectly fits the small pocket notebook listed above:
Refillable Leather Mini Composition Cover

I can write a quick note faster than I could type it into an electronic device, so I do it the old-fashioned way.

This small notebook stays with me (if I remember it – haha…) throughout the day. It fits easily in one of my cargo pants pockets with plenty room to spare. It is part of my every-day-carry. And I try to make it a habit every morning to include with my other pocket carry items.

CAUTION: When accidently running through the washing machine, your notes may become difficult to read ;)

I transfer some of the pocket notes to other lists which I keep on various formats. Like a pad of paper on the desk. Maybe a list / spreadsheet on my computer. Or a grocery list. Etc.. The point is this… At least I didn’t lose “the thought”, and it’s now recorded somewhere.

I love the small little ‘space pen’. It fits nicely in my pocket. It has a cap that will ensure that no ink will leak out (a click-pen will likely get clicked in your pocket – whoops). What about a pencil? Nope, the tip will break, or might poke holes through your pants, or jab your leg.

In summary, I thought that I would share this simple but effective technique which has been working for me. I tend to think of all sorts of ideas and things throughout the day – so I write it down. Some of it will get scratched off later (not all my ideas are good ones ;) ), but it sure has helped to keep track of things…

Do any of you have your own way of doing this?

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  1. Good idea if I can remember to do it! : ) Seriously we use a list kept by the easy chair for a supply/grocery list. It is too easy forget an item(s) from when you realize you need it to the actual trip to the store and as we only go maybe once a month it can really be an inconvenience.

  2. a good idea of keeping one in your truck. now if i can only remember where i parked. : )

  3. I like the small field notes notebooks, only thing is they disintegrate too fast if they get damp, mine always get wet, either from being in a sweaty pocket or rain, the rite in the rain notebooks are good, a bit expensive but hold up pretty good.
    I am always needing to keep notes, either measurements or data or lists, just cant remember stuff.

    1. @KF – a geologist introduced me to Rite in the Rain field notebooks, which resist moisture. Might be useful.

  4. As I currently work the farm alone, family insists I keep a phone with me at all times. So I got one of the smarter phones that is computer, phone, radio, tape recorder, notebook, and movie theatre all in one. I listen to podcasts as I work, can record ideas for articles when I’m driving, and keep that interminable to-do list constantly updated. Works for me.

  5. I used to always carry a small notebook with me starting when i was in High school. I started carrying a “write in the rain” notebook when i was working underground mines, worked great with a pencil. The advent of “postit notes” was my downfall. My desk is covered with the damn things!. Drives my DW crazy. Come to think of it, that may be a great solution, get a carry along notebook again! Thanks Ken!!! (P.S. i want to add one downside to carrying a notebook and making notes. I was once told my an attorney that you should either take “copious notes”, or none at all. This after an govt investigation at an industrial plant. All manager’s notebooks were confiscated and they later had to try an explain their notes in court. Can you remember all the details of some cryptic note you made 3 years ago?? me neither. Just a warning, whatever you write, blog, say, can be used against you in a court of law. ugh)

  6. Dont quote me on this because my memory is fading and I need a notepad… Thomas Edison was famous for carrying around a small pocket notebook. As I recall he even was able to create the beginnings of a patent claim if he thought of an invention and got someone to cosign and date his notebook where he jotted down his idea.

    1. I recall hearing that Abraham Lincoln would write notes and stow them inside his hat.

  7. I have all my notes in my iPhone. My grocery list is there too. I resisted for the longest becasue I love paper list and still keep some, but most are now in the phone. On the iPhone you can insert pictures which comes in handy when you don’t have time to write everything down. I always have it with me.

  8. I grew up in farm country and all the men carried what I think were called seed corn books. They were small-lined pads that fit in their shirt pocket. As a kid, I used them to count corn rows and list row numbers where the water was through to the end so those gates or tubes could be shut off. Now I use a small 4 x 6 lined spiral notebook to track my billing time, make notes, write reminders and so on. Once a week the notes are captured where appropriate. Billing hours are captured monthly. For groceries, I have a spreadsheet master list with boxes I check for items needed jotting quantities, sales, etc in the margins.

    1. MamaLark, I remember those books. We also had Tally Books for the cattle sale barns. We used those as well. They were very similar to the corn count pads.

  9. I showed my husband the picture of the notebook with this article. He smiled broadly and said “My hero”, he has carried the little black and white notebook for years. He ever keeps them to refer back to for phone numbers he might have jotted down. His only complaint is that the glue is not as good as it used to be “in the old days”, so the binding falls apart at times. The pen looks like a great idea and may save my clothing in the dryer, if I miss one. I have a lot of work clothes with large ink spots.
    My long skinny list note stays in a kitchen drawer. As I use a food item, it goes right on the list to be replaced. This is esp. helpful when you have a new brand that you want to use, or to make sure you never buy it again. Things are too expensive to make mistakes.

  10. I love this idea. In the past I would purchase a day timer type product. But they were day specific. Some days not much happens. Other days I need a few pages so I have gone to an 8/12′ x 11″ lined pad which sits right by my hand on my desk. My memory fails me but I don’t forget to take it with me. the problem is it is cumbersome on jobsites for me. So I fold up waste printer paper to carry in my pocket. But those get tossed. Will definitely try this idea. Thank you

  11. We think alike
    I love my little notebook. And my planner pad day planner.
    Organized people make notes.

  12. Dollar stores sell small spiral bound booklet that fit a back pocket just fine. I keep several, some as a written list of collectibles I keep to be sure I don’t repeat purchasing something I already own.

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