Fisher Bullet Space Pen For Everyday Carry Writing Convenience

I keep a Fisher “Bullet Space Pen” in my pocket, nearly all of the time. That, along with a small mini notebook.

“Hey Ken, why do you keep a pen in your pocket, and why that one?”

I’m glad you asked…

I just wanted to fill you in on something that I carry in my pocket as part of my everyday carry items. It’s something that you might consider a bit “old school” – especially by those of the smart phone generation. But it’s called a “pen”.

But it’s not just any pen:

It’s a small “bullet pen”, also known as the “space pen”.

Fisher 400B Bullet Space Pen
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Why is it called a Space Pen?

Because years ago a unique ink pen cartridge was designed for astronauts in space. It was specifically designed to write in zero gravity, under a vacuum, and in extreme heat and cold.

The pen cartridge (holding the ink) is under pressure. This enables the ink to flow regardless of the pen’s orientation (upside down, etc..).

Astronauts initially used pencils on space flights. But those writing instruments were not ideal: pencil tips can flake and break off, and having such objects floating around space capsules in near-zero gravity posed a potential harm to astronauts and equipment.

The “space pen” that has since become famous through its use by astronauts was developed independently by Paul C. Fisher of the Fisher Pen Company. He spent his own money on the project. Once he perfected his AG-7 “Anti-Gravity” Space Pen, he offered it to NASA.

Why I Use The Space Pen

Because I can’t remember everything. And, because it’s very small (fits in my pocket), has a protective cap (which prevents ink stains!), and it always “writes”.

Often times, “thoughts” come to mind while out-and-about, working around the homestead, etc.. Why try to remember everything when you can just write it down?


  • something I need to buy
  • something I need (or want) to do (another project!)
  • the “honey do” list
  • specific store list (e.g. hardware store, or grocery store, etc..)
  • maybe an idea for an MSB article
  • you get the idea… there are lots of examples ;)

There’s something about reviewing written (scribbled?) paper notes…

I like it when something is completed and I can draw a line through it! A sense of accomplishment.

More About The Fisher Space Pen:

The little bullet pen is made in two sections. When not in use the cap extender slips over the pen and is held in place by a small o-ring. The o-ring provides just enough friction to keep it snug when inserted.

A tremendous advantage of this particular pen is that there is absolutely no way that ink will ever leak onto your clothes (because it’s capped).

When it’s time to write, simply pull the cap off and slip it onto the other end – which effectively lengthens it to that of a regular pen.

Anyway, from a preparedness standpoint, it’s a nice little system. I don’t know how many times I’ve reached into my pocket, retrieved the bullet pen (and mini notepad) and scribbled a note.

Anyone else out there who writes paper notes for things?

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