I just wanted to fill you in on something that I carry in my pocket as part of my everyday carry items. It is something that you might consider to be “old school” and something that might not be recognized by many people today, especially those of the smart phone or tablet generation… 😉 It’s called a pen.

But it’s not just any pen:

It’s a bullet pen also known as a “space pen”.

Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen – Matte Black

Why is it called a space pen? Because years ago a unique ink cartridge was designed for astronauts in space (no gravity). The cartridge is under pressure so the ink will flow no matter the orientation of pen to paper (upside down, etc..).

Like I said, I’m old-school with some things and one of them is carrying this small bullet pen along with a small notepad in my pocket. If and when I need to make a note, I write it down on paper – because I can’t remember everything.

-something I need to buy
-something I need to do
-brainstorm idea for a post
-a tip that someone may suggest

There’s something about reviewing paper notes that’s different from looking over electronic notes tapped into a device…

The little bullet pen is made in two sections. When not in use the cap extender slips over the pen and is held in place by a small o-ring which provides just enough friction to keep it from coming apart while in your pocket.

A tremendous advantage of this particular pen is that there is absolutely no way that ink will ever leak onto your clothes (because it’s capped).

When it’s time to use it, simply pull the cap off and slip it onto the other end which effectively lengthens it to the size of a regular pen.

Paper and pen are also recommended items for one’s kit. Why? Because an electronic device may not always be working…

Anyone else out there who does paper notes as opposed to electronic notes?

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