If The SHTF, RIGHT NOW, What Would You Do?


Whether you think you’re prepared or not, if it hit the fan – right now – what would you do?

I’m mostly curious to hear what you have to say, but here are a few of my thoughts —

If ‘it’ happened right at this moment, the things that I would do next are relative to where I am at the moment, coupled with whatever ‘it’ is.

For this hypothetical question, lets just presume that ‘it’ is pretty bad, and will probably be long lasting while the effects will be variable – some regions worse than others – but much worse in the cities and MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas).

Even for those who have diligently prepared for disaster, sometimes there is a feeling that there just isn’t enough in one’s food and supply inventory yet… There also may be the feeling that there is still a lack of adequate self-sufficiency / self-reliance skills to assist in the endeavor to ‘stay alive’ long term without the systemic infrastructure which brings us our modern life-sustaining food and supplies.

That said, if the SHTF right now, it will probably mostly be too late to accomplish fulfilling much of any deficit.

I ask you to seriously contemplate this question (of what would you do ‘right now’) because the answers to that question (and there will be many) will probably identify some areas where you are still lacking.

These are the things that you should take care of today, so that ‘if’ the SHTF for real, you won’t be too late.


If All Hell Breaks Loose

If ‘all hell breaks loose’, there are two basic categories to consider.

1. Existing tangibles
2. Your skills


Existing Tangibles For Survival

The category of existing tangible assets could be (will be) quite large. Not only will it include the abundance of basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and protection, but it will also include all of the tools and supplies to compliment category #2 (your skills).

If while contemplating ‘what would you do’ and if some of the answers identify areas where you are lacking in certain tangible supplies which you believe will be important (or even life-sustaining) while surviving a long-term SHTF, then that’s good – you’ve identified something – now go out and get it.


Your Survival Skills

Acquiring the tangible assets to get you through a period of time on your own – is easy if you have the money to do it. The problem lies more with ‘your skills’ which will be necessary to continue your self-sufficiency beyond that of your immediate supply storage. Fortunately, we’ve not had to rely much on this in modern times since most ‘typical’ disastrous circumstances are brought under control within a relatively short period of time. But this might not always be the case…

We live in a very dangerous world (although most sheeple don’t realize it). There are quite a number of things which could vault us into utter collapse – beyond which an ordinary supply of storage will help. Those of us who see it – need to take responsibility and prepare for it. If it never happens, you will still be better for it. Responsible, strong, self-reliant men and women.


Other Concerns

If the SHTF in a big way, most of those living in suburbia will probably have a number of days before security concerns come into play. The security problem will become a big one when the public at large realizes that this particular SHTF is going to be real bad, and there’s little hope that dot-gov will save them this time. Once that threshold is crossed (realization) then panic will set in for many. Things become dangerous. Obviously the cities and densely populated MSA’s will be at greatest risk.


My Immediate Thoughts

So, back to the question – What would you do if the SHTF right now?

For me, as I type this, my immediate reaction and concern would be the security of myself and Mrs.J. Even though danger would not have set in yet (and hopefully not for awhile given my rural location and self-reliant community), my first ‘action item’ would be to go to ‘condition orange’ (even though there is no specific threat at the moment).

Once that is in order (security), I would proceed to ‘hunker down’ mode. I would fairly quickly ascertain the need to top off any supplies while most sheeple are still ‘in the dark’ and then proceed to acquire them locally with cash from the safe. At this moment I am well supplied though – but it never hurts to top off one’s gas tank (if there’s still electricity for the pumps) and top off other consumables if it is safe to do so.

Next, I would fire up my portable radios. Even without electricity I am still able to receive information by way of my battery operated radios (with solar recharging capabilities) and Ham radios. Information is crucial to making better decisions!

Following that, for me, given that I cannot see any other house from where I live and no-one will ever see mine without driving 1/3 mile down a dirt road, I would still establish communications with my closest neighbors whom I know and trust — and then it becomes a matter of getting into a routine of heightened security, conservation of existing food and supplies, and implementing a security and survival plan which will hopefully be self-sustaining as time proceeds.

For the prepared who live in neighborhoods with lots of other people, I believe that stealth and security will be a major issue (assuming you already have adequate supplies). If I lived there, one plan would be to lay low, to ‘fit in’ with those who have nothing (have run out of supplies) while also being on high alert for anyone who may challenge that. There is lots to consider in this situation…

If neighborhoods or parts of neighborhoods banded together, there would be much more hope for long-term survival – so long as there is a will and skills to do so. Having said that, I’m not so sure how successful this would be given today’s lack of individual self-reliance attributes. Instead we are largely a society of dependence, and there is a great lack of knowledge and skills that our grand parents and great grand parents had ‘back in the day’ which enabled them to survive and thrive on their own – with little or no help from dot-gov.



    1. I’m at work right now…so if the SHTF now,First I would pray to God for guidance, then I would make my way back to my house, which may take some time given the situation and variables I encounter. Will my truck start? Will the state lock us down? Is it worth the risk to disobey the authorities to get home? If I do get home I would attempt to communicate with other family members, Get the radios warmed up, get the guns and ammo out and fill up every available container in the house with water

  1. If not an EMP , try to get in touch with relatives and team members , listen to news services , break out the HAM radio , go ahead and arm up , if situation calls for it , go out and check property and local roadway , pretty much follow immediate plans . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  2. The family knows to gather here….once all 18 are present, we will drop some trees to block the only vehicle access to our property and hold an organizational meeting to assign duties and security watches. Women will tend to the critters, gardening, household and children. Men will do the heavy lifting and protection stuff. I’ve played this out in my mind many times. We’re in as good a position as possible. Thank God for that. 4 deep free-flowing wells, stocked fishing ponds, large garden, livestock, alternative energy sources, multiple residential buildings on site, five strong young men and three older wiser men,ammo,ammo,ammo, seed enough to plant for years, numerous food preservation methods, and years of experience practicing for it all. Hope to never need a bit of it…

  3. I’m working at my farm this week so if my vehicles still work, get in my truck with adequate arms/ammo and emergency supplies and get my wife who is helping her mother today. Stop by and top off my gas tanks and pick up whatever extra supplies I could with cash on hand. Make our way back to the farm.

    Contact our son’s if possible and if not await their arrival. Fire up the Communications and fill up whatever tanks we have available with extra water. Make sure we are armed at all times and execute the emergency plan.

    Pray to God that I don’t have to use deadly force but if I do, pray that my aim is true.

    God Save This Great Republic.

  4. I’ve actually given this a lot of thought lately. Apart from the obvious of personal and family security, topping off gas if possible, I would start building community awareness with key people that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. We are all better off when we work as a community. Even though there is a majority of people who have normalcy bias, that will change shortly after TEOTWAWKI happens. I live in a rural, farming community, and right now all the farmers are staging the resources they will need to produce a crop for the next year. These resources could sustain our community and others for years, but only if the community worked together. I would start working on building that mindset with farmers and community fathers as soon as possible. I think of the book “On Second After”. That community was able to survive because they worked together. Think of it just in terms of personal security. While I have increased my own personal security, I would guess many readers are like me and don’t live in an underground bunker with endless resources, we will all be more secure when a common understanding of survival is achieved. It is in this thinking that I hope, in my own preparations, to create, before needed, a couple of “community response/continuity outlines that I can share with others when the time comes to help get them on board. I would rather see a potential friend and resource walking down the road, than a threat and enemy. How did Joseph and Egypt survive the seven years of famine? We need to take note. Americans can still rise above the current political madness and have hope for a better America than the current condition and a return to our founding principles.

  5. It’s all about getting to the wife and kids home as fast as is humanely possible. Everything else can be figured out in the aftermath.

    So, I’d be like a bat out of hell to get the kids first – whatever it took, truck, bike, run, walk, crawl. It’s 3 miles to the school, so I’d be all over it.

    The wife knows her route home (16 miles total) to take. Once the kids are safely home, I’d be on my way to meet her – whatever it took, truck, bike, run, walk, crawl.

    Getting my family united is the the most important thing on my mind for an immediate SHTF. All else is just an after thought!

  6. I would leave work immediately, attempt to contact Family/Fiance’ if comms still work, get home fill up the rest of my water jugs/containers, get all the weapons/ammo out of the safe, the other weapons/ammo from the cache’s, gather my supplies, wait for the my lady to get home then load up the vehicle and make it to my parents house to hunker down in. Stop by a store on the way (if possible)and buy or loot if necessary for any last minute needs. But first, pray to the Most High for guidance and safety of my loved ones. Bless Bless

  7. There are only two concerns:

    1) First, we are in the process of moving.
    But the plan has been and remains the same. Our son’s (grown, married with families of their own) know where to go & what to bring. Because we are moving, both of our vehicles are already loaded with get home bags.

    2) One of us will need to get my mom who is several hundred miles away.
    While there is always room for improvement, I am comfortable we would be prepared with what is stored, then with friends to gear up to full self sufficiency within a season.

    I am grateful that God placed us on this journey.

  8. I live in the country, half way between two towns that 25 miles apart. 4 miles north and 5 miles south of me are bridges that cross large creeks. I have already prepped those bridges to render them unusable in just a few seconds. Everybody else knows what to do without being told, the bridges are my job in a true emergency. Security for us is first priority. “She above” tells the rest of the story!

  9. I would get out my “Golden Hour” list and head downtown and pick up the extra items on my list. Then, I would text the Sheriff and see what we were going to do.


  10. Interesting this is the topic,

    Have to take my mom to the doctor today, was in my head wondering what the hell i would do if something happened while we were in town, and where we will be gridlocked, personally i never go to that area, ever, but now am stuck going into the belly of the beast,
    I cant really push her in a wheel chair 18 miles home,,,,

    If it was just me i could make it, straight line would take me about 5 hours cutting cross country, fairly safe too, but what to do with an 80+ year old in a wheel chair?

    When there’s a tsunami warning the roads plug up in a matter of a half hour or so, i guess i could just chance it and see how far i get, would be in her car since i cant really get her in my jeep or truck, both of those could get me home by back roads and cutting some locks etc if need be, but her toyota no way,

    Thought provoking for sure,

  11. Right this very second? No worries. I’m sitting in a warehouse full of guns, ammunition, freeze dried meals, palates of bottled water, candy, first aid kits, bandages, tampons, lamp oil, oil lamps, batteries, flash lights, and 10,000 other useful items. My AR is in a bag next to my desk and the GO bag is in the truck. I have a full tank of gas and a XD 45 under the seat. The commute home would be a bitch.

  12. Right Now!!

    1.Stay calm, determine if I was still alive or one involved in that NUKE in the photo and how much immediate danger is emanate. Do I have 1 hour or 1 week? THINK and evaluate first, act second.
    2.Probably finish reading this article and comments, shut down the office, and walk out telling everyone “see ya later”. Or (more likely) just haul ass out of here not even looking back.
    3.Obviously the first priority is to get to your safe haven. Probably via vehicle if still running or take that 3 day walk with the old GHB and the dog of course.
    4.If on foot I would roll in the dirt, scruff up the clothing and hair, a small cut to rub some blood on myself to make myself look like all the others wandering aimlessly.
    5.Once to the house (after making a good recon of the premises) make it “look” like you’re in bad bad shape just like everyone else. DON’T advertise the fact you’re prepared and have “stuff”. Remember OPSEC.

    The most important tool we have in our arsenal is our brain. Think, evaluate, make decisions, follow a plan, cover your ass, and most of all DO NOT PANIC.


  13. I have lived thru several hurricanes and believe me you are own your on. It is more dangerous to try to bug out than to stay put. If your going to leave do it early. Most people cannot afford a retreat to go to. The road is a dangerous place to be in a SHTF. Remember that family comes first and get prepared. This old marine says the only one you can count on is yourself. GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN.

  14. Get home. I live close. I might run by the small supermarket first and get a few more provisions if it’s possible, since most might not believe what is happening is happening. Then get home and wait on the others with our plan. I think being in a small town has more advantages. We are far enough away from bigger cities, so for awhile we can hunker down and prepare. We have water, etc. Just wait for family to make their way home.

    1. Thanks for that comment to lighten it up – I busted out laughing ;)

  15. If there was still electric, I would top off at the local gas station then head to small town to grocery store just at the edge of the city limits and top off grocery, dogfood, cat litter, supplements, etc. and head on home. If it doesn’t look safe or doable — no electric. I stay home.

  16. I read this as I got home from work, so I would head out to top off all gas containers, then hit the grocery store during that golden hour before people wake up to what was going on. Now I know some people are going to think I am nuts, but I would buy as much fresh fruits and vegetables including milk, cream, and ice cream. I would probably get 50 pounds of banana’s alone. I would eat those bananas until I couldn’t stand to eat them anymore, as I may never see another banana as we don’t grow them here in the US. Then I would make banana bread with the rest.
    As one who has had to live on our stores for 3 and 4 weeks at a time, you really miss the fresh foods in very short order. I have plenty of freeze dried, canned, dehydrated, it will be the fresh produce that I would really miss as we are still several months from a viable planting season.

  17. I would make a dash to the closest store and grab all the canned fruits, meat, and veg that I could. Pay cash.
    Run back home and lock down.
    See what the outlook is and plan accordingly.

    1. Why use cash? It might hold some value after the fact. A credit card bill might not have any value…

      1. A credit card would leave a paper trail in the store. The store manager would know exactly who had bought fifty pounds of bananas.

        1. If its bad enough for someone to track down large scale purchases of bananas and ice cream with a credit card paper trail…it would be too bad for them to actually be worried about bananas and ice cream.

  18. People might also want to make note of which stores stay open when the power goes out because they have generators. There is only one store in our area that stays open during an outage. No gas stations that I am aware of yet. That was evident after the hurricane Sandy came through, people had to drive over state lines in some cases for gas.

  19. Much of what is said I have thought out at one time or another. Dash to the store to top off food, gas, propane. If the power is down I may have to go to small family owned stores that will continue to operate without a cash register that figures the change for you! I live at the edge of a small town neighbors are farmers and since I am a pastor and live next to the church this property may become a staging area. We are an hour and half from any big city so I think the community would pull together pretty quickly, much like the scenario in “One Second After.” The church would be here to try and help the needs of others so long as the community was civil.

    If, on the other hand, things became chaotic and I felt immediate danger. I would load my rv and truck with as much of my supplies here as possible and head for the farm. The farm is a location 30 miles away and remote. I have three different back roads to get me there and it is stocked. Once inside my defendable position we hunker down and begin life off the grid.

  20. Why pay cash? Because the store may not be able to process credit card.
    Cash works.

  21. My biggest concern would be getting my son home who is 50 mi. away. Everything else we would be okay with. As others mentioned, fill all spare containers with water if possible. Start security protocols.

  22. interesting that so many are going to run to the super market
    only problem is
    so is EVERYONE else
    the shelves will be stripped in a matter of hours

    you really should be prepped 24/7

    I live in a hurricane zone
    if one hits in January
    I’m ready

    if a snowstorm hits in July
    I’m ready

    1. Sat,
      That would be exactly the LAST thing i would do even if i was away from the farm,,,
      Getting home quick would be priority 1 if i wasnt there already

  23. In the first few minutes:
    I would call my daughter if phones are working to direct her what to do. She is one who doesn’t listen to her mother on being prepared and she lives 5 hours away if I was speeding.

    Then I’d get to the country store near the end of my forest trail and buy more supplies just because I can do it to add to my 6 month reserve… for no one goes there in winter we’re so isolated. They wouldn’t know what hit them until the next day.

    I’d get my preps in order and listen to my emergency radio for more information, and contact the farmer down the main road, probably in that order.

  24. 1. Get kids home. All under 14.
    2. Hope wife listened and followed instructions in her vehicle B.O.B.
    3. Obtain known stores/inventories that no one else will think of.
    4. Settle in other group members and determine assignments to secure homestead.
    5. Go to locate wife. She drives 20 miles and has a planned route home. I would take any running vehicle, including my 70 year old tractor to find her. We 00 an to mark the back of street signs.

  25. If sh^^ hit the fan right now…well, I would get out from in front of the fan, thank u much!

  26. well depends on what is happening but get home which would take me 5 mins, lock down, also what day of week if wife is at work or off, what is the weather summer, winter, if emp we are not going anywhere and so are our 537 neighbor’s apt complex, and they go nuts if water is off for a few hrs, or power goes out so this will be a bitch. lot of variables, to think about but number one is home wife home we lock down and wait to see what is going on.

  27. First thing to do: gather the family & friends and make sure everyone is accounted for and safe.

    Second: pray, because I’m pretty much the only one prepping and ‘I’m’ not even fully stocked for myself.

  28. I am caught with my pants down. I am 600 miles from my house without my bugout bag. All I have with me is my Glock 21 with a couple of mags of ammo. Stupid of me to not have my bugout bag in my truck. Won’t happen again.

    1. My EDC is a G21 (Gen 3) too. I take it with me everywhere. Great gun.

  29. Depends on the gravity of the problem – worse case scenario, down into the bunker.

  30. First thing I’d do is throw my AR, 12 ga and .45 in the truck, hightail it to the sheriff’s office and see if they needed any deputies. I imagine they’ll want guards around grocery stores, hardware stores, drugstores etc to prevent looting.
    I’m pretty well prepped up, so I won’t need to waste time trying to get supplies for myself.

  31. Like most here I ponder this scenario often. Living in a regional town in nth australia has pros and cons. To date the plan has been grab the food, water, meds, gas/fuel and weapons/ammo (due to our silly laws my weapons are way more restricted than I’d like – a pump 22, bolt 22 with 2 pissy 5 shot mags, a scoped 223 for better range and a 30-30 for sum thump – awaiting a pair of double barrel shot guns) and head bush – far away from our local military base and field training areas. I have a strong network of remote landholders and the family would be out of the ‘hot zone’ and decently supplied for the short term.

    BUT, if it hit the fan today, would I be willing to take my wife and two oldest ‘bush’ and leave my premature new born son in the local hospital? – HECK NO! If it hit it right now I’d gather the above, grab as many willing friends as possible and go secure that darn hospital!

    The logistics are immeasurable, but I’d have to give it a shot!

    Just wanted to throw this up – Murphy is a bastard who sticks his head up at the worst possible times! When The SHTF we probably won’t be under our ‘optimal state’. For this reason we need to evaluate our situation on a day to day basis, be as prepared as we can and ACT when we must.

    Awesome site, great info and awesome thought provoking comments!

    I am also now planning on finding a long haul aircraft and crew to get our buts to SHE’s ranch and help secure that perimeter!!

  32. OK, I’ll be completely honest here…I would probably panic for a few minutes. Our electricity went out for a day last year…just a day…and even though we have 4-5 different ways to cook down in the dungeon, my first thought was “Oh my, what do I do now!!!”

    Every time I drive away from home now, this is the first thought I have…what do I do if “it” happens right now… It is nice to hear that others have the same thoughts.

    I guess after the first wave of panic, I would pray, then fill up the “water bobs” in the tubs.

  33. It depends on what, exactly, happens. Some of the scenarios are pretty grimm and are not going to be the great adventure we think we will be telling our grandkids about in 20 years. In many of those scenarios we die either right away or after a few days to weeks. In some of those scenarios someoneelse takes that glock off our dead body and our BOB from off our back and goes down the road. So much depends on things beyond our control.

  34. A Home brewer huh? I know I liked this guy… HAHAHA
    Make sure you keep the kegs full, hell of a trading item.

  35. We are pretty well prepared for most issues. We also put some up for our community. Our biggest concern is a problem neighbor. They have guns and live by their own set of rules. He has pulled a gun on a neighbor in the past and always says that he will take out anyone who gets in his way.

    With that said, hubby works 3 miles away, he has a bug out bag in the car with a 2 way radio. I would buckle on my gun( if needed) and wait for him to get home. I pray that somehow God nudges the neighbor to go to their family in another city.

    1. You will most likely have to put that neighbor down if they are not the work together when the chips are down kinda folks,
      Sucks but is the reality of it, i know a few like that nearby too, one actually said they would come and take from others, dont imagine that will last long, were a real small community and like any other will need to work together.

      1. @Kulafarmer. We don’t even want to let our minds go to drastic measures. best thing to do is pray.

        1. I agree, had the same mind set for a long time, then a couple friends who weathered Katrina opened my eyes to some realities,

          We may want to give people the benefit of the doubt but need to be vigilant at the same time.

  36. If SHTF ” right now?” This very minute?

    Well I’m home putting in applications via the internet so I don’t have to bust a move. If the power is out I’ll break out the emergency hand crank radio and tune into what’s going on and I’ll decide what to do based on the information i can fetch ( if any ).

    I’ll pocket my 9 ( although this would be the so called Golden Hour and fairly safe ) just in case and visit my my elderly neighbors next door and set a meeting with our other neighbor for later in the day to discuss what our options are. None of us are bugging out so we do have to have some kind of structure in place to increase our odds of short/long term survival.

    We are blessed to live outside the suburbs and in a fairly small community but that doesn’t mean squat once people become hungry and desperate.

    So, I’m pretty content with my preps even though I may have missed a few things and if the SHTF right now, well, hand me a Yuengling Lager, get one for yourself and let’s see where this ride takes us.


    Snake Plisken

  37. If it hit now and power goes out, I think we’d only be good for about 24hrs as it’s too darn cold right now and we just don’t have a good secondary heat source. I’ve been trying to work on that but the way the house is set up there is no good place for woodstove.And I’m leary of other non-electric sources due to CO and venting issues. We’d probably head to SIL since they have one. DS#1 is the one I’m worried about, he’s went to visit some friends over 70 miles away over the river and through the woods. We discussed what he needed to take and “I should grab the water bottle” was his last statement.

    1. Hello Jen, I have the same problem as you do. I’d like to install a wood stove but i can’t quite figure out how to do that unless I pull down the ceiling in one room and then rebuild the framing to accept the flue pipe. I hope to get that done sometime this summer. it’s going to be a lot of work.

      In the meantime my old nat gas forced air wheezes along and I supplement the heat in my home with a kerosene heater and a EdenPURE electric heater. Gotta be careful with the electric heater though, if you run it more than a couple of hours a day you’ll get a huge electric bill the next month.


      Snake Plisken

  38. At work in a big city with my hunker down location 35-40 miles away. Dash to store and get canned food enough for a week, grab my GHB, sleeping bag and blankets out of my car and set up in the back of the store. Have 3 full 5 gal bottles of water so am good there. Never run auto on less than 1/2 tank so am usually full. wait out a couple of days and then try to get home if bridges are passable, taking a couple of city friends with me!

    1. Actually you have a very good plan, and I may need to reconsider somewhat, just hunker down for a few days at where you’re at, if out of danger, and let things settle done and time to think of the plan. Than make the GHB work for us. Again as I posted before, do NOT panic. Plan, Consider options, follow through, and stay safe, getting in the manic stupidity will do you no good.

  39. If it was utter chaos and hellfire brim stone the Bass Pro shop a block from my job would be missing a few things. I would fill up the back of a pick up with as much as I could fill and I would be towing a boat away too. Now if I was at home I would work my way to the marina a few miles from home and become a pirate. Some poor rich guy would be losing a yacht. I figure I got a better survival chance at sea than on land. But knowing my luck it will be a meteor and I’ll die in my sleep with the billions of others on this rock with me.

  40. Gonna get yourself killed Afflicted. Life has a odd way of surprising people that are not prepared whether emotionally or physically. What if your neighbor who hunts is home sick that day or has a relative staying over for a couple of days?

    So, you roll up to your place of employment and you find the facility is being looted and there are several well armed thieves sacking the place? Are you going to take them on? They will be just as desperate and most likely, more violent than you could ever imagine.

    You could be loading your vehicle with your swag from work and suddenly feel the cold steel of a gun barrel at your neck while your fiancee and baby are being molested right in front of you. Hell, if you’re dealing with some really bad actors it will be lights out right then and there.

    Or how about stealing the van? The Sh!t might be hitting the fan but someone still regards that van as their property and you might get an axe between the eyes or shot. How are you going to protect your lady and child then?

    Oh, and your idea about bartering is good. I have barter items in my preps. However, stopping along the way to your bug out location is foolish. Desperate and evil people will read you like a book and you’ll soon suffer at their hands. Get to where you’ve got to go then take an assesment of the local conditions and be cautious.

    I would venture an educated guess that you have less than 3 days food in your pantry as of right now.

    Sorry to be a buzzkill but at least you’ve given some thought about a SHTF scenario.

    Good luck!

    Snake Plisken

  41. Dear Afflicted,
    Spend more time preparing for yourself and your family. :Your plans to steal and loot is not prepping. Actually, calling yourself and your “friends” preppers is insulting. I agree with Snake, you’re plans are going to get you and your family hurt by others just like you.

  42. Since I have One Leg, it would hard to do the obvious of bend over and kiss your butt goodbye. :-D

  43. Safest is to “Bug-Out” and do so early.
    Based on conditions.

    Any doubts then “Bug-Out” you can always come back if you make a mistake.

    In small towns you can top up on fuel or at truck stops.

    Have everything pre-packed in numbered tool cases with handles.

    Quick van load. 15 minutes tops.

    Have auto ditch plan by having back packs pre-packed if van fails.

    Have escape route pre-driven as a test.

    Be familiar with maps and driving areas memorized.

    Generally if you have more than an hour then best to put
    cases in van (15 min) and drive according to training.

    In a populace panic it is best to start on side routes and
    be the first out of the city. Drive cautiously as others will be
    in panic mode and accident prone.

    Weather events determine direction of travel as best
    to go perpendicular from pathway. This decision may take the
    most planning to avoid flood zones.

    Large tunnels and underpasses at safe distances may
    be temporary rest stops.

    Weather events at safe distances require lodging in
    strong concrete hotels at mid-level. Where you park
    may be critical to avoid damage or crime.

    In high winds parking next to a concrete wall may be best. Even
    raised level concrete parking would be suitable.

    Think thoroughly if driving to avoid roads that are flooded.
    Do not cross any flooded roads at all! Turn around and try
    something else. If you have to, drive to highest ground and stay
    in van.

    Best to end up in a stable area a small town or even in Mexico or Canada if you are fairly close to a border. Infrastructure that still has power grid service is critical.

    The idea behind having a shortwave radio is to be able to directly receive radio stations on another continent hopefully that has been unaffected by say a EMP blast. In a most serious situation expect all communication to be useless. Plan for a major power out situation.

    In horrendous snowstorms, this situation is one where staying
    put is the best option. You may loose power and be very cold.

    If house collapses then pack van and stay in it parked where
    you are. You may be miserable but stay alive. This disaster
    could last a week.

  44. Right now? Make a quick run to home depot with a large truck and fill it with supplies
    Mostly tires and various forms of wood to make a wall, some tools, and some weapons
    Then make a run to the nearest animal shelter to pick up some chinese food Just kidding
    wouldnt eat the dogs would just raise them because dogs are the most loyal soldiers out
    there. Of course the dogs would be more like family to me than soldiers but in SHTF people
    raid homes. But no one will successfully raid a home with a ten dog k-9 unit. I would also run
    to walmart and grab pellet guns for target practice, toys and games for entertainment, some
    food, a few books for culinary, crafting, and agriculture, and seeds for growing plants.

    A good tip: string is easily made but requires a little practice and patience.

    Step 1 strip the bark or wood fibers from a stick or branch
    Step 2 twist and turn these fibers until they are very flexible
    Step 3 twist and tie the pieces together.

    Why include the recipe for string? Because string is extremely useful. The ability to take
    multiple materials and combine them (crafting) is what set us apart from other animals.
    String was the first example of crafting.

  45. I live in Cleveland,OH were almost all the sheeple are dependent on the dot-Gov. shepherd. I’m bugging out because it will be another Katrina in no time at all.

  46. I’m going fish’n w/o a saltwater license and screw the size and limit. thanks

  47. If it shtf today, I’d pray first and foremost, then head north to my friends home, that’s in the country. Then we’d head further north to our designated “safe” place.

    Wow, I’ve seriously learned a lot reading all of these. Today, I’m going to put 1 of my bugout bags in my vehicle. thanks for having this. May God bless us all.

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