List The Important Preps That You Have or Would Like To Have

I was sitting here thinking about my preps – something that I do from time to time while reassessing my readiness.

We all know the high level “rule of thumb” categories to be Shelter, Security, Water, Food, and… Health! But there are so many additional subsets (and other sets) that one could get into.

One’s readiness or preparedness might be as small or as large an issue that you choose to make it to be.

Sometimes there are limiting factors such as time, money, space, circumstances; but you do the best that you can, given your own situation.

I thought it would be interesting for us to list some of the “most important” or just plain old “important” preps that we own or posses (or would like to have).

Everyone has their own opinions, priorities and concerns. So don’t be intimidated by what someone else might say if it’s different from your own.

I went through an older article which similarly challenged the readers here to list “most important” preps. I captured the essence of your comments and alphabetically listed some of them as follows.

It’s all meant as food for thought.

List of Preps

Ability to learn and adapt
Alternative power and generators
Antibiotics: infection can be a killer.
Battery chargers: (best in a Faraday Cage), solar charger, electrical, and goal Zero Solar charger for electronics
Books (preparedness reference)
Bug Out Location
Camp Trailer (for minor local bugout, fire, chemical, flooding, etc.)
Camping equipment
Canning equipment
Clothing: All weather, waterproof, layer-able clothing, means to make/mend clothing
Common sense
Communications: Ham, CB, AM/FM/SW
Communications: portable 2-way radios
Community: A like minded community
Cooking: Multiple non-electric cooking methods
Cooking: portable charcoal grill with the charcoal & fluid, matches
Cooking: Wood Cookstove, Rocket Stove, any cooker without electricity
Dog for protection (and alarm)
Drone for surveillance
Emergency radios/solar
Farm equipment
Fire making sources (multiple)
First Aid and Trauma kits
Fishing rod & tackle
Food supply: Diverse: canned, freeze dried, dehydrated, frozen, jars, vacuum packed, etc…
Food: from gardens, small orchard, and forage foods
Gardening tools
Heat, multiple ways
Knives and sharpening stone
Medical, (kits, meds)
Micro solar Lights
Motion lights
Paper towels
Propane, propane tanks
Rain barrel, catchment system
Rechargeable batteries
Repair Gear, (tire fixes, house, vehicles, manual and power tools up the wazoo)
Riflesmithing and bullet-making tools and knowledge
Security and the know-how to use it
Security cameras
Seeds: seed vault – heirloom’s
Shelter: Ability to house other family members in a crisis
Silver (alternative currency)
Sixth sense (situational awareness)
Skill set and working knowledge of farming, gardening, and most homesteading needs
Sleeping bags
Soap & Disinfectant products
Social skills
Solar power system
Survival Library
Toilet Paper
Tools: axe, saw, hammer, nails, etc.
Tools: Multiple non-electric tools
Vehicle: WELL maintained, versatile vehicle with extra fuel
Water: A manual hand pump for well
Water: bottled, Berkey filter, Sawyer Minis, deep well with generator, many 5 gallon containers
Water: purifiers (several, and spare filters)
Water: storage tanks
Water: supply (well, creek, lake, spring)
Waterproof vital document bag
Weapons: (short range/quiet-cross bow, handguns, medium range small caliber rifles and shotguns, longer range-rifles)
Weather alert radio
Wood supply to feed the woodstove and wood cook-stove