Today I had the pleasure of meeting Bob (and his family and working crew) over at Ready Made Resources ( located in the hills of eastern Tennessee.

Ready Made Resources has been a long time advertiser and sponsor of and it was great to get together…

It is always a great feeling when able to speak with others who are on the same page, so to speak, and I felt like Bob could have been a brother – being evidently very like minded with seemingly identical opinions of the world we live in and where we are seemingly headed…

The visit began with a tour of the grounds. On 25 acres, they are living the homesteading life – for real. They have countless raised garden beds of varying sizes (all big) and have already planted a number of cool weather crops as of mid March.

The property is loaded with a large variety of fruit bearing trees. I saw chickens/large coop, livestock, natural spring, pond, hand pump well, water collection tanks, solar power, greenhouse, bee hives, outbuildings, workshops, guest house, ham shack, the Ready Made Resources building, and more.

They certainly have it together and are truly living the lifestyle while also running their small family business selling a wide ranging variety of preparedness products.

Additionally, Bob is well known for his knowledge, experience, and top quality products within the realm of night vision devices. Without revealing how and why he is so “in the know” (OPSEC), trust me… he knows ;)

And guess what, I suppose that Bob got the better end of the visit – since I walked out the door with a lighter wallet – having sold me a PVS-14 Gen 3 White Phosphor Monocular mitigated for 30 caliber ;) (Although I had been in the market for this for some time and walked in there figuring that I would walk out with one)

But I digress…

After the tour of the grounds, we walked into the RMR building. Let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store. Aisles of preps (of just about everything imaginable). I was also impressed by the great selection of numerous books – I could have spent a day just browsing through the books.

It was a busy place. Phones ringing, his wife working the computers, Mark was on the phone, ordering inventory, taking orders and working their website chat with customers online. Jeremy darting about with boxes and inventory… It was fun to see the business in action. And they are all good people. Friendly, no attitude. It was nice to see.

I am happy to plug our advertiser Ready Made Resources because they are the real deal. If you ever have any preparedness needs, I hope that you support their family business with some of your purchases.

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