While food & water, shelter & security, and firearms & ammo are all great prep categories for SHTF, – in today’s modern world one of the best preps to have is ZERO DEBT.

This concept is quite contrary to that which is promoted today, and here’s why…

The system wants (needs) you to be in debt. The system ‘works’ on debt. It’s ALL based on debt. As the saying goes, “The joke’s on you”.

While there is such a thing as smart debt (for smart responsible people), the problem has become that ALL debt is portrayed as smart, good, or necessary. This is so terribly wrong, and is contributing to our perpetual slavery as a people.

Today, lots of young people are so strapped with debt upon leaving school (e.g. college) that many cannot afford to live on their own – and many are back home living with their parents. For some of those same young people who are able to afford to pay for housing – they will continue to strap more loans on their back as they begin their adult life (a new car, credit cards, etc..). Children are brainwashed from a VERY young age to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, and to covet ‘shiny things’… and it’s so easy to pay for those things today with invisible electronic digits…

The system wants you in debt.

As the young adults get older and enter the prime of their life while working their careers, there is constant bombardment to compete in the game of materialism. The so called winner is the one with the most ‘shiny things’. The BIG house (and the BIG mortgage). The problem is – the perceived winner (at any given moment) is in debt even more than you are! They are not really winning at all – most are losing big time…

With rare exception, most of those who appear to have lots of things, the new cars, the big house, the lavish vacations, lots of ‘toys’ – most all of them are saddled with debt up to their eyeballs. They actually have nothing at all. These things don’t really belong to them – unless and until they pay off their loans. And then, at what cost?

The more loans that you have, the more pressure and obligation to work hard in the system – so that you can keep paying…

The fewer loans that you have, the less pressure you feel. And if and when you reach the day that you have zero debt and no financial obligations, you will become unbelievably enlightened – and powerfully independent compared to your earlier life of enslavement.

Having zero debt, your mindset will change from one that feels the burden of being trapped (perhaps feeling locked in to your current stressful job situation and geographical position) to one in which you have options. You may no longer feel permanently tied to a particular job or career which is paying well – but with a high price and personal toll… You will have new choices and more freedom of movement.

With zero debt, the money that you do earn will go to YOU and not a bank. You will no longer be ‘supporting’ the current system. Instead you will be your own banker, making your own decisions. The things that you buy will be YOURS.

With zero debt and a little patience, you can save cash ahead of time for your purchases (rather than immediate gratification from a loan).

You might use that cash to build a nest egg for emergencies. Some recommend a nine month cash supply to cover all your expenses (just in case). Save cash for car repairs (which ALWAYS happen). There are all sorts of reasons to have a nest egg of cash. When you have no debt, it’s so much easier to do…

When it comes to preparedness in today’s modern world, I encourage you to consider your personal financial freedom and to consider reducing and eliminating your debt. Even though today’s economic policies do not encourage savings (basically, zero interest rates), having cash is still ‘having cash’!

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