Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Water Containers & Self-Storing Spout Spigot

Reliance Aqua Tainer portable drinking water containers. A 7 gallon water jug with a unique spout / spigot.

Awhile ago (years ago actually), I had researched and checked reviews while looking for good quality heavy duty portable drinking water containers. I decided on the Aqua-Tainer.

One that I could use while camping or RV’ing, as well as for hauling water from one place to another. One that also can simply set on a table with a convenient spout / spigot.

Here’s what I settled on…

Reliance Aqua-Tainer

Reliance 7 gallon aqua-tainer with spout, spigot

7-Gallon Water Container
(view on amzn)

7 Gallon Water Jug

One reason I chose this particular water container was for it’s capacity, 7 gallons.

It’s about a foot-square, 15 inches tall. Heavy duty container.

There’s a screw-on vent and a hideaway self-storing spout / spigot for water dispensing. Nice feature.

Even though when filled it will weigh more than other lesser capacity water containers, I can handle the full 7 gallon container at 56-pounds (water weighs about 8 pounds a gallon). Why do I like the larger capacity? Because it’s fewer trips back to the water source!

I also use a portable folding hand-truck dolly cart for transport when needed. Makes it LOTS easier! A good example is while camping. Lugging water from the nearest water spigot back to your site. I’ve had this one for many years and have used it for all sorts of things:

Magna Cart

And, the old ‘rule-of-thumb’… minimum 1 gallon of water, per person, per day, for survival… Having 7 gallons provides a one-week supply (bare minimum).

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Reliance Aqua Tainer Spigot Design

I also like the Aquatainer spigot design.

It uniquely fits inside the cap for storage. This prevents it from becoming lost while also being protected from damage when in storage or transit.

The silicone O-ring seal prevents any splash or drips while snug. Reversing the spigot for normal operation is simple, and the water flow spigot lever feels heavy duty and doesn’t drip.

Aqua Tainer Spout Replacement

Note: It’s a good idea to have a spare Spigot Assembly:

Reliance Products Replacement Assembly

Spigot assembly for Reliance Products water container

Wide Mouth Water Opening

I also like this model water container because of its wide mouth opening. This makes it easier for filling. It’s also easier for dipping into – or getting in there to clean it. It just seemed like a better idea than a small opening and cap.

Heavy Duty Material

The container is made of heavy duty material (another reason that I chose it). I’ve used this one for years and I can vouch for the fact that the food-grade plastic is thick and sturdy. No leaks.

Here are a few photos showing how the spout fastens to the inside of the cap. And how simple it is to switch it to the outside of the cap for use:


Water should be your number-one priority for prepping and preparedness.

Even if you live near a water source, you will still need to be able to collect and transport it to your home, and the jugs and containers for doing that.

There are all sorts of good water containers to choose from, and this particular Reliance Aqua-Tainer is one of the many good choices that you might consider for drinking water containers.

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  1. I have several of these because the teal green ones are thin walled, leak easily, and they are not stackable.

    This Aquatainer has thicker walls, the dark color keeps light out and light may lead to contaminated water, they’re stackable, which saves space.

    I made one modification to the spigot. I took the spigot out keeping it for a spare. Then I bought a brass hose bib with 3/4″ threads, put a three or four wraps of Teflon tape around the threads and screwed it into the cap.

    I change this assembly from container to container as I empty a container out This spigot is more durable than the spigot that comes with the container.

    1. Tom sent me a picture of his Aqua Tainer spout modification (Thanks Tom!).

      Here it is:

      1. Hi Ken J,
        I have gone to every possible hardware store to find this brass spigot. What are the dimensions of the fitting?

        1. Jenn R., It’s called a Hose Bibb. I believe it’s 3/4-inch. Pretty sure this one (amzn) would fit… (Tip: Wrap thread tape around it first)

          3/4 Hose Bibb

        2. Jenn,
          If you look right in the center of the picture you’ll see 3/4. It is a 3/4″ hose bibb, more sturdy than the plastic faucet that is supplied with the container. I have never had problems with it and have used mine extensively. As Ken mentioned, wrap the threads on the hose bibb with Teflon tape before screwing it into the cap.

  2. I used this for years when I was working in the back country of Idaho and Montana. I put it on my kitchen table in my camper and the spigot was very handy for all my water needs. I kept stronger 5 gal water jugs outside my camper to refill this jug as needed..It was weeks before we could resupply, so I had to get creative with water storage..I still use the same jug today…

  3. I have 5 of these and we love them, although I wouldn’t stack more then two high, the bottom one tends to bulge out on the sides.

  4. I’ve had these for years. However, I made the mistake of leaving the spigots inside and they turned brittle and broke up. I ordered replacements and keep them stored outside of the filled container. I think Tom has the best idea! Replace them with brass spigots, keeping the plastic ones for spares.

    1. DJ5280,
      I should have clarified, brass, and lead free. Using Ken’s Amazon link, I found the ones made in the US, they are brass, lead free, and NSF approved.

  5. Great for a simple primitive shower. I built a shower enclosure in a little cabin with a shelf above it and would place the jug up on that.

  6. – Should have one of these per person JIC. Have four and love them. If you should have one in diapers, add one more for hygiene purposes. (Actually, just add the one you will eventually add for drinking/washing up, little ones don’t need as much volume.)

    The brass hose bibb is a great idea! Should have thought of that before now, since I have several stored three feet away from them. Country living, you know.

    – Papa S.

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