Aqua Tainer

Aqua Tainer 7 Gallon Water Jug With Spigot

Aqua Tainer. It’s the product name of particular 7 gallon water jug that I own (with a unique spigot) made by Reliance (in Canada). I believe it’s one of the best rugged water jugs with a spigot.

I bought my first one way back during 2010. Here’s the impressive thing about the Aqua Tainer.. It’s still made today, all these years later – whereas so many products go by the wayside after awhile. This is indicative of its design success.

During that time years ago, I had researched and checked reviews while looking for good quality heavy duty portable drinking water containers. I decided on the Aqua Tainer.

One that I could use while camping or RV’ing, as well as for hauling water from one place to another. One that also can simply set on a table with a convenient spigot.

Here’s what I settled on:

Aqua Tainer water jugs by Reliance


4 and 7 gallon Aqua Tainer water jugs with spigot

7 gallon Aqua Tainer (and 4 Gallon) Water Jug with spigot

One reason I chose this particular water container was for it’s capacity, 7 gallons. It weights approx. 58 pounds when filled. But it holds a decent amount of water.

Obviously the 4 gallon water jug (when filled) weights less. It’s easier to move and transport. When filled, it will weigh about 33 pounds.

The rest of the features are common between the two capacity sizes..

  • Rigid, Rugged design, and Heavy Duty!
  • 5 Year Warranty (that’s pretty darn good). My oldest Aqua Tainer is now 13 years!
  • They can be stacked when empty
  • A nice contoured ergonomic molded handle grip for transport comfort
  • Reversible hideaway spigot
  • FDA approved, BPA-free and Food Safe
  • Made in Canada, Reliance Products since 1958

I really like the hideaway self-storing spigot (and screw-on vent) for water dispensing. Nice feature! The spigot is protected while in storage.

I like the 7 gallon larger capacity jug. Fewer trips back and forth from the water source! Even though when filled it will weigh more than other lesser capacity water containers, I can handle the full 7 gallon container at ~58 pounds (water weighs about 8.3 pounds a gallon). But at least there’s a 4 gallon option too.

Tip for transport: I also use a portable ‘folding hand truck’ for transport when needed (with bungie straps). Makes it LOTS easier! A good example is while camping. Lugging water from the nearest water spigot back to your site. I’ve had this one for many years and have used it for all sorts of things:

Magna Cart

Note the ‘rule-of-thumb’ for water needs: Minimum 1 gallon of water, per person, per day, for survival. Having 7 gallons provides a one-week supply (bare minimum!).

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Aqua Tainer ergonomic carry handle

Reliance Aqua Tainer Spigot Design

I also really like the Aqua Tainer spigot design.

It uniquely fits inside the cap for storage. This prevents it from becoming lost while also being protected from damage when in storage or transit.

The silicone O-ring seal prevents any splash or drips while snug. Reversing the spigot for normal operation is simple, and the water flow spigot lever feels heavy duty and doesn’t drip.

Aqua Tainer Spigot Replacement

Note: It’s a good idea to have a spare Spigot Assembly:

Reliance Products Replacement Assembly

Spigot assembly for Reliance Products water container

Wide Mouth Water Opening for Spigot

Easy filling. I also like this Aqua Tainer model water jug because of its wide mouth opening. This makes it easier for filling. It’s also easier for dipping into – or getting in there to clean it. It just seemed like a better idea than a small opening and cap.

Heavy Duty Material

Longevity. The jug is made of heavy duty material (another reason that I chose it). I’ve used this one for years and I can vouch for the fact that the food-grade plastic is thick and sturdy. No leaks.

Here are a few photos showing how the spout fastens to the inside of the cap. And how simple it is to switch it to the outside of the cap for use:


Water should be your number-one priority for prepping and preparedness.

Even if you live near a water source, you will still need to be able to collect and transport it to your home (and the jugs and containers for doing that).

There are all sorts of good water containers to choose from, and this particular Reliance Aqua Tainer is one of the many good choices that you might consider for drinking water containers.

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