Smallest Berkey Countertop Water Filter System

Travel Berkey Features – Smallest Berkey Water Filter For A Countertop

The Travel Berkey water filter is one of five various model stainless steel countertop water filter systems in their lineup. It’s the smallest Berkey water filter in the countertop class.

If you are looking for a high quality water filter for countertop or tabletop, but you’re concerned about losing counter space, the Travel Berkey may be the right choice for you.

The Travel Berkey is the smallest of their countertop / tabletop models.

The Travel Berkey, being just 7.5 inches in diameter may be perfect for an RV, 5th-wheel, or trailer while out camping, traveling, at the cabin, in your office cubicle, apartment, college dorm, and more. Especially convenient for small apartments or anywhere where space is at a premium.

The most popular Berkey model size is the ‘Big Berkey’. However I do really like the Travel Berkey water filter, being the smallest. Why? Because it will likely be enough drinking water capacity for one or two, maybe three people each day. And again, a counterspace saver.

The filter elements will process about 2.75 gallons of water per hour. So refilling to capacity (1.5 gallons) will process quickly. Also, its compact small size (compared to the bigger model sizes) is fine for many use scenarios. If you have a big family, then sure the Big Berkey is probably the way to go!

Travel Berkey Specifications

– 1.5 gallon storage capacity

– 7.5″D x 19″H

– stainless steel container

– two filter elements

– produces up to 2.75 gallons per hour

– 2 black elements will filter 6,000 total gallons!

– contains the exact same purification filters as all other Berkey countertop models

– small size makes it more portable

– 6 pounds (empty)

– Compatible with the Berkey PF2 Fluoride filter

For the convenience and health of pure filtered water on the go. The smallest model, the Travel Berkey is built with portability in mind: compact enough for easy carrying during travel and unexpected emergencies.

From a well established USA authorized dealer, you might have a further look at the Travel Berkey:

USA Berkey Filters

They have the best warranty in the industry! Every Berkey product offered via their website comes with a lifetime warranty above the guarantee offered by the manufacturer. Also, let them know you came from Modern Survival Blog!

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Tip: How To Clean Berkey Water Filters in the Sink or a Bucket

Note: Here’s the difference between the White and Black filter elements:
Berkey: Black Filter Elements vs. White Ceramic

Regulars on this site know how much of an advocate I am for having drinking quality water filters. A countertop model and a good portable water filter. This one happens to be the smallest Berkey water filter, which might be perfect for some use applications.

Even though that water source may appear to be pristine, there is always a risk of invisible pathogens that could get you very sick. Giardia parasites comes to mind… If you want to be grossed out, see what they look like.

As far as preps and gear are concerned, I place a high quality water filter at or near the top of the list. Don’t count on your water source to be pure. Run it through a filter!

Our bodies are made up of about 75% water! What does that tell you!


  1. I agree, a GOOD!!!!!! water filter should be the number one item on your Preparedness list.

    As a sad note, over 5000 children die EACH DAY from bad water. Now that Stat of course is world wide in some fairly nasty areas, BUT how long will it take for ‘your’ water to “go bad” if/when???

    Remember 3 days without water, a week with “bad water”.

  2. I wonder if Berkey will develop a filter to remove radiation. Does anyone make such an item?

    1. Over at nuke pills dot they sell filter bottles, cant remember brand name, they might have em at Amazon too

      1. Wow Ken, thanks. I guess its been a while since I last researched, I didn’t realize there were so many options available.

      2. I’ve had enough of you posting links like this, every time someone does this it cost me money…

        One more thing I NEED to spend money on.

        In truth the prices in that link seem very reasonable.

        I may post a revenge post listing everything I have bought. Make some of you spend money instead of me keeping an Amazon employee paid. Some weeks I spend enough to keep 3 of them employed.

        Between ham radio toys and prepping it’s a wonder I have any money left.

        1. Chuck Findlay ;
          Boy-o-Boy do I hear ya there, HAHAHAHA
          Ken has spent a LOT of my money, and I’m happy to do it every time.
          AND have never been disappointed in a single product the OLD FART has recommended :-) :-)

        2. About two years+ ago I heard that govt has been dismantling radio towers and will make it illegal to own equipment. We’re new to this so don’t know if any one can comment

        3. – Green,
          Anybody is welcome to comment, but off subject/ off topic matters like this should be taken to the Open Forum for discussion. Welcome to the blog!
          – Papa S.

        4. Green,
          Another story blown out of proportion. Gov’t has not “banned” use of ham radio equipment. Have not heard of them tearing down towers either. (State of California says they will charge rent for repeaters on state land though). Also, the FCC will occasionally remove illegally placed repeaters if they interfere with legal radio operations. Hope this answers your question.

        5. I am with you there. I need two more water storage tanks yet. Have canned water for cooking, Travel Berky, four large Costco cases of water. 14 gal put up for the dog, need more water containers for personal use. Froze 24+ qts of milk, stored canned milk and have powdered milk on the way. Dropped $500 yesterday between my car and prepping. Two battery operated light bulbs and two solar bulbs.
          propane heater. I have one full tank and one I need to exchange soon and also pick up an additional tank. I want to build a solar generator and put a maintainer on it for back up. Just have to see how the money stretches. Retired Dis Vet.
          food is well taken care of and I am pretty much ready. Will be receiving boxes all week. Cupboards are full, freezer is full and since it is me and my dog, we got it going on. I started putting things together after China virus took hold. Ordered a new deep freeze, grill and other items. Praying people are preparing their homes for what ever is coming next. Hint: I have been filling up milk and soda bottles as flushing water. Easy to carry and complete the task at hand. Picked up an iron stable burner to set on the side of my grill to cook on. Toilet paper well stalked. Life in the Fast Lane. I feel blessed that God has allowed me to accomplish all that I have since March.

      3. Ken
        We have this filtering system. The one we purchased said ‘not for well water’, so those are interested make sure you are purchasing the correct Seychelle for your usage.

        We do like this unit as a back up, an will order the correct Seychelle system along with lots of filters. Be sure to read the instructions as they only will filter about 25 gallons of the contaminate water before you have to dispose & replace the filters.

      4. I was looking at this product: Seychelle EXTREME Canteen filters Radiation, Viruses & Bacteria 38oz.

        However seems to be a contradiction in the description. Can someone help?

        “Cannot be used with brackish water or salt-water which may clog the filter (brackish water has more salinity than fresh water, but not as much as seawater – normally river or estuaries that are near seawater).”

        So it says cannot be with river water, then it say this: “Can be used with tap or well water or outside water sources such as rainwater, rivers, streams or even freshwater lakes”

        What am I missing here?

        1. Judging only by the words used, it can be used with river water as long as there’s no salt. Estuaries and streams near the sea often have high levels of salt even if they’re flowing.

        2. You’re missing the definition of ‘brackish water’. They’re not saying river water. Brackish water has salt in it. Evidently this will clog their filter.

          A river that flows into the ocean will have salt in it to an extent up the river. Depends on the flow and the river or estuary itself as to how far up the salt water mix will extend.

    2. Radiation in water is mostly a problem of sediment, that has particles in it like dirt and debris that have been exposed, let it settle to the bottom and gently skim water off the top.

    3. If I were to put the scummiest of pond water in my Berkey*, would it filter it well enough to be drinkable?

      *I wouldn’t actually do this. I would filter the water through a coffee filter, cotton tshirt, or something first. But I still want to know the limits of the water filter.

  3. I have one of these with 2 of the Berkey Fluoride filters installed on it. I live in a suburb of Toledo Ohio and a few years ago Toledo had a problem with algae bloom on Lake Erie and it got into their water as their water filtration would not filter it out.

    I live in Oregon Oh (right next to Toledo) and Oregon has it’s own filtration plant and we had safe water so it was not a problem for me.

    But things can change and I called Berkey and got the added filters to remove the algae toxin. According to Berkey Guy the Fluoride filters remove the algae toxin.

    Also talked to Katadyn and got a add-on filter to remove toxin. It is an in-line carbon filter.

    I also have a Doulton counter top water filter, a Katadyn Pocket Filter, Katadyn Hiker a portable Berkey, sawyer water filter and 3 Berkey water bottle filters.

    So far I have not used the Doulton, the Sawyer or the Berkey water bottle filters, but they are there when I need them or to help family as none of my family prepares at all.

    Food, water, shelter, guns are all a first priority for any prepper minded person.

  4. Good to know. I was under the assumption that he only way to get of the toxins was reverse osmosis or distillation. I figured the filters would remove the algae but no the toxins.

    1. me;
      I know this is an article on Berkey Filters, but for a GREAT ‘small’ filter (backpack size) take a look at the Mini-Sawyer, very nice units also.

      1. I have 2 of the Mini Sawyer filters, They are only $20.00 at Wally World in the camping isle. At this price there is no excuse to not have a good water filter.

        They screw onto just about every water bottle made be it the 2 litter down to 16 oz and smaller so they are very adaptable to use.

  5. I’ve had the Travel Berkey for several years and I do like it. As you can see it doesn’t hold a lot of water and so I fill it daily. I don’t know if the next size up would be better or not. I can’t see that it would take up much more space on the kitchen table.

  6. I’m so far down the food chain from the rest of you that I don’t usually get into the product bragfests during the week, but I actually have one of these Travel Berkey filters! Woo-hoo! I’m coming up in the world! And I just got in a pair of standby replacement black filters for it to have on-hand in case I break one (or both). Now, if Ken runs NRP’s article about the best sewing machine to use for each task, I’ll be posting model numbers with you. HAHA!

    We use our Berkey filter daily to filter the city tap water for the wife’s drinking water and ice cubes. Keeping it in constant use makes me think that it will be ready when we really need it. Our tap water is fairly good, but it does flunk a test every now and then. If there’s a major problem and we have to go to the lake to get our own, the Travel Berkey should fit the bill for the two of us. I drink water straight out of the tap because I like living on the edge, I guess, but I will use Berkey filtered water if I think the city has had to work on the water main coming to our house. Heck, the water lines in our old house (moved from a farm in the 1940s during the WWII Army Airfield days) are probably something more to be worried about. Still, even with the old water mains that have been patched for years and old house plumbing, if I kick off, at least I may not die from some Chinese chemical in the new plastic pipes that would replace them.

    CD in Oklahoma

      1. Nailbanger – Me too! NRP said that he wrote an article about treadle sewing machines a while back when I wrote one, and I’m hoping that was his subject.

        CD in Oklahoma

    1. CD, that’s great!

      We use ours daily for all drinking water (and ice cubes).

      By the way, the ice cubes come out crystal clear!

  7. I’m not doubting the ability of the Berkey in a grid down situation. But why would you settle for a filter system like the Berkey when you could have a reverse osmosis system that is capable of so much more in your house? I could see the use of a Berkey if you had no means of making water pressure and you wanted a gravity filter, but in the mean time an RO system with a Ultra Violet light provides far more protection and sterilization than any straight single filter system.

    I know there are some real Berkey fans out there, but for household drinking water, why go second best with a single filter system?

    1. You answered your own question 😉

      (Gravity – no power required – preferable for off-grid or grid-down preparedness)

      That said, RO is fantastic for permanent fixed installation with power/pressure.

      1. Doesn’t reverse osmosis use something like 9 gallons for every 1 gallon of clean water you get out of it?

        If so that alone can make it hard to justify if you have limited water.

        1. My whole-house unit produces 4.5 gpm with only 1 gpm of waste. It uses a 160# high pressure pump to create the higher efficiency.

      2. Ken,
        Do i have to follow specific links to amazon for you to get credit? Or can i go there from any link on your site then search a product and get you credit?

        1. If i put stuff in my cart and dont buy it right away does the credit still go to you?

        2. If you put it in your cart via my link, it’s good for 90 days. Otherwise 24 hours. Thank you.

    2. A steady diet of RO water is not healthy! The process strips the good and bad from water. I believe there are secondary treatments that add minerals (good stuff) back.

  8. One thing I bought for my Berkey that is mighty nice is the spout with the glass window that shows how much water is in it. Not really needed, but nice to have…

      1. I have the Berkey Light so can see the water levels. We top ours off several times a day so the clear model makes it easy.

        If you have the stainless with the sight glass installed, how does that keep you from putting too much water in the top and overflowing the bottom? (stand on a chair when you fill it:-).

        1. We have the sight glass installed on our Big Berkey. You simply get used to it – as far as how much to add.

          We use it every day. We have a particular pitcher that we use to dump water into the top reservoir – and since the upper and lower reservoir are the same size, you can pretty much guestimate how much to put in based on the sight glass.

  9. I was unable to find the company recommended here on the list of authorized distributors.

    I’d like to support Ken but am unsure if there’s something I’m missing.

    1. Sam,
      It’s “LPC Survival” on the list. He’s also known as “the Berkey Guy”. He has a few sites. One of which is as linked above. Don’t worry, he’s been around for a long time, and advertising here for about 10 years. If/when you buy one, let him know you heard it from Modern Survival Blog ;)

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