Preparedness Beyond Just Short Term – Think Local…


Preparedness ‘101’ is pretty simple. Enough food for several days or a week without resupply, some water storage in containers, a water filter, and other ‘ordinary’ preps for a short term disruption. Not too much skill is required here – just some extra supplies.

Preparedness ‘201’ builds on ‘101’ with more supplies and several definitive skills.
Preparedness ‘301’ gets advanced in both long-term supplies and important skill sets.
And then there’s Preparedness ‘401’…

‘401’ deals with survival in the long term aftermath of the collapse. It is a time when the great die-off has mostly passed and is a time for sustaining and rebuilding.

Very unlike today’s systems where nearly everything comes from far away, preparedness beyond just the short term will have lots to do with the word, ‘local’. In your vicinity.

Very few can survive alone. It is logistically very, very difficult (for many reasons). Many preppers may be fooling themselves into believing that they will be able to survive on their own during the ‘long term’ portion of the collapse timeline. My question to those who believe this is as follows… “What will you do when your long term food storage (and other consumable supplies) runs out?”

During a hypothetical thought process it is difficult to come up with definitive answers because there’s no way to know the extent of which the collapse has upset the apple cart. This will certainly vary (probably widely) from region to region. The point is however to ‘think local’ as much as you can.

Who in your locality has the ability to farm? Do you know any of them? Do you yourself know anything about farming? How many could it sustain? How will it be accomplished if there’s little or no fuel to operate machinery?

If there are no farms in your region, where is your long term food resupply going to come from? Will you (and others in your locale) be able to convert some land into functioning farms for food production? Is their any expertise in your locality to successfully accomplish this?

For those who think that they will simply be able to hunt, think again. Those supplies will be dwindled early on. Unless you live very, very remote, don’t count on much meat on the table via hunting during the long term portion of ‘post collapse’.

For those who raise livestock, how are you going to feed them? Will it even be possible if you can’t buy any feed? Can you grow enough feed for them (and for yourselves?)? What about water?

So far I’ve only raised questions regarding food (because it’s important!), however what about other areas such as security? While the worst will already be over during this hypothetical part of the collapse timeline, it is unlikely you will have reached this part of the timeline without adequate security. There’s little or no way that one or two people could make it this far without security coordination with others (depending on variables).

Water. Irrigation. How will this be accomplished in a post-collapse region? Can you do it yourself? Or will coordination with others in your locale be required?

I hope that you’re getting my drift. Once you make it to Preparedness ‘401’, the subject matter goes beyond just ‘you’. Because if it were ‘just you’, it’s doubtful that you could survive into the long term after your long term food has run out or during a time of security issues.

While it may be unlikely (or maybe not so unlikely?) that a collapse of this hypothetical magnitude will ever come to pass, for those who are thinking about it, things will be reduced to ‘local’. Tribal. And that’s about it. The ‘how’ is up to you. There’s no simple answer or answers. The purpose here is to get you to think about your own ‘local’ and whether or not it might work out given your location and the people in your local region.