There are so many of us that have a dog/pup. They are very much a part of our family. This is one of the reasons why you should be prepping for your pup just as you prep for any family member. Not only do they love you unconditionally, but their natural instincts will make them a very good ‘protector’ for you and your family. They don’t ask for much in return, just something to eat, the ‘good boy’ pet and a warm place to sleep.

Now, some of you may be thinking that your golden retriever or your beagle might not be a good protector. If anything they would open the door for intruders! Yes, certain breeds of dogs may be better ‘physical’ protectors, but let’s expand our thoughts and look at some different ways a dog can be a protector.


What are the benefits of having your dog with you during a SHTF scenario?


threat deterrents – Dogs are great threat deterrents. If an intruder is trying to get into your home, and your dog starts barking and growling, the intruder may rethink the situation and move on to a home without a dog.

‘alarm’ protection – No matter how secure you feel your home or bug out location is, your dog will more than likely, be the first one to notice something amiss. No matter what breed of dog you have, they are an excellent extra set of eyes and ears. And let’s not forget their super sense of smell. If anyone is lurking around, they will know. Their early ‘awareness’ could very well give you the quick moment to grab your weapon.

physical protection – Your dog loves you unconditionally. No matter what breed, if you are in harm’s way, your dog will place themselves with you, to help you. Now, yes, some breeds will be better at physical protection than others, but they will all put out an effort. Perhaps a distraction caused by your retriever might be all you need to grab a weapon or pull a defensive maneuver. Other breeds may jump, attack and bite, giving you the opportunity to get a weapon and help them.

comfort and companionship –  these are other benefits of having your dog with you. They love you. They will be there to protect you and your family. They will be by your side, waiting for the moment that you need them to help. And they don’t require much in return.


What should you stock up on to prep for your pup?


food – Think of your dog as your family member. Treat them as such when you are prepping. Start buying dog food when it’s on sale and start stocking up. Canned food or dry, whatever you normally feed them, can be stocked. Even in a SHTF scenario, they can eat human food you have stored, if necessary.

medications – again, your dog is a family member. If they are on medications, try to stock extra just like you would for a person.

leashes, collars and harnesses – always have extras of these since you don’t know what kind of scenario you may encounter. You may want your pup close to you. Make sure you have a set in your car as well.

comforts – all dogs have their toys or their own blankets they lay in. These things are a comfort to your dog. They are your dog’s possessions. During a SHTF scenario, these will provide comfort for your dog and show him that you still love him.

nail clippers – these are an essential for dogs. Make sure you have several pairs. For many dogs, if their nails get too long, severe health problems can happen. You don’t want that because you’ll lose your protector.


So remember, that when you are prepping for your pup, treat them like the family member that they are and prep for them like you would a person. Think of every aspect in their lives and prep for them. Be there for them. Remember, they won’t leave you as long as there is breath coming from you.


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