I have been thinking about this hypothetical lately – ‘What if’ you were a long, long way from home, say 1,000 miles, you had no particular preps with you, and then ‘Murphy’ strikes… the Shite has hit the fan in a MAJOR way.

The power grid has gone down – apparently across the nation and maybe beyond. There is little likelihood that the power will come back on for quite some time.

Your vehicle still works though, but the only fuel you have is what’s already in your tank. You know that you won’t be able to fill up at a gas station and you know that you only have about 200 miles of range left in the tank.

You’ve been on a trip, staying at a friends house – who is not a prepper and is no better prepared for anything than any other typical non-prepper. The home is not in the city, but you are in the suburbs – where most everyone else lives these days…

What do you do next?
And what do you do after that? And after that?


Note: Although most all of you reading this would have had some preps with you on such a long journey, lets just say that you didn’t. Whoops.

Objective: To discover what you and others would do under these general but grave circumstances and to learn from each others responses as to what various courses of action might be advisable vs. not…

I could attempt to write a novel (MANY others have!) on this general scenario, but I’ll leave it to you for now – not to write a novel (we’ll run out of comment space) but to generalize or bullet-point the actions you might consider taking under this hypothetical…

Later I’ll update this article with the ideas presented.

Ready, Set, GO…

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