Getting Started With Survival Preparedness – Skills, Categories


While getting started with prepping and preparedness, it may seem overwhelming to figure out what you need, and what you need to know. Don’t worry too much though, because the fact that you’re even thinking about it puts you way ahead of nearly everyone else.

There are logical ways to go about starting your preparedness,
and here’s one way…

First, let me say this… Even more important than acquiring physical prep items — are the practical skills and knowledge that goes along with using them, and learning to adapt with what you have on hand – in addition to the ability to replace and replenish resources.

This will only come with experience and real-world practice, so be sure to set aside some time to learn these skills (along with the associated tools). Having a broad and general practical set of skills and knowledge will help you all through your life, regardless of disaster or breakdown of life as we know it today…

The more that you know and the more skills that you develop, the more self-reliant you will become. Not only will this help you if TSHTF, but you will also be able to trade these skills by helping / bartering with others. You will become a valuable resource to yourself and to others.

A good way to get started with a general preparedness plan is to group things (and your ideas) into broad categories. Make a list of these categories. Think of “high level” subjects that you can later expand into finer detail.

Here are some categories to consider.
This is in no particular order…just brainstorming.

Food and Food Storage
Food Prep Tools and Methods
Energy / Batteries / Lighting
Alternative Energy
Communications / Radios
First Aid / beyond just the basics
Sanitation / Personal Hygiene
Fishing / Hunting /Trapping
Financial Security
Living Low Profile, Stealth and Tactical
Survival Reference Books
Man-made or Natural Disaster Scenario Defensive Plans
Shelter / Backup plan if displaced / Temporary shelter
Bug Out Plan
Survival Kits per application
Barter items
Building / Construction Tools and Supplies
Personal Interests

Of course there’s lots more, but by thinking and planning in terms of categories, you will accomplish your preparedness goals in a more efficient and quicker manner.

Start with the basics – all things related to Water and Food. Then continue with other categories as you see fit.

You will find that the process of becoming better prepared is fun, and the more that you accomplish the more you will feel liberated and self-reliant. It is a comforting and empowering feeling.

Try it… you’ll like it…


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