The Best Pocket Knife Is The One You Are Carrying

Gerber EZ Out pocket knife
(my little pocket folding knife)

I ALWAYS carry a pocket knife in my front right pocket, and although I have a variety of folding knives to choose from, the best pocket knife is the one I happen to slip in my pocket each morning (whichever knife that may be).

You may be surprised to find out which one I carry more often…

Now don’t laugh. It’s not a ‘Rambo’ knife! It’s a small folder with a blade just shy of 2.5″.

I’ve had it for many years and it’s certainly ‘not new’ anymore… In fact it’s getting a bit beat up. But you know what? As long as the blade is sharp and the blade remains solid and firm when opened, it’s good enough… gets the job done. I use it every single day (often many times) for one thing or another.

Despite the choices I have of all the pocket knives I happen to own, the one that I put in my pocket more often is the ‘Gerber E-Z Out JR Knife’.

Gerber E-Z Out JR Knife

My particular model has the fine edge blade whereas I know lots of people like the serrated or partial serrated edge too.

Just because this particular knife is what I often carry does not mean that there are lots (and I mean lots) of other pocket knives that are good or better! It just so happens to be what I’ve carried for so many years – and sharpened so many times – that it’s like an old friend. I’m sure you feel the same about yours…

Note: I vary what I carry based on my plans. Ordinarily I carry the small folder, but if I’m going on any ‘expeditions’ I carry bigger, or even a full tang in it’s sheath.

One of my other favorite folding knives that I might carry bigger than my every-day-carry Gerber is the ‘Cold Steel Recon 1’.

Cold Steel Recon 1


Why has this been the best pocket knife for me?

The answer is simple.

Small size

It’s small! The little Gerber EZ Out Jr (like many others) is small and lightweight. But it’s big enough for ordinary uses – those which occur most often. Because it’s small (barely 3.25″ folded) I don’t even notice it in my pocket.

Although this pocket knife (like many others) has a stainless steel pocket clip, I usually just drop this one in my pocket given it’s small size. When carrying one of my larger folders I’ll clip it.

Fine edge blade

I find more use for it’s fine edge blade rather than a serrated blade under ordinary circumstances, however I know that it’s just a matter of preference.

‘EZ out’ feature

It assists while opening – which can be done with one hand – although I usually just use two hands. Many folding knives have this sort of feature, although implemented in their own way.

For this one, when the blade snaps into place, it is rock solid with zero slop at the hinge point. It almost feels solid like a full tang knife when opened (well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit…).

For safety, the blade will not fold back unless I press down on the ‘unlock’ portion of the handle’s backbone (with purpose). In other words there’s no way I will accidentally press it.


I suppose the recognizable brand name helps. There are lots of great brands out there and if you go with reputation you’ll probably do alright.

It has survived countless tumbles in the washing machine & dryer without issue. Ooops…

Actually, I can’t believe I haven’t lost it yet! I’ve misplaced – lost – a number of pocket knives over the years but now I’ve probably jinxed myself…


Used Pocket Knives

I would like to mention something here… While it’s always a warm fuzzy feeling when you buy a brand new knife, the fact is that any decent quality used knife will perform just as well for years and years and years (Sharpening Knives 101).

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Let’s hear what YOU normally carry for a pocket knife?


    1. My pocket EDC is a SAK Huntsman. Good for field and office environments, it is always remembered to go in front right pocket. Does about 99% of “what has got to get did.” :^)

    2. Swiss army officer’s is the one I never leave home without. Corkscrew and beer bottle opener. Never go to the end of the world without the ability to open a nice Cab or kick back with a cold one. Just because it’s the end of the world is not a good reason to no have a degree of class.

  1. My daily knife is one that came with a flashlight from Cabelas. The only marking on it is XPG. It has a lightweight drilled aluminum body with a pocket clip and a pretty good quality hardened stainless blade. It measures at about 4″ closed, and about 7-1/2″ open. This knife has been used and abused doing everything from opening cans, stripping wire, cutting bait, making tinder for fires, and dressing/butchering small and large game. It has a rock solid lock, holds an edge, and is easy to sharpen. Probably really isn’t worth that much, but to me it’s a priceless tool.

    1. Forgot about my little survival life credit card knife. It’s something that’s always in my wallet. Not by any means a great knife, but it has gotten me out of a pinch a time or two when I’ve forgotten my EDC knife.

  2. I feel naked without a pocket knife. I’ve got a Kershaw Zing for the right pocket that I have been quite pleased with for the last year. It was a good price with switchable pocket clip and assisted opening. Left pocket has a slim Olfa cutter for boxes and stuff at work. Two is one.

    1. I’m with you Nihilist. I feel naked without a pocket knife. Even when I’m at home in my sweats I have one on me.

      I have an old Schrade and an old Barlow that I carry. Lately I have been carrying a Gerber that was a gift.

      My Wife carries a good folding lock blade in her purse that I bought for her. It’s funny to see people’s expression when she pulls it out and uses it.

      It’s sad to see how conditioned most people have become. Fearful of everything and any one who decides not to be an instant victim or show any type of can do for myself behavior.

  3. Funny about what you said about not losing it, I lost my Swiss pocket knife around the woods at work two years ago. A few months ago I found it. No rust, blade as sharp as a razor, but a little dirty on the outside and some grit at the pull out levers. Of the thousands of acres I cover in the forest, I was surprised to find it. I missed it because it has a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, scissors, a can opener, a small blade, a 2″ blade, a toothpick, and tweezers.

  4. I too carry a pocket knife every where s I go for as long as I can remember. There is a running joke at family functions, if anyone needs anything opened just go see Uncle B. I have collected several makes and models over the years, and can honestly say I have no issue with any of them. My wife does when I leave them in my pants and they go thru the laundry. :)

    This may sound stupid but I carry certain knifes depending on what I plan for that particle day. Knives now have many feature other then a fixed blade, so I choose a knife accordingly. Also I make sure my knives are the sharpest then can be according to their steel type.

  5. I have quite a few knives (unapologetic knifaholic :^), but one of my most comfortable carrying knives is the Swiss Army knife Ambassador, a slightly larger version of the Classic a lot of us have on our keyring. Spear blade, scissors, file, tweezers and toothpick. Durn thing is weightless and invisible – it just gets the job done without fuss / muss.

    I do carry a small SOG Crosscut multi-tool in my truckers wallet. That has a sheath made from a leather luggage tag, with a sewing bobbin on the key ring w/ G.I. trip wire wound on it – that fixes a lot of stuff !

  6. I never realized how much I used my folder until I went on a trip and forgot it. I kept reaching for it and did the ‘oh cr#p’ exercise. Your feelings about your pocket folding knife is mutual. Great article.

    1. Lol! Except do NOT take your Leatherman through security at the airport. Leave home without it. It is considered a WEAPON! I think I am now branded a “questionable” when flying. I am ALWAYS searched going through security. Geez, one teeny mistake………..

      1. DJ5280

        Try working a little remodel in a 911 Call Center. HAHAHA

        I do believe some of my workers like the “search” every morning and night when they leave from the female guards, WITH a count on every tool that used on the job, worse that the Jails we do work in…

        Funny story, one of my guys forgot his drywall knife in the truck when working in a jail, he cussed a little till an Inmate loaned him the inmates knife… HAHAHA, nice security huh? The BIG old man told him just to keep it as a reminder….

      2. Folks on Ebay sells confiscated knives. Cleans them up and sharpens them for about half the cost of new. I got the Swiss Army “camper” knife (love the saw blade).

  7. Three sizes of the Buck brand! Made in America!!
    Great quality!!

    1. BeingWatched:
      Right on.I carry a Buck 3 blade small folder for everyday use.But..I have at least 15 other models also,including the seven and a half inch bowie with the blood grove.Love em all. Also have a few Kershaw and a Case folder.

  8. Have a bunch of knives. Easy to carry a Cold Steel mini AK47 folder with the excellent triad locking mechanism and the little flat hook that you can catch on your pocket on the way out to open it really fast with one hand.

  9. Hey Ken,

    I carry the same E-Z Out Knife except mine is the larger size 450. 4 1/2″ closed and 8″ open. Some say its a bit big but I dont even notice carrying it. It has come in handy many times.

    Adapt and Overcome.

  10. Carried a Buck 110 for years. I now carry a Gerber covert folder 154cm as it is lighter. Not cheap (mine was a gift) and I hear they run about 60.00 to buy but by the reviews they are one of the best knives made. I have used it many times for multiple things and have zero complaints.

    1. I bought a Combat Folder back in 98 and even now it’s a great blade.

  11. Swiss Army “Tinker”. I’ve lost and destroyed several of them. Every time a replacement is needed, I look at the options and then buy the same thing. In my line of work the screw driver blades are used as often or more so than the cutting blade.

    1. i have carried a swiss army knife in my pocket since I joined the Air Force Security Police in 1982 in my career I have used them to repair way to many things waiting on maint. to come fix CCTV and many other items I have gone thru I think three of them so far . I also carry a Gerber folder that I have several different models pick the one that suits what I will be doing that day.

  12. I carry the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic pocket knife. I like it because it is small and I can keep it on my key chain. Since my keys are always with me it just works for me. I also use the small scissors and tweezers on the knife more than the blade. If I found myself using the blade more I might opt for something bigger, until then, I’ll stick with the knife I have been carrying for 20 something years.

    1. That reminded me of my keyring knife (also a SAK) called the Mini Manager. It finally lost its scales but that just made it thinner – nice !

  13. Just a quick question/poll. What would you say is the percentage of people you know that carry some type of knife? Family,friends, co workers.
    Then from that percentage how many you know are doing some type of prepping.
    Just curious what the percentage of prepping to carrying is.

    1. @Bill

      98% carry, less than 1% prep. A real shame. My words fall on deaf ears.

      You can lead a horse to water but can make them drink.

      Adapt and Overcome.

      1. Those are dismal figures. I was hoping maybe I was the exception. At least the few that I know are prepping also carry. Thanks to you and NRP for responding.

        1. That is dismal figures. My family is about 75% having some sort of blade on them at any given time. Co-workers… probably less than 10% with only one or two that I think might prep.

        2. What is more dismal my coworkers don’t carry a pocket knife and always have to run back to the warehouse or work truck for a screwdriver, can opener, or knife unless I offer my Swiss knife. They and everyone I know personally in my area are not “preppers”.

    2. EVERY ONE of my immediate family members carries (both types of defensive weapons) and EVERY ONE of them preps. 100% Yes, that’s right 13 kids, their spouses and their kids.

      1. Pioneer Woman,Thanks. That’s encouraging. My kids carry and their wives. Grand kids too young yet. Plus the PC climate in school will not allow them to carry without huge outcry and legal ramifications. Crazy world.
        I suspect there is a huge part of the male population that don’t even have one knife other than the knives in their kitchen. Maybe they have an knife app on their fancy phones.

        1. I had to laugh on that one. My grand-daughter age 10 asked me how old she had to be before she could have a pocket knife. I looked at her and said 23. She is not the most responsible 10 year old I’ve met but I figure when she hits 12 she’ll probably be okay.

    3. Hm… I’m guessing 30% of the adults in my family carry some kind of weapon. I know I never have, but I’m mean enough that I’ve never needed it (although carrying could have gotten me in a LOT of trouble in school–some of my classmates wouldn’t have survived). Prepping is probably about the same, but not the same people. For some reason my sisters are more into prepping and my brothers more into weapons. Go figure. My parents are old school–weapons aren’t ladylike.

    4. I do not know even one other female who carries a knife of any kind. The kidding I get when I take out my small pair of EDC scissors is so much I cannot imagine the horrified reaction I’d get if I’d take out my knife to use.

      1. My youngest sister has carried a knife since she was a teenager. The difference being that she loves those reactions. She worked security for ten years (active security, not sit-behind-a-desk security) and one of her biggest gripes was that she wasn’t allowed to carry the knife at work

    5. Bill Jenkins Horse
      Very few of the folks I know carry anything more than a smart phone and a car key. Women, a huge purse stuffed full of make up, hair stuff and little else, men so self absorbed they don’t even know what going on around them. Especially when we have to go to the big city.

      Hubby and I both carry, mine is a Gerber Vise, his depends on the day. Preps, both of us yes, others not so much. Amaizing how people just don’t think.

      1. preparednana
        When dh & I traveled into different states, he purchased a knife for me that hangs around my neck(like soap on a rope). After some of the rest areas we were in made him & I unease. It is styled to be pulled down so your hands are free to keep the attacker at bay. It hangs at the back door for easy retrieval should we need to be away from the house.
        Found this item at a local Army-Navy store.

  14. I carry a very similar Gerber. I’ve carried a pocket knife since grade school. Starting with my official Cub Scout knife. Heck, back then most of us boys had a pocket knife in school and nothing was ever said about it.

    1. Hey there, Helmet. I’m a relatively long time reader of MSB, but I’ve never commented before… My great uncle (while in grade-school) was in a .22 LR shooting club, that was held at the actual school. He has often mentioned to me how they were able to walk through the halls of the school (to and from the target shooting area) with their rifles simply slung over their shoulders :-) As far as the EDC knife conversation is concerned, I’ve carried the Victorinox “Recruit” for a few years now and its perfect for all the little tasks I encounter throughout the day. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced the one I was carrying most recently. The back-up is my first “assisted opening” folder. I’m not a huge fan of the clip-point blade that it has, but it opens smoothly and the blade locks into place very firmly! Again, the best EDC knife is definitely the one you’re carrying :-)

      1. Hey Squanto – I remember guys showing off a new rifle in the school parking lot in high school. The only time I recall a knife being taken from a kid was in the fourth grade and that was because the kid got a brand new Buck knife and kept taking it out and admiring it instead of paying attention.

        Knives and guns haven’t changed. People have. And not for the better.

  15. The last 10 or so years, my edc knife has been a Kabar/Dozier #4064.
    3 inch lock blade with the opening stud, which I hardly ever use.
    Been used for everything a knife is needed for– opening boxes, cutting things, gutting and processing large and small game, fish, birds, etc.
    It has been a hell of a knife.

  16. My daily carry blade is a Benchmade automatic, (switchblade) with a 4″ blade. I’ve been carrying it for about 13 years now and I feel naked without it! It’s well worn but still holds a great edge and functions just fine. I had to send it back to the company last year due to a problem with the opening spring and mechanism. They fixed it at no cost and returned it with no questions asked good as new! Great blade and great company!

    1. Swiss Army Knives are very useful: For example today,
      Adjusted the carb on my side by side
      Opened a package from Amazon (Merry Christmas to me. Lol)
      Tightened up a screw on my sunglasses
      Sliced some radishes for a snack
      And most importantly I was finally able to use the scissors to
      get rid of a whisker that for some reason decided it was going to grow vertically from my upper lip…..up my nose!

    1. I love my Kershaw, but there is something to be said for Swiss army knives and leatherman. Everyday carry, Kershaw, Bob Swiss army, combat belt leather man with a flashlight, smith sharpener, trauma pack, lighter,Gerber machete and Glock 22 with extra mag.

        1. Thor
          HAHAHA, just remember, never get into a gun fight with a knife :-)

        2. NRP, it depends on how close you are. 10 to 15 feet its a draw. If the guy is in cover he may get you before you get him. I used to practice some favorite moves of cutting the bicept,slicing the the throat and sticking the blade in the window to the soul. I’d carry my katana but it sticks out and people look at you real funny.?

  17. I read that headline a little differently–I read it as “A knife is only good if you have it when you need it.”

  18. I carry 2 Swiss Army(Victorinox&Wenger)and a Gerber. I was a meat cutter and have always found the Victorinox blades kept the sharpest edge. I am not convinced with the newer blades that are mfg in China.

  19. I have have been carrying a original Leatherman tool for about 20 years now as my pocket knife +. It has a decent blade. I also now carry a Spyderco Delica 4. It stays clipped in my left pocket. It is thin and short enough not to interfere with other items inside my pocket. The blade holds a sharp edge through many uses. The clip can be positioned for L, R, U, D carry. The blade locks solid as long as you dont get lint in it. {;->)

  20. My current favorite on my right side is a Kershaw lockblade designed by Ken Onion called the Vapor. It is a liner-lock knife that is slender so I use the pocket clip and store it in the utility/tool loop on my pants. Though it is a liner-lock, It is still easy to use while wearing work-gloves. Years of use and the trial-by- heavy use has left this as my favorite Every-day-carry knife on my person and in my pocket.

    I still have the Swiss army in my jacket for the bottle opener and the can opener. When I go to work within the locked-Forensic facility, I have to leave sharps outside. The one sharp I may bring into this environment are small safety scissors (small version of paramedic shears) in order to cut away clothing and cut bandaging materials.

    My wife is always borrowing my blades and she has a difficult time using the liner-lock knives so she has inherited my Buck lock-blade in order to open boxes and cut cardboard. She has an easier time operating the blade release spring on the back of the handle.

  21. seems this conversation started a lot of people talking about knives being used as weapons. I went through high school in the burbs so weapons on campus were actively discouraged though PTA did not freak out nor did it lead to expulsion.

    Many farm kids and rancher kids had to go do chores before school and some would harvest a half limit of dove from the fields prior to the first class starting. It was not uncommon to have them show up 1/2 hour late with specks of blood on their shirt sleeves with dove in an icechest and a dirty shotgun in the back of their daddy’s truck. This was 1970s California. I was doing much the same when I went to Junior College.

    One time, I did not do as well on a physics exam and the teacher asked if everything was OK, I apologized and told him I shot my buck the previous evening and was tired after packing it out, cleaning, dressing and hanging the meat. He understood and asked about how to hunt later on.

    Guns were not in the school grounds though they were in the parking lot. Knives were part of our wardrobe and they were used as tools to process our food. Kids these days should feel blessed to be able to do what we did back then with the knowledge and blessing from our parents,relatives and half the cops in town already know your name for good reasons.

    1. I miss my old spyderco. I lost it while camping a number of years back and never had the spare cash to replace it.

      1. Nihilist

        I don’t know, 45+ don’t seem to much for a really good knife…. Maybe?

        1. When the one you really want is twice that and you already have a basketful of other good knives it is. ;)

  22. I carry 2. Actually have come in handy. Bought a cantaloupe on the side of the road a couple of months ago and cut that baby open and had me some fresh melon….lol

    I also forgot I had them in my purse…….had jury duty….remembered right before I went in to take them out….haha…that would not have been good…….

  23. small clip knife much like the one shown in right front,
    large SOG folder in left rear.

  24. Yep, still carrying the same old stuff….

    Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife (Black) with a magnesium fire starter,

    On the left side is the good old Leatherman Wave, although I have beat the heck out of the Wave, AND I’m still beating the heck out of one.

    BTW, the Leatherman guarantee that states “I can’t believe I just did that” is 100% true. Using the blade as a pry bar is not so smart (don’t ask), BUT they asked I told the truth and they replaced it with a 100% new unit.

      1. Ken

        Hey at 27 worthless bucks, that’s cheep for a hand knife.

        You talked me into it, just ordered another one, some craziness about 2 is 1, and 1 is none, plus will make a good Christmas gift to someone.

  25. A Case Canoe Trapper, 3″ blades. Got used to carrying a pocket knife with small blades (under 2-3/4″ each) when I worked in the defense industry. The guards told us anything under 2-3/4″ was okay, some legal definition I guess? Hunting I leave the Case at home so I won’t lose it, and I carry a 3-3/4″ Puukko on my hip, with a Mora as backup in the backpack. When I get cleaned up to go to town I carry my little Camillus Stockman given to me when I was 9 years old by my old Framing Contractor friend and mentor Bill Jones. He always told me that with a good knife and piece of string you could survive anything. I still believe that.

  26. I always carry my benchmade because you never know when you will need it. A year ago a trained retired police dog chewed through a fence in our city and attacked a 83 year old woman…chewed her up pretty good and she fell and broke her hip but survived. However the 55 year old man who tried to intervene and help her was killed by the dog. If he were to have a knife on him at the time I would guarantee he would have survived or at least had a fighting chance…..carry, carry often.

  27. I have a slew of knives also , but I recently bought an 8 dollar fixed blade that has a 2.5 inch blade with caping choils on top and bottom and rubber , not plastic , handle that grips very securely. The thing won’t scare anybody if I take it out in a restaurant , but it is not so nice and expensive that I couldn’t stand losing it. Made in China by ” Frost Cutlery “.

  28. I have carried a pocket knife sense I was 8 years old. We used to play mumble peg on the grade school play ground. Now I carry 3. A Schrade Essentials SES1 clipped to my right front pocket. I keep it fairly sharp but it takes a beating cutting boxes, stripping wire and cleaning dead animals. I have carried it for several years and it holds up well. Clipped on my left pocket is one of those late night TV show knives. DW saw it and liked it and we got 2 for the price of 1. Yes DW carries a knife. It holds an edge pretty good but is a little loose. This one is very sharp and it main purpose is defense. It is hard to find a good left handed knife without spending a bunch. I also carry a small Gerber that my oldest grandson gave me for Christmas. It is razor sharp and only used for fine work.

    1. I get all of my grandkids a knife for Christmas every year. They are 8,6,6, and 2 years old.

  29. Yeah, I haven’t changed all that much. I switched the Kershaw Zing over to the left pocket because it’s easy to open either handed. Shortly after this post originally went up I got a Leatherman Skeletool so that lives in the right pocket now. My edc has a larger leatherman but it’s incredibly handy to have the screwdrivers and pliers right there. It’s kind of like when you start carrying a flashlight with you; you dont realize how useful it is until you use it regularly.

  30. I am looking for a small lightweight pocket knife. Lightweight is important. Any suggestions?

  31. I’ve carried an old Camillus white handle 3-blade folding knife for years and years. I don’t even remember when or where I got it, it just seems like I’ve always had it. I also carry a Gerber Mini Scissor Tool (instead of plier jaws, it’s scissor jaws) that my oldest son gave to me when I got into sewing machines about 10 years ago. Both of them are stuck to a ceramic magnet along with a 4” adjustable wrench in my left-front pocket. I carry an assortment of 4 damaged US coins to use with the wrench as a screwdriver, or to spend if otherwise needed.

    CD in Oklahoma

  32. I bought a Case stockman, ( 9 DOT), at the Navy exchange in Little Creek , Va., in 1971.
    Carried it my whole career, used for scraping gaskets, cutting valve and pump packing, line, skinning small game and cleaning fish, as well as many other chores.
    Still have and use it. The large blade is not large anymore, too many strokes on a stone—
    I hope to pass it on to my grandson.

  33. Have a Swiss Army officers for beer and wine and the Big folder Ken Onion if I need to gut some malcontent. That thing is the best sharp heavy-duty folder I have ever owned. If you see me pull my USMC K-Bar than I’m fixing to cave up some turkeys butt.

    1. If I could only express how much I hate auto correct on this tablet,carve not cave, not instead of just no. The Lord must be working patience in me as the last tablet was kill by sudden impact against a wall.

        1. My kids don’t want me to touch any settings as things just disappear if I try to fix stuff. My son in law is always telling me I’ll work on your computer and you can work on my toilet.

  34. I was given a Winchester folder years ago, that’s the go to utility knife. Kershaw for quick access. Swiss Army classic. And a Gerber Suspension. Each has it’s own purpose. Ken while you’re at it, go ahead and pick up one for me 😁 Kate 1114, ask those philippino gals about the balisong, aka butterfly knife.

  35. Kershaw speedsafe 1830 assisted opening. Just as fast as a switchblade but legal in a whole lot more places. Heck it’s even legal where I live in California. I could buy a nice switchblade across the border in Oregon but why risk it? They cost 3 to 4 times as much and the speedsafe won’t get me in trouble if I’m stopped. I currently own 4 of them as I seem to be always misplacing them. I think one is my shop, One somewhere on the back acre, One in my bedside stand and one in my pocket. I wrote Kershaw about making one with an orange handle so I wouldn’t lose it but i guess they count on folks like me misplacing them. I think they are currently going for a bit over $20.00 at the local Big 5 store. Kind of like American Express, I don’t leave home without one.

    My get home bag has another Kershaw with a tanto blade that my stepson got me for Christmas a few years ago.

    Wife carries a lessor know brand with a seatbelt cutter and a windshield breaker as well as a beefy assisted opening blade. She also carries an older Leatherman that she got as a gift from West Marine when she worked for them. Pretty cool as they engraved them when employees reached a certain level of proficiency.

  36. – I have a Swiss Army Explorer that I have carried for 42 years… no, scratch that. I lost the first one overboard in the Gulf 24 years ago. My parents-in-law asked my wife what I wanted/needed for Christmas about six months later, and I got the one I have in my pocket right now. I did carry a SAK Tinker that I found a few months before I lost the first one, until I was given the replacement. Still have it, and a yellow-handled Schrade stockman my uncle in Austin gave me the first year my wife and I went to visit for Christmas. I do have other knives, but those are the only ones I have carried on a regular basis since my Scout knife was stolen before I went into the Army. For fixed-blade knives, I have my favorite issue Camillus M-5 ‘pilot survival knife’ (currently in my GHB), a Puma ‘Hunter’s Friend’ my brother gave me when I was 14, and a 6” Finnish filet knife that I’ve had a long time (I think I bought it my freshman year in college.)
    – Papa S.

    1. Love those Puma knives. I have a Hunters Pal. It’s a bit larger than the Friend. I’ve owned it for around 50 years and really can’t think of anything in my life that I’ve owned longer.

    2. – Update on this article; I still have all the knives I referenced above. Oldest granddaughter just got home from Army Basic for Christmas and gave me a S&W 609 folder that has taken over in my right jeans pocket. Opens quickly, locks as well as the Bucklite 110 in my dresser drawer (it has a liner lock rather than a spine lock). It is slightly wider than the Buck, and weighs slightly less. I still carry the SAK, but tend to reach for the S&W first.

      Another knife I have added into DW’s “deconstructed” GHB after carrying it around a few days is a Pukka or maybe Mora look-alike, about a 4” fixed blade that is supposedly stainless, but will strike a spark from a ferro rod. The blade and the knife appear to be worth carrying; jury is still out on the rigid sheath it’s in. For $2.50, I don’t feel too bad about putting it in the spare wheel well of her little car.

      – Papa

      1. -DW-s fixed blade ‘car knife’ came from Wally World’ fishing stuff.

  37. I carry a little black Victorinox Executive pocket knife that I use daily. I’ve had it for three years as my other one which was red in color, the scissors broke completely off after four years. I originally found it near a tire on a parked car as I was going into a store. I like it as its lightweight, and has 9 functions. I have quite a few other folders but I tend to carry the Victorinox in my pocket daily. I know there are better knives but I’m stuck on this one. It’s hard to beat having scissors, tweezers, toothpick, 2 screwdriver heads, nail file, orange peeler, large and small knife blade in one compact kit.

  38. An update on my EDC knife:

    My Kershaw Vapor I wrote about has been getting a break this past year after I won a CRKT Drifter as a door prize at a fund raising banquet. It is a small lock blade folder with a liner lock made by Columbia River Knife and Tool. ( living in Oregon, this is a local company.)

    I really like it because: the blade is easy to sharpen and holds a good edge, Easy to open and close the liner lock one handed even with leather gloves on. It has a clip to secure it to my pants and belt. The blade shape has a nice curve to it and it is used most every day. Many of the same features as and similar size as the Kershaw Vapor I carried for years.

    To tell the truth, I switch off as I like both of these knives. Oh, by the way, preppers carry knives because they never run out of bullets. ( my fighting knives are: Khukri machete and bolo knife.)

  39. – Kate1114 – My wife has carried a Victorinox SAK Fisherman in her purse since I gave it to her for our 4th wedding anniversary. I told her I was getting it for her ‘cause I was tired of her always asking to borrow mine. (2 days after tomorrow will be 44th anniversary) She also has a SAK Executive on her key ring she confiscated from me many years ago. Still borrows mine on a regular basis.
    – Papa S.

  40. Ken, Although not technically a pocket knife I just went to your link for the Mora with fire starter and see Amazon is now charging $61.94. Was it that much when you referenced it? Did they increase the price? I was going to order one but at that price need to re-think it.

    1. I’ve seen it at 58 and 62. 4 bucks difference wouldn’t stop me from buying it… Most people spend that on a cup of ‘fancy’ coffee ;) (although I brew my own!)

  41. Corporate policy and local law limit blades to 3 inches, so carry a Benchmade mini-griptilian (straight blade) clipped to the waist and a little Victrinox ‘pen’ knife on the key ring. The Gerber LMG II stays unmentioned in the car (GHB).

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