The Best Waterproof Boots

Last updated on June 12th, 2017


Yesterday, after putting on my waterproof boots, I hopped on the ATV and rode down to our natural spring to clear out some brush, branches, and limbs along the first hundred feet or so of the babbling brook resulting from its runoff.

As I trudged through the water and muck, making my way down the brook while putting to work my Raker Saw – trimming overhanging branches, I thought to myself, “These waterproof boots are awesome, and I’m going to post on the blog about their usefulness and why I think they’re the best…”.

So here they are: The best waterproof boots…


My Muck Boots!

The Original MuckBoots

I can’t tell you how often I’ve used these boots and how glad I am to have them. Depending on the season, they sure get a work out.


Why they are the best waterproof boots…

Because having worn them for so long, they still are dry and have proven themselves worthy.

The rubber material and rubber soles have held together like new.

There’s something called a ‘reinforced Achilles support panel’ and ‘shank reinforcement’ which helps with support, and it makes a difference (compared to other so called ‘waterproof boots’).

I was surprised how comfortable they are – even wearing them for hours on end.

There is a ‘breathable lining’ that actually and really works – your feet do not get all clammy and damp from being enclosed in the boot, even after wearing them for many hours.

Here’s one thing I really like about this boot – it has ‘a special flex-foam layer’ (their words) and is very effective at keeping your feet comfortably warm in cold conditions or climates (where I live). While walking around in cool/cold water, swamp, or mud, your feet stay warm.. Plus, the boot does not get ‘hot’ while wearing in the summer (the breathability helps!).

If you’re a hunter and you’re sitting in a stand for hours at a time, these boots are for you – keeping your feet perfectly comfortable.

If you’re just looking for a waterproof pair of boots for doing pretty much anything outdoors, these boots will slip on easily and will be the best pair you’ve ever bought…

Mens Muck Boots
Womens Muck Boots

Anyone else out there have a pair of Muck Boots?


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