Grass Hut or Underground Bunker?

Guest article, by ‘NRP’

Final in a series I started back in December of 2015, I took a little break.

In past articles I tried to point out a few types/methods of construction, location, materials and so-on in building the “Perfect Prepper House”.

With the recent developments in Weather, Possible pending War, Social Unrest and just all out concern in regards to surviving the Apocalypse of your choice I’m going to hit more on what a Home should mean to the Owner.

First of all building or preparing a person’s ‘Castle’ is totally a matter of choice. Each and every one of us may have different ideas on what is needed, mainly because of what ‘Zombies’ we are trying to protect ourselves from.

Obviously if one lives in the extreme Southeast, Hurricanes/Flooding may certainly be on your mind. The Northwest probably Fires. California Earthquakes and Overpopulation come to mind. If you live 15 feet from a Nuclear Power Plant, than you may have different concerns than maybe someone that lives in the Four Corners with the Orange River (Thanks EPA).

So what is it that makes your particular House the “Perfect Prepper House”?

Well certainly a very well-constructed structure with an ideal layout is a start. A good Location with all of the special goodies; such as a good source of water, maybe Solar Power, HUGE Deep Pantry, and so-on could not hurt.

I believe what makes the “Perfect Prepper House” is the devotion and mindset of the person/people that occupy the Home.

My belief is one can live in a Grass Hut or the most sophisticated Underground Bunker.

But if you do not have the right attitude and willpower, knowledge and skills, abilities and faith, then no matter how simple or ultra-complex your ‘castle’ is, you have nothing more than a big pile of “stuff” with almost no hope of “making it” out the other side with any sense of worth.

Sure you may certainly be alive on the other side of the Apocalypse, but something you need to ask of yourself is, Why? What good are you if you suddenly find yourself standing among the ruins with no other goal than to say you “made it”?

Yes that Underground Bunker will help you live through a Zombie Attack, but if that’s your only goal maybe you have forgotten what life and living is all about.

The “Perfect Prepper House” is nothing without it being a Home, enjoying the ‘now’, and living the Lifestyle.

Do you live in a House, or do you have a Home?


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