The Perfect Prepper House? (Part-5)


Guest article, by ‘NRP’…

The following article covers aspects of the Doors, Windows and Interior “stuff”

Doors and Windows and Sinks, Oh My…

Today I’m going to go over a few of my thoughts on Doors, Windows and interior “stuff”.


The front door to your home is like the very first meeting of your best friend; The “First Impression”, so to speak, says a lot about the person or family that lives behind the entryway into your own private world.

Some will say you should have a door that will withstand everything from a 115MM mortar round, to a tank trying to pass through, to a point I will agree, I want to know when I “lock” that door it’s secure, and yet when I open it it’s also say “Welcome” to my home. Hard decision, do I want to live in that concrete bunker with a 2’ thick concrete filled steel door? Or do I live “concerned” yet welcoming life into my home? For me, it’s the later.

An example of a decent door could be by “steel-shield-security-doors” or JCI Enterprise. There are hundreds of door manufactures out there that build a GREAT secure door, check them out; you will be well surprised a very secure door can also be a “Welcome Mat”. Oh, and buy a GOOD lock, and USE IT!

Installing a good insulated security door is a very good investment in your house; just remember again, there is nothing built that a determined group of people cannot get through with a little time. A security door is buying you time to react, and to determine your next step. As I said, a good strong door does not have to look like a vault door hiding your bicycle.



Windows are going to be the weakest security aspect of your home, but windows also open your home to the wonderful world outside and bring it inside.

Window Film, buy it use it. Or you can invest in some nice cheap (HAHAHA) bullet proof windows. Yes they will stop a bullet, up to a point.

Personally I have installed a LOT of “bullet proof” glass in courthouses and banks. BUT I will tell you right up front, I cannot afford it.

Additionally the frame and wall that you set it in, may or may not stop that 7.62. Again, you are trying to gain time to escape or prepare, I guarantee that burglar or punk thug will turn away and run as soon as you show up armed and returning fire if needed.

So yes, I will be installing a good quality triple glazed window with a very high R-Value and “film” installed. FYI I like a LOT of windows, I will not give up that wonderful view of the lake and mountains because I’m afraid of some crack-head breaking in. That’s what security systems are made for. This is a prepper house, not a Level 5 Security Prison.



Since I mentioned a Security System, get a GOOD one, something that is LOUD!!!! Something with a lot of lights flashing, cameras, and a recording device. Buy extra dummy cameras, put them around. Most burglars and punks hate to be seen, all alone recorded. Make sure it has its own power supply and has those little red led lights on the cameras. Next, get a dog or 10; Man’s best friend can also be a crooks worst nightmare. Dogs don’t have to be mean, just noisy. Can y-all tell I LIKE Dogs?



I will be installing a good old “normal” everyday house wiring system; nothing special about that. I will be adding a Full-House Grid-Tied Solar System with oversized battery backup. Plus 2 backup generators. The switch gear is interesting to say the least, but it does work. Not cheap BTW.

Being totally off grid is ok, just not my cup of tea for now and I know I will get all kinds of feedback on that, but. Also install a Buy-Back Meter system, it will pay for itself in 3-5 years and a 30% tax incentive (through 2016), is hard to go wrong. I know there are a lot of you out there that don’t want to be tied “to the man” but grid electricity is still rather cheap. If you set up the correct system (solar) up to start with, you can always get the temper flared up and disconnect from the Grid when/if you wanted.

One more thing; install a GOOD lightning prevention system. One thing that scares the crapo out of me is Lightning. The number of lightning fires and deaths is absolutely crazy nuts. And for crying out loud, do NOT play golf in a thunderstorm; sheeple die every year from that.



There’s nothing worse than a slow running toilet that backs-up, or poor water pressure, Plumbing is probably one of the most overlooked systems in a house. There is a LOT more to plumbing that “Stink goes up, and ‘stuff’ goes down” Correct sizing, properly installed fixtures and shut-off valves, proper support of pipes, and equipment to name just a few.

As far as my house, I like “tank-less” water heaters, a well installed oversized septic system, 2 sources of water (municipal and backup well), a LARGE underground storage tank (1200 gallon min), good and I do mean very good fixtures (sinks, toilets, tubs, shower). I like Propane, and not grid tied Nat-Gas, even if available. And most of all limit the plumber to one penetration through the roof.

OHHH and you know those little supply tubes that run from the valve to the faucet or toilet? Get the braided stainless steel ones and the high $$ valves, my company makes $ millions off insurance claims every year repairing water damage.

I also will be installing oversized HVAC. When I get home in the middle of the summer, and I want it cooled off in the house, I hit the thermostat and get an instant blast of cold air. Yes it cost money to run, but there are times…… Same way with the heaters, when I want heat now, I want heat now. Then build those fires in the wood stoves. Again, buy the good equipment, not the junk that last 3-5 years.


Wood Stove

I do NOT like fireplaces, too inefficient and costly, they look nice, but no way Jose. A nice wood stove will give you a lot more heat and will burn less wood in the long run. Personally I like the Soap-Stone wood stoves; I heat my entire current house with 2, and keep it very nice. Firewood, now I know people say a million things about not burning this or that wood, bull hunky, I have had good wood stoves for years and years and have never had a problem with any species of wood. I even burn tons of pallets, aside from the nails being hard on the saw, nada a single problem. I clean out the flu once a year and burn probably 3-5 cords a year.


Interior stuff

Well the basic thing I can say about all the things like Sinks, Bathtubs, Counter-Tops, Flooring on and on, is Buy good quality stuff, do NOT skimp on the “cosmetics”, the paint, wall covering, Flooring anything. This house you are building should last you a lifetime, the rest of your life, something to be proud of and a place to “hang your hat”. Personally I will be building one final house soon, a place I will retire to and spend the rest of my days, so guess what? Will I build a secure house YES but not a concrete box, a place to enjoy and to have friends and family, a place to have a living dream. Build your own house as it is YOUR HOUSE!!! Not a tract house in a subdivision with 30,000 neighbors. Take pride in your home.

The interior of a house can have many different “feels” from a rustic wood, to ultra-modern, to a concrete box. What you put in your house again is what will make it your home; I know what my house will have, exactly what I want it to be. Each person will have a million options to choose from. And for the persons that are just beginning to discover what you like, please take your time, do NOT rush into something you “think” will impress someone else, your home “should” not be a “keep up with the Jones’s”.

As someone that has built all of my life, I see people “wishing” they could have done this, or would-of should-of could-of done that, do NOT be one of those, Plan and Plan than Plan some more, take the time you need to “do it right”. Money is always a problem, but so is running out of time in your life wasted being a sheeple.

Will the prospect of building be a drain? OMG yes…… Is it worth it, even more than you could you ever dream…… So, what are you waiting for, build your own “Perfect Prepper House” but please remember Prepping is a lifestyle, not a pastime, your home is not simply a box to live in, it’s part of who you are, part of your soul, part of being a Prepper.

I told Ken I would do this in 5 articles, Well almost did it, I’m going to do a conclusion next week and share the exact parts and pieces to my next house/home, more of a “list” article. I have tried to cover the technical and emotional aspects of a lot of stuff, and do appreciate others toning in, thank you all.


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