The ordinary ‘Food Saver’ vacuum sealer is a great tool with all sorts of multiple uses and applications. While the outlay (dollars) of the initial investment is not insignificant (although it’s not terribly expensive), and while the vacuum sealer bags themselves will set you back a little bit, the reward is worth it – which is a relatively sealed ‘bag’ that will in theory extend or protect the shelf life of what’s inside – depending…

Lets get your input (come up with a list) regarding the various things that you can do with a ‘Food Saver’ vacuum sealing system having to do with preparedness.

Here are a few thoughts to get started:

If we intend to store something in the freezer (e.g. meats, etc..) for the longer term (maybe we got a great sale price on something and purchased in bulk), then we will vacuum seal it rather than simply putting into Ziploc bags. Since the more air that is removed from the storage environment, the better and longer it will last. Ziploc bags can only ‘burp’ out residual air (although there’s a trick to pulling a slight vacuum). A Food Saver vacuum sealer on the other hand will pull down a serious vacuum. We also write a date on the bag so we rotate properly.

We also frequently use the jar sealer attachment for some of our home-dried dehydrated foods which we pack into canning jars. The Food Saver (through an external tube and the lid attachment) sucks out the air from the jar while using an ordinary canning jar lid. To open the jar, I gently pry one edge of the lid (using a blunt object like the edge of a butter knife) forcefully enough until you hear the whooshing sound of the vacuum seal being released. It takes some force since the vacuum sealer really does a good job removing the air. The lids can be reused indefinitely (for this purpose) unless you bend or damage the rubber gasket beyond the ability to re-seal.

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System with Bag Starter Kit

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

Okay, lets get a list going for the various uses of a vacuum sealer.
Your turn: