Duct Tape Uses (Duck Tape Uses?)

duct tape uses

One preparedness item with literally thousands of uses is Duck Tape. Or is it Duct Tape? Before we talk about duct tape uses, lets get to the bottom of this question… Why is duct tape called duct tape? Or duck tape? Which is the correct word?

What’s The Difference Between Duct Tape and Duck Tape?

Well, actually, both… Duck tape came first. Then, Duct tape.

Duck tape was created during World War II. The US military needed a flexible, durable, waterproof tape that would keep moisture out of ammunition cases. Soldiers later used it for repair purposes, after seeing how well it holds up – making repairs in the field. The GIs called it “duck tape” because it was waterproof, like a duck’s back. Initially, the tape only came in army green.

Later, it began being used to seal ducts, which is how it became known as “duct” tape. The color was changed to silver to match the ducts. Ironically, research discourages its use on ducts, as the tape becomes brittle under typical duct conditions.

Duck / Duct tape can be used under countless use-case-scenarios! An excellent add-on to one’s overall preps. I would bet that each and every one of you has at least one roll of it around the house.

Oh, in my opinion, the stickiest duct tape is Gorilla tape. I keep several types of duck tape around. Various widths too.

What is Duck Tape (Duct Tape) Made Of?

It’s basically 3 layers pressed together.

(1) Top layer is a plastic (Polyethelyne).
(2) Middle layer is a fabric mesh
(3) Bottom layer is a rubber-based adhesive.

Duct Tape Uses

  • Twist a long piece into rope
  • Patch ripped clothing
  • Repair broken hoses
  • Band-Aid for really big cuts
  • Attach leg splint to broken leg
  • Rappelling harness
  • Repairing leak in tire/inner tube
  • Mute function for humans
  • Patch hole in canoe
  • Handcuffs
  • Tape sole of ratty shoe to body of shoe
  • Mouse trap
  • Repair work gloves
  • Patch a hole in a tent
  • Make a bandage in a pinch
  • Make a clothesline
  • Reseal packages of food
  • Prevent shattering glass during storms
  • Repairing a cracked water bottle
  • Repair your eyeglasses
  • Make a drinking cup
  • Mark a trail
  • Stop a water leak
  • Easily rips-tears into small pieces-slices
  • Strong enough to hold most anything together
  • Doubled up, use as a tow rope – pull a car out of a ditch
  • Make a new “feather” end for an arrow
  • Fix screen (at home or in tent) to keep bugs out
  • Apollo 13 Astronauts used it to jury rig an air scrubber
  • Fire starter – Roll it up in a ball and light
  • A roll of duct tape laying on the floor or console of your vehicle makes a good drink holder
  • Temporary patch leaks on an RV

How To Get The Sticky Stuff Off After You Remove Duct Tape?

It sure does leave a sticky stringy goo – if and when you try to remove duct tape from something. I have found the best product to remove the mess is Goo Gone. I always have a spray bottle of that stuff. It still takes awhile and some work to get it off, but it works.

A Bridge Made Of Duct Tape?

A Duct Tape Boat?

Let’s hear from you – what are some of your ideas for duct tape uses?

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