Uses For Duck (Duct) Tape


One prep with literally thousands of uses is Duck Tape (also called Duct Tape), a miracle tape created during World War II when the US military needed a flexible, durable, waterproof tape to use making repairs in the field. The GIs called it “duck tape” because it was waterproof, like a duck’s back.

Duck tape can be used under countless use-case-scenarios and is an excellent add-on to one’s overall preps. Here’s a list for some of them…

What is Duck (Duct) Tape? 3 layers pressed together.

(1) Top layer is a plastic (Polyethelyne).
(2) Middle layer is a fabric mesh
(3) Bottom layer is a rubber-based adhesive.


Uses For Duck (Duct) Tape

Twist a long piece into rope
Patch ripped clothing
Repair broken hoses
Band-Aid for really big cuts
Attach leg splint to broken leg
Rappelling harness
Repairing leak in tire/inner tube
Mute function for humans
Patch hole in canoe
Can be used in place of handcuffs
Tape sole of ratty shoe to body of shoe
Mouse trap
Repair work gloves
Patch a hole in a tent
Make a bandage in a pinch
Make a clothesline
Reseal packages of food
Prevent shattering glass during storms
Repairing a cracked water bottle
Repair your glasses
Make a drinking cup
Mark a trail
Stop a water leak
Easily rips-tears into small pieces-slices
Strong enough to hold most anything together
Doubled up, use as a tow rope – pull a car out of a ditch

Let’s hear from you – what are some of your ideas for duck tape uses?
Any in particular to do with preparedness for post-SHTF?

3M Utility Duct Tape

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  1. that “Mute functions for humans”…

    a)my brother in law taught me this…Use it to nicely hem pants. They can be then still washed hundreds of times (without tape coming off), as long as cold water is used/no dryer is used

    b)have often read (never tried it), that duct tape placed over a wart for a few ways will kill the wart/make it fall off (Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy)

    c)of course, I suspect you have seen the Duct Tape shows/competitions where they make clothing/wallets etc out of this..

    d)make a new “feather” end for a arrow

    e)fix eye glasses

    f)fix screen (at home or in tent) to keep bugs out

    g)Apollo 13 Astronauts used it to jury rig an air scrubber

    h)Use it as a sort of “brace”, strips put on back/either side of spine/ strips put along side of ankle, both to give extra support control – there is a sports tape one can buy which is similar

    i)Double back a strip of duct tape, so both sides are sticky, suspend so flying bugs stick to it

  2. Another item you might not appreciate yet is the rebar ties. If you are not familiar with them they are available in the large building supply boz stores. They are a piece of soft iron wire about 14″ long when straightened out. But they are sold with a loop at each end and are about 8″ long. They can be used to tie things together and repair items. One advantage is you can tie/twist them with one hand while holding something in place with the other (try that with paracord). Use them as is and the two loops making the twisting easier or straighten them out first for a longer piece of wire. They come in bundles of 50 and 100 and are surprisingly light and compact to put in your bag. Someone should create a list of survival uses for them, perhaps with pictures. They make excellent ties for weaving branches into a survival shelter.

    1. $15 at the big home improvement store by my house for 1000 of them. I’ll be picking some up the next time I’m there!

    2. I’m sure it’s more cost effective to buy a roll of tie wire and cut pieces to put in your bag. Plus you can find a million other uses that require long lengths of wire. My fence got partially blown down in a wind storm months ago, it’s still standing strong after some well placed wraps of wire.

  3. Duct tape has another nickname in our country: Jesustape, because It saves!
    You got trouble, no worries jesustape to teh rescue!
    Amongst the uses ive used jesustape as:
    Hat/cap (easily made with the tape, protects head from sun)
    Flipflops or whatever beachshoes are those called, also easily made
    Wound protection, just slap it over the cleaned cut and it keeps sand away
    Knuckleprotectors. rolled over my hands when i forgot my gloves home and wanted to train boxing.
    Broken computer stool fixed. :)

  4. When I was looking for my first apartment the guy giving the walk through turned on the kitchen faucet to prove how good the plumbing was. My family opened the cabinet beneith it to look for water damage & instead didn’t find any pipes! The main pipe was replaced entirely by duck tape painted to look like the rest of the piping. The guy giving the walk through didn’t believe what my family was saying until they squished the “pipe” & the drain stopped working! I honestly think this guy had no clue by the look on his face.

    I don’t know exactly how or why the previous tenant (or whoever) did it, but you can add water pipping to things that can be done by duck tape!

  5. A roll of duct tape laying on the floor or console of your vehicle makes a good drink holder.

  6. Good Luck even finding GOOD duct tape anymore. Like everything else sold in this nation, its all chinese junk and doesnt adhere like it used to. Even the 3M brand is crap anymore. SO dont depend on it to much.

    1. If you want the best duct tape get the gorilla tape brand. It’s black and is the strongest and stickiest duct tape made. It will cost you I won’t lie. A roll is about 10.00 but if you want the best pay the price.

      1. I’ve patched the soft top on my jeep wrangler plenty of times with gorilla tape. It’s pretty amazing how long it sticks even with all the wind, sun, rain and snow here.

  7. I used duct tape over the hole left on the gas nozzle when the funnel was missing to prevent dirt debris from getting in.

  8. I have used the gorilla tape to patch a few leaks on my rv, and to secure a tarp over an rv window that had imploded.

  9. We call it “Hundred Mile an Hour Tape” in Alaska…I’ve had to help patch the wings of planes when the shrubs on remote landing strips turned out to be small trees…Got us all the way back home…Never, ever, leave home (in AK) without it. The other thing we do is wrap it around all of our water bottles. I’ve never been stopped by the TSA, and you can put fishing line, hooks, weights, etc., in there as well. And, as noted above, in a survival situation, you can peel it off your bottle and start a fire, because you always have a Swedish steel or a Magnesium striker bar with you in your pocket. Also works well for a quick hog tie on a deer (black tail, not moose or ‘bou), run a sapling through and no knots needed and your cordage stays clean and dry for the important things. Keep up the great work!

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