What Goes In Your ‘Plan B’ Cache (e.g. Olive Barrel)?

olive barrels

‘NH Michael’ is an advocate of having a ‘Plan B Olive Barrel’ and recently said the following:

I remember my Drill SGT saying the more you Sweat in Training (and Preparing) the less you bleed.

It’s hard to prepare for what you refuse to consider. It’s a lot of Sweat to do Midnight Gardening as to have an effective Plan B Olive Barrel set aside with some “Beater Firearms” shelter tools and materials and supplies.

If you do a Plan B Olive Barrel START with the Assumption you have been driven from the burning ruins of your house wearing bloodied rags from the beating (actually Happened in Bosnia and Venezuela)

What would you need right now to survive and rebuild? Yard sale tools, seeds, Thrift Store Clothing all are easy ways to build this plan.

– NH Michael

So here we go… let’s hypothesize that we’re living through the nightmare scenario of complete societal breakdown.

A group of marauders or other such entity sweeps through your neighborhood pillaging for food, supplies, whatever they want.

If you stay, you may be ‘taken out’ or ‘relocated’. So you decide to bug out, even if (hopefully) temporarily until they’re gone.

‘NH Michael’ likes the idea of a plastic (waterproof) olive barrel as a cache storage.
(I actually have a few of these)

What would or should be in it?

Where and how would you hide it??

A few basic categories might include:
– Water
– Food
– Shelter
– Security/Defense/Offense
– First Aid
– Clothes/Outerwear/Footwear/Backpack
– ?

Imagine if the supplies in this cache will be all that you have…
Note: There’s only about 55-gallons worth of space in this cache –

You may or may not be able to return to your home base. What if ‘they’ occupy it or burn it down? Maybe they won’t do that, but ‘they’ will have taken most or all of your supplies.

It may be quite a far fetched thought process – thinking that something like this would actually ever happen. However for those who do consider such scenarios, I’m curious to get your input regarding cache.

I’ll take that input and list it here in the article after we’ve received enough comment:

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