Caliber or calibre is the approximate internal diameter of the firearm barrel, or the diameter of the projectile it fires.

I thought this might be interesting — to discover what the most popular firearm caliber choices are among those who choose to comment. Be it a handgun or rifle, what is the caliber of the firearms that you own? Feel free to post anonymously if you wish…

There sure has been quite a variety of caliber ammunition over the years. Lots of it obscure, some of them obsolete, while there are those which are quite common today.

Note: Given the topic of preparedness, SHTF, one might consider owning a firearm or firearms of a popular caliber or calibers…for better odds of ammo replenishment.

With that said, many specific firearm/caliber choices have their unique advantages (and disadvantages) based on their intended purpose or specific application. Lets find out some of the commonality of caliber choices between those who post a list of their own firearm calibers:

List your ammunition caliber(s)

Later, I will update with the most popular calibers based on your input over time…

Resource: Wikipedia List of handgun cartridges
Resource: Wikipedia List of rifle cartridges

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