What Items Should You Stock For The Purpose Of Barter?


While being better prepared involves stocking items for one’s own use, what other or additional items should you stock specifically for the purpose of barter?

In a SHTF world (you can define that however you wish) there will be value in things that people have taken for granted all this time. Some things will be ‘worth’ more than others due to the new circumstances of surviving in a post-collapse world (again, this does depend upon the extent of said collapse).

Lets hear some of your ideas about some of the things (items) which may be useful to stock, specifically for barter purposes…

I’ll get the list started with a few ideas…

BIC lighters
Paracord (parachute cord)
Cooking spices
Playing cards
Ammo (.22LR)
Duck (Duct) Tape
Drinking water filter

Okay, your turn… keep in mind that I’m looking for potentially valuable barter items for trade. Keyword: barter.

One way to think of it is to imagine yourself as the proprietor of a barter-trade store. What things would you have on the shelves… And/or what would you take for it (them) when dollars are worthless?

Another way to think of it is to imagine what items or services might you yourself need in a post-collapse world and what might you trade for it (them)?

What are the ‘things’ that ‘most’ people would find valuable?

I think what I’ll do is after we get a number of comments with ideas, I’ll list them all in a Poll so that we can all discover how they rank in order of perceived ‘value’. Should be interesting…